Winner Takes All Chapter 921-922

Chapter 921

After receiving his scouting patrol, Bai Qi returned to the barracks with a suspicious look on his face.

Seeing Bai Qi’s face, Chen Dong’s heart was somewhat dazed.

Perhaps …… this trip had not dispelled his doubts, but had instead made Bai Qi even more suspicious?

“Chief Bai Wu, what is our mission today?”

Meng Dabiao did not notice Bai Qi’s difference and opened his mouth to ask.

“Scouting patrol.”

Bai Qi came back to his senses, suppressed the complicated thoughts in his mind and said calmly, “Get ready, we’re leaving in five minutes.”

It was just as Meng Dabiao and the three of them were packing up and getting ready.

Chen Dong was called outside the barracks by Bai Qi.

Without the slightest concealment, Bai Qi said bluntly, “The Golden Guard banner that Commander Xiao is a member of has not been tasked with escorting supply convoys for a while now, and the task of escorting supply convoys is usually rotated among the troops belonging to the Twelve Golden Guards.”

“And then what?”

Chen Dong frowned slightly, “Didn’t you inquire anything else out?”

“This is already what I found out with my connections, if I go any further, I would be breaking the military law.” Bai Qi was a bit helpless, “He is the commander, I am just a simple sergeant, so investigating him secretly is already a violation of the law.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, and seeing Bai Qi’s suspicious look, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry too much about it, you only saw him leave the city, maybe he has some other secret mission? After all, you can’t spy anyway, I have to hide my identity now, and I can’t go and spy with the authority of a leading guard, so we’ll take one step and see.”

“That’s the only way it can be.”

Bai Qi nodded helplessly.

Soon, all three of Meng Dabiao packed up and got ready.

Bai Qi took Chen Dong and the others to the quartermaster’s office to receive their equipment, and then the five of them rode their war horses and left the city, heading straight outside the northern frontier in the wind and snow.

What Chen Dong and the others did not know was that.

From the time they rode their horses to the northern city gate, until they disappeared into the snow and wind.

On the northern city wall, there was always a pair of eyes, like shadowy vipers, watching them with a deadly gaze.

It was only after Chen Dong and the others had disappeared into the wind and snow, completely unable to see even the slightest shadow.

Only then did Commander Xiao withdraw his gaze, tilted his head to feel the biting cold wind and cool snow, and murmured in a low voice, “O great Sky Wolf, this is my first step to submit to you, I hope you won’t let me down ……”

The voice was very low, hidden as much as possible in the wind and snow whistling.

No one could hear it.

Outside the northern frontier, the vast, barren snowfields.

The cold wind was howling.

Wrapped in torrents of snow, it pours down without mercy.

It seemed to swallow and bury the land completely.

The colder the winter, the colder the temperature on the northern frontier, the more rampant the snow and wind became.

As for the places beyond the Northern Frontier, they were even more cruel, extremely cold places with corpses beneath every inch of snowy soil!

Chen Dong and his five men, clad in armour and heavily armored, rode their war horses rapidly towards the depths of the domain.

Compared to the first scouting patrol, this time there was much less talk among the five, and more vigilance and concentration.

Even Bai Qi!

The first scouting patrol had completely exceeded Bai Qi’s expectations.

At that time, if Chen Dong had not been a variable in the team, Bai Qi would have been sure that he could have survived, but he was not sure that Meng Dabiao and his three men would have survived.

This time, Bai Qi did not dare to be careless either.

Even a reconnaissance patrol, which was considered the safest in everyone’s eyes, could suddenly take a turn for the worse.

“This time, is it still a hundred miles deep?”

Chen Dong asked Bai Qi loudly as he moved forward in the depths.

Even though his voice was loud, but drowned in the wind and snow, it was just enough for Bai Qi to hear.

Once the words were out of his mouth.

Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao all looked at Bai Qi.

As the leader of the squad, Bai Qi had an irreplaceable say in the group.

It was also Bai Qi who decided on the depth of the scouting patrols!

This time, however, Bai Qi did not have the bravado and dominance of the last time, but frowned and pondered.

He knew why Chen Dong had suddenly asked such a question.

It was because the current situation on the Northern Region’s frontier was secretly winding up and changing extremely fast.

The emergence of the Hundred Clans Order and the secret joining of the Hundred Clans had also fuelled the boldness of the various clans across the board.

With such changes, even a range that was previously a hundred miles deep and ten miles lateral has now become a hidden crisis.

Bullying comes at a time when it should, and when the situation changed, Bai Qi was not foolish enough to be foolish and overbearing.

There was a moment’s hesitation.

Bai Qi said, “Take one step and see what happens, listen to my command in everything.”

There was no direct response to Chen Dong’s enquiry, but rather a response that left room for manoeuvre.

But when it fell on the ears of Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao and the others, it had a different flavour.

Chen Dong knew what Bai Qi meant, but Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao were bewildered.

The tone of Bai Qi’s voice this time was clearly a world away from the last time, judging by the two.

Could it be that something was going to happen to ……?

On the way, the atmosphere clearly became tense.

The three of them, whether Chen Dong or Bai Qi, or Meng Dabiao, are all in high spirits, always careful to watch out for any changes around them.

In the snow and wind, gusts of wind and blizzards can greatly conceal tracks.

This makes it difficult to spot targets, but at the same time increases the risk.

The only thing that remained constant was perhaps that this fierce snow and wind storm was fair game, and the same disadvantages and risks for Chen Dong and the others existed for the rest of the extra-terrestrial hundred.

It was also while Chen Dong and his five men were making their way through the dust towards the outer reaches of the domain.

To the north of Zhenjiang City, beyond the frontier of the Northern Domain, an army suddenly appeared in the midst of the fierce snowstorm.

This army had no banners and no numbers.

There were five hundred men, all armoured and armed, all on war horses, but they did not look so neat and tidy, but rather had an air of disorder.

There were four colours of armour alone among the five hundred men.

Although it was not a large group, it still stood out in the snowy plains, in the midst of a fierce snowstorm.

The whole group was immersed in a deadly silence, stark and stern, marching on.

The only sound that echoed through the ranks was the roar of the 500 horses and the curtain of snow that remained along the route.

At the front of the group.

Golden beards and brown-green eyes, even in armour, were clear enough to be noticed and impressed at a glance, even without the face armour to hide them.

“Come on, everyone, the mission is over, heavy reward!”

Timur shouted back to the group behind him, his brown-green eyes filled with a cold, stern look.

This procession, which he had gathered at the frontier, had been paid with heavy gold.

Although haphazard, these are all mercenaries who roam the frontier outside of the Seaside, and their combat literacy is still there, and not something that ordinary people can compare to.

What’s more …… 500 men fighting five men, could there be a possibility of losing?

Obviously not!

The result of a sea of people is a crushing one.

Even if …… one of the targets was a former leading guard!

“The king’s court Skywolf is above, as long as this mission is completed, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army will have one of my Hundred Clans’ termites in it, which will definitely help my Hundred Clans to quickly corrode the hard walls of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

Timur narrowed his eyes and gazed coldly ahead: “Bai Qi …… on behalf of the great Wolf, I congratulate you on becoming a prey target, in your words …… this is called a mantis catching a cicada.”

Chapter 922

This was what Timur and Commander Xiao had discussed last night.

If he wanted Commander Xiao to kneel at the feet of the Wolf, the prerequisite was that Timur would first help him kill Bai Qi.

This was a blood feud!

The vengeance of killing his brother had never been forgotten by Commander Xiao.

It was just that when Bai Qi was the leading guard in the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he did not dare to offend him and could only bury his hatred deep in his heart.

But after Bai Qi had been jerked to the bottom by Huo Zhenxiao, Commander Xiao saw hope and felt that God was helping him!

As a commander, his position was not high in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, but he could easily find out about the upcoming mission of a small army commander at the mission office.

And Timur, as an extra-territorial merchant, wanted to rope in a group of mercenaries in a short period of time, and it was only a matter of flipping his hand.

The two of them hit it off immediately, and that’s how this scene came about.

As long as Timur took these 500 mercenaries and successfully completed this “mission”, Bai Qi’s head would be on the line.

Then Bai Qi’s head would become the most powerful push for Commander Xiao to kneel at the feet of the Wolf!

For Timur, this siege was a must, and there was no difficulty in getting it done.

Inside the frontier, close to Zhenjiang City, he had not yet dared to lay siege to Bai Qi’s five-man army.

But fortunately, the Great Snow Dragon Riders were used to being overbearing in recent years, and liked to run outside the realm, to patrol and scout in other people’s territory, which gave Timur the opportunity to do so.

The mountains were high and the snowstorm was fierce.

As long as the battle was over quickly, the snowstorm would soon bury all traces of the battle, even the bodies, deep beneath the snow.

Nothing could be traced!

Even if the Snow Dragons wanted to pursue the matter, there would be no way to do so!

“Timur, are you sure the target is following the route we are on?”

One of the mercenary leaders said in a deep voice, “The tracks will soon be buried by the wind and snow in this vast sea of snow, so if we lose our way, we will be missing by a thousand miles.”

“Don’t worry, my friends are always watching, the route will never be wrong.”

Timur smiled proudly in triumph, he still believed in the intelligence of Commander Xiao.

“No, what I mean is that even if the mission is not completed in the end, the money you should pay us will still be paid as usual.”

The mercenary leader said in a deep voice, the corners of his mouth curled up into a cold smile, like a pale wolf on the snowy plains, emanating fierce hostility, “This is the rule of mercenaries, you have to pay if you surround and kill the target, but because your mistake deviated and ultimately led to the failure of the mission, you still have to pay as usual.”

“My friend, do I, Timur, look like someone who lacks money?”

Timur shrugged his shoulders and looked at the mercenary leader with a fake shocked expression, “I have also hired your mercenary team to protect me when I was trading on the frontier, how have I ever looked like a person lacking money in your eyes? I understand all your rules, but I also hope that when you find your target later on, you can be like the wolves on the snowy plains, pounce on them directly and bite each other to death viciously!”

“It’s not for you to worry about killing people!”

The mercenary leader smiled disdainfully, “But who exactly is it that you’re asking us to kill?”

At these words, the remaining three mercenary leaders also looked at Timur.

Because Timur was a businessman, they all had some friendships, so Timur swarmed over the four teams of mercenaries under heavy payment.

Of course, this was also because Timur had always concealed the content of his mission at the beginning.

Now that they were about to track down their target, it was time to ask for clarification.

Timur smiled and paused for a few seconds before saying, “It’s a five-man troop of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”


A word of thunder.

The four mercenary chiefs were struck by lightning and their faces changed dramatically.

“Are you crazy?”

The mercenary leader who had initially questioned Timur sternly chided, “Killing soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army on the northern frontier? Do you want us mercenaries to be unable to even breathe the air to live on the northern frontier?”

The words were hard-hitting and carried boundless fear.

The other three mercenary commanders also revealed their horrified and terrified expressions.

On the Northern Frontier, the name of the Great Snow Dragon Riders and Huo Zhenxiao was engraved on everyone’s heart as if it were a magic spell.

The Iron Blooded Lions, crushing the Northern Territory frontier and shocking all the clans ……

A mighty name, not touted by anyone, but built up by the God of War, Huo Zhenxiao, and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, in battle after battle, with mountains of blood and corpses!

On the northern frontier, the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders are the sky!

Huo Zhenxiao is the only god of this world!

The mercenaries, however, were nothing more than mere ants, begging for food as they languished beneath the heavens.

To surround and kill the soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, this …… is not a mercenary mission, but a death wish to stab the sky!

“What are you afraid of?”

Timur said with a proud face, “In this fierce snowstorm, that five-man troop is responsible for scouting patrols, directly leaving the northern frontier of Zhenjiang City and going a hundred miles deep into the domain, even if we kill them, who can know? It’s just that the sky knows and the earth knows that you and I know. Which tribe from the hundred tribes outside the domain can’t take the blame for us? Even if the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army plowed up the entire snowy land outside the domain, they definitely wouldn’t be able to find out about you mercenaries!”

Phew ……

As he spoke, Timur halted his horse.

The four mercenary chiefs were all in the same boat, but if you don’t want to, you can leave now, and from now on, you can sever your ties with me.

As Timur came to a halt, so did the troops.

The four mercenary leaders looked at each other.

Finally, the mercenary leader who had questioned Timur at the beginning looked cold and stern and said in a deep voice, “I can help you complete your mission, but I have to pay more!”

“No problem my friend, double the original price!”

Timur generously raised his right hand, this time the mission was to cut open the gap between Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, behind him was the Hundred Clans in full support, so he did not care about money, as long as he could complete the mission.

The eyes of the four mercenary leaders burst out with a blazing light.

“Good! We mercenaries are in the business of being bold and desperate. After we finish this job, we can all retire and wash our hands of it!”

“Yes, after this job, we do not want to mix in the northern frontier afterwards, Timur you generous, give these money, but also enough for us brothers to quit the jianghu.”

“Hahahaha …… doubled again, can be, this price, but is very willing to fight a hand!”


Hearing the mercenary leaders’ words, Timur revealed a satisfied smile.

This world never lacks greedy people, and mercenaries in Timur’s eyes are obviously greedy to the extreme!

After all, doesn’t the fact that one can put one’s life at risk for the sake of money speak volumes?

For these mercenaries, when there is enough money, it can override everything ……