Winner Takes All Chapter 603-604

Chapter 603

“Where the hell else can I …… run to?”

Qin Ye landed on his head, a face tangled helpless.

“How do I know where you will run to, you are a scum, lift your trousers and deny it, I don’t rely on you, you will definitely run again.” Zhang Yulan tilted her head arrogantly and looked directly at Qin Ye.

Qin Ye: “……”

Taking a deep breath, Qin Ye said in a fake fierce manner, “In front of so many people, if you keep acting like this, don’t blame me for not being polite.”


The threat of words caused Zhang Yulan’s eyebrows to rise.

Her delicate body softened and she pressed herself against Qin Ye: “Fine, I like it when you’re rude to me, why don’t you be rude to me one in front of Brother Dong and the others?”

Qin Ye: “……”

How come after staying in the hospital for the second time, Zhang Yulan is like a new person.

Does she even want to lose her face?

Chen Dong looked at this scene and forced himself to hold back his laughter.

It seems that Zhang Yulan has listened to my words, this time Qin Ye is really helpless.

He and Qin Ye were roughly the same kind of person, whether in terms of experience or personality.

Therefore, Chen Dong knew that Zhang Yulan’s “commitment” would not be effective for a while, but would only keep Qin Ye in a state of anxiety and hesitation.

On the contrary, it would be more effective to administer a strong medicine to Qin Ye.

The man would never be able to open his heart without forcing Qin Ye to be helpless.

“Brother Dong, please help.”

Qin Ye cried and smiled as he walked up to Chen Dong, almost begging, “This B*tch is not a good person, I’m in the hospital every day, she’s afraid I’ll run away, not only is she watching herself, she’s also got some Zhang family bodyguards to come over and watch me.”

“I was afraid of being taken care of by them, so I left the hospital early to ask you for help, only to have this B*tch pull my hand again and come over with a cheeky face.”

At these words.

Zhang Yulan’s face at the side changed and her red lips tightened up.

As a girl, not to mention the pearl of the Zhang family, the thousand-year-old daughter of a luxurious family.

It was already aggravating enough to put herself down to such a level.

Qin Ye’s words also made her face a little uncomfortable.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and said solemnly, “Yu Lan is also my sister, you can just come to my house, she can just come to my house, then I won’t be a thick-skinned, heartless person?”

After saying that, Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair and turned around, heading towards the restaurant.

“Wife, Sister Xiao Lu, is the meal ready?”

Leaving Qin Ye frozen in place with a dumbfounded look on his face.

D*mn …… how come Brother Dong was also like a different person?

“Let’s go, if Brother Dong doesn’t care about you, who else is expected to care about you?”

Zhang Yulan took Qin Ye’s arm, forcing a smile and opening her mouth in a fake fierce manner, “Old mother will eat you up!”

“You’ve eaten it many times.” Qin Ye said.

Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled and instantly her pretty face was so red with shame that it was almost oozing blood.

Her jade hand pinched fiercely at the soft flesh of Qin Ye’s waist, causing Qin Ye to grimace and suck in cold air.

Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kun Lun all watched this scene.

Chen Dong and Long Lao looked at each other and smiled.

It was Kun Lun who said to Chen Dong with some concern, “Young Master, don’t care?”

Chen Dong was speechless for a while.

Looking at Kun Lun’s “innocent” look, he could not help but say, “Kun Lun, don’t be a P***y, you don’t understand.”

Kunlun: “0?”

Long Lao smiled and patted Kun Lun’s shoulder, “Don’t worry about it, come with me to the club tomorrow, I’ll teach you some techniques.”

Kunlun shook his head, “Xiao Lu won’t agree.”

“Honest man.” Elder Long gave Kun Lun a middle finger.


Fan Lu brought the dishes to the table, a large table full of colour and flavour, making people’s fingers tingle.

Chen Dong and the others gathered around the table and ate.

Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan sat together and from the beginning to the end, Zhang Yulan was holding onto Qin Ye’s right hand with her left hand, not letting go.

Qin Ye was really confused.

He cried and said, “Yu Lan, you still have to catch your breath when you hang yourself, this meal, at least let go of my hand.”

“I’ll feed you, come and open your mouth.”

Zhang Yulan picked up a peeled prawn and shoved it directly into Qin Ye’s mouth while he was talking.

Qin Ye was dumbfounded on the spot, staring round his eyes and holding the prawn in his mouth.

This scene made Chen Dong and the others all laugh and shut their mouths.

The dinner was also extraordinarily lively and happy because of Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan’s “mushy” behavior.

After dinner.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying went out for a walk.

Qin Ye wanted to follow, but Chen Dong refused.

You’re kidding!

Zhang Yulan could not easily get hard, how could he let the beast find a gap and slip away?

The road in the villa area, traces of autumn could be seen everywhere.

The night breeze was brisk.

Yellow leaves drifting.

Gu Qingying pushed Chen Dong’s wheelchair, her willow brows slightly knitted, a little puzzled.

“Husband, why do I feel like you and Yu Lan are both like a different person?”

“How so?” Chen Dong asked with a strange smile.

Gu Qingying thought for a moment and said, “Zhang Yulan used to like Qin Ye too, we could all see that, but she has always been like Qin Ye’s heel, to put it in a bad way, it’s the kind of feeling that she is rushing to fall back on.”

After a pause, Gu Qingying added, “But this time when I look at her, she’s still Qin Ye’s toady, but it seems a bit more unreasonable, like she’s forcing Qin Ye to stick it to her.”

“You’re quite observant.” Chen Dong said.

Gu Qingying raised her eyebrows, “Anyone can see that, okay.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, smiled and asked, “Then do you think Qin Ye, likes Zhang Yulan?”

Gu Qingying’s gaze flickered for a moment and nodded, “Yes, the way he looks at Zhang Yulan is completely different from the way he looks at others, with a little more tenderness and a little less indifference.”

“Right, more tenderness, less indifference, that’s love.”

Chen Dong shrugged, “A person who has become indifferent because of his experiences, as if the cold ice has sealed himself up, and meets another person who can melt the cold ice, is it not love or something.”

“The heart has a love, so the softness is like water.”

Gu Qingying smiled sweetly, “So, you are the same for me?”

Chen Dong was stunned, coughed twice and said with a smile, “Aren’t we talking about Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan?”

“Then tell me, how come Zhang Yulan is like a different person?” Gu Qingying asked.

Chen Dong smiled teasingly, “I taught him, last time when Qin Ye and the others had an accident in Kyoto, I taught Zhang Yulan a hand while Qin Ye was in a coma.”

Gu Qingying was instantly filled with consternation, “If Qin Ye knew that you taught Zhang Yulan like that, he would have to fight you.”

“Not afraid, he can’t beat me anyway.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and said with full disinterest.

Gradually, his expression sank down and his gaze deepened as he said.

“In fact, any of us can see that they both like each other, it’s just that Qin Ye has refused to completely open up and accept Zhang Yulan because of the mustiness in his heart.”


“The name of patricide!”

Chen Dong sighed despondently, “The prejudice of the human heart is a huge mountain that can crush the living to death, and can crush the dead to never live again. Even if Qin Ye did the right thing, it became a stigma in his heart, he has always felt that he is not worthy of Zhang Yulan, the jewel in the palm of the hand of a wealthy family, and he is also afraid that the name of patricide that he is carrying will be enveloped on Zhang Yulan.”

After a pause, Chen Dong tilted his head to look at Gu Qingying and said gently and decisively, “Letting Qin Ye think it over on his own would take a long time and be torturous for both of them, instead, if we let Zhang Yulan push Qin Ye hard, the stigma in Qin Ye’s heart can be destroyed quickly.”


Chapter 604

For Qin Ye.

Chen Dong knew about his past and knew that the word “fathericide” had been planted deep within Qin Ye’s heart like a demon.

On the surface, Qin Ye did not care about the gossip about him from the outside world.

But when someone had to share the burden of the gossip with him, he was caught in a dilemma.

The same thing would have happened to Chen Dong.

If he didn’t push Qin Ye backwards, it would be difficult for him to walk out of the dilemma.

After his walk with Gu Qingying, he had just returned home.

Chen Dong saw Qin Ye and Long Lao sneakily running upstairs with their beer in their arms.

Kunlun had fallen at the end of the line and was carrying two large cases of beer.

Chen Dong smiled and said to Gu Qingying, “Wife, you rest first, I’ll go up and take a look.”

Gu Qingying smiled, and went straight upstairs.

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair towards the rooftop.

The night breeze was brisk.

Qin Ye, Elder Long and Kunlun were already drinking.

As they drank, Qin Ye was complaining to Elder Long, as if she was a grieving woman.

Elder Long gloated and laughed.

Kun Lun sat by the side, his eyes sometimes clear and sometimes puzzled, after all, for the conversation between Elder Long and Qin Ye was actually a little over the top for his emotions.

Seeing Chen Dong.

Qin Ye paused and looked at Chen Dong helplessly.

“People Zhang Yulan treats you quite well, you’re a big man’s family, is that so?”

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair and approached the trio, somewhat complaining about Qin Ye.

“But I’m playing off the line, ah.” Qin Ye was full of grievances.

Because of Zhang Yulan’s pestering, he had been discharged from the hospital early.

At this moment, Qin Ye’s physical condition was not too good, his face was still a little pale, and on his left eyelid, a faint scar could still be seen, caused by a cut from broken gla*s scraps.

However, this did not damage Qin Ye’s facial features, but rather added a bit of melancholy and evil aura.

After giving Qin Ye a glance up and down, Chen Dong thought of that night in Kyoto in a trance.

A girl, in that situation, had never left Qin Ye, and had even gone so far as to kneel on the gla*s slag in order to hug him.

Qin Ye actually just said “playing off the line”.

“You just don’t know your bliss when you’re in it.”

Chen Dong looked stern and glared at Qin Ye, raised his hand and took a bottle of wine from Kun Lun’s hand and took a sip before saying, “You were almost killed by Jiang Chaotian that night in Kyoto, but the person Zhang Yulan still never left you, and now you are still saying these words, you are really scum, other people’s good intentions have become an a*s’s liver and lungs when it comes to you.”

A rebuke, without mercy.

It caused both Elder Long and Kunlun to be startled.

Chen Dong had rarely used such a reprimanding tone towards Qin Ye.

The two were shocked, but at the same time, they also revealed a puzzled look.

The two were not present for what had happened in Kyoto that night, so they did not know anything about it.

“You, have you seen her knees?” Chen Dong asked.

At those words.

Qin Ye’s expression was suddenly gloomy as he lowered his brows into memory.

For a long time.

He smiled bitterly and raised his bottle to Chen Dong, “Thank you Brother Dong, without you that night, I would have died long ago.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes slightly and the corners of his eyes twitched with green veins.

He shook his head sternly, “It’s not funny when you run away like that.”

“Why are you even helping her.” Qin Ye’s bitter smile became extremely awkward, “I’m the one who’s your brother.”

Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and gave Qin Ye an undisguised look of contempt before he said no more.

This scene left Qin Ye helpless.

Once again, he lowered his head in remembrance, his expression complicated and his gaze flickering.

On the side, Elder Long and Kunlun looked at each other.

No one had expected that the atmosphere that had just been so happy and harmonious would suddenly turn into such an awkward situation.

After a pause, Elder Long opened his mouth and advised, “Kid Qin, you’re actually not too young, and man Zhang Yulan does mean enough to you, it’s time for you to start a family.”

“But I ……”

Qin Ye raised his head, wanting to argue.

The old man nodded and laughed, “I know what you are thinking, in fact there are not so many worries, do you think Zhang Yulan will not think? She knows that you are the one who killed her father, yet she still chooses to be with you, which means that she is ready to bear the gossip with you.”

“Love is separated by mountains and seas, mountains and seas can all be leveled, Zhang Yulan has done it, why are you still looking ahead?”

Qin Ye’s eyes became deep and wavering.


He scratched his head in annoyance, said “I’m so annoyed” indignantly, and got up to walk downstairs.

“A dead duck with a tough mouth.”

Chen Dong scolded as he looked at Qin Ye who had left.

Long Lao smiled, “The Qin kid will figure it out, that little girl Zhang Yulan can handle this B*****d.”

Chen Dong waved his hand, not wanting to continue this topic.

Casually finding a topic to digress, he chatted idly with Elder Long and Kunlun.

All three of them had a tacit understanding and did not mention the Chen family and the a*sa*sination.

Now that the wood had been laid to rest, three days, according to Elder Long’s estimation, was indeed enough.

Even if three days were not enough, but at most three days after his father revealed the matter of the Darknet Hidden Kill Group and continued to investigate further down the line, with his father as a cover, it would still take some time after all.

And on the other side.

After Qin Ye walked off the rooftop in annoyance.

He returned to his room, but was slow to sleep, tossing and turning, irritable.

The dimly lit room.

There was a snap!

The lighter rose into flames and lit the cigarette.

Qin Ye sat at the window sill and took a fierce drag of the cigarette, looking out the window with a gloomy look and a deep gaze.

“I …… don’t deserve it.”

A soft murmur, revealing endless melancholy.

If this scene were to be seen by onlookers, they would definitely sigh.

The Qin Ye, who had always presented himself as a prodigal son, who had always believed in pa*sing through all the flowers without a leaf touching his body, who was frivolous and arrogant, would actually have such a disheveled and melancholic appearance.

But this was all.

The outsiders did not know.

In the darkness, the cigarette pulsed with a scarlet glow.

Qin Ye quickly finished smoking a cigarette and smiled bitterly, “Don’t even F**king force me.”

Immediately after, he lit a cigarette again.

The Chen family.

In Chen Tianyang’s bedroom.

Chen Tiansheng was silent beside him, looking at the already awakened Chen Tianyang, calm on the surface, but his throat welled up and he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Brother ……”

Chen Tianyang looked at Chen Tiansheng in confusion, “I, didn’t die?”

“Luckily, the bullet missed the vital point and went straight through the body, saving you.” Chen Tiansheng said calmly.

In his words and actions, he did not show any trace of excitement or joy.

But at this late night, he was the only one guarding this place, which was enough to prove the brotherly bond between the two.

With his calculating, shadowy and suspicious mind, he had always restrained his emotions, and even when facing his own brother at this time, he did not show too many ripples.

If he really did not care about this brotherhood, Chen Tiansheng would not have gone to deal with Chen Dong soon after Chen Tianyang was injured by Chen Dong in the first place.

“Hehe ……”

Chen Tianyang laughed, pulling his wound and sucking in cold air as it hurt.

“Want to die?” Chen Tiansheng said.

Chen Tianyang shook his head, his eyes filled with resentment and resentment, “I really can’t f*cking understand who I offended to invite such an unwarranted a*sa*sination.”