Winner Takes All Chapter 2025

A light laugh.

Chen Dong’s gaze swept over the battlefield, as if in thought.

At this point in the war, the entire battlefield had somewhat detached from the essence of war, turning into killing for the sake of killing.

If there was still a hint of the nature of war, it would only be Zhenjiang City.

There was also only the Vermilion Bird Legion and the allied army of the Hundred Clans within Zhenjiang City, which were making the final a*sault.

In the other battlefields, the Faith Totems were slaughtering the inner reinforcements in the most abject manner, and no matter how much they resisted, they still could not escape being slaughtered.

The black-robed Skywolves were able to perceive things.

Chen Dong could also sense it.

In the darkness to the north, there was a huge army coming towards this way in great numbers.

But at this moment, Chen Daogun arrived with a large army, and how much of a reversal effect it would have on the whole war, Chen Dong was not sure.

Even after Chen Daogun arrived at the battlefield, according to Chen Dong’s previous speculations about the entire war, Chen Dong did not even dare to presume what choice Chen Daogun would make!

Likewise, the six dragons of the Jiang family were all facing north at this time.

Their faces were, likewise, complicated.


“Yes, after waiting for so long, he’s finally arrived, just ……”

“Just what? Are you guys still confused about what he’s going to do?”



Behind the allied army of the Hundred Tribes.

Xixing stood beside Kui Gang with a sad frown, and inside the large tent, only two people were left at that moment.

“It’s alright, you’ve done everything you can.”

Shying Xing raised his hand, patted Kui Gang’s shoulder, and said comfortingly.

Kui Gang waved his hand and smiled sadly, “It’s a pity that this alliance of our hundred clans has been inconsistent from the start, if not, would it have come to this situation?”

Xixing’s willow brows furrowed, and a chill spread across her stunning face.

How could she not be resentful?

She had brought about the alliance of the Hundred Clans, and according to the plan, the scales of victory in this war had tipped in favour of the Hundred Clans from the very beginning.

All the tactics and strategic plans of the Hundred Clans had been perfectly laid out.

But even the best of plans could not resist the internal disagreements.

Although the Great Snow Dragon Riders fought a particularly fierce battle in this war and were held back at every turn, they were, after all, united.

This alone was beyond the reach of the Hundred Clans.

If the army of the Hundred Clans had the same level of heart as the Great Snow Dragon Riders, the war horses of the Hundred Clans would have been galloping across the fertile fields of the domain by now.

In the end, the alliance of the Hundred Clans that she had so painstakingly brought about was only a pawn in the minds of the Black-robed Sky Wolves and the Hidden World.

How is this not a kind of sadness?

She recalls the scene from the beginning of the Great War to the present.

A sad and helpless smile could not help but appear on Shying’s face.

“Lord Kui Gang, you have done well enough, things are like this, heaven’s destiny is difficult to disobey, human power cannot be disobeyed, blame it on …… the hundred tribes are just destined to be like this, even faith is like this, how can I dare to ask for anything else?”

Kui Gang side-eye, tiger eyes looking at Xixing, a little red.

The same is true for Qixing, who is not willing to give up.

There was a moment of hesitation.

Kui Gang said in a deep voice: “Xing Xu …… I mean Xing Xu, is there any possibility that we can separately transfer our troops to detour around this battlefield and go straight to the domain?”

As if she had been electrocuted, Shying’s delicate body shook.

She was about to speak as her red lips mouthed.


A scout hurried into the camp.

Without waiting for Xixing and Kui Gang to ask, the scout knelt down on the ground.

“Reporting to the commander, the intelligence from the domain, all forces are converging towards the battlefield.”


Xixing and Kui Gang were simultaneously startled.

“What kind of thing is this? Even if they followed orders haphazardly and stopped blocking the reinforcements from the domain, how come they are now coming up towards this battlefield in droves?” Kui Gang exclaimed offhandedly.

Shying Xing’s brow was even furrowed into a Sichuan frown, and her beautiful eyes were gloomy as if she was a beast that would devour people.

The world was betting on the fate of the country.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s order to stop their attack was not enough, but now they have come towards the battlefield instead of staying put.

“It’s the strength of the three thousand six hundred sects headed by the Hong Society that are being suppressed over!”

Listening to the scouts report back, Xie Xing and Kui Gang fell silent at the same time.

Waiting for two seconds.

“Go down. ,”|

Kui Gang waved his hand and said helplessly to Xie Xing, “Now this side of the battlefield has become the final battlefield instead, the first battle is the decisive battle, and the last resort is broken.”

The red lips of Xie Xing mumbled, dumbfounded.

All the forces had been suppressed from the domain, and now even if they were to move their armies individually to meander to the domain, they would eventually run into the Hong Society and other forces that were pressing in, and would still be pressed into place and unable to move an inch.

It was at this point.

Another scout rushed in.

“Reporting to the commander, ten miles to the north, a large army of caravans has been spotted and is advancing towards the battlefield in a hurry.”

Words were like thunder, deafening.

Shying Xing and Kui Gang were struck by lightning and looked at each other in disbelief.

Both of them were the supreme commanders of the Hundred Clans United Army, and they were both aware of all the cards of the Hundred Clans United Army, all of which were revealed on the battlefield.

Now that another army had appeared in the north, and was heading for the battlefield, it could only be reinforcements from within the domain!

But how could reinforcements from within the domain come from the north?

They’d come from any other direction and the two men wouldn’t be shocked to this extent, but the north …… that’s the big F**king backbone of their hundred clans!

“Ten miles?! A mere ten miles to go and you just found out? In modern warfare, mechanical troops march, a mere ten miles is just a matter of time, such a murderous sharp knife, coming straight for the heart of our rear, only ten miles to go, what the hell are you guys doing?”

Kui Gang even couldn’t help but cursed out loud.

Not waiting for him to think of a good countermeasure.

The scout kneeling on the ground suddenly raised his head and said in a frightened and uncertain voice: “Commander, that large army is not coming towards our rear camp, but is heading straight for the battlefield!”

Kui Gang’s face flushed red and the words that had come to his mouth were swallowed back down.

Xixing’s delicate body trembled as she reacted violently, “You mean that such an army, instead of preparing for a surprise attack on our rear command centre, skipped us and went straight to the battlefield?”


Shying Xing was confused.

Kui Gang was also confused.

Ten miles away, for any regular army, a brisk march would easily get them there, and could even easily kill them by surprise.

And appearing behind this command centre of theirs, but where this sharp knife, trying to surprise them directly, was as easy as pie.

But now, this great army had abandoned the best way of fighting, choosing the most clumsy and least cost-effective way of fighting!

Lightning and fire.

Shying Xing’s beautiful eyes flickered brightly as if she fiercely thought of something.

She staggered back a step and panted, “Kui Gang, quickly, transfer the army alone and wave the whip south as you just said!”

“But there are those forces of the Hong Society in ……” Kui Gang’s tiger eyes widened.

“Hurry up!”

Xixing urged, “It’s not about letting them go and take over the south, it’s about preserving the living forces of the Hundred Clans as much as possible!”

“That great army must be just as mad as the Sky Wolves!”