Winner Takes All Chapter 923-924

Chapter 923

The wind is biting.

The snow is pouring.

This part of the world is wrapped in silver.

There is a deadly silence of despair and fear in the lifelessness.

Walking in such a windy and cold day, one could easily be infected by this deadly silence and become desperate and afraid.

“Chief Bai, why do I have an ominous feeling?”

As he rode furiously, Sun Kong suddenly knitted his brows together and shouted out loud, but one hand was raised and clutched tightly at his heart, a strong feeling of heart palpitations that made him terrified and uneasy.

He did not wait for Bai Qi to respond.

Meng Dabiao also pulled his voice out and said, “Yeah, I also think it’s strange, last time we came out to scout patrol, we could still see some animals that are adapted to this weather out along the way, this time we came out and didn’t see any.”

“Phew ……”

Bai Qi yanked the reins fiercely, bringing the warhorse to a halt.

Chen Dong and the others also tugged on the reins at the same time and stopped in place.

The wind and snow howled around them, a miserable white.

Chen Dong gently patted the warhorse’s neck and also looked up and said to Bai Qi, “Chief Bai, why don’t we return immediately?”

Sun Kong’s unease, Chen Dong did not have for the moment.

However, what Meng Dabiao said, Chen Dong had noticed all along the way.

All the way over, it was all too calm.

Perhaps it had something to do with the increasingly bitter cold weather, but it was not to the point where not even a single animal could be seen.

The current domain is no longer the one that was once so oppressed by the Great Snow Dragon Riders that they dared not make a move.

Undercurrents are raging, and the Hundred Clans Order is circulating in secret, ready to be launched.

The rule of thumb that Chen Dong always believed in was to be careful.

If he still rushed in when the situation was unclear, this was no longer a display of dominance, but a naked act of death.

Bai Qi also understood this.

Of the five men in the army, both he and Chen Dong were clear about what the situation outside the domain really was today.

So in contrast to Sun Kong’s apprehension and Meng Dabiao’s observation, Bai Qi and Chen Dong’s hearts were sinking deeper and their fears and scruples were greater.

Bai Qi looked at Zhou Yao, “Zhou Yao, how many miles deep have we gone?”

Zhou Yao looked at the instrument in his hand, “Almost fifty miles.”

“Good then, return immediately.”

Bai Qi did not hesitate in the slightest and decisively ordered.

At a depth of fifty miles outside the domain, such a scouting patrol was sufficient.

The scouting patrol itself was to detect any possible changes at the frontier.

The journey had been calm, and it was time to return to the city. If we continued to go deeper, it would not be a scouting patrol, but a naked demonstration of dominance in the homes of the barbarians outside the realm.

At least at this time, both Chen Dong and Bai Qi felt that this glorious tradition, which had been going on for several years in the Great Snow Dragon Riders, should be suspended for a while.

Chen Dong glanced at Sun Kong and could clearly see the look of pain on Sun Kong’s face even as he swept through the wind and snow.

He hesitated for a moment.

Chen Dong Dong said, “Chief Bai Wu and I will be in the front, you three follow behind.”


Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao said at the same time.

In their eyes, Bai Qi was the Wood Leader in the group, but Chen Dong’s strength had been shown during the first scouting patrol, and in the trio’s opinion, Chen Dong was second only to Bai Qi.

The five-man Wood, at Chen Dong’s suggestion, took on a zigzag formation with Chen Dong and Bai Qi side by side in front, and Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao side by side at the back, and began their return journey.

It was a far cry from the five horses that had just galloped together.

All along the way, the horses were clad in wind and snow.

The speed was even a little faster than when they were deep outside the domain just now.

Bai Qi gave Chen Dong a thoughtful sidelong glance, “Do you really believe in Sun Kong’s feelings?”

“Sometimes, feelings are very real and can be believed the most!”

Chen Dong gave an odd smile, “Do you know about a woman’s sixth sense?”

“I’ve heard of it, never felt it.”

Bai Qi shook his head, seemingly understanding.

“Brother Dong, you’re saying I’m a woman?” Sun Kong’s awkward voice came from behind him.

Chen Dong did not respond, but instead raised a middle finger with his backhand to the back.

Only then did he smile and said to Bai Qi, “Then you must have never been in love and don’t understand women, anyway, people are something like this, right, it’s actually quite complicated, sometimes foolish and ignorant, sometimes a sudden blessing to the soul can even make it feel unreal.”

Facing Bai Qi’s puzzled gaze, Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Anyway, it’s right to be careful.”

“Ugh ……”

Bai Qi nodded his head and let out a sigh, his expression becoming helpless as well.

Rumble ……

Suddenly, a rumbling sound came from ahead.

The sudden roar rang out as if the ground was trembling.

This moment.

Chen Dong and the others’ hearts and minds shook abruptly.

The five of them looked ahead at the same time.

Such a roaring sound was naturally all too familiar to the five of them.

Just during the first scouting patrol mission, they had already experienced it once.

Only this time …… was even more voluminous and shocking than the previous one!

The roar grew louder and louder, as if a thousand horses were running wildly, emitting a heaven-shaking sound, while viciously smashing into the hearts of Chen Dong and the others.

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s five faces changed greatly at the same time, stunned and suspicious.

And Sun Kong even grabbed his left hand violently on his heart in this instant, the painful look on his face intensified.

The wind howled.

The rain poured down.

But it was all a bit inaudible amidst the roaring vibrations of the thousands of horses.

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost as he squinted his eyes and looked ahead, but vaguely, he could see an overwhelming white snow sweeping up into the sky, as if it was an avalanche falling from the top of a mountain, a majestic curtain of snow, crushing over in a vast manner.

“On guard! There are quite a few of them, at least hundreds!”

Bai Qi was the first to calm down, and immediately drew his Dragon Rider Battle Sword straight away.

The next second.


Chen Dong fiercely drew his Dragon Rider’s War Sword and then kicked his horse directly on the buttocks of Bai Qi’s warhorse.

The horse was frightened, and immediately hissed and stood up.

Even Bai Qi was shocked by the sudden change.

But Chen Dong was the first to turn his horse’s head and shouted, “You know there are at least a hundred of them, why don’t you run?”

Bai Qi: “……”

Only when the warhorse’s front hooves landed on the ground did Bai Qi realise that Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao had already turned the dock and were running wildly towards the left, at a diagonal angle, towards the depths of the domain.


In a flash of lightning, Bai Qi fiercely gritted his teeth, suppressed the blood courage in his chest and directly chased towards Chen Dong and the others.

Only as he ran wildly, the roaring vibrations behind him became more and more violent.

This caused Bai Qi to turn around and take a look.

This glance immediately made Bai Qi’s scalp tingle.

Amidst the overwhelming curtain of snow, a black ma*s was forming a terrifying line of death, racing towards them at breakneck speed in this silver-clad world.

This scene made Bai Qi, who had been fighting on the northern frontier for many years and had rich combat experience, instantly judge – the other side, not only hundreds of people!


Just as Bai Qi turned around in shock, a wind whistle suddenly exploded.

Bai Qi’s pupils suddenly tightened to the point of no return.

In his vision, an arrow was tearing through the wind and snow, emitting an endless cold aura, shooting directly towards him ……

Chapter 924


The arrow buzzed and whistled.

In the blink of an eye, it was in front of Bai Qi.

In a flash.


Bai Qi’s left hand lifted up and grabbed the arrow in mid-air, and with a loud cry, he threw the arrow back with a shake of his hand.

It was as fast as lightning.

A poof!

The arrow flew backwards and pierced through the chest of a mercenary at a faster speed than before, spilling blood.

With a scream, the mercenary fell straight from the wildly running horse to the ground.

And this scene shocked everyone in Timur’s team of mercenaries.

The next second.

A mercenary leader roared, “Fire!”

At the command, a large swathe of bows and arrows were strung, and the sound of taut bowstrings echoed through the snow and wind.

Whoosh whoosh ……

The arrows rose up from the sky, tearing the wind and splitting the snow, silencing the wind and snow wherever they pa*sed.

“Quickly dodge!”

The last to run, Bai Qi’s face changed greatly, shouted a reminder at the same time, his right hand also waved the Dragon Rider war sword in his hand, blocked out the dozen arrows at hand, then bravely danced the Dragon Rider war sword, directly on the back of the horse behind the Dragon Rider war sword.

Clang clang clang ……

The arrows landed on the broad blade of the Dragon Rider’s War Sword and a cluster of sparks exploded.

At the same time.

The overwhelming arrows also caught up with Chen Dong and the others.

Chen Dong waved his Dragon Rider Sword and blocked all the arrows behind him.

Meng Dabiao also followed Bai Qi’s example and bravely placed his Dragon Rider’s Sabre on the back of his horse, deflecting all the arrows with the Dragon Rider’s Sabre, which was as wide as a doorway.

Sun Kong and Zhou Yao were the only ones whose physique was already weak and whose strength prevented them from even pulling out their swords in the short time they had.

Faced with the rain of arrows that streaked across the sky, the two wielded their ordinary battle swords in their hands, desperately blocking.

But there were simply too many arrows.

After one round of firing, the mercenary group did not stop, but immediately unleashed a second round of arrow rain.

So much so that the two of them were unable to keep up with the speed of the arrow rain as they wielded their ordinary swords to block.

A poof!

An arrow grazed Sun Kong’s arm and flew out, bringing up a large amount of blood.

Sun Kong, who grunted in pain, could not help but give a start to his movements.


With this lurch, a dense stream of arrows instantly engulfed him.

It was a close call.

Sun Kong’s eyes were rounded, and at this moment, the feeling of death approaching was overwhelming.


A gust of wind rose.

At an angle, a huge Dragon Rider’s battle sword, like a python dragon across the sky, split all the arrows that were approaching Sun Kong from below.

The sudden scene caused Sun Kong’s body to shake violently.

His blurred vision quickly became clear, and he saw that Chen Dong, who was holding a sword and straddling a horse, had crossed in front of him.

“Brother Dong ……”

A warm current flowed abruptly in Sun Kong’s heart.

Without this divine slash from Chen Dong, he had no doubt that death would have come just now.

“Da Biao, follow me to the rear, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao run at the front.”

Chen Dong ignored Sun Kong, his face as cold as frost at this moment, and ordered calmly.

Before Bai Qi could follow, the group was already in a dense rain of arrows raining down on them, as if they were caught in a quagmire.

Sun Kong and Zhou Yao were unable to use their Dragon Rider swords, and if they used their normal swords to fend off the arrows, they would be caught in this quagmire and would be killed.

Only by blocking the overwhelming rain of arrows could the team climb out of the quagmire.


In a matter of moments, Meng Dabiao did not hesitate for a moment and turned his horse back, standing directly alongside Chen Dong.

Relying on his two Dragon Rider swords, he straddled the back and deflected most of the arrows.

In an instant, the pressure on Sun Kong and Zhou Yao was greatly reduced.

With Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao behind them, they were able to flee deeper into the domain without fear.

Clang, clang, clang ……

The dense arrows were like a tidal wave, bombarding the two Dragon Rider swords in wave after wave.

This moment.

Chen Dong felt the power that the Dragon Rider Warblades could bring into play on the battlefield to the fullest.

However, the dense arrows bombarded on top of the Dragon Riding Warblades, and wave after wave of impact was transmitted down the blades into his hands.

With Chen Dong’s physical body strength, this impact shock could be ignored.

But Meng Dabiao, who was holding the Dragon Rider, was having a hard time.

Waves of impact shock were transmitted to his tiger’s mouth, and in the blink of an eye, his tiger’s mouth and his entire right arm were paralysed.

“D*mn, Brother Dong, I can’t hold it any longer!”

Meng Dabiao finally couldn’t help himself and cried out in agony.

The paralysis in his entire right arm was getting stronger and stronger, making his tiger mouth almost unable to grip the hilt of his sword anymore.

“Hold on until Chief Bai Wu comes over!”

Chen Dong brazenly waved his Dragon Rider Battle Sword, the thick and heavy Dragon Rider Battle Sword became as light as a feather in his hand in a flash, carrying a streak of shadow that quickly pulled up several streaks in front of him and Meng Dabiao.

Clang clang clang ……

A dense cluster of arrows all fell to the ground.

Meng Dabiao, who was screaming in agony, instantly lost his pressure and hurriedly switched his hand.

Chen Dong also took advantage of the time he was swinging his sword to block the rain of arrows to get a better look at Bai Qi’s position and the situation at that moment.

Bai Qi was only ten metres away from them, and twenty metres behind him, a huge crowd of people were chasing him on horseback while firing arrows from their bows.

This scene made Chen Dong’s heart sink a little.

Five against hundreds of people …… had a near-zero chance of winning!

Such a huge difference in numbers, not to mention people, even if five hundred pigs rushed over and let the five of them kill, they would have to kill for a while.

The actual fact is that, at a glance, the opposing team is a bit messy and redundant, but in the end, they all have skills in their hands!

Once surrounded by these hundreds of people, even Chen Dong felt that his hope was slim.

This was a battlefield, not a street brawl.

In a street fight, if you fight with blood and courage until the other side is scared, the other side will scatter and soon scatter like birds and beasts.

On the battlefield, it is a fight to the death!

The battle cannot be stopped until the opponent has been wiped out.

There are cowards on the battlefield, but when hundreds of men face only five, even the most cowardly will be brave enough to fight for their lives.

As he repositioned the Dragon Rider in front of him, Chen Dong glanced back at Sun Kong and Zhou Yao.

With him and Meng Dabiao holding off the rain of arrows, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao were completely free from the quagmire and were now a hundred metres away from each other.

However, Chen Dong knew very well that the snowy plains were so vast that there was no danger, no place to hide and surrounded by hundreds of tribes, even if Sun Kong and Zhou Yao did run far away, it would still be difficult to escape the crisis!

“Perhaps …… we can only wait for them both to ask for help!”

Chen Dong murmured softly, although the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was a powerful force that fought with cold weapons on the northern frontier, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had never given up on hot weapons, and on each of them, there were instruments that contacted the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army of Zhenjiang City.

The key now was that even Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, who had already run hundreds of metres away, did not have time to use their instruments to call for help!

And when Chen Dong’s words fell on Meng Dabiao’s ears, they instantly caused Meng Dabiao’s body to tremble with fear to the extreme.

“This place is at least fifty miles away from Zhenjiang City, resisting so many people hard, we simply can’t wait for a chance of rescue, what should we do, Brother Dong ……?”


“Watch out!”

Bai Qi, who was running wildly towards Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao, suddenly let out an explosive roar.

The next second.


There was a loud, earth-shattering sound.

The wind and snow seemed to fall silent for a moment.


Meng Dabiao, who was in fear, suddenly felt a terrifying impact, and the Dragon Rider’s sword in his hand burst into sparks, under the impact, Meng Dabiao let out a miserable cry, his tiger mouth cracked and dyed with blood on the spot, and he flew straight up in the air and landed under his horse ……