Winner Takes All Chapter 687-688

Chapter 687


The cold and decisive response caught everyone off guard.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded.

The group of security guards even had a frantic feeling that their scalps were about to explode.

Was Mr. Chen here to save people?

Or are they rushing to send him away and smash our jobs?

Even Xiao Ma was not expecting this, and as Chen Dong turned around, he remained frozen in place.

At the edge of the rooftop, Gu Dragonfly’s blue eyes were filled with disbelief, her red lips slightly open: “You, what did you say?”

“I said you can jump, but just be careful when you jump, don’t smash the onlookers below.”

Chen Dong parked his wheelchair at the rooftop entrance, his voice cold without the slightest ripple of emotion.

His father warned to be careful of the Gu family.

Gu Dragonfly was a member of the Gu family again.

If that was the case, why bother with her life or death?

An odd girl who wantonly desecrated his and Gu Qingying’s feelings, Chen Dong is not so much as to periodically beg her to live.

If you want to die …… then die fast!

Dead, for the Gu family’s beware, can also be loosened a little.

“I ……”

Ancient Dragonfly was dumbfounded and her eyes were almost staring out of their sockets.

She …… was so angry oh!

This was a completely different picture from the one she had expected.

People are already about to jump, and you’re actually telling me to be careful not to smash someone?

“Mr. Chen ……”

The security guard uncle who first encountered the ancient dragonfly was so anxious that his eyes were red, and he was about to kneel down with a wail.

But Chen Dong acted as if he knew what was going to happen.

Without waiting for the security uncle to kneel down, he coldly said, “Don’t kneel me, this has nothing to do with me, kneel to that oddball.”

At those words.

The crowd of security guards had their faces changed drastically.

There was a swish!

All the security guards all knelt on the ground.

“Girl, please don’t jump, if you jump, all of us in the security department will lose our jobs.”

“Why don’t you live at a young age, why do you have to die?”

“Girl, I’m begging you, I’m begging you, will you come down?”


There was a lot of begging and pleading.

All of them had a feeling of frantic collapse at this time, waiting for Chen Dong to come to the rescue.

But now that Chen Dong has arrived, not only does he not save the day, but he is also rushing to send people away.

Xiao Ma swept a glance at the kneeling crowd, hesitated for a moment, but went to Chen Dong’s side: “Brother Dong, if this goes on, it will have a bad impact.”

“It’s alright, the matter will be clean once people are dead.” Chen Dong said decisively.

Xiao Ma: “? 0?”

What was wrong with Dong today?

Gu Dragonfly stood at the edge of the rooftop, having a feeling of dilemma at this moment.

She wanted to force Chen Dong to come out to meet her, but she did not expect Chen Dong to react so coldly and decisively.

To really jump in front of so many people?

You’re kidding!

It was impossible to jump!

But wasn’t it too humiliating and humiliating not to jump ……?

The angry ancient dragonfly, above the pretty face are flushed, pink fist clenched, this moment would like to rush to the sight, the man in the wheelchair in front of, swinging fist viciously punched each other.

I’ve put my reputation on the line to force you to meet me, and it’s an honour for you!

Why do you have to be so heartless and indifferent to this girl?

“Girl ah …… beg you, I have an old man and a young man, at my age I can only work as a security guard, if you jump down here, my uncle’s family will be finished too ah.”

The security guards’ uncle kneeled down and came out of the crowd, wailing with teary eyes.

These were not false words.

Only those who really live at the bottom can appreciate how difficult and helpless the life of the people at the bottom really is.

And in this world, there is never a shortage of people at the bottom.

Chen Dong used to be like that with his mother.

Hearing the wailing and crying pleas of the security guard uncle, a few ripples surfaced on his cold face.

“Aiyaya, if you don’t jump, then don’t jump, you all begged me so much, I definitely won’t jump down.”

The ancient dragonfly pretended to be angry as she walked towards the safety of the rooftop, but her eyes were looking at the security uncle, and she couldn’t be more grateful in her heart.

The security guard’s wailing and begging had given her a step to take.


Looking at the ancient dragonfly who suddenly walked down, the security guard uncle and everyone present were all confused.

So …… casual?

Did this F**king become a little too fast?


Xiao Ma couldn’t hold back a laugh and raised his eyes to look at Ancient Dragonfly’s eyes also became incomparably strange.

Hearing Xiao Ma’s laughter, Gu Dragonfly’s delicate body immediately trembled, and her pink and pretty face quickly flushed as if it was about to bleed, and her body was even hotter.


Chen Dong shook his head helplessly, “Xiao Ma, let’s go.”

Since he was certain that Gu Dragonfly was a member of the Gu family, whether it was a member of the Gu family that his father had warned him to be careful of or not, there was no reason for him to get too close to Gu Dragonfly.

Not to mention, Gu Dragonfly’s own strange words and actions made Chen Dong feel bad, as well as her wanton desecration of his and Gu Qingying’s relationship.

“Hey, wait for me, I’ve come to see you!”

Seeing that Chen Dong was leaving, Gu Dragonfly immediately became anxious and hurriedly chased after him.

Leaving Uncle Security and everyone else kneeling on the ground, bewildered and confused in the wind.

In the lift going downstairs.

Chen Dong sat indifferently in his wheelchair, not looking away.

While Xiao Ma stood behind the wheelchair, he was looking helplessly and oddly at Ancient Dragonfly in the corner.

It had to be said that Gu Dragonfly’s face and figure were both stunning, and with a pair of blue eyes that looked like the sea, it added a bit of exoticism and gave people a mysterious and seductive feeling.

However, after seeing the words and behaviour of the ancient dragonfly.

Xiao Ma is not a fan of the Ancient Dragonfly at all.

As Chen Dong said, the word “oddball” was, in Xiao Ma’s opinion, a perfect description!

“I’m really here to see you.”

Gu Dragonfly clasped his hands together and made circles, “Actually, I just want to invite you to a meal and spend some time with you, to be treated like this in front of me, in twenty years, you are the first boy!”

“Then I should be honoured?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Dragonfly.

Gu Dragonfly nodded her red lips, “Also, you can’t say that either.”


Chen Dong’s expression was solemn: “Xiao Ma, go and buy a Tibetan mastiff to come to the company.”


Xiao Ma was astonished for a moment.

Gu Dragonfly also looked at Chen Dong in dismay, “I’m inviting you to dinner, what Tibetan mastiff are you buying?”

Chen Dong coldly raised his hand to point at Gu Dragonfly and said to Xiao Ma, “Wait and shoo her out, after the Tibetan Mastiff is bought back, this oddball comes close to a ten meter radius of me, immediately release the dog!”

Gu Longfang’s delicate body shook, and in a flash she had the urge to go berserk and storm off.

Shame on you!

It was a disgrace!

Does this guy need to humiliate me so nakedly?

I am such a disgusting person, I invited you to dinner, I want to spend some time with you, and you want to buy a Tibetan mastiff to protect me?

Smell that.

Xiao Ma gave a strange laugh, “Okay Brother Dong, I’ll go buy it right away.”


The lift arrived at the ground floor.

Xiao Ma urged Ancient Dragonfly to leave.

Angered by Chen Dong, Gu Dragonfly huffed and puffed as he walked out of the building.

The autumn sun was in the sky.

But she could not feel any warmth in her body.

She was so angry!



In the twenty years since she was born, as the eldest Miss of the Gu family, she had never been treated like this!

“This B*****d, daring to humiliate me!”

Gu Dragonfly clenched her pink fist and gritted her teeth.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

“Hehehe, there’s one last chance.”

As she spoke, Ancient Dragonfly took out a business card, which was given to her by Wang Nan Nan yesterday.


Chapter 688

The night is thick.

The silence of midnight envelops the city.

There is only a scattering of traffic on the roads.

But in some parts of the city, there is a burst of life.

In a long white dress, Ancient Dragonfly walks to the entrance of the bar.

The untutored girl knows that bars are crowded, so she has changed her dress code to be as simple as possible.

But with her looks and posture, even with a white dress, she drew the attention of countless people in front of the bar.

Especially when they saw the few bits of childishness still on the ancient dragonfly’s face, it made the eyes of a bunch of wolves shine as if they had seen a little sheep.

And …… was also an extremely delicious little sheep.

In just five minutes, three people came up one after another to ask for contact information.

Ancient Dragonfly refused one by one.

“Could it be that my clothes are still too conspicuous?”

Gu Dragonfly looked at her long white dress with some doubt, but finally took a deep breath and walked towards the bar.

A place like a bar always did not refuse the entry of girls, especially pretty ones.

Every pretty girl, in the eyes of the bar people, was definitely a money-sucking tool!

It was just that from noon to just now, she had called Wang Nan Nan’s number on her business card countless times, but the other party kept turning off her phone, so she could only seek out this place.

As she walked through the dimly lit corridor, a burst of music accompanied by shouting came over her.

It was so shocking that Ancient Dragonfly’s heart pumped a little.

The next moment.

The next moment, her nose was wrinkled and her eyebrows furrowed, such a place …… was so noisy.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Her aristocratic quality of education has also contributed to the fact that she is still unaware of the world at the age of 20.

In the past, she had only seen places like bars in movies, TV and novels, but this was the first time she had ever been to one.

But the noisy environment made her very uncomfortable.

After taking a deep breath, Ancient Dragonfly walked into the bar.

The multicoloured lights were gorgeous.

In the darkness, it set the atmosphere even more.

In the middle of the dance floor, the crowd danced.

Handsome men and women, enjoying the darkness, the music and the stimulation of alcohol for relaxation.

On the stage, the DJ controlled the stage and brought the atmosphere to a fever pitch.

Ancient Dragonfly gazed at the DJ and frowned, “Dressed in such a revealing outfit, doesn’t she have a mother? Won’t she be scolded?”

As soon as she said this, several men and women pa*sing by looked at her with surprised and odd eyes.

But Gu Longfang was unaware of it, and went to the bartender’s bar, which was relatively quieter and had high chairs where she could sit and relax.

“What can I get you, beautiful? I’ll buy you.” The bartender, amazed by the ancient dragonfly’s appearance, smiled as if he was looking at his prey.

“Just give me a gla*s of red wine.”

Gu Dragonfly was here to find Wang Nan Nan, and for the rest, didn’t care and didn’t really want to pay attention.

She herself was uncomfortable with the atmosphere of the bar.

Soon, the bartender served a gla*s of red wine and tried to strike up a small conversation with Gu Dragonfly, but Gu Dragonfly directly turned her head away, not communicating with the bartender at all.

This girl …… is a tough cookie!

The bartender resentfully went to work on the other side.

The bartender went to work on the other side, while Gu Dragonfly searched around in the darkness, his eyes searching everywhere for Wang Nan Nan’s figure.

How could she be working in such a messy environment?

Could such a person …… really know that B*****d Chen Dong?

If she wasn’t curious about Chen Dong and wanted to get closer to understand, Gu Dragonfly really wanted to leave immediately.

But after the encounter at noon, Chen Dong had already bought a Tibetan mastiff to protect her, and now she could only hope to open a gap from Wang Nan Nan.

It was at the same time that Ancient Dragonfly was looking for Wang Nan Nan.

In the bar bathroom.

Wang Nan Nan, in a long black dress, stumbles out drunkenly.

Standing in front of the sink, Wang Nan Nan’s face was heavily painted, but her brow was knitted tightly, her expression a little uncomfortable.

The large amount of alcohol stimulated her stomach and intestines, so that after she vomited, her intestines still turned over.

Clatter ……

Turning on the tap, Wang Nan Nan scooped up a handful of water and splashed it on her face, then poured a mouthful into the tap and gargled ungracefully.

Working in a place like a bar, she had to keep her appearance and posture flawless at all times.

This is because it directly determines her income for the night.

After all, no customer wants to be approached by a woman who stinks of alcohol.

Even if the woman, in question, is somewhat attractive!

But those who come to play are here to have fun and relax, and there is no shortage of beautiful women in the bar.

In fact, Wang Nan Nan is already late to work in a bar at her age, in the jargon, she is out of fashion, but she has no other way out now.

On the one hand, she has to support herself, on the other hand, she has to pay for her brother’s living expenses, and her father is still out of touch.

Working in a bar was the only job she could think of that would earn her some quick money, and a lot of it, and would suit her.

The good thing is that Wang Nan Nan has a good base, plus she and Chen Dong have been married for three years and have been living a pampered job, so that her face is still not genuinely losing to those young girls in their twenties after heavy make-up.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Wang Nan Nan gradually revealed a look of disgust and resentment.

“Chen Dong, I am here today because of you, this beast, wait for me, as long as I live, I will take revenge, for my mother, for myself, for my brother, for our family!”

Wang Nan Nan, in front of the mirror, was seething with rage at this moment, her heavily made-up face showing a hideous hatred.

“Whew ……”

Exhaling a mouthful of wine again, Wang Nan Nan scooped up another handful of water and splashed it on her face, drew a few tissues to wipe it off, tidied up her attire and went out to work.

But at that moment.

The door to the gents suddenly opened.

A bald, drunken, pot-bellied middle-aged man came out.

The middle-aged man had a face full of flesh, a scar on his chin, tattoos on his arms as thick as his legs, a thick gold chain and a body full of designer labels.

As soon as he saw Wang Nan Nan, his eyes lit up.

Standing behind Wang Nan Nan, the middle-aged man was full of lust, his eyes blazing up and down aggressively at Wang Nan Nan’s back.

With a grin, he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Wang Nan Nan’s waist, then pinched her fiercely without any scruples.

This one startled Wang Nan Nan into screaming as her face showed pain.

Only once she turned around and saw the middle-aged man’s appearance, Wang Nan Nan instantly lost her blossom: “Ba, Brother Ba ……”

“Wang Nan Nan?”

The middle-aged man who was called Brother Ba also froze for a moment, and then laughed out loud with a face full of lust.

Catalyzed by alcohol, it could quickly disintegrate one’s sanity and also quickly inflate one’s desire in some aspect.

He took the pale Wang Nan Nan into his arms and put his hands on her, “Your brother Wang Hao owes me a lot of money, and I’ve been wanting him to sell you to pay his debt for a long time.

“Promise me that you will follow me and you and your brother will be free from suffering.

While saying that, Ba was brutally and roughly dragging Wang Nan Nan towards the men’s washroom.