Winner Takes All Chapter 605-606

Chapter 605

The phrase “no reason”.

Even Chen Tiansheng could not help but twitch the corners of his eyes and was filled with helplessness.

The sudden a*sa*sination was a thunderbolt and a storm.

In just two days or so, it had caused the Chen family to lose face and was shrouded in gloom.

It almost cost Chen Tianyang his life.

If such an a*sa*sination was still “unwarranted”, then it would be haunted.

The so-called “unwarranted” a*sa*sination is just a case of not being able to find out who the real culprit is for the time being.

Looking at Chen Tianyang on the bed, a shadowy look appeared on Chen Tiansheng’s handsome and feminine face.

Chen Tianyang’s character was arrogant, domineering, uncaring, impulsive and reckless.

In his day-to-day life, relying on his status as the heir of the Chen family, he was always rampant and overbearing.

He had made so many enemies that it was difficult to identify who was behind the a*sa*sination at this juncture.

The fact that the a*sa*sination was carried out in the Chen family meant that the mastermind behind it was not afraid of the Chen family’s thunderous fury.

On the contrary, Chen Tiansheng knew very well that with Chen Tianyao’s character, it made sense to invite such an existence.

“Brother, help me ……”

Chen Tianyang weakly grabbed Chen Tiansheng’s hand, his eyes flooded with hot tears, “I’ve had enough of this kind of life, I really don’t want to go on.”

Hot tears filled his eyes, and even his voice was trembling.

“You take a good rest, the family head has mobilised the Chen family intelligence force from the first day you were a*sa*sinated and is thoroughly investigating the matter, just that there are no results yet.”

Chen Tiansheng pushed the gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose as his gaze flickered, “Outside your residence, three hundred household slaves have also been arranged to escort you now, which is enough to keep you safe.”

“But ……”

Chen Tianyang broke down at once.

Since his first a*sa*sination, he had already mobilised as many household slaves and guards as possible to protect him.

Three hundred guards, a full double of the previous number.

But could …… this really work?

Only, not waiting for Chen Tianyang to finish his words.

Chen Tiansheng had already stood up and walked towards the outside, coldly dropping a sentence, “You rest well.”

On the bed, Chen Tianyang was completely dumbfounded.

Tears had not yet escaped from his eyes, but had quietly evaporated inside them.

His eyes were bloodshot, and his weak body was bursting with strength at this moment, his hands clenched into fists.

Gritting his teeth, they clenched and squeaked.

His red eyes were staring at the closed door.


The next second, Chen Tianyang slammed his fist onto the bed.

He wailed, “We are brothers, I am now on the verge of life and death, and you, as a brother, are so indifferent? Chen Tiansheng, do you treat me like your own brother or not?”

Grief, resentment and angry injustice ……

After Chen Tiansheng left Chen Tianyang’s small courtyard, he once again instructed his household slaves and guards to be careful with their protection.

Then he walked towards another Chen family courtyard under the stars, and did not go straight home.

It was late at night and quiet.

But the courtyard was lit up.

When Chen Tiansheng walked into the courtyard, he saw Chen Daoping sitting in the courtyard sipping tea and enjoying the moon.

“Tiansheng, let’s have tea together.”

Chen Daoping was not surprised to see Chen Tiansheng, and smiled and made a “please” gesture.

“Uncle Dao Ping, you knew I was coming?”

Chen Tiansheng was a bit stunned and settled down, staring at Chen Daoping closely.

“You kid, someone who is valued by my mother, I have to put more effort into figuring out what you are thinking, right?”

A remark that caused the corners of Chen Tiansheng’s mouth to curl upwards in restraint.

Obviously, he was very satisfied with the compliment Chen Daoping had made.

Chen Daoping calmly made a cup of tea for Chen Tiansheng and said with a smile, “You are deep enough in the city, you usually look cold and icy, but in fact, I, as an uncle, know that you are putting the matter of Tian Yang in your heart.”

Speaking of this matter.

Chen Tiansheng couldn’t help but sit up a bit and pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose.

It was indeed for this matter that he was rushing over now.

Now that Chen Daoping had brought it up directly, he also opened up and said, “I do feel that this matter is always bizarre.”

“Anyone knows it’s weird.”

Chen Daoping shrugged and gave an odd smile, “It’s just that everyone is pretending not to know how weird this is.”

Chen Tiansheng froze in a daze.

What did that mean?

Following closely, Chen Daoping said slowly, “Let the family head investigate first, since the family head has promised three days, then it will be three days, and my mother’s side has also said that if after three days, the family head still can’t find out anything using the Chen family intelligence force, she will bypa*s the family head and use other forces to investigate.”

After the family meeting was over, he and Old Lady Chen were the last to leave the council hall because both mother and son felt that something was not right.

The Chen family head, Chen Daolin, who had always been a majestic and domineering man, had actually been aggressive and ended the family meeting hastily in a rogue manner.

This was simply an unbelievable, almost absurd thing.

“Other powers?”

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes lit up instantly, “Can Grandma really help Tian Yang?”

Chen Daoping smiled helplessly, “Don’t ask me, my mother didn’t tell me either, but don’t worry, you are someone my mother values, Tian Yang is your own brother, this matter, she will definitely not sit idly by.”

“Many thanks, Uncle Dao Ping.”

Chen Tiansheng got up and respectfully cupped his fist and bowed to Chen Daoping, “Please also thank Grandma for me, Uncle Daoping.”

“No matter, leave these three days to the family head, you should not mess around and wait and see what happens.” Chen Dao Ping said.

Chen Tiansheng’s expression sank, “But I don’t want Tian Yang to continue being a*sa*sinated endlessly like this, I have to do something for him.”

The words just fell.

Chen Daoping’s tea-making movements gave a sharp pause.

The atmosphere, in an instant, became bizarre.

The next second.

Chen Daoping raised his head and his gaze was stern, as if he was sheathing a sharp sword and stabbing straight at Chen Tiansheng.

At this moment, Chen Daoping changed his usual warm colour, giving people a sense of fear as cold as frost, like hair pricking the bones.

The aura changed dramatically!

Even Chen Tiansheng, caught off guard, felt a sense of trepidation as he was enveloped by the coldness.

“Tiansheng, remember, you are the one my mother values!”

Chen Dao Ping’s aura was very strong, and the word “valued” was used with great emphasis, obviously as a reminder and a hint to Chen Tiansheng.

After a pause, Chen Daoping said slowly, his voice cold and harsh, as if a cold wind was blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

“You also have to remember that no poison is not a husband, and those who achieve great things do not stick to small things. If you are bound by petty personal feelings, how can you achieve anything? Don’t let me and my mother down on you.”

Chen Tiansheng’s body shook, and under his gold-rimmed gla*ses, his gaze was shadowy, brightening and darkening.


He took a deep breath, and his flickering gaze became firm.

“I understand, thank you Uncle Dao Ping for teaching me.”

Looking at the departing Chen Tiansheng.

Chen Dao Ping’s aura remained the same, like a terrified great mountain, pressing across this small courtyard.

The light was so dazzling that it was hard to ignore.

Gradually, a smile suddenly appeared on Chen Daoping’s solemn face.

His eyes were slightly narrowed, and the cold light was biting.

On the smile, there was a touch of odd contempt and disdain, and finally shook his head ……


Chapter 606

Even though the Chen family had raised the level of security to protect Chen Tianyang to the highest level.

At least three hundred guards surrounded Chen Tianyang’s residence 24 hours a day.

However, they still could not stop the killers who flocked to the house.

The killers, almost as if they were moths to a flame, flocked to Chen Tianyao’s residence one after another.

It was just after dawn.

Chen Tianyang, who was asleep, was awakened by the sound of “enemy attack”.

Hearing the shouting outside, Chen Tianyang looked terrified and pale, and immediately wanted to get up.

He fell back onto the bed with a thud, his features twisted in pain, and he grimaced and sucked in cold air.

Unable to move, he listened to the shouting and killing outside.

Chen Tianyang was completely devastated.

This feeling of being surrounded by death at all times, in just three days, had rudely destroyed his psychological defences.

Trembling with fear, he had to meet death at all times.

The arrogant and domineering Chen Tianyao looked desolate and desperate, no longer with the arrogance of the past.

His eyes were filled with tears, which flowed down the corners of his eyes.

The shouts of murder only lasted for five minutes before fading away.

All around, silence returned once again.

But Chen Tianyang had no more desire to sleep, lying on his bed, weeping in despair.

His hands were clenched into fists, and his eyes were as fierce and vicious as those of a beast that has gone mad.

“When I find out who did this, I swear that I will do whatever it takes to break you into pieces, or I will be struck by lightning!”

This was what was going through Chen Tianyang’s mind.

At this moment, this was the only thought that remained in his mind.

When one was pushed to the point of collapse and despair, all that was left to unfold was the primitive beast-like mentality of revenge.

The Chen family’s uproar.

To Chen Dong, who was 10,000 miles away, it did not affect him in the slightest.

As soon as dawn broke.

He headed to Dingtai Company with Kunlun.

As for Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan, Chen Dong did not worry about them anymore.

What should be said and what should be taught had already been done.

The two people’s affairs, after all, let the two people work it out themselves.

If Qin Ye vowed that he could not break the stigma in his heart, he, an outsider, could not undo it even if he was a great god.

“Young master, the Chen family’s side has been too restless these past few days.” Kunlun, who was driving, said with a teasing smile.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled faintly as he looked out of the car window at the rapidly receding scenery.

In a soft voice, he murmured, “You always have to pay back for what you’ve done, he Chen Tianyang should have expected to have a day when he repeatedly harmed me, a clay Bodhisattva still has three flames, not to mention …… I am not a Bodhisattva yet, nor do I believe in Buddha.”

Sen cold intention, hock into the marrow.

After a pause, Chen Dong said, “Right brother Kunlun, please book a wreath for me in the next two days, if the matter is completed, I still have to show it.”


When Chen Dong arrived at the company, it was still cold and empty.

He had long since gotten used to this.

Whether it was when he first entered society to fight, or when he was promoted to vice president at Dingtai, or when he was now spreading his wings and soaring, he had never looked past his initial intention.

If you want to become stronger, you have to work harder than others!

The dumb bird flies first, relying on hard work, not luck.

It was only when Kunlun pushed Chen Dong into the office.

Kun Lun’s gaze suddenly froze.

“Young master, there’s a letter!”

Chen Dong frowned slightly, the company would be locked after work every day, and there would be security patrols at night, he was certain that the desk was cleaned up after work yesterday, and there was no such letter present.

So …… who did this letter come from?

The letter was handed over by Kunlun, Chen Dong opened it and took a look at it, and at once his eyes exploded.

Two simple words, but like a heavy hammer hit his eyes hard.


Such a familiar scene instantly made Chen Dong think of the mysterious man.

In an instant, the stray thoughts that he had deeply suppressed surfaced once again.

The mysterious man had repeatedly sent letters to remind him, was he an enemy or a friend?

During the trip to the north of the desert, the mysterious man had warned to be careful on the first foot, and then a helicopter chase appeared on the second. Chen Dong’s three survived purely because of the mysterious man’s divine armour.

It was also this a*sa*sination that made the position of the mysterious man in Chen Dong’s heart wavering.

“What is this caution about, again?”

Chen Dong’s gaze drifted as he gripped the letter in his hand, bewildered and lost in thought.

Kunlun glanced at the letter and his face changed slightly as the scene from the Desert North line came to mind and he said in a deep voice, “Is it the mysterious man again?”

Chen Dong returned to his senses, nodded and put the letter paper into the paper shredder.

As the machine churned the letter paper, Chen Dong smiled and said, “If not him, who else could it be, specialising in such boring tricks?”

The whole day was spent.

Chen Dong’s mind was always filled with the mysterious man’s word “careful”, and he was puzzled.

It had even gotten so bad that Chen Dong could not concentrate on his work.

Cautiously, Chen Dong did not let Kunlun drop him off at the company and then leave immediately, but left Kunlun to escort him around the company.

This feeling of uneasiness continued until the end of the evening.

Chen Dong closed the file and stretched, frowning at the westward slanting sunset outside the window, staining the half of the sky red.

“So, did the day pa*s peacefully?”

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong called for Kunlun and went downstairs.

Only the two of them had just gotten into the car.


A stone flew over from some unknown direction, instantly shattering a corner of the front windscreen of the Rolls Royce.

The spider web that had spread out, vaguely in the very centre, still had the stone that had penetrated in.

“Here we go again!”

Chen Dong’s face was flushed with depression and he subconsciously clenched his fists.

A fine aura flashed in his eyes, and he vaguely saw that the stones were still wrapped with pieces of paper.

Kunlun got out of the car, snapped the stone out and threw it away, and after removing the note, returned to the car with a gloomy face.

He had already read the contents when he removed the note earlier.

It was because he had read it that Kun Lun’s face was so gloomy that he felt it was too unbelievable.

Chen Dong took the note.

Once he read the content, his face instantly swished and gloomed as well, exactly like Kunlun’s.

The note read: Beware, natural disaster! Your wife!

The word Heavenly Calamity was elusive.

The last three words, however, made Chen Dong indignant to the core.

The same reminder had appeared at the very beginning.

At that time, Jiang Han’er’s reckoning, it was that note that made Chen Dong suspicious of Gu Qingying in a flash.

But as Gu Qingying woke up from her nightmare and hugged Chen Dong, howling, all doubts dissipated.

The note from the mystery man also became beyond ridiculous.

Off to the side …… now reappears!

“Young master ……” Kunlun said softly.

Chen Dong crumpled the note into a ball and threw it out of the window, saying indifferently, “Go home.”

The Rolls Royce started up and drove onto the road.

After autumn, the days were getting shorter and shorter.

Night was falling at this time.

The city was also full of lights.

The neon lights that could be seen everywhere brought the whole city into another escalating and surging realm.

On the Tianmen Mountain Coil Road.

Dimly lit street lamps tower a short distance apart.

The environment is beautiful and pleasant while the price ceiling, also seems to block the whole city from the people, under the Tianmen Mountain.

So much so that this mountain road, at night, seems even colder than the city roads.

The Rolls-Royce drove slowly, occasionally brushing against a car going up and down the mountain.

Chen Dong’s face was sullen, and the two notes he received from the mystery man today kept coming back to his mind.

What exactly did he …… want to express?

Bang Teen!

As he was frowning and pondering, there was a sudden loud bang.

The Rolls Royce creaked to a halt.

Chen Dong was startled for a moment, and almost at the same time, Kun Lun in the driver’s seat then suddenly let out a stern cry, “Young master be careful!”