Winner Takes All Chapter 2022

The far north.

A darkness.

But at this moment, the black-robed Skywolf’s eyes were unusually bright with blood, and even just as he looked away, his hands clasped together.

“Coming so fast?”

A whispered murmur.

The black-robed Skywolf turned back to the blood-soaked battlefield behind him and couldn’t help but let out a snort.

In a whirl, his blood qi tumbled out around his body.

The majestic blood colour once again rolled backwards through the giant blood wolf towards the blood moon in the sky.

“Oooh ……”

The sky wolf whistled into the long sky, shaking the heavens and the earth.

“Ho ……”

Chen Dong, who was harvesting the Faith Totem, suddenly had a tremor in his body, and his swimming and harvesting movements cut off.

A mouthful of hot air erupted from his mouth and nose, and he looked huffy.


Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong made a direct move with his left hand in the air.

The power of faith that had just broken up and scattered around him all converged into his left hand.

With a wave of Chen Dong’s left hand, the gathered faith power turned into a long rainbow and broke through the air with a “boom”.

The blood light broke through the sky, and the pure power of faith coalesced into a strike that instantly reached the giant Sky Wolf.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf was horrified.

In a hurry.

The body of the giant blood wolf, which loomed like a mountain, shook violently, and pounds of blood colour leaked out.

Facing the long rainbow of blood light that shot out, the giant blood wolf suddenly raised its wolf claws and slapped down onto the long rainbow of blood light.

There was no earth-shattering explosion.

As soon as the two came into contact, the rainbow of blood light emitted a terrifyingly high temperature, burning the mountain and boiling the sea as it quickly eroded into the wolf’s paws, setting off a raging blood fire and at the same time, eroding rapidly towards the giant blood wolf’s body.


The black-robed Heavenly Wolf let out a cry of alarm, raising both hands and violently tearing the void.


The wolf claws engulfed by the blood fire broke off in the air.

As the wolf claw fell towards the ground, the blood fire suddenly flourished, turning into a raging sea of fire, illuminating the sky with a bloody glow as Lingkong and the wolf claw directly dissipated.

“This is ……”

The black-robed sky wolf was about to push the blood qi to make the giant blood wolf grow its wolf claws again, but suddenly let out a startled eek.

He looked at the Giant Blood Wolf’s broken front paw incredulously, the blood light in his eyes flickering violently.

The Giant Blood Wolf was originally formed from blood qi, and the reason he had broken off one of the Giant Blood Wolf’s claws without hesitation was because of this phantom body, which was able to quickly form its front claws again.

But at this moment, he was shocked to discover that no matter how much he pushed his blood qi, the giant blood wolf’s broken front claw took extra effort to regenerate.

The amount of blood qi he had used was already enough to regenerate the front paw, but only a very small section of it had been created at the location of the broken paw.

If the broken front paws were to grow back, the amount of blood qi required would reach an enormous amount!

For a time, the black-robed Heavenly Wolf was caught in a lumpy dilemma.

How could he have not expected that he would actually be revolted by the faith power of the faith totem he had summoned?

And now, trying to restore this giant Blood Wolf to its original form would require a ma*sive amount of blood qi, which was completely unnecessary in terms of return on investment.

But if the Giant Blood Wolf was not allowed to be restored to its original form, this was a Faith Heavenly Wolf, and it would be too humiliating to show it to the world as a broken and crippled limb?

Just as the black-robed Heavenly Wolf was hesitating.

Chen Dong’s bloodshot eyes narrowed and he laughed disdainfully before he once again used his sword to reap the Faith Totem.

And on the other sides of the battlefield.

With that long whistle from the Heavenly Wolf.

A head of Faith Totem all seemed to have fallen into a state of madness.

Each one of them went crazy, weaving through the crowd at will, their fierce qi like a meat grinder, strangling all the domain rongwu along the way to pieces.

Even those who managed to break through to get close to them were instantly killed on the spot.

It was a one-sided slaughter.

With the order of the Sky Wolf, the Faith Totems once again accelerated their slaughter.

The thousands of miles of war-torn land were now a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, with corpses replacing mud.

Inside Zhenjiang City.

A golden light swept back and forth across the four gates of the city, annihilating any allied troops that wanted to support the city.

When the gates were exchanged, the golden light also annihilated all the troops along the way.

With the presence of the golden light of the Eight Divine Ghost Formations, the vast Zhenjiang City was sealed into an iron barrel.

The pressure on the Vermilion Bird Army after entering the city was also reduced.

They did not have to watch out for the allied troops of the Hundred Clans attacking the city from outside, and they even had the golden light to annihilate part of the allied army rongwu inside the city for them, which allowed them to completely gain the upper hand within a very short period of time after entering the city.

The Hundred Clans’ allied army inside the city, even though they had already set up their defences, had a really difficult time resisting the Vermilion Bird army without support outside and with such a big threat as the golden light inside.

In less than an incense stick’s time, the Vermilion Bird Army had regained half of the city’s defences inside Zhenjiang City.

Such speed caused the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards on the Northern City Gate to look on in awe, and even more so, with tears in their eyes.

Chaos reigned in the killing.

The Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards turned their heads and looked in the direction where Huo Zhenxiao was.

“Sovereign, we haven’t lost Zhenjiang City!”

The voices of the two men were trembling with excitement.

And around them both, one by one, the Great Snow Dragon Riders were sprawled out, either sitting, lying down or leaning on the city head, some looking with them in the direction of Huo Zhenxiao, while others had closed their eyes forever.

It was at that moment.

An ethereal voice suddenly came down from high in the sky.

“Vermillion Bird Legion, you still have half a column of incense!”

This voice was, quite literally, Master Khongkong!

And this time, Master Khongkong was not transmitting his voice to someone, but directly qi-energy to push his voice and transmit it down. , , and

Half a column of incense?

At the eye of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts formation, Zhao Broke-Ru and Qin Ye looked at each other.

Master Empty Sky’s words were clearly a reminder of what would happen after half a column of incense?

Moreover, before this, they both knew that Master Kongkong had already closed his eyes and would not look at the ma*sacre on the battlefield any more.


In the eyes of the formation, Jiang Qilin’s clear, cold eyes raised their gaze and looked towards Zhao Breaking and Qin Ye, while the corners of his mouth gently turned upwards, “The opportunity to turn has arrived!”

A turnaround?!

At these words, Zhao Broke-Ru and Qin Ye were both startled at the same time.

Qin Ye, in particular, was so excited that his body trembled with joy.

After a long and fierce battle, he was more eager than anyone else for a turnaround to appear!

From the beginning of the Great War, in the face of the successive tactics of the allied armies of the Hundred Clans, there was really very little that the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and Zhenjiang City could rely on.

The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army fought to the last man and woman.

How could he not hold on to his last breath?

It was so hard to hold out until reinforcements arrived from all sides, but they were still unable to resist the tactics of the allied army of the Hundred Clans.

And now, the one who can make Master Khongkong remind and Jiang Qilin say this, then this turn of events must be able to set the key to the whole victory!

“Daoist monarch ……”

Qin Ye took a deep breath as his eyes gradually brightened up.

The battlefield.

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons, who had released their Qi channels, were on top of the battlefield, but no one dared to shake the six of them in the slightest.

At this moment, the six were obviously more concerned about Chen Dong’s situation than the slaughter on the battlefield.

And just as Master Kongkong spoke.

Grand Master Jiang also directly transmitted his qi to Chen Dong: “Chen Dong, how much longer do you want to kill?”