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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2106

When Shang Xiaofei thought of the fact that her mother only had her as a daughter, if her mother really reclaimed the position of the head of the family, wouldn’t she have to sit on it.

She didn’t have the ability to do that.

Before her old mother did something big, Shang Xiaofei gave her old mother a precautionary shot in advance, “Mom, if you really want to retake the position of the Feng family head, don’t consider me to inherit it haha, what kind of virtue does your daughter have, how many kilograms and how many pairs of weights are there, you’re clear about that, I can’t afford to take on the heavy burden of leading a family.”

“Find Haitong to go, give Haitong a few years, she has the ability.”

Shang Xiaofei dragged her good sister out as a shield, anyway, a dead Taoist friend is not a poor Taoist.

Mrs Shang glared at her daughter and said to her, “Haitong is all busy and stressed out right now, she’s going to be the wife in charge of the Battle Family in the future, it’s already not easy, how can you hand over the burden of the Feng Family’s one clan to her again?”

Shang Xiaofei said, “I don’t care, I don’t have that ability anyway, my head isn’t that big, I don’t wear that big hat. If Hai Tong can’t do it, let Sister Hai Ling do it, Sister Hai Ling is the eldest of the three of us, isn’t the eldest daughter of the Feng Clan particularly powerful?”

“Mum and my sister-in-law, mum is very powerful, mum only gave birth to me, but my sister-in-law has two daughters, Sister Hai Ling is my sister-in-law’s eldest daughter, the one who is the most powerful, in the future, if we return to the orthodoxy, let Sister Hai Ling be the head of that family.”

Speaking of this, Shang Xiaofei felt that this is feasible, she laughed, “As long as Sister Hai Ling becomes the Feng family’s head of the family, she and Mr Lu will be the right match, and she won’t be under too much pressure with Mr Lu, two birds with one stone, ah.”

Young Master Su said, “Her surname is Hai ah.”

“I also have the surname Shang, none of us are surnamed Feng, but we can change our surnames.”

Mr Shang glared at his daughter.

Shang Xiaofei said, “Dad, don’t stare at me, my mum really let me pick the pillar, I definitely want to change my surname to Feng, if you don’t want your only daughter to change her surname, persuade my mum, don’t let me pick the pillar, I can’t do it.”

Mr Shang: “……”

Mrs Shang glared at her daughter, rather hating her.

It wasn’t that her sister’s daughter couldn’t do it, she was annoyed that her own daughter was starting to back out without even trying.

“Mum, I really don’t have that kind of ability, I’m your own child, you also know your daughter’s ability, my ability is just to invest in some small business, that’s all. The Feng family is now estimated to be a little bit serious about infighting, you also know that your daughter is straight forward, can’t fight those thousands of heart eyes.”

“Maybe I’ll fly up to heaven first before I even sit in the position of family head.”

“Bah, big jinx it is!”

Mrs Shang scolded her daughter for talking nonsense.

“It’s still too early to say all that, really check it out, the position of the Feng family head deserves to return to you guys, mum will choose the most suitable candidate, if all three of you can’t do it, let Feng Qing take the throne.”

Feng Qing did not grow up beside the Feng family head, even if she returned to the Feng family now, she was already twenty-seven or eighteen years old, and her character had already been shaped.

From the information that Wuhen investigated Feng Qing, Feng Qing, this child with a positive outlook and strong abilities, was still capable of picking up the heavy burden of a clan.

Of course, Mrs Shang still hoped that her own or her sister’s daughter would inherit the position of the Feng family head.

Hai Tong can not, she wants to challenge the burden of the family, their own daughter really married into the Jun family in the future, not the eldest daughter-in-law does not have to pick up the burden, but the daughter’s character is also really not suitable for those who have a lot of heart eyes fight.

Like Xiaofei said, Hai Ling was the best candidate.

However, the matter has not yet been investigated clearly, not to the point of deciding on the successor, for the time being, there is no need to have a headache over this matter.