Winner Takes All Chapter 689-690

Chapter 689

Wang Nan Nan lost her face and struggled desperately.

She screamed, but instead of attracting help, she was silenced by all the powerful music outside.

Desperation, fear, panic ……

In the face of the sturdy Buster, Wang Nan Nan had no strength to resist.


Brother Bully slapped Wang Nan Nan’s face: “What the hell are you shouting for? If you don’t obey me, then pay me back! With interest, a total of half a million!”


Wang Nan Nan was completely dumbfounded.

The corners of her mouth were stained with blood and she looked in a mess, but her eyes were full of disbelief.

When did Wang Hao owe such a large debt?

“Impossible, there’s no way my brother owes you that much.” Wang Nan Nan clutched her hair with both hands and shook her head in pain.

Brother Ba clutched Wang Nan Nan’s hair and sneered, “Don’t owe that much? Oh, don’t you F**king know what your brother is like? You really think you can provide for him with this ten thousand dollars you earn?”

As he spoke.

He slowly lowered his head, pressed it against the neck of the dazed and confused Wang Nan Nan, and inhaled a breath.

The rich aroma instantly made Brother Bully’s mind wander and his evil fire flip.

He smiled lustfully, “Obey me, half a million dollars is written off, this deal, you’ve made a fortune!”

Before the words left his mouth.

With a fierce force of both hands, Brother Ba tugged Wang Nan Nan’s hair with one hand and dragged him into the gents with the other by the arm.

The dim light.

The sharp pain in his face.

And the lust-filled smile of Buster in front of him.

Wang Nan Nan was disoriented, as if her three souls and seven bodies had left her body, and her whole body was in a daze.

She was pushed into the toilet cubicle by Buster and instinctively tried to resist.

But the “half a million” that Wang Hao owed her was a huge sum to her!

How could this happen?

How could this happen?

For a moment, Wang Nan Nan’s eyes were red and her eyes were hazy with tears.


Brother Ba’s hands roughly pressed her hands, which had been raised in instinctive resistance, against the wall.

With a fierce smile, “I’ll eat you up!”

Blurred by tears, her vision was nevertheless clear as she could see Bully’s flesh-filled face approaching fast.

A flash of lightning.

Wang Nan Nan suddenly woke up with a start.

With a scream, she wrenched her right hand out of Ba’s grasp with great force.

As her right hand wiped behind her, a cold light suddenly appeared.

“D*mn it!”

Brother Ba’s face changed drastically and he hurriedly retreated.


The blade swept across Brother Ba’s stomach, bringing up a trace of blood.

The sharp pain instantly sobered Brother Ba’s intoxication by a few degrees.

His face was white as he looked down at his stomach, a crimson, stinging wound, blood flowing from it.

Luckily, he had reacted quickly and dodged just now, making the cut only a minor injury.

However, he still had palpitations in his heart.

“Stinking cousin!”

In shock, a hideous rage surfaced on Brother Ba’s face, as if he wanted to eat someone, and he was brazenly about to force himself towards Wang Nan Nan.

He was a big brother in this area, and what he did was unseemly, and it was not uncommon for him to be sneaked up on.

But now, he was attacked by a woman!

It was a disgrace!

“Don’t come over, don’t you F**king come over!”

Wang Nan Nan was draped in hair, holding a fruit knife in both hands, her face frightened and fierce, her eyes all straight.

At this moment, Wang Nan Nan no longer had the charm she once had.

All that was left was the fierceness of a trapped beast fighting!

He had been in the jungle for many years, and he could tell whether a person dared to strike hard, or whether he was just a fierce fighter.

The man in front of him gave him a sense of crisis.

He had no doubt that if he came any closer, the B*tch would really dare to slash him!

“Stinking cousin, how dare you F**king touch me?”

Brother Ba covered the wound on his stomach with one hand, spat on the ground, and viciously threatened Wang Nan Nan: “I’m telling you, with this cut tonight, you’ll have to sleep with me! Wang Hao’s half a million, Laozi still has to settle with you separately!”

“You bullSh*t ……”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled as if she was crazy: “Impossible, you’re just lying to me, Xiao Hao promised me that he would stop, he won’t fool around, he can’t possibly owe you half a million!”

“Don’t believe me?”

Brother Ba smiled fiercely and took out his phone and dialed Wang Hao’s number directly.

“Hey, Brother Ba!”

As soon as the phone was connected, Wang Hao’s almost flattering laugh rang out.

“Xiao Hao!”

As soon as Wang Nan Nan heard Wang Hao’s voice, she instantly cried and hissed.


On the phone, Wang Hao froze for a moment, “Why are you with Brother Ba?”

“Save me, Xiao Hao save me …… woo woo ……”

Wang Nan Nan howled, her mother had died, her father had disappeared, and now the only one she could rely on was her younger brother Wang Hao.

“Brother Ba, what the hell did you do to my sister?”

On the phone, Wang Hao growled.

“Oh, Wang Hao, don’t you F**king yell at me, I’ll give you a chance to pay your debt today!”

Brother Bully’s face was full of flesh and trembled with lust as he glanced at the bawling Wang Nan Nan and said to Wang Hao, “Let me sleep with your sister, and after tonight, we’ll settle that debt of yours, and if your sister is willing to follow me, you’ll follow me after tonight and eat and drink spicy food!”


On the phone, Wang Hao fell into silence.

Wang Nan Nan clutched the fruit knife with both hands, crying into a tearful person, her delicate body trembling incessantly.

Finally, Wang Hao’s voice rang out over the phone.

“Sister, you can sleep with Brother Ba for one night, it’s half a million, it’s a heavenly price!”


Wang Nan Nan, who was already crying into tears, was instantly struck by lightning.

Wang Hao’s casual tone seemed to be a sharp knife stabbing Wang Nan Nan’s heart fiercely.

“Wang Hao, I, I’m your sister, what do you, what do you take me for?”

Crying to the end, Wang Nan Nan was nearly using all her strength to pull out her voice and roar.

But Wang Hao on the phone paid no attention to it, but asked about Brother Ba.

“Brother Ba, you have to keep your word, I’ll hang up first.”


The phone hung up without the slightest hesitation.

Wang Nan Nan was completely desperate.

Her brother was her reliance, she had fought tooth and nail to protect him, and now when she wanted him to save her life, he had pushed her into someone else’s arms without hesitation.

What the hell was this?

“Heard clearly?”

Ba raised his eyebrows and looked at Wang Nan Nan: “Now …… should you behave?”

Dang it ……

The desperate and broken Wang Nan Nan’s hands trembled and the fruit knife in her hand fell to the ground with an unmistakable crispness.

Ba’s eyes lit up, and in an instant he pounced directly on Wang Nan Nan as if he were a fierce tiger pouncing on his food.


Wang Nan Nan then felt a blackness before her eyes and let out a scream of terror.

Without waiting to resist, Bully’s body had already bullied her and completely confined her in place.


Instinctively, she struggled!

But the difference in size between a man and a woman was so great that any further struggle would have seemed futile.

Wang Nan Nan howled and cried, miserably.

It was at this moment.

Suddenly, a timid girl’s voice echoed in the gents.

“That gentleman, what are you doing?”


Chapter 690

The timid voice of a girl suddenly appeared in the gents.

It immediately brought the reckless Buster to an abrupt halt.

He turned around and his eyes lit up when he saw the girl standing in the doorway!

A stunning beauty!

The moment he saw the ancient dragonfly, only two words remained in Brother Ba’s mind.

The Wang Nan Nan in his arms was still struggling.

With his hands pressed down with dead weight, what was left of his sanity kept him from dropping the Wang Nan Nan in his hands to clean up the girl in front of him who had stunned him.

Wang Nan Nan was able to eat it up!

And with this stunning girl in front of him, he wasn’t sure how big the consequences would be.

“Get out of here! Get a job!”

Brother Ba bellowed angrily at Ancient Dragonfly.

Gu Dragonfly’s pretty face changed, but she didn’t turn away.

She had searched for Wang Nan Nan outside for a long time and was nowhere to be seen, so she came over to the side of the toilets when people were in a hurry, and just as she arrived she heard the girl’s screams coming from the gents.

Curiosity drove her to walk in.

Her eyes skimmed over Bully and looked at Wang Nan Nan who was being pinned down by Bully.

It wasn’t too clear to see because of the angle, but there was still a sense of familiarity coming over her.

“Wang Nan Nan?!”

Gu Dragonfly exclaimed.

Wang Nan Nan, who was struggling, was also startled, and as soon as she saw Ancient Dragonfly, it was as if she had grabbed the last straw to save her life.

“Save me, please save me.” Wang Nan Nan cried out and begged.

“D*mn it, you guys know each other?”

Brother Ba’s expression was solemn, a look of scorn surfaced in his eyes.

This kind of strong coming, holding the handle of Wang Nan Nan and Wang Hao, he wasn’t worried about the consequences.

But if the stunning girl in front of him ran out and called for help, then the consequences would be unthinkable.


Gu Dragonfly’s action caused Brother Ba’s eyes to light up, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curled into a smile.

Hearing Wang Nan Nan’s wail.

Instead of being like a normal girl, Gu Dragonfly did not turn tail and run in fear to call for help.

Instead, with a dumbfounded face, she slowly walked into the toilet, and then, backhandedly closed the toilet door and locked it back.

This scene.

It instantly made Wang Nan Nan fall into the abyss.

This girl, was she sick in the head?

What the hell did she want?

“What do you want?”

The smile on Brother Ba’s face grew thicker and thicker, and the way he looked at Ancient Dragonfly was more like a fierce tiger looking at a little lamb.

The lights were glorious.

A bold idea suddenly burst into Brother Ba’s mind as his drunken, evil thoughts took over!

With the delicate figures of Wang Nan Nan and Ancient Dragonfly, Brother Ba thought he could crush them with one hand.

As long as he succeeded, then the latter thing ……

Tsk ……

Brother Ba’s tiger body could not help but shake.

The ancient dragonfly, on the other hand, seemed to not notice the difference in Brother Ba.

Still with a dumbfounded face, she slowly walked towards Wang Nan Nan and Brother Ba.

She raised her hand, “I know this young lady, you can’t hurt her, I want to save her.”

“D*mn it, are you kidding?”

Brother Bully’s eyes were fierce and he instantly let go of Wang Nan Nan and pounced on Ancient Dragonfly, “Old man is so lustful tonight, I’m going to have a double kill!”

This scene scared Wang Nan Nan so much that her face turned white, and without Brother Ba’s confinement, her body went limp and went straight down towards the ground.


Just as Brother Ba reached his hands towards Ancient Dragonfly.

The dumbfoundedness on Ancient Dragonfly’s face abruptly disappeared, and was replaced by an endlessly frigid cold.


In a flash of lightning, Brother Ba was horrified and a chill ran down his back.

Suddenly, he saw the ancient dragonfly’s body in front of him shake.

A slim, boneless jade hand instantly captured Brother Ba’s right wrist.


With a twist from Ancient Dragonfly, Brother Ba’s right wrist instantly bent in reverse.


A pig-like scream exploded in the gents.

The pain was so severe that Brother Ba immediately became ruthless and swung his left fist at Dragonfly.

However, Gu Dragonfly bully up and wrapped his hands around Brother Bully’s left hand instantly, with a back body.

Bang Teen!

A perfect over-the-shoulder slam sent Brother Ba’s sturdy figure into the air in a parabolic line and crashed heavily to the ground.

The fall was followed by another pig-killing scream.

More than that, it almost made Ba pa*s out of breath.

In a panic of shock and panic, Ba struggled to get up.


The ancient dragonfly’s teasing laughter suddenly rang out.

Brother Ba instinctively inclined his head and saw a foot coming at breakneck speed.



Ancient Dragonfly kicked Brother Ba in the head, and a large mouthful of blood instantly spurted out of Brother Ba’s mouth, along with a few teeth.

With that, Brother Bully’s head tilted and he directly pa*sed out.

Inside the toilet, the silence could be listened to by a needle.

The scene just now was extremely brief, flowing without the slightest lingering time.

Wang Nan Nan was completely dumbfounded.

Her beautiful eyes were round and her jade hand covered her mouth as she looked at Ancient Dragonfly in shock.

Who would have thought that the girl who looked so harmless and delicate would actually have such tactics?

Wang Nan Nan knew the identity of Brother Ba, so at this moment, she was even more shocked beyond words.

Brother Ba was the leader of this area and had real kung fu in his hands.

If ordinary people faced Brother Bully, even if several people joined forces, they would not have a chance to get close to him.

But now, when Brother Ba faced the ancient dragonfly, he was actually weak to such an extent?

“Alright, it’s alright now.”

Gu Dragonfly turned around, the solemn and morose chill on her face disappearing, and clapped her hands with a playful smile, “Our Gu family has a whole set of systematic training methods in fighting techniques, and although I’m a girl, I’ve never carried training with me since I was a child.”

With that, Gu Dragonfly helped Wang Nan Nan up.

Wang Nan Nan was so excited that she burst into tears, hugged Gu Dragonfly and burst into tears, saying thank you over and over again.

She did not expect that her brother could push her into the fire pit.

But now the one who pulled her out of the fire was actually this girl she had only met once.

The difference was as if countless red-hot knives were cutting through Wang Nan Nan’s whole body.

Ancient Dragonfly hugged Wang Nan Nan and kept comforting her.

Only when Wang Nan Nan’s sobs gradually stopped did he help her to clean up afterwards.

Then he and Wang Nan Nan walked out of the bar.

After what they had just seen, Wang Nan Nan had lost her mind about going to work.

The two of them found a large stall nearby.

After settling down, Wang Nan Nan was still having palpitations and her chest was heaving.

She asked the boss to serve a case of beer and then poured one down her throat, which eased her mind a little.

“It’s okay, it’s all in the past.”

Ancient Dragonfly remained gentle and soothing to Wang Nan Nan.

Any girl, after what had just happened to her, would never be able to calm down with just a few words.

On the contrary, Gu Dragonfly and even I felt pity and sympathy for Wang Nan Nan, who was lost in thought at this moment.

“Thank you, if it wasn’t for you tonight, I, I’m afraid I would ……”

Wang Nan Nan said as her eyes flooded with tears again.

“Okay, it’s okay.”

Ancient Dragonfly said comfortingly, “I happen to be looking for you tonight as well, it’s really fate that I was able to save you.”

“Looking for me?”

Wang Nan Nan was stunned.

Gu Dragonfly propped her chin up with her right hand, flashed her big eyes, looked at Wang Nan Nan and said with a smile, “Yes, didn’t you say you and Chen Dong were friends, I want you to help me meet Chen Dong and spend some time with him.”

At those words.

Wang Nan Nan’s pupils suddenly tightened.

Hatred and anger flickered deep in her eyes.

Looking at the expectant Ancient Dragonfly.

Wang Nan Nan violently drank a gla*s of beer, and after wiping off the wine stains from the corner of her mouth, she smiled faintly, “Sure, I’ll help you.”