Winner Takes All Chapter 2024

The sound of confusion was thick.

Even Chen Daojun was baffled.

Chen Dong was his creation, and this was the only layer of variables that was beyond his control.

Even as the distance drew closer, after Chen Daogun perceived the disintegrating faith power, he also gained insight that Chen Dong was trying to quench his demonic nature with the help of the faith power.

And with his understanding of demons, a very crucial change after the quenching of the demonic nature was the fading of the demonic body, which was Chen Dong’s previous state of his hideous appearance full of veins and veins.

A true devil was never terrifying on the outside, but was cold-blooded and ruthless on the inside, knowing only to kill.

But how fading away from his demon body would help in treading the Heavenly Path, Chen Daogun was also baffled.

Looking at the distant battlefield, which was as bright as daylight, the rich smell of blood poured out across the distance, even penetrating directly through the closed car windows and gushing into the nasal cavity, making people gag.

“My lord, deploy the battle plan in advance.”

The old man in the tuxedo driving the car reminded calmly.

Chen Daojun returned to his senses, suppressed his doubts, raised his hand and rubbed his chin, and said coldly.

“Pa*s down the order, once everyone reaches the battlefield, ignore the faith totems and raise the entire army to slaughter the barbarians of the Hundred Tribes!”

The cold tone of voice was devoid of the slightest emotion.

If these words were known to others, they would certainly be dumbfounded.

If it were revealed, the world would be shocked.

On the battlefield, the storm clouds changed, and the infernal Shura hell came to earth.

All the armies, from Chen Dong and the others down to the ordinary soldiers, were hoping for a turnaround.

Chen Daogun is the turning point in the hearts of Chen Dong, the six dragons of the Jiang family and others.

But now the turnaround has arrived, but the turnaround is oblivious to the boundless killing on the boundless battlefield, and the orders given are not to rescue the legions of all sides, but to join in the slaughter and harvesting, just like the Faith Totem.

The only difference was that the Faith Totems were slaughtering the Rongwu of the domain, while Chen Daojun ordered the slaughter of the allied armies of the Hundred Tribes.

Such a military order did nothing to change the situation in the entire war.

It was more like killing purely for the sake of killing!

When the order was given quickly.

There was an immediate uproar in the convoy that was advancing into the battlefield.

It was important to know that those who were imprisoned in the Black Prison were former kings of soldiers, gods of war and gods of killing, who were not in charge of one of the sides?

When it came to battlefield experience, they even surpa*sed many generals.

As long as conditions allow, give them an army and they will immediately be able to command it in an orderly manner and straddle the battlefield.

Chen Daogun’s order was undoubtedly a vicious shock to their battlefield experience!

“This is not going for reinforcements, it is clearly asking us to go to the battlefield as pure executioners!”

“Killing for the sake of killing, what exactly does Daogun want?”

“I don’t know how the battlefield around Zhenjiang City is really like, but it’s a matter of life and death struggle within and beyond the domain, and it’s certainly already extremely dangerous now, so such an order from the Daoist Monarch won’t help the battle at all!”


Even Kunlun’s three men were uncomfortable sitting still after receiving the order.

Kunlun clenched his fists and his face was as heavy as water, “What the hell is he doing, Daogun? It’s clear that he’s going to support the young master, so why give such a ridiculous order?”

Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf were also frowning.

Of the three, Lone Wolf was the least experienced in this area, but he still felt it was ridiculous at this point.

As calm as Lin Lingdong was, the only thing he could do at this moment was to push the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and gently squeeze Kunlun’s shoulder.

“Since Daogun ordered this, then …… naturally has his reasons.”

At the end of his words, Lin Lingdong’s tone was clearly somewhat lacking in breath.

But the order was given by Daojun Chen himself, who dared to disobey? Who dared to disobey?

Although the three of them were personally appointed as commanders by Chen Daogun, this Black Hell army was, after all, only Chen Daogun’s to master.

Even Lin Lingdong was certain that when this order was spread, the reaction of the people inside each vehicle must be the same as theirs.

But that did not stop everyone from strictly carrying out Chen Daojun’s orders once they arrived at the battlefield!

Kunlun’s tightly clenched fist slowly loosened, and his tiger eyes shone brightly, “Whatever, we’ll reach the battlefield soon, as long as we can help Young Master!”


“Goo dong …… goo dong ……”

Chen Dong stood loftily in the sea of blood, gulping down the power of faith that had gathered in all directions.

The star-cast sea of faith power converged above Chen Dong’s head and even formed a blood-coloured whirlpool, which continuously poured into Chen Dong’s mouth before being swallowed into his stomach.

After being tempered by the power of faith.

There was no longer any trace of demonic nature on Chen Dong’s body, and everything was as normal as usual.

Even after being tempered by the power of faith, his eyes became brighter and more spiritual, while at the centre of his pupils, they were as deep as black holes, and even his skin was vaguely more crystalline and white, and it was not too much to say that they could be blown apart.

And as he continued to swallow the power of faith, Chen Dong’s entire aura underwent a slow but bizarre and mysterious metamorphosis.

Previously, his aura, with the augmentation of his demonic nature, could always exude an oppressive and overbearing aura, even if it was more subdued.

But as more of the power of faith entered his body and refined his demonic nature, his aura was gentler, as gentle as the wind, like the unstained white snow of the sun.

Before, when he stood in front of a person, the other party could clearly perceive that he was not to be messed with.

But now, with the refinement of the power of faith added to his body and the change in his aura, he was able to hide that oppression completely, and even when he stood in front of people, they would only find him easy-going.


Hundreds of clusters of faith power were swallowed by Chen Dong in their entirety.

The sea of blood around him remained the same.

The devilish might also remained the same.

Even that insidious, brutal, corpse mountain and sea of blood aura had not changed.

However, if we just look at Chen Dong personally alone, there was a sea change.

He raised his hand and gently wiped the corner of his mouth.

Then a satisfied burp came out, which smashed his mouth and said, “Half full ……”

The six dragons of the Jiang family were startled at the same time.

This …… is only half full?

To be able to make the power of faith coalesce after decapitating the faith totem, instead of just collapsing into the air, was already amazing enough.

Devouring the power of faith and refining oneself, and still hundreds of clouds of faith power, and this …… is still only half full?

You know, each faith totem represents not just a “one”, but the entire faith power accumulated over the years by a tribe!

Hundreds of faith totems, that is hundreds of tribes, years and years of accumulated faith power!

This is already a huge amount!

For a martial artist to really be able to swallow it to such an extent was already a heavenly opportunity unprecedented before and unprecedented after.

But what about Chen Dong?


After a casual comment.

Chen Dong swept his gaze across the vast battlefield, his eyes unruffled.


His gaze looked towards the north of the battlefield and he smiled gently, “Chen Daojun, are you finally willing to sell the medicine from your gourd?”