Winner Takes All Chapter 771-772

Chapter 771

Chen Dong!

Even without turning her head to explore, Lin Xue’er knew who the stern eyes, originated from.

In an instant.

It was as if Lin Xue’er’s body was imprisoned, and a vicious chill went up from the soles of her feet to the sky.

With her right hand, she took out her mobile phone from her bag, hesitating to dial out.

“What are you waiting for? You F**king call!”

When he saw Lin Xue’er hesitate, the pained Zhang Ao burst out a foul mouth with his voice.

Lin Xue’er was so frightened that her delicate body trembled.

Her silver teeth clenched her red lips, but she glanced at Zhang Ao before her eyes finally fell on Chen Dong.

At this moment, she was weighing up!

This was because she knew that part of Chen Dong’s identity.

After being expelled from Chen Dong at the beginning, she even harboured a grudge and intentionally pried into the identity and background of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

The results she obtained, however, left her with a feeling of powerlessness in the face of the heavens.

Otherwise, how could she have left willingly?

How else could she have willingly left and come all the way to Nanming to settle here?

On the one hand, she was afraid of Chen Dong’s identity and background, and on the other hand, she was the target she had targeted, so how should she choose?

At this moment.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled coldly, “Go ahead, tonight I also happen to meet the …… Third Master Zhang who has terrified everyone present.”

In his words, the teasing intent was undisguised.

A mere “richest man” in a city is not enough to make him face up to him.

No matter how much power and wealth that third master Zhang has.

But compared to the Li family in Kyoto and the Qin family in Xishu, they were no more than that.

The Li and Qin families are not just the richest in a city.

He can still wipe them out with a wave of his hand.

What is the Zhang family ……?

“Young master, a strong dragon cannot suppress a snake on the ground, Mr. Gu and the others are still waiting for us at the hotel, we are out on a tour this time.”

Long Lao frowned slightly, just now Fan Lu and Gu Guohua couple were driving in front.

Long Lao and Kun Lun had pulled away from them because they had to take care of Chen Dong who was in a wheelchair, the car accident was not known to Gu Guohua and the others.

Even if he had a hand in the sky in Nanming, he would still not be able to get into Elder Long’s confidence.

But he still could not enter the eyes of Elder Long.

To fight against the Zhang family in Nanming was, in the eyes of Elder Long, undoubtedly a disgusting thing that invited foul breath on his body.

It is not worth it at all!

“My life, I can lose it! My woman, cannot be insulted!”

Chen Dong suddenly raised his eyes and stared at Elder Long: “A strong dragon, is to crush a snake at the head of the earth!”

Being gazed at by Chen Dong, Long Lao instantly fell into an ice cave, and in a trance, he even had the feeling that he saw in Chen Dong’s eyes a tumbling and raging monstrous sea of blood, and the white bones floating on top of the sea of blood.

The fear …… choked Long Lao.

Gu Qingying on the side likewise sensed the change in Chen Dong’s body.

The coldness on Chen Dong’s body was a feeling that could easily be detected by ordinary people.

This was proof enough of how majestic and solid that gloomy coldness really was.

Only Gu Qingying did not care, her eyes were like water as she gazed tenderly at Chen Dong.

At this moment, the warmth in his heart surged and was incomparably stable.

As a woman, who doesn’t long for a pair of solid arms to protect them in times of distress?

The car accident just now, and Zhang Ao’s humiliation, Chen Dong was at this moment practicing the protection that a man should do to a woman.

The next second.

In the midst of Long Lao’s dumbfoundedness.

Chen Dong fiercely twisted his head, his narrowed eyes glaring round, his majestic might, in an instant, crushing towards the hesitant Lin Xue’er like a mountain whistle and a tsunami.


A loud roar exploded like rolling thunder.

It startled Lin Xue’er into pressing the dial button in fear.

It also left the onlookers present, dumbfounded, with their jaws on the ground.

After a split second, the shocked crowd came back to their senses.

Some people who had just held up their mobile phones to take pictures and videos had their heads covered in sweat and their scalps tingling as they hastily deleted everything from their phones.

Because they knew.

Things …… had become more than just a murderous car accident!

In just now.

Zhang Ao deliberately crashed the car, plotted to kill someone, and even unabashedly coveted someone else’s wife in an abusive manner.

This is simply heartless in the eyes of the onlookers.

Everyone was able to stand on the moral high ground and viciously accuse.

But now, once Zhang Ao’s legs were broken, it involved Master Zhang San.

The matter, then, was far from being resolved by standing on the moral high ground.

Master Zhang is notoriously protective of the shortcomings, and when Master Zhang arrives, even if there is a reason, it becomes no reason.

The prison was in a state of panic.

With a single thought from Master Zhang, Chen Dong would be dead somewhere in Nanming in the morning.

If they didn’t delete the contents of their phones, they would be guilty by a*sociation if Master Zhang had the intention to search them again!

A gush of whispers permeated the crowd.

“This guy is really crazy, once Master Zhang arrives, they really won’t be able to get away!”

“D*mn, that man is handicapped but he really has balls, I do admire that, this kind of thing, no one else can endure it, but this hot blood is on the top and will soon befall a great disaster, it’s a bit of a pity.”

“Alas …… Master Zhang San is notoriously protective of his shortcomings, which is well known in our Nanming, otherwise Zhang Ao would not be able to walk around our Nanming, I heard that only a while ago Zhang Ao beat up the son of the family of the one who is number one on the rich list, and that one didn’t even let out a fart.”


Listen to the whispers of the crowd.

Chen Dong disdainfully smiled.

Master Zhang San …… was really a real ground snake!

And Long Lao, at this time, also calmed down his mood, his expression became stern and cold.

He just didn’t want to let this matter affect the mood of this trip for everyone, didn’t want to mess with the ground snake and get covered in fishy air to avoid nausea.

But since Chen Dong’s mind was made up, he was not so scrupulous about anything.

It was only a matter of getting some fishy air and killing a local snake, just two less breaths of air, and that would be the end of it.

How could he compare with the Li family in Kyoto?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you are doing.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you’ll be too lazy to be polite.

Long Lao looked at Zhang Ao on the ground with contempt and disdain and snorted softly, thinking: This is not my young master’s misfortune, but my young master is your Zhang family’s monstrous misfortune!


Lin Xue’er put down her phone.

With a pale face and a frightened and terrified expression, she said, “Zhang Ao, your father is already on his way here and he is furious.”

“Hahahaha …… Good, as soon as my dad arrives, these people will have to die here for me tonight!”

Zhang Ao laughed wildly, as if the pain of his broken leg had been eased with Lin Xue’er’s words, he grimaced, sucked in a cool breath and said with a fierce smile, “That woman, I’ll take her tonight! And you Lin Xue’er, tonight you two girls ……”


The words were not finished.

Kunlun’s lofty figure leaned down fiercely, his right hand swung round and his large bushel-like hand landed brazenly on Zhang Ao’s face.


Zhang Ao’s head tilted, and a large mouthful of blood mixed with a few teeth sprayed out, spilling onto the ground.

And half of Zhang Ao’s face was even red and swollen high from this slap.

“You ……”

Zhang Ao spat blood out of his mouth and still wanted to scream.


Kun Lun looked indifferent, without saying a word, and backhanded another slap, landing heavily on Zhang Ao’s face.

Blood mixed with teeth sprayed out, along with Zhang Ao’s painful scream.

With just two slaps, Zhang Ao’s face had completely swollen into a pig’s head.


A sound of sucking in cold air reverberated throughout the room at the same time.

Dao’s terrified gaze gazed at Kun Lun.

This guy …… was a demon, right?

Zhang Ao’s miserable screams echoed on the road moment by moment.

Where the broken leg was, blood was even flowing continuously.

But everyone in the room was in a state of dumbfoundedness.

There was Kunlun standing beside Zhang Ao, and no one dared to take a step forward.

Time, slowly pa*sed.

Chen Dong was not in a hurry, but his gaze did not look at Zhang Ao, but always stared coldly and eerily at Lin Xue’er.

This made Lin Xue’er tormented, like a man’s back, her body was like oil cooking.

There was silence.

A stern and murderous intent permeated the room.

It was as if the air was gradually freezing.

Finally, the congested road.

A Rolls-Royce sped towards this side.

After it, there were a dozen luxury cars following close behind.

It was a huge crowd, and the sound was terrifying.

Suddenly, a terrified scream rang out from the crowd.

“That’s the Nanming Nine to Five license plate, Master Zhang San’s car, he’s coming!”


Chapter 772

As the screams rang out.

In an instant.

All the onlookers were silenced and looked over with fearful expressions.

Chen Dong and the others also raised their eyes to look.

Because of the accident and the onlookers, only one lane of the three-way carriageway could pa*s normally.

At this moment, the Rolls-Royce was in the lead, with the 99999 number plate shining brightly, followed by a dozen luxury cars.

It was a big deal!

“What a big show.”

Elder Long laughed teasingly, shaking his head in disdain.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was silent.

Gently, he raised his hand and pulled Gu Qingying behind him, standing beside Elder Long.

Then he turned his head to Long Lao again and said, “Go and bring me the mineral water bottle from the car, I’m a bit thirsty.”

Lin Xue’er looked at the vast convoy of cars speeding by.

Her heart was in her throat.

She subconsciously moved a few steps to Zhang Ao’s side.

At that moment, with a scream, Zhang Ao could not see the caravan, but he duly raised the sound of his scream a few notches.

It was only when the onlookers, along with the motorcade, gradually pulled their eyes back to Chen Dong’s side.

Everyone was confused at the same time.

Dao’s horrified gaze looked at Chen Dong who was sitting in his wheelchair, calmly tilting his head back and drinking water.

My God!

Was this guy crazy? Or was he not afraid of death?

The Third Master Zhang himself was on the verge of death, and he was still so calm?

Who does he think he is?

The wrecked Nissan isn’t even worth the money of a wheel hub of Master Zhang’s car, isn’t that enough?


As the crowd was shocked and appalled, the Rolls-Royce came to a steady stop on the road.

A dozen luxury cars also came to a stop.

The doors opened neatly and a group of tall men in suits got out.

They converged in great numbers towards this side.

Each of them carried an awe-inspiring killing intent, which came together to form an unparalleled oppression that overwhelmed the whole place.

It chilled all the onlookers and made them feel a sense of suffocation with their throats tightening.

After dozens of men in suits stood still.

The door of the Rolls Royce finally opened.

A middle-aged man in a Tang suit with white hair finally got out of the car slowly and walked towards this side.

With every step forward, the invisible stern oppression drew everyone’s gaze to death.

Chen Dong raised his eyes, his gaze skimming over the crowd, sizing up the middle-aged man.

At one metre seven, he was not tall at all.

But as he stepped forward, the aura he exuded froze him up, making the bodyguards around him, who were at least 5’8″ tall, look small and delicate.

With his white hair combed in a big back, a pair of gold-rimmed gla*ses and a grey embroidered Tang suit, he even looked civilized and polite.

It was only a pair of hawk eyes and an eagle nose that added a bit of authority and shade.

It was intimidating to look at.

“Dad …… save me, save me quickly ……”

Seeing Master Zhang San, Zhang Ao instantly cried out, “It’s them, it’s them who want to kill me!”

One word came out.

The entire crowd of onlookers turned pale.

This was a blatant reversal of black and white!

But everyone knew the truth, but they dared not speak out in anger.

Because everyone knew that the truth was not important to Third Master Zhang, what was important was that Zhang Ao had broken his leg, and Zhang Ao’s words were just an excuse for Third Master Zhang to strike.

“Rubbish, when my son, out in the world, actually had his leg broken and had to be killed? It’s a disgrace!”

Third Master Zhang walked to Zhang Ao’s side, squatted on the ground, after some scolding, but looked at Zhang Ao’s broken leg, revealing an incomparable heartache: “Broken legs can be repaired, human lives, dad will help you make them unreachable!”

A harsh killing intent, unconcealed.

Rampant domineering, dripping with it.

“Thank you dad, thank you dad ……” Zhang Ao looked happy, forcing himself to endure the huge pain gratefully.

“Who in Nanming doesn’t know that I, Master Zhang San, only have one son in you, if I don’t help you, who will?”

Master Zhang San slowly got up.

At this moment, Lin Xue’er greeted Third Master Zhang and whispered, “Uncle Zhang ……”

“I’m very unhappy that Ao’er was injured, and I’m also very upset with you.”

Third Master Zhang pushed the gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose, “But remembering that you informed me in time, I do not blame you, and I will not ask too much about you and Ao’er, now please stand aside and help me take care of Ao’er.”

With one sentence, Lin Xue’er’s words were immediately blocked out of her mouth.

Lin Xue’er was instantly terrified, she was trying to remind Master Zhang San of Chen Dong’s identity and background.

But now ……

The first thing that happened was that she was frightened by a ruthless look from Third Master Zhang, and she gave up the idea of speaking up and went to Zhang Ao’s side.

Zhang Ao on the ground was her hope for the rest of her life.

She had to behave well in front of Third Master Zhang, or else she would never be able to set foot in the Zhang family for eternity if Third Master Zhang said a word.

In full view of all eyes.

Third Master Zhang slowly turned around and gazed grimly and coldly at the lofty Kunlun.

Then, his gaze slowly fell on Chen Dong.

With his experience, he was naturally able to distinguish that several people were dominated by the cripple in the wheelchair.

“My son, who has no past grievances with you, are you ready to die for harming him so much and committing murder in public?”

As soon as Third Master Zhang opened his mouth, he directly surged with killing intent: “In this Nanming, no one has dared to harm my Third Master Zhang’s son in such a way for no reason, when I, Third Master Zhang, stomp my foot, the whole Nanming will have to quake, you few outsiders …… have to die here this time!”

Overbearing and overwhelming.

This is his usual style of acting.

In Nanming, no one knew his name, and absolutely no one would dare to break his son’s legs in the street.

Anyone who could do such an evil deed must be an outsider who had just arrived here!

One word came out.

The crowd of onlookers were instantly frightened.

Some even looked at Chen Dong and the others, showing sympathy and pity.


“I gave him the opportunity to invite you here, not for you to come and take revenge, but ……”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his words clouded over with a slight sneer, and suddenly, his expression snapped, “Kunlun!”

Almost simultaneously.

Kunlun, who had always stood not far from Zhang Ao, was like a fierce tiger bullying his body.

As fast as lightning, he arrived in front of Zhang Ao and lifted his right foot, landing bravely on Zhang Ao’s left arm.


There was a loud bang and at the same time, there was a click and the bones broke.


Zhang Ao’s pig-like scream instantly struck everyone like a thunderbolt.

Master Zhang San’s body shook, and his majestic killing intent suddenly gathered to the extreme.

His eyes narrowed into slits as his jealousy cracked.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong raised his hand, pointed at Zhang Ao who was screaming miserably on the ground, and said to Third Master Zhang with a playful smile, “Instead, I’ll let you come and see how I taught you to discipline your son.”


The words were thunderous.

Not only did it leave the onlookers stunned.

Even the group of bodyguards that Third Master Zhang had brought with him were struck by thunder.

The rampant bullying was even more prevalent than that of Third Master Zhang!

This …… was really a madman!

Immediately after, Chen Dong said to Kunlun, “Kunlun, when the old man comes, continue to teach him how to teach his son!”