Winner Takes All Chapter 901-902

Chapter 901

Chief Bai Wu, what exactly is the situation with these?”

Chen Dong pointed in bewilderment at the mountain of black bull carca*ses piled up below.

At this point, things had come to an end, and with the opportunity to catch his breath and rest, he was finally able to ask the doubts in his mind.

What secrets were hidden in this absurd hunt that had lasted for three hours?

At the sound of his voice.

Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao all looked at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi rubbed a handful of snow from his beard, then stuffed it into his mouth, chewing as he said, “Among the barbarians in the domain, most of them live by herding cattle, there was a time when cattle ran into Zhenjiang City, our soldiers defending the city did not care, and eventually allowed the killers lurking among the cattle to climb the walls in the process, that night, three hundred soldiers died! ”


A word of thunder.

Chen Dong’s four men were all frozen on the spot.

Using the cover of the herd of cattle, the concealed killer climbed up the wall to hunt and kill.

Such a tactic was truly unpredictable!

After all, who would have thought that a killer would be hidden in a herd of cattle that had gone on a rampage?

The probability of a herd of wild cattle, in such a barren land as the northern frontier, is really high and high!

You know the difference between people and animals is that where there are many people there are few animals and where there are few people there are many animals.

Using a herd of cattle as cover is simply perfect in a place like the Northern Frontier.

“That night, if the Golden Guards hadn’t reacted quickly and immediately brought in heavy troops to exterminate the killers who climbed the wall and the tens of thousands of cattle, perhaps it would have been more than just the death of three hundred soldiers.”

Bai Qi’s voice was a little heavy, chewing on the snow water while looking at Chen Dong’s four men, “So, do you still find the shooting just now, unconscionable?”

“Maybe …… if you rummage through the corpses of the cattle below now, you will be able to find the killer’s body?”

Chen Dong’s voice was low, and his eyes became different when he looked at the piles of cattle corpses below again.

In a siege battle, the most crucial thing was to take the initiative at the head of the city.

Once the wall defences were torn apart and spread by points, it would be a tearing fast invasion.

If one side of the city is occupied and the gates are opened, it will be a monstrous disaster!

The 300 soldiers who died were really insignificant compared to the possible final outcome!

After receiving Bai Qi’s explanation, Chen Dong no longer felt that the shooting just now was absurd, instead he felt it was necessary.

“Are all the barbarians outside the Northern Region so powerful in their sleight of hand?” Meng Dabiao said in a deep voice.

Zhou Yao and Sun Kong also frowned at the mountain of cattle corpses piled up below.

At this moment, everyone gaped.

If they hadn’t shot the cattle immediately and let them run wild, perhaps at some slightly negligent moment, a sharp knife would have been placed across their necks.

In the freezing wind and the late night, no one can guarantee to be on high alert at all times, and even tigers can doze off.

“Whew ……”

Bai Qi exhaled heavily and laughed, “Wait, tomorrow morning we can go out and pack up the cattle, we can make a whole feast of whole cattle, besides with this one shot, we can also end our guard duty early, we can change shifts, D*mn it …… freezing to death old me! ”

Hearing that.

Chen Dong and others have revealed a smile.

Three hours of continuous high intensity shooting is extremely taxing for every soldier.

The soreness in their arms that Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao experienced, unable to lift them up, was not just on the three of them either.

After such a heavy exertion, the level of vigilance and strength of the soldiers at the top of the city was greatly reduced, so a change of defence was the best solution!

Bai Qi looked back at the cattle carca*ses below and spat a mouthful of saliva down.

He laughed and said, “D*mn, those rabble fools, do they really think they can succeed once and then succeed again? If they don’t get shot to death or trampled to death by the cows, they’ll freeze to death even if they stay up all night in this nine-nine cold weather. If there’s really a corpse tomorrow morning, they can hang it on the wall to deter those barbarians outside the domain!”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, not feeling that Bai Qi’s words were in any way excessive.

This was always the case on the battlefield.

Even this was just a glimpse of what he had seen in his mind.

If he was not ruthless, how would he be able to deter the barbarians outside the realm?

If we don’t deter them and treat them with cruelty and cold blood, should we let them wave their whips south?

At that time, will those people be kind to the common people of this territory?

Obviously not!

That’s the way to kill and thunder on the battlefield!

And so it was.

Just as Bai Qi had said.

After waiting for about ten minutes.

Then a small group of soldiers went up to the wall and started to change their defences.

Chen Dong and the others followed Bai Qi down the wall and returned to the barracks.

Once inside, after taking off their clothes, Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong climbed straight into bed and fell asleep.

Already shivering from the cold and the intense exertion, the three were already exhausted.

“It will take them a while to get used to it.”

Bai Qi shook his head helplessly and turned his head to Chen Dong with a smile, “It’s you, on the other hand, who has surprised me with your performance.”


Chen Dong shrugged, “I also relied on my strength to be able to perform like this.”

“No, it was your calmness and ease in handling things, very often, even excellent soldiers, when they arrive in an unfamiliar environment, they will move in a rushed manner and appear flustered.”

Bai Qi pointed at the three Meng Dabiao who were whirring on the bed, “Just like just now, you were the first to open your bow and arrow along with me than the three of them, that’s how you behaved!”

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

Suddenly, Bai Qi turned his words around.

Mysteriously, he looked at Chen Dong, “Speaking of your strength, speaking of which, have you never wondered why your strength has skyrocketed so quickly?”

Chen Dong was stunned, and then said helplessly, “Curious, but couldn’t find the reason.”

Bai Qi froze for a couple of seconds and shrugged, “Maybe you suddenly got enlightened, anyway, some geniuses might have performed mediocrely for half their lives and suddenly got enlightened one day and hit the ground running.”

“It shouldn’t be me.”

Chen Dong dismissed Bai Qi’s speculation, he never felt that he was a genius.

If he was a genius, his first twenty years might as well have had the slightest hint of colour.


Suddenly, Bai Qi let out a startled eek, his eyes bursting with essence as he gazed out of the barracks window.

Chen Dong was startled and turned to look, just in time to see a figure standing outside the window, only because the window was iced over, he could not see the figure’s appearance clearly either.

“Follow me!”

Just as the two looked over, the person standing at the window, spoke softly.

There was a poof!

Bai Qi knelt down on one knee on the spot, bowed his head, and placed his right hand in a fist at the position of his heart, but did not make a sound.

Chen Dong’s expression eased up and he walked out of the barracks.

Huo Zhenxiao was standing in front of the window, and as Chen Dong walked out, he also slowly turned around to look at Chen Dong.

Huo Zhenxiao smiled faintly, “Come with me, I’m going to start drilling you from this evening.”

Chen Dong was instantly shocked and stared at Huo Zhenxiao strangely, “That’s not how the word drill should be used, right?”

Huo Zhenxiao: “……”

In the next second, Huo Zhenxiao’s face suddenly looked a little embarra*sed, lowered his head, turned around in silence and walked away.

Chapter 902

This is an enclosed room.

It covers an area of about two hundred square feet and is closed on all sides, except for a few air vents that let in the light from outside.

All around it were displayed various weapons, as well as some diagrams.

There was a silence, and even the sound of the wind and snow outside seemed extraordinarily subtle in this room.

When Chen Dong followed Huo Zhenxiao into this room, he could not help but be stunned for a moment.

After regaining his senses, Chen Dong asked, “Is this your practice room?”


Huo Zhenxiao nodded and said somewhat helplessly, “I can’t help it, if the Hall Master really practices outside, ordinary soldiers will look at me like a monster, so when I’m outside I can only make a show of it, but I still really practice in this room.”


Chen Dong was a little stunned.

As the military spirit of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Huo Zhenxiao was obviously more able to win the hearts of the people as he drilled with the soldiers outside.

Although Huo Zhenxiao’s was already a popular choice among the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Huo Zhenxiao’s words still made Chen Dong puzzled.

Huo Zhenxiao did not answer.

Instead, he walked to the weapons rack in silence and drew out a pewter and red ta*seled spear.

“Watch this spear.”

The words fell.

Huo Zhenxiao fiercely withdrew his right foot and stomped on the ground brazenly.


The right foot landed with a sound like an explosion of thunder, raising a cloud of smoke and dust.

At the same time.

His right hand held a spear in one hand, and without any fancy, a simple spear, he stabbed out directly.


A piercing buzzing sound caused Chen Dong’s eardrums to instantly ache sharply, and he could not help but wrinkle his brows.

A flash of lightning.

Chen Dong, who was always watching the lance, was even more distraught and his face changed drastically.

In his sight, the pale wax and red ta*seled spear, which was held by Huo Zhenxiao with one hand and simply stabbed out, was wrapped in a circle of spiral air spirals visible to the naked eye.

As the spear was thrust out, the tough pewter pole was quietly split into strips, like rotten cotton wool.

This scene took place in a very short time.

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, it was as if it had been slowed down, and he could see every single frame extremely clearly.

When Huo Zhenxiao completely stabbed out this shot.

Bang Teen!

There was a loud sound.

The spiral air spiral wrapped around the head of the spear flew out of the spear like a spiral cone, and crashed into the wall three metres away, creating a crater in the wall.

The pewter and red ta*seled spear in Huo Zhenxiao’s hand had been completely turned into cotton wool, falling limp in one piece.


The room was so quiet that it could hear a needle.

Chen Dong, who had witnessed this shot, was suddenly suffocated, as if the invisible hand had strangled his neck, his body was tingling, and his scalp felt as if it was about to explode.

A simple shot had caused such a great power?


Huo Zhenxiao threw the rotten wooden strip in his hand, onto the ground.

Turning around, he calmly looked at the shocked and dazed Chen Dong: “Now, do you understand?”

“Ming, understood.”

Chen Dong’s throat tightened a little and he said in a daze.

A simple shot, yet it could instantly shatter a blade, and still have killing power three metres apart, so what if it came with a move?

Chen Dong did not dare to imagine, but was also certain that if Huo Zhenxiao really trained outside, he would definitely alert the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Even after seeing the power of Huo Zhenxiao’s stabbing shot with his own eyes, Chen Dong suddenly had doubts about the scene when he had taken three hard strokes from Huo Zhenxiao.

With his lips mouthing, looking at Huo Zhenxiao in shock, Chen Dong asked, “So, when you let me take three strokes from you, those three strokes, were you holding back your strength?”

Huo Zhenxiao rubbed his nose and laughed lightly, “I can’t always lay a deadly hand on my master’s nephew, can I?”


The calm words were like thunder to Chen Dong.

When he had taken three hard moves from Huo Zhenxiao at the beginning, it was indeed disastrous, but he had actually taken them next.

In his opinion, the gap between his strength and Huo Zhenxiao was not an unbridgeable chasm, and as long as he trained hard, he definitely had the possibility of touching Huo Zhenxiao.

But now ……

Chen Dong suddenly had a feeling of powerlessness, looking at Huo Zhenxiao in front of him, who was obviously close at hand, but suddenly had a feeling of being a stone’s throw away, unattainable!

This man, who looked like a god and goddess, was at that moment in front of Chen Dong, more and more cloaked in the trappings of a god and goddess!

“You have come to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army for three months, other than your military achievements, you should have improved as well, such a harvest would be worthy of your experience in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army for these three months.”

Huo Zhenxiao had his hands behind his back, obviously not older than Chen Dong, but that kind of boldness, domineering and out of sight aura made Chen Dong dwarfed: “From today onwards, I will train you systematically every night, I hope that when you leave the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, your strength can be improved once again, and it will be worthy of you wearing the Chen family crown on your father’s birthday. Wear the Chen Family Crown now.”

“Thank you, senior brother.”

Chen Dong rose with joy and excitement.

Huo Zhenxiao’s strength was far stronger than Kunlun’s.

The systematic devil training developed between the two was clearly a world apart.

As his strength increased time and again, Chen Dong already clearly felt that Kunlun’s set of training methods were no longer somewhat adequate.

And the systematic training specified by Huo Zhenxiao would obviously be more suitable for him!

What was more crucial was this.

Huo Zhenxiao was the disciple of his uncle, Chen Daogun, and had taken on the mantle of his uncle Daogun.

By practising under Huo Zhenxiao, he could more or less inherit some of Uncle Daojun’s fighting skills.

This master-disciple duo, one of them crushing the Black Prison, and the other crushing the northern frontier.

It could be called a master and disciple without equal!

“This is what I should do.”

Huo Zhenxiao smiled, “By the way, you don’t have to worry about those matters at your home, I will keep an eye on that side for you, although the development of your industry might slow down once you arrive at the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, it shouldn’t be affected.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Since I have decided to take refuge in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, I have also made plans to leave that side alone, as long as I am gone, they will be safe as well.”


Huo Zhenxiao nodded, “Then, the training begins, you will first practice a set of movements with me.”

Chen Dong collected his thoughts and looked intently at Huo Zhenxiao.

Huo Zhenxiao slowly raised his hands and then slowly performed them.

Only gradually, Chen Dong frowned, his eyes full of doubts.

Huo Zhenxiao’s movements were very slow, breathing in and out, and his hands and feet and body moved as if they were at turtle speed, as if he was playing Taijiquan in the park in the early morning.

And every movement, are extremely strange, backwards walking, twisting body pushing hands, and even have a kind of twisting twist movement ……

Everything, in Chen Dong’s eyes, is all confusing.

Such movements, and the systematic training developed by Kunlun, are worlds apart.

But coming from Huo Zhenxiao, Chen Dong still maintained a state of mind of uncertainty and watched carefully.

When the set of moves was finished.

Huo Zhenxiao stood with his hands again: “Can you see it?”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

Huo Zhenxiao smiled faintly and said something that made Chen Dong’s heart instantly race as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

He said, “Then start practising, this was given to me by Master, if you can fully master it, keep practising it, it will not only improve your chances of controlling your muscles, it will also improve your chances of sensing out Qi.”