Winner Takes All Chapters 1433-1434

Chapter 1433

Compared to Chen Dong and Wu Chang’s shock.

Even Old Man Long, Zhao Breru, Gu Qingying and Zhuge Qing were dumbfounded by the scene they had just witnessed.

They did not know how powerful qi energy was, and even Elder Long had never sensed “qi”.

However, this did not stop them from being shocked by what they had just seen!

Who would have thought that a scene from a film or TV drama would actually appear in reality?

With a spread of both hands, Qi energy turned into Tai Chi!


In the garden, there was silence.

Jiang Qilin leaned against the courtyard wall and took a deep breath before he could get over his strength.

Just now, it seemed that he had easily withstood Chen Dong’s furious strike, but in fact, his body was quite depleted.

Jiang Qilin was about to open his mouth to explain.

Chu Reed, who had been pushed out, suddenly cried out, “Mr. Chen, help me!”

This cry immediately caused Jiang Qilin to panic.

He waved his hands, “No, it’s not that, Mr. Chen, I… I didn’t hurt the reed!”

Chen Dong’s face was gloomy, and the look in Jiang Qilin’s eyes was full of disgust.

“Jiang Qilin, none of our eyes are blind!”

A cold sentence made Jiang Qilin’s face red and dumb, but his eyes were dumbfounded and confused.

“Reed, go to sister-in-law’s!”

Chen Dong slowly took off his suit jacket and stared at Jiang Qilin coldly and sternly.

The frightened Chu reed did not dare to stay, and ran towards the villa door in a hurry.

Jiang Qilin wanted to stop him, but he just raised his hand.

Chen Dong’s cold words were like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries, sweeping through his entire body.

“I thought you were just unruly and arrogant, and had no one in your sights, but I never thought that you were this nasty.

Jiang Qilin: “What??”

It was as if his chest had been stuffed with stones for a moment, blocked up to the brim.

Once upon a time, he was seen as the future of the family, the qilin genius, in the Jiang family, and was protected by everyone in the tightest of ways.

Self-esteem, he had, and it was strong.

But until he left the Jiang family this time, being disliked several times in front of Chen Dong had chafed his pride beyond repair.

More crucially, with his mind, he had no idea what the hell had caused these several times!

“If you want to fight after moving my people, then fight!”

Chen Dong’s body was filled with cold intent, and his narrowed eyes were tossed with battle intent.

In the heat of his anger just now, he only wanted to save Chu Reed.

But after witnessing Jiang Qilin’s hands turn into Taiji, his heart also burned with battle intent.

Who was stronger, him or Jiang Qilin?

Jiang Qilin was stunned.

The stifling feeling of being wronged seemed to be pressing a huge stone on his chest.

Looking at the endlessly cold Chen Dong, he gave a despondent smile.

“If Mr. Chen wants to fight, then let’s fight.”

After saying that.

Jiang Qilin bowed forward with his right foot, tapped his toes on the ground, and raised his hands in a starting stance.


Qi energy suddenly rose from beneath his feet, forming a cyclone around him, blowing his robes to rattling.

In the process, Jiang Qilin’s entire aura changed dramatically.

It was cold, indifferent and gave the impression of a ten-thousand-year-old iceberg.

Standing on his feet, it was as if he had been here for all eternity, so lofty and vast that he could not be looked at!

“What a bizarre and powerful aura!”

Chen Dong secretly smacked his lips in his heart, his pupils could not help but tighten as he became cautious.

A martial artist’s aura could reflect his or her strength.

It was just like “looks are born from the heart”.

At this moment, as Jiang Qilin’s aura shifted, Chen Dong even felt in a trance as if there were some shades of Chen Daogun in Jiang Qilin’s body!

The two have very different auras, but the shadow here refers to the …… strength of both of them is equally scary!

“Phew ……”

Exhaling a heavy breath, Chen Dong slowly bowed his body and a*sumed a fighting stance.

It had been a long time since he had felt such a sense of oppression on someone of his own age!

When he first set foot on the martial arts path, he had only felt it on a few people his age, such as Chen Tianyang and Chen Tiansheng, because he was still shallow.

As his strength increased, his opponents had long since gone beyond the realm of his peers.

The most recent fight was still with Miyamoto Ichiban of the Iga Ryu.

Even the genetically modified Miyamoto Ichidou gave Chen Dong a sense of oppression far inferior to that of Jiang Qilin!


Rigid Qi energy blasted out from Chen Dong’s body.

In an instant.

The sand and rocks around Chen Dong were flying, and the sound was no small feat, displaying the fierce and domineering power to the fullest.


Jiang Qilin, who was as cold as frost, spoke slowly, his voice so cold that it did not have the slightest ripple, as if it was mechanical.

“Mr. Chen’s qi control is really poor!”

Chen Dong did not retort, nor did his heart make the slightest ripple.

In terms of Qi control, it was indeed his shortcoming nowadays!

And not far away.

As Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin released their Qi energy at the same time, Changeless, Elder Long and the others all looked grave.

Gu Qingying clenched her hands together and murmured with a face full of worry, “Should we stop them?”

“Young Madam, even if we want to stop them, we still have to have that strength.”

Long Lao smiled bitterly and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, with the young master’s strength, it will be fine.”

Fan Lu and Wu Chang, who were at the side, also nodded in agreement, only with the same bitterness and helplessness on their faces.

When the swords were drawn.

It was already too late to stop it!

Not to mention the fact that they hadn’t even sensed Qi, so to go straight up and stop Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin from fighting would simply be an egg against a stone.

To a martial artist, there was a gap in the sky between whether or not they had achieved Qi!

“It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault ……”

The pale face of Chu Reed with hot tears in her eyes, her fear not yet gone, and a little more guilt.

The words had not yet fallen.

Jiang Qilin’s voice, suddenly sounded.

“Mr. Chen …… gives instruction!”


A strong wind swept through the garden.

There was no overly appalling sound.

However, the moment the strong wind first rose, Elder Long, Impermanence and the others had their faces changed greatly and their pupils tightened.

In full view of the crowd.

Jiang Qilin, who was standing under the corner, had simply disappeared!

The next second.

Jiang Qilin appeared directly in front of Chen Dong.

How fast!

The heart of Chen Dong, who was caught off guard, jerked violently.

In the line of sight.

Jiang Qilin’s right hand slapped over directly, as fast as lightning, and even more so, it was wrapped with a harsh astral wind and qi.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong stomped his feet on the ground and advanced instead of retreating.

At this moment, the violent qi energy directly wrapped around his arms, like two pythons, and bravely wrapped around Jiang Qilin’s big hand.

In a battle of this level, Chen Dong knew very well that once Jiang Qilin took the lead and he retreated to dodge, what he would face next would be Jiang Qilin’s endless and terrifying attacks!


However, the moment Chen Dong wrapped his arms around Jiang Qilin’s arms.

Jiang Qilin suddenly said with red eyes, filled with guilt.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong!”

The sudden apology caused Chen Dong to be stunned for a moment.

Almost simultaneously, his arms were already on top of Jiang Qilin’s right arm.

The moment of contact, the expected sweep of qi and the battle of power did not occur.

Instead, it was an ordinary arm, and even the qi surrounding Jiang Qilin’s right arm was gone!

This guy …… did it on purpose?

Chen Dong’s mind was greatly shaken, and immediately wanted to withdraw his hands, but it was already too late!



With a loud sound between the two arms, Qi energy collapsed and the sound of bones breaking rang out simultaneously.

Chen Dong’s face paled as his right arm took on a bizarre bend in his vision, the white bones piercing through the flesh and blood splattering, with a few drops even bursting directly onto his face.

And Jiang Qilin stood still, but his eyes were red and full of guilt and confusion.

Not even a muffled grunt escaped his lips, only a tightly furrowed sword brow!

Chapter 1434

An abrupt scene.

It left the crowd at the entrance of the villa dumbfounded.

Gu Qingying and Chu Reed even screamed out in horror!

Chen Dong was stunned in place, lost in thought as he stared at Jiang Qilin who was standing still.

The broken arm that showed a bizarre bend, as if it was a sharp needle, stabbed at Chen Dong’s eyes.

“You, who can block!”

Chen Dong squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

The fight just now was clearly deliberate on Jiang Qilin’s part!

Pretending to make a move and breaking an arm to apologise.

This was all beyond Chen Dong’s expectation.

At this moment, all the anger had turned into shock and disbelief.

In the exchange of blows just now, even if Chen Dong had both arms out, he was not sure that he would be able to capture one of Jiang Qilin’s arms.

After all, the difference between the two sides in terms of qi control was there.

Instead, Jiang Qilin chose the most unpredictable outcome.

Jiang Qilin stood still, his aura all but gone.

He was holding his broken right arm, his body trembling vaguely from the tremendous pain, and a sharp intake of breath was coming out of his mouth and nose, but he was still holding it back.

His starry eyes were red with tears, full of guilt and ignorance.

Facing Chen Dong’s gaze.

Jiang Qilin smiled and said, “I don’t know what I did wrong, but everyone thinks I’m wrong, so I …… should be wrong.”

The words were full of resignation and helplessness.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened for a moment, and suddenly his throat was stuffed with these words, and he could not speak for half a day.

“I’m sorry Mr. Chen, I’m also sorry reed.”

Jiang Qilin smiled helplessly, but his expression and eyes were all like a child who did not know where he had made a mistake and had to admit it.

That kind of helplessness and aggression, adults can’t even pretend!

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together and he said, “I’ll take you to the hospital first.”

Jiang Qilin’s state of reaction gave Chen Dong a very perverse feeling.

From the time he first met Jiang Qilin, his words and actions, all made Chen Dong feel perverse.

When an adult was abnormal in every way, there should be an internal cause in it.

Now that Jiang Qilin had taken the initiative to admit his mistake, there was no need for him to continue the anger he had just felt.

“A mere broken arm, it’s not a problem.”

Jiang Qilin shrugged his shoulders with an indifferent look.


Chen Dong dropped a cold sentence, turned around and walked towards the garage.

Jiang Qilin stopped where he was, but his red and tearful eyes looked at the crowd at the entrance of the villa.

Eventually, his gaze fell on Chu Reed.

“I’m sorry Reed, I might have done something to scare you, I hope you won’t be angry, I want to be friends with you, you’re my Jiang Qilin’s first friend.”


Chu Reed’s gaze rose in complexity and his lips mumbled, as if he was pondering over these words of Jiang Qilin.

What he had just done was all a sign that he considered me a friend?

By the time Chu Reed came back to his senses, Jiang Qilin was already walking towards the garage with his broken arm in his hand.

Under the dim yellow light, his steps were quick, but his eyes were forlorn and gloomy.

“Ever since I was little, everyone knew I was good, but no one ever gave me a single compliment, the reed complimented me, so that’s a friend.”

The words were soft, but with innocence and aggravation.

Lijin Hospital.

After some surgery, Jiang Qilin’s arm was finally attached and put into a cast, and then he was transferred to a general ward.

Chen Dong did not leave immediately.

From the surgery to its conclusion, he remained at the door of the resuscitation room, frowning in thought as he recalled a scene from Jiang Qilin.

The disgust and disdain were still there.

But the incident in the garden where Jiang Qilin had broken his own arm had made Chen Dong curious about Jiang Qilin.

Even now, sitting by Jiang Qilin’s hospital bedside, Chen Dong looked drifting and kept reminiscing.

“Mr. Chen, this arm of mine is not a problem, don’t worry about it.”

Seeing Chen Dong’s strange look, Jiang Qilin thought that Chen Dong was worried about his injury and smiled to comfort him, “I am not like you guys, this injury will recover soon.”

Chen Dong frowned and returned to his senses, gazing at Jiang Qilin, “It is as if your superiority is carved into your bones and melted into your blood.”

Jiang Qilin’s expression choked.

Wrong again?

“Besides, I’m not worried about your injuries.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and changed his words with an indifferent expression, “I was curious about you as a person!”

“Curious about me?”

Jiang Qilin’s gaze flickered for a moment, “I am indeed somewhat different from the norm, and it is normal for you ordinary people to be curious.”

Chen Dong: “……”

Why was it so hard to talk to this guy?

Chen Dong’s expression sank, “Jiang Qilin, you don’t understand half of the human condition, why is it that within the Tianhua Auction House, you know to help me auction the land and bring you and I closer together?”


Jiang Qilin scratched his head and smiled awkwardly, “When I left the Jiang family, my grandfather and father had instructed me to help you if I could, so that we could talk more easily, so I watched you auction the land at the auction house, so I helped you grab a piece of land that was close to your company.”

Chen Dong was confused.

His eyes stared at Jiang Qilin, speechless for a moment.

This guy, he really didn’t understand anything?

Did the Sixth Master Jiang and his father still teach him about shooting land to help out?

“You’re so old, what exactly have you been through?”

Chen Dong couldn’t help but ask.

He had never thought that a man at his age would be this stupid!

If he had experienced anything, he would definitely be better at it than Jiang Qilin!

“What have you been through?”

Jiang Qilin’s gaze was hollow as he stared into the light, lost in memory.

Chen Dong did not rush either, but frowned and waited.

After waiting for a few seconds.

Jiang Qilin smiled despondently, “Where’s the experience? Ever since I was born, I was worshipped by my whole family as the family’s future Qilin, my memories are of being in seclusion, in a modest enclosed environment, learning all sorts of skills, formations, business, martial arts …… nothing, nothing, and the people I often saw were my grandfather and his gang, even my parents I rarely saw, they protected me dead, the outside world is even rumored that my grandfather this lineage, extinct!”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and said offhandedly, “Then aren’t you a blank piece of paper?”

“A blank piece of paper?”

Jiang Qilin’s gaze flickered for a moment and he said with a smile, “That’s an apt description, this is the first time in years that I have received permission from my grandfathers to leave the Jiang family, thanks to Mr. Chen’s blessing.”

Chen Dong opened his mouth slightly, wanting to say something, but he didn’t know what to say.

The look in Jiang Qilin’s eyes became one of surprise and astonishment.

With Chen Dong’s experience since he was a child, he had never thought that there was such a rare thing as Jiang Qilin in the world!

Ups and downs are life, stumbling and tripping is experience.

The old adage “to suffer is to be blessed” is an absolute truth in certain circumstances.

The old saying “to suffer is to be blessed” is absolutely true in certain circumstances.

In a closed environment, he has learnt all kinds of skills and studied martial arts, and his genius attributes are indeed full.

But it was this closed protection that had also prevented Jiang Qilin, a genius, from landing on the ground as an adult!

After understanding this, Chen Dong was relieved at Jiang Qilin’s words and actions before.

A giant baby who had never been exposed to society, and normal people in their respective perspectives, without understanding the premise, misunderstanding was simply not too normal.