Winner Takes All Chapter 773-774

Chapter 773

“How dare you!”

Master Zhang San raged to the skies and turned brazenly to Kunlun with a stern roar.


Just as he turned around, Kun Lun’s right foot had already lifted up without hesitation.

When his turn was completed, Kun Lun’s right foot had already landed blatantly on Zhang Ao’s right arm.

“Ka! ~”

The crisp sound of bones breaking.

Like a sharp knife, it viciously pierced into Third Master Zhang’s heart.

Seeing this, Master Zhang San’s jaws cracked and his teeth clenched.

Zhang Ao was his only son, and since he was young, he had always spoiled him, giving him the wind and the rain whenever he wanted.

He had never bothered to teach him a lesson, but today he was beaten up in front of him, in public, on the street.

This was even worse than killing him!

As Zhang Ao’s painful screams rang out.

Even the onlookers, who were afraid of Zhang Sanzhu, could not help but tremble at the same time and let out a sound of recoiling cold air in unison.

All four limbs were severed!

How ruthless did this have to be to be so decisive?

Not to mention that it was in the presence of Master Zhang San!

Everyone was dumbfounded, chilled to the bone and terrified.

Suspicious eyes fell on Chen Dong.

For a moment, a question arose in everyone’s mind.

Which god is this?

The next second.

Zhang Sanshu, who was flipping in anger, turned around indignantly, as if he was a raging beast, and his awe-inspiring murderous eyes, more so as if he wanted to eat Chen Dong alive on the spot.

“You …… deserve to die!”

The voice seems like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the nine ghosts.

It was like a life-threatening Sanskrit sound that instantly made everyone’s throats tighten and their souls rise.

The dozens of bodyguards behind the third master Zhang even stepped forward in unison.

The invisible killing intent was like a tidal wave, cascading towards Chen Dong and the others.

“Do you know how to teach your son now?”

Chen Dong sat breezily in his wheelchair, rubbing his nose lightly, “To give birth to a son without teaching him is to be an animal!”


A shocking statement.

Everyone turned cold and pale.

This sentence was no longer a call to arms with Master Zhang San.

Rather, he was waving a knife directly at Master Zhang’s neck in public!

At this moment, no one was paying attention to Zhang Ao who was screaming like a dead dog on the ground.

In the eyes of the crowd, Chen Dong’s words were like he wanted to completely and utterly stab the dome of Nanming to pieces!

“Unbridled, unbridled!”

Master Zhang San was trembling with anger, his rage seemed to turn into substance and spurt out from his eyes, “Where the hell did this scum come from? My own son, I can’t be bothered to beat or scold him, so you don’t have the qualifications to teach him, the scales of a dragon will kill you if you touch them, today you have touched my scales, I will let you die without a burial place!”

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Master Zhang San brazenly waved his hand.

In an instant, dozens of bodyguards, directly rushed towards Chen Dong and Kunlun.

The scene was instantly chaotic.

The onlookers immediately scattered like birds and beasts, fleeing backwards.

This was a scene that one would normally only see in a movie.

When it actually happened in reality, it was undoubtedly a big fear for normal people.


“Kunlun, make a move!”

Chen Dong twisted the mineral water bottle cap in his hand, and with a single word, he then violently flicked the mineral water bottle cap out with his right hand.


The mineral water bottle cap, exploded with unparalleled speed.

It was as fast as lightning.

With a bang, it instantly struck Third Master Zhang’s abdomen.

Master Zhang San let out a miserable cry and immediately covered his stomach and was about to crouch to the ground.

But at that very moment.

Kunlun took a step across and arrived in front of him.

The two of them were not far apart because of Zhang Ao.

To Kun Lun, a distance of a few metres was just close at hand.

In a flash of lightning.

Before the dozens of bodyguards could get close, Kun Lun grabbed Zhang Sanzhi’s neck with one hand and lifted him into the air as if he was carrying a small chicken.

He then let out an explosive roar.

“Who dares?”

The sound shook the hearts of the people.

Dozens of bodyguards, instantly came to an abrupt halt.

And as Master Zhang San was being choked, as if he was being held in an iron vice, a strong feeling of suffocation came over him quickly, and the air in his lungs was being squeezed out rapidly.

He struggled desperately with his arms and legs, but Kunlun’s large hands did not move at all.

Fear, panic ……

Master Zhang San even felt the approach of death he hadn’t felt in years.

“Dad ……”

“Uncle Zhang!”

Almost simultaneously, Zhang Ao and Lin Xue’er all screamed in terror.

The onlookers who had fled were even more shocked and in an uproar at this point.

“Crazy, crazy! Is Nanming going to change completely tonight?”

“My mum …… Which god did Zhang Ao actually provoke? How dare he not even put Zhang Sanshu in his sights.”

“Nanming is going to have an earthquake, when something happens to Master Zhang San, Nanming is going to have a big earthquake!”


There were shouts of alarm and clamour.

Kunlun had one hand pinching the Third Master Zhang who was off the ground, as if he was standing on a tarzan, his aura was immense.

Once the king of mercenaries, he had experienced life and death countless times and was baptized by blood and battle.

Faced with such a petty scene, he simply did not care.

“No one dares to insult my young master like that!”

As the words squeezed out of Kunlun’s teeth.

He blatantly moved a step across, under the horrified gazes of the crowd.

Bang Teen!

Directly, he threw Third Master Zhang viciously onto the roof of the Ferrari.

It was as if he was swinging a rag pocket, directly swinging Master Zhang round in the air and slamming him down fiercely.

The roof of the Ferrari was dented beyond recognition and Master Zhang screamed miserably as he lay on the roof of the car, a mouthful of blood spurting out and staining his chest red.


The whole room was silent.

Everyone’s eyes fell out of their sockets as they watched.

Even the dozens of bodyguards were silenced and frightened.

In Nanming, everyone regarded Master Zhang San as the head of a powerful family!

He was so powerful and respected like a god.

But tonight, a series of things happened as a result of a car accident.

A few outsiders, however, were cleaving to the gods, pulling them off their pedestal and viciously smashing them on the roof of the Ferrari.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, these people wouldn’t have believed it was the truth!

“D*mn, you’re finished, I swear, all of you few will be shredded in Nanming!”

In the night, Master Zhang’s angry roar echoed, “This Nanming, I, Master Zhang, am the sky, the local rich list can all be driven for me at will, whoever I want to die, will have to die!”

There was a hint of madness in his roar.

Master Zhang San’s body was trembling, and he slowly struggled to sit up from the roof of the car, despite the blood spitting from his mouth.

His eyes were red and he gazed at Chen Dong as if he was a man-hungry beast.

“Dead cripple, even if the entire Southern Ming gentry combined, they would have to look at my face, Master Zhang San, you today, even if you are a strong dragon from out of town, I will make you dragon die in the shallows!”

Chen Dong disdained, “Fine, I’ll wait!”

The words had just fallen.

Master Zhang San had already taken out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

The whole room was silent.

Third Master Zhang, who was sitting on the roof of the car, had become the focus of the whole scene.

A few seconds later.

The call was answered.

Master Zhang immediately said in a deep voice, “Brother Ma Chong, my little brother has encountered something and needs your help!”

Everyone looked grave and scared.

The word Ma Chong was not well-known in Nanming, but the one who could make Master Zhang San call for help at this time was obviously still above Master Zhang San’s wrist.


Long Lao, who was standing behind Chen Dong, was frozen for a moment.

Then, he leaned down and whispered oddly in Chen Dong’s ear, “Young master, the head of our Chen family office’s Nanming department seems to be named Ma Chong ……”


Chapter 774

It can’t be such a coincidence, can it?

Chen Dong doubted.

However, if one were to look at it purely in terms of money, Master Zhang San was already a Nanming Ceiling, as evidenced by his shouting and ranting just now.

Such an existence, if not in an emergency, even if he ranted and raved in anger, he would still bring reason and say only what should be said, and definitely not what should not be said.

In terms of money, the only person who could have a wrist higher than that of Zhang Sanjiu was probably the Chen family office in Nanming, right?

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and his brows were slightly knitted.

Long Lao stood up straight again and shook his head helplessly.

I’m afraid that this so-called Third Master Zhang is still unclear as to who is the heinous culprit until now, right?

On the side, Gu Qingying was silent, but her expression was a little tense.

Although she did not stop Chen Dong from continuing, it would be a lie to say that she was not nervous.

After all, she was a girl, and such scenes were rarely encountered.

The crowd of onlookers around them looked horrified and scared.

The eyes of the road were locked on Zhang Sanzhu, who was sitting paralyzed on the roof of the Ferrari.

Even though Master Zhang’s chest was stained with blood, he was in a bit of a mess.

However, the crowd did not dare to underestimate him in the slightest.

In Nanming, the rumour mill had long worshipped Master Zhang as a god.

But there was speculation that Master Zhang San’s strength exceeded that of any wealthy man in Nanming, but there was no substantial evidence.

And just now, Master Zhang’s roar and rant had clearly put the speculation in the public domain to bed!

Tonight, a few outsiders had froze in a domineering and brutal gesture, pulling Master Zhang San off the stage of God.

Not only did they confirm the rumours, but they also made Master Zhang go out of his way to reveal the backers behind him.

Everyone had the feeling that the sky had changed in Nanming.

Next, perhaps, was the fearful vault of Nanming, brazenly pressing down?

As Third Master Zhang put down his mobile phone.

The gazes of the onlookers gradually moved to Chen Dong and the others.

The focus of everyone’s attention now was no longer on the car accident just now.

Rather, …… when Third Master Zhang became angry, the sky was about to change in Nanming!

For a while, the eyes that looked at Chen Dong and the others were each different.

There is sympathy and pity, there is indifference as if looking at dead people, there is also gloating disdain ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.


It has been true since ancient times that a strong dragon cannot suppress a snake on the ground.

The reason is simple: even if a strong dragon is strong, the power and resources it can mobilise when it arrives at the territory of a local snake will, by and large, be inferior to those of the local snake.

“You should be proud enough, to actually force me to invite Ma Chong out in public in Nanming, you are the first!”

The corner of Master Zhang San’s mouth still had blood left in it, but his expression was arrogant and rampant.

He fiercely wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth, the impact of Kunlun’s explosive fall just now had been tremendous for him.

So much so that when he was now secretly firing and trying to stand up, he was a little shaky and unable to do so.

However, the look in Chen Dong’s eyes was nothing but indifference and disdain.

In Master Zhang San’s eyes, a dead man really did not allow him to raise half an interest.

The only thing he could rely on in Nanming was Ma Chong, which was the secret of their Zhang family and the biggest backer of their Zhang family.

The most important thing is that you can’t be afraid to take advantage of this.

“Dad …… really, really came?”

The surprised Zhang Ao on the ground inquired inexplicably, and in his words, there was even a little less pain: “Uncle Ma Chong really came over?”

In the Zhang family, Ma Chong’s name was known only to him and his father.

As the third master Zhang’s own son, Zhang Ao knew very well how strong that Ma Chong, in fact, was.

To put it bluntly.

To Ma Chong, he would be a dragon swimming in the shallows.

“That’s natural!”

Master Zhang San smiled confidently.

At this moment, the father and son were clearly in a wretched state, but in the eyes of the crowd, they had a feeling of confidence and vigour.

“Ma Chong ……”

Lin Xue’er’s eyes lit up, after she had been dating Zhang Ao, she had heard it mentioned vaguely from Zhang Ao’s mouth that the Zhang family did have a lofty backing behind them.

But she had tried to find out more than once, but the rampant and domineering Zhang Ao had always been tight-lipped on the matter.

The name Ma Chong was also the first time she knew of it.


Lin Xue’er glanced at Zhang Ao on the ground, and then at Zhang Sanji on the roof of the car.

The heart sank down one by one.

It seemed that the Zhang family …… was really going to do it to death this time!

She kept trying to find out the backers behind the Zhang family, but Zhang Ao had always kept his mouth shut, but now Zhang Sanjiu and Zhang Ao, father and son, were not afraid to expose themselves in public.

This was already a plan of no return!

Lin Xue’er’s gaze slowly looked towards Chen Dong who was not far away, her heart suddenly feeling a little smug.

The image of once being teased by Chen Dong until she was forced to leave, seemed like a movie, quickly surfacing in her mind.

It would be against her heart to say that she did not resent it.

It was just that Lin Xue’er knew that she and Chen Dong were not on the same level at all, and it was simply impossible for her to seek revenge.

Even if there was a great deal of resentment in her heart, she had to forcefully suppress it.

However, the Zhang family’s thunderous anger now gave her hope for revenge.

Chen Dong’s background indeed made her heart tremble.

But so what?

A strong dragon could not suppress a snake on the ground, and in this Nanming, ten thousand miles away, it was the Zhang family who had the say!

Even if you are a true dragon, how can you still rise to the heavens when the Zhang family has covered the sky of Nanming?

“Chen Dong, at first you pretended to be confused and deliberately teased me, since I can’t have you, then today I can use the Zhang family’s hand to destroy you, so that I can spend the rest of my life without any distractions.”

This was what Lin Xue’er had in mind.

She had wanted to cling to Chen Dong, but from the very beginning, she was just a plaything in Chen Dong’s hands.

This resentment now finally had the possibility of revenge.

With this in mind, Lin Xue’er even swept away the thought of telling Zhang Sanji about Chen Dong’s background.

It was a pleasure to watch from the wall and see Chen Dong die with her own eyes.

“Actually, you have so many people, you could have just ordered them to come up.”

Just as Third Master Zhang and Zhang Ao were grimly and maniacally laughing with intent, a teasing voice suddenly exploded.

The laughter of both Third Master Zhang and Zhang Ao stopped at the same time.

Master Zhang’s pupils tightened as he looked at Chen Dong, choking for a moment.

The onlookers, and even the dozens of bodyguards that Third Master Zhang had brought with him, were also looking at Chen Dong with a ghostly look.

This F**king …… is too crazy, right?

What kind of person who is about to die rushes up to give an idea for the person who killed him?

“Your rampage is really beyond my imagination!”

Master Zhang San suddenly gave an odd laugh, but did not move a muscle.

He was not stupid.

Just now, he had already let dozens of bodyguards make a move, but Kun Lun was close at hand, and one move to capture the thief was enough to put him in a completely pa*sive position.

What’s more, the strength that Kun Lun had instantly displayed had sent a huge shock through Zhang Sanzhu’s mind.

Was a disabled person who could be protected by such an expert really an ordinary disabled person?

And Chen Dong’s rampage, in the eyes of Third Master Zhang, clearly had an underlying presence as well.

That was why he had gone out of his way to invite Ma Chong, the big backer, to come over in public. With Ma Chong, the big backer, crushing the whole scene and crushing Chen Dong’s aura, then subsequently, when he acted, he could ignore Kunlun who was not far away.

Master Zhang San pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and said with a teasing sneer, “I really hope you can still laugh so much later.”

“I hope so too.”

Chen Dong shook his head and smiled faintly.