Winner Takes All Chapter 899-900

Chapter 899

Zhou Yao’s words instantly attracted the attention of Chen Dong, Meng Dabiao and Sun Kong.

Bai Qi was the only one standing still, smiling but not saying anything.

The four of them leaned over the battlements and looked down.

Only in Chen Dong’s, Meng Dabiao’s and Sun Kong’s eyes, there was nothing unusual about the city walls other than the pits and puddles that had been bombarded by the artillery fire.

Zhou Yao gently brushed his right hand over the rough outer wall wall and said meaningfully.

“I told you that the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry could not really rely on cold weapons like long spears and short swords to actually hold a city.”

“Zhou Yao, what does that mean?”

Meng Dabiao was the first to ask.

Chen Dong and Sun Kong also looked at Zhou Yao in confusion.

The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry was an iron-blooded lion with a reputation for killing with cold weapons, but now Zhou Yao’s words were clearly refuting the prestige of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry.

Zhou Yao laughed lightly as my right hand continued to stroke the outer wall, while brushing off the snow that hung on the outer wall.

When only a thin layer of ice remained, I could vaguely see that there were still some gaps in the wall.

Zhou Yao pointed at the gaps and said meaningfully, “If I’m right, the entire Zhenjiang City has been made into a mech city, right?”

Mecha City?!

Chen Dong was surprised for a moment, his face full of incomprehension.

Meng Dabiao and Sun Kong were also confused.

“You kid, don’t sell yourself short, just tell us straight away, what the hell is Mecha City?”

Meng Dabiao got a little impatient and lightly punched Zhou Yao on the chest, urging, “Just these gaps you are pointing out, but if you follow the ancient city construction, no matter the inner and outer walls, they will leave such traces.”

“Indeed, but these gaps are all very regular, even neatly a moving mouth.”

Zhou Yao smiled, his right hand finger traced along the gap through the thin ice and calmly said, “Look at this gap I traced, it’s a mouth shape, what if the rocks of the city wall in this area could sink down and spit out the cannon tube?”


Chen Dong’s three people were shocked at the same time.

Chen Dong followed the line Zhou Yao had drawn and took a closer look, and instantly his brows furrowed.

On the outer wall, not only were there pits and dents from the shelling, there were also many gaps all over.

But if you look at the gap Zhou Yao had drawn, it was indeed a four-sided zigzag hidden in a messy, pitted gap in the wall, and if Zhou Yao hadn’t said it, he wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

Because this mouth glyph was simply hidden too secretly.

“The Mecha City you are talking about is actually the entire Zhenjiang City’s four-sided walls all being transformed, seemingly no different from an ancient city, but in fact concealing a hidden secret, capable of instantly discharging millions of cannon fire when a real siege battle occurs?”

Chen Dong murmured in a deep voice as he pondered.

“Yes, that’s what it means, the entire Zhenjiang City has been rigorously remodeled, leaving aside the interior of the city, the four-sided city walls have definitely been remodeled at a sky-high cost.”

Zhou Yao said with unparalleled certainty.

He had specialized in all kinds of firearms and instruments in his original military army, so he was incomparably confident in what he was saying at this point.

“Crap, it’s really all remodeled, then isn’t Zhenjiang City a terrifying arsenal?”

“However, it’s true that cold weapons are inferior to hot weapons when it comes to defending the city, I feel that what Zhou Yao said makes sense.”

Meng Dabiao was marvelling, while Sun Kong calmly echoed Zhou Yao’s words.

At this point.

Bai Qi, who had been silent, smiled as he stepped forward and said, “Zhou Yao is right, the quadrangle walls have indeed been modified, if a siege really broke out, in a split second, the quadrangle walls would have the strength to splash thousands of firepower, and almost every hot weapon you can think of, the quadrangle walls of Zhenjiang City have.”

“Nuclear bombs?”

Meng Dabiao blinked and looked at Bai Qi with raised eyebrows.

Bai Qi: “……”

This F**king ……

However, having received Bai Qi’s affirmation.

Chen Dong and the others also eased their expressions.

Just looking at Zhenjiang City again, even Chen Dong felt different.

It could be seen how much effort Huo Zhenxiao had spent in order to make Zhenjiang City the only heavenly danger on the northern frontier.

It was a heavenly danger that had been built hard and fast, by human power.

It suppressed the frontier and blocked everything!

The pits and dents on the outer walls are the result of countless cannon fire, enough to prove just how much the Zhenjiang City had withstood the roiling cannon fire after its successful construction.

“But normally, we wouldn’t drag the battle under Zhenjiang City, the normal operation would be to just march out in force and start a war with the barbarian army outside the frontier.” Bai Qi added.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “This is indeed the operation of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, but this artillery crater on the outer city wall, what is it about?”

Bai Qi looked gloomy and smiled bitterly, “These are left over from a handful of great battles, where a dozen or so barbarian allied armies moved south together to besiege Zhenjiang City, wanting to remove this nail that stood in their path south!”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

This was the same as attacking a city in an ancient war.

The barbarians could indeed bypa*s Zhenjiang City when they moved south to invade.

But after bypa*sing it, what awaited them would not be waving the whip south and leveling the river, but rather the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders within Zhenjiang City would come out and join other friendly troops within the frontier to surround the barbarian army.

Therefore, pulling down Zhenjiang City was the best option to go south!

Only, feeling Bai Qi’s gaze, Chen Dong suddenly felt a tightening in his heart.

Bai Qi’s words fell on the ears of Meng Dabiao’s three men with an unparalleled shock, the kind of shock that silenced them.

But to Chen Dong’s ears they had another deep meaning.

“A dozen or so barbarians joined forces and were able to force their way under Zhenjiang City, what about hundreds of barbarians?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

In a trance, the Hundred Clans Order came back to his mind.

That ordinary token, with the monstrous and profound meaning behind it, was like a sword in the sky, straddling the sky above Zhenjiang City, which could fall at any moment and destroy the city with a single stroke of its sword!

“Alright, everything that needs to be said has been said, for the next 24 hours, let’s each stand this first shift!”

Bai Qi withdrew his gaze from Chen Dong.

With a command, Chen Dong’s five men stood to their respective positions.

Even if the sky was full of wind and snow, even if the wind and snow outside the city blurred their vision.

Chen Dong’s five men remained straight, as if they were sheathed swords, standing atop the city.

This is the natural duty of a soldier!

Time pa*sed slowly.

Chen Dong and the others, except for the three meals when they could sit down and rest for a while, spent the rest of the time standing atop the city.

Night was falling.

The temperature also gradually dropped.

Holding a single movement for a long time, standing still, was in itself extremely taxing on the body.

As the temperature dropped, the cold wind became more and more intense.

The wind was like a sharp, invisible knife cutting into the body.

The goose feather snow, moreover, accumulated on the body and gradually engulfed one.

Chen Dong had expected this, and even though he was wrapped in his animal fleece robe, he could still feel the cold air entering his body.

However, with his physique, he was able to withstand it.

It was Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong who, as the night became deeper and colder, reached the limit of their ability to withstand it one after another.

When the time reached midnight.

The cold wind howled as if it were the cry of an evil spirit.

The snow seemed to be pouring down from the heavens.

Chen Dong was already frozen to the point that goose bumps were rising all over his body. The standard lance held in his right hand was still as if he was holding it on a block of ice because of the lowered temperature, even though the grip had been specially treated.

This was the case with him.

Zhou Yao and Sun Kong, who were slightly weaker, were already shivering from the cold.

Even Meng Dabiao, couldn’t help but curse, “D*mn, rash, rash, this is so D*mn cold to stand still and stay up all night, if only we could have a fight.”


The words just fell.

The sound of a bow and arrow was suddenly echoed on the city walls.

It was as if this sound of an open bow and arrow instantly tensed the nerves of Chen Dong’s four men.

Chen Dong jerked his head, but he found that Bai Qi had already raised his bow and arrows in his hand, and was facing the fierce storm below with killing intent ……

Chapter 900

The atmosphere suddenly seemed to freeze.

The awe-inspiring killing intent surged out from Bai Qi’s body, even overshadowing the biting cold of the fierce snowstorm.

Chen Dong turned his head to look below, but the fierce snowstorm had turned his vision white and he could not see anything at all!

“Chief Bai Wu, there are men and horses approaching from below?”

Meng Dabiao was alarmed and suspicious.

As Bai Qi opened his bow and arrow, everyone’s nerves tightened.

Bai Qi’s face was as cold as frost, stern and grave, and he did not say a word.

Instead, his brows were knitted together and his pupils tightened, staring deadly at the wintry bleakness below.






On the windy and snowy city walls, a sound of open bows and arrows continued to come from the other standing positions on the left and right sides.

Each sound was intensifying the tightening of the nerves of Chen Dong’s four men.

At this moment, it was not only Chen Dong.

Even Meng Dabiao and his three men were focusing their eyes on the movement below.

Dark night.

The wind and snow.

They all did their best to block their vision.

This feeling of everyone being alert and not being able to see for themselves was nerve-wracking to the point of madness.

“What the hell is approaching?”

Meng Dabiao’s brow furrowed.

But at this moment, it was no one who responded to his words.


Chen Dong slowly picked up his bow and arrows, following Bai Qi’s example of opening his bow and aiming at the dark winds and snow below.

He did not know what was approaching below, but it was right to follow Bai Qi’s lead and be on guard.

It is the duty of a soldier to defend himself!

Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao and Sun Kong looked at each other.

Despite their doubts, the three also turned around to look for bows and arrows, just as Chen Dong had done.


Just as the three were searching for their bows and arrows.

Rumble ……

Outside Zhenjiang City, the sound of dense footsteps suddenly rang out.

It was like a tidal wave, and from the moment it appeared, it quickly became clear.

Gradually, the sound became more and more deafening.

The sudden ringing sound, which seemed like a thousand armies, caused Chen Dong’s eyebrows to tighten to the extreme in an instant.

The three men, Meng Dabiao, who were searching for their bows and arrows, were even thrown into a state of panic and confusion for a moment.

No one had expected it.

Under the city, which could not be seen with all their eyesight, such a shocking and terrifying scene would suddenly appear.


As the roar grew closer, Chen Dong and the others even faintly sensed that the city walls seemed to be trembling.

“Down there, what exactly is it?”

Chen Dong asked in a deep voice.

Bai Qi, who had been vigilant and had not made a sound, opened his mouth but stunned Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao and the others on the spot.

Bai Qi said, “Bull!”

A simple word, but it left Chen Dong and the others in a daze.

At this point.

Meng Dabiao and the three men finally found their bows and arrows and stood at the top of the city with their bows and arrows open.

Meng Dabiao asked in astonishment, “Chief Bai, if it’s just cattle, isn’t it too much of a fuss for us to do this? Those beasts won’t be able to break into Zhenjiang City at all!”

The words had not yet ended.

Bai Qi suddenly bellowed, “Shoot!”


With the shout, Bai Qi’s right hand, which was already full of bow strings, abruptly released, and the arrow in his hand immediately tore through the wind and snow, heading directly downwards.


Amidst the wind and snow, a miserable cow’s cry resounded through the night sky.

At the same time.

Whoosh whoosh ……

Above the city, a stream of arrows shot out from the hands of each of the soldiers guarding the city.

In the darkness of the snow and wind below the city walls, the miserable cattle cries rose up.

Rumble ……

The cattle did not stop running wildly, but became more rapid as the bows and arrows were fired.

The sound of the wind and snow.

The roar of the cattle running wildly.

The hum of arrows tearing through the wind and snow.

And the miserable cattle screams.

In a flash, the silence and peace on the northern wall was completely shattered.

It overlapped as if a symphony of blood and carnage had been played at midnight.


Chen Dong’s gaze froze.

In his line of sight, the herd of cattle finally appeared.

Each cow was exceptionally majestic, draped with long black hair, some with arrows sticking out of their bodies.

It was like a black torrent.


Chen Dong’s right hand loosened, and the arrows in his hand shot out.


He clearly saw that the arrow had shot straight into the back of a black bull, splashing a large amount of blood.

However, the black bull did not fall to the ground, but charged towards the city wall like a madman.

“What the hell is going on here ……?”

Meng Dabiao was completely frantic: “Chief Bai, we’re clearly standing guard, how come this cow-killing activity has started in the middle of the night?”

“Don’t ask if you don’t understand, just give me arrows to shoot and be done with it.”

Bai Qi’s voice was cold and stern to the extreme, and his expression was even more grave and solemn.

Military orders were like mountains.

With this reprimand, Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao said no more and released their arrows to kill the black bull.

This scene seemed a bit bizarre!

After all, even if a mere animal was majestic, it would not be able to charge into Zhenjiang City.

On the contrary, in the middle of the night, all the soldiers defending the northern city wall froze and fought against these animals.

It was absurd, bizarre and unbelievable.

But Bai Qi, whom Chen Dong glimpsed out of the corner of his eye, was always sullen and stern, and the speed with which he opened his bow and arrow in his hand was even faster.

Chen Dong did not understand what this situation meant.

But he knew very well that Bai Qi, if he was really just killing the cattle, the once leading guard would never have looked like this!

The herd of cattle below continued to rush towards the city walls.

As the soldiers on the city head shot furiously, one black bull after another fell, and even if they were not shot, those wounded black bulls did not stop, and in a suicidal state, they directly hit the city wall and died.

But judging by the number of cattle visible to Chen Dong’s naked eye, the ones he could see alone were already in the thousands, and in the darkness of the blizzard further away, there was no way of knowing how many there really were.

Soon there was a pile of cattle carca*ses beneath the walls.

The shooting also became more and more intense, and even Chen Dong saw that some soldiers who were not on duty were also climbing the wall and taking part in the shooting.

The shooting lasted for three hours!

When the last black bull fell beneath the wall, even Chen Dong could not help but feel that his arms were a little sore.

Meng Dabiao and the others, however, had even dropped their arms straight away, unable to lift them up at all, looking in pain, their arms and bodies trembling incessantly.

“Tonight was a good practice of my archery skills.”

Chen Dong let out a bitter laugh, this kind of military strong bow was extremely hard for an ordinary person to pull the bowstring, let alone shooting in rapid succession.

Even for the sergeants in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, this kind of ultra-high intensity continuous staccato shooting would be enough to drink.

“Hoo ……”

Bai Qi put down the bow and arrows in his hands, three hours of continuous shooting, yet he was in extremely peak condition, as if three hours of opening his bow and arrows had not affected his arms in the slightest.

“D*mn, there are at least four thousand heads, slot!”

Even Bai Qi could not help but open and close with a foul mouth as he leaned against the wall.

These herds of cattle, what secrets were they hiding?

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together into a “Chuan” as he stared blankly at the herd of cattle below.

After three hours of shooting, the corpses of black cattle below the city wall had piled up like a mountain, accumulating at least five metres high close to the wall!