Winner Takes All Chapter 2021

A fishy breeze is in the air.

The air is raging.

The sweat on War Dragon’s body suddenly stood up, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a Faith Totem charging directly towards him with its teeth and claws open.

In a flash of lightning.

He twisted his waist and held his battle sword in front of his chest, and his Qi suddenly surged.


The sharp claws of the Faith Totem smacked against the battle sword, and sparks erupted.

The qi from both sides instantly collided with an explosive sound.

The terrifying impact even caused Battle Dragon to let out a muffled grunt and plough his feet backwards a few metres.

Just as soon as he stabilised himself.

War Heavenly Dragon’s lofty body shook violently and crimson blood dripped from his mouth.

The battle sword across his chest also broke in two with a click.

The broken tip of the blade flipped twice in the air and plunged into the ground.

Only when he looked around did he realise that the Rongwu were no longer around, except for the shattered bodies on the ground, and the only thing that remained were the leering totems of faith.

A wave of qi fluctuated, stirring up the world.

Every one of them was staring at him with a fierce gaze.

War Dragon’s gaze drifted a little as he looked in all directions, and as far as the eye could see, there was the gruesome scene of the Faith Totems slaughtering the reinforcements in the domain.

Wails and screams filled his ears.

He smiled.

The qi around his body was even more roaring at this point as it pushed out horizontally in all directions.

The dozen or so Faith Totems’ eyes flickered for a moment, and they actually did not immediately step forward.

War Dragon raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, then took off his helmet and threw it into the air with force, his pale white hair dancing wildly against the wind.

“Admiral of the Heavenly Dragon Legion, War Heavenly Dragon, please fight!”

War Heavenly Dragon directly raised the half-broken sword in his hand, his tiger eyes glaring angrily at the totem of faith in front of him.


His feet exploded, and while his qi lifted the ground, he charged towards the Faith Totem like a rushing thunderbolt.


A dozen Faith Totems roared at the same time, surrounding and killing War Heavenly Dragon.

Qi energy streaked across.

Blood flew everywhere.

With a half-broken sword in his hand, War Heavenly Dragon stopped defending himself and even fought a dozen or so Faith Totems directly with burning Qi energy.

The sharp claws of each Faith Totem landed on his body, splitting his skin and splashing blood.

But this old and senile marshal did not even scream out in pain, wielding his half-broken sword in his hand and slashing out fiercely again and again.


After receiving another heavy blow, War Dragon flew backwards in the air like a broken pocket.

Several of the Faith Totems even rose into the air and chased after him.

Time became slow at this moment.

War Dragon, flying backwards in the air, took in the tragedy on the battlefield below as clearly as he could.

His consciousness was a little blurred.

But the battle intent in his eyes was growing fiercer and fiercer.

“With my old man’s blood, I will burn my last blade and protect the people of my river and mountain one more time.”


The blood flowing out from around War Heavenly Dragon’s body suddenly burst into flames.

The soaring flames were so fierce that they illuminated this side of heaven and earth as bright as day.

A sudden scene.

It caused light to explode in the eyes of the several faith totems that were in pursuit.

Several Faith Totems sensed a terrifying crisis, but it was too late.


A sea of fire enveloped War Heavenly Dragon, and as he raised his half-broken sword, a sabre sound resounded in the long sky.


Almost simultaneously.

War Heavenly Dragon directly rolled up a majestic sea of fire, holding the broken sword and reversed its direction in the air, shooting towards several Faith Totems like lightning.

In an instant.

With War Dragon as the centre, a ten-metre-long flaming blade Qi was formed, instantly sweeping past several Faith Totems.

One of the Faith Totems was even split in half instantly, killing it with a single blow.

The rest of the heads, too, screamed miserably and flew backwards, eroded by the flames and burning with a nuisance sound.

The Battle Dragon that shot out, however, dissipated into the air along with the flaming blade qi.

This Admiral of the Domain, once a legendary being, did not forget to guard his mission even at the last moment.

With this last slash, he interpreted what it means to be a pillar of the nation!

The same scene also took place all over the battlefield.

Faced with the ma*sacre of the totems of faith, the various legions of the domain could not escape their fate, even though they fought hard to resist.

Most of them were torn to pieces the moment they came face to face with the Faith Totems, and most of them were reduced to a puddle of flesh and blood by the Qi emitted from the Faith Totems before they could even get close to them.

The commanders of each legion were also the only qi powerhouses who had been in charge of the entire army in the past, but now they were the only ones in their legions who could actually fight and kill the Faith Totems in the true sense of the word.

But the result was the same as that of the Battle Dragon, in general!

Even so, there was still no one who chickened out and retreated.

From the moment they received the order to go to the battlefield, they had already prepared themselves psychologically, and they knew that if they retreated in the battlefield, they would be retreating from the mountains and rivers behind them and their families!

High in the sky.

The half-moon emitted ripples of blood, ghostly and demonic.

The giant blood wolf that stretched across the sky had stopped wolf whistling, and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf at its head was overlooking the “victory” on the various battlefields below.

The corpses, limbs and broken arms, were all over the ground, building up layer after layer.

The rivers of blood that were flowing were even more glaring.

The violent smell of blood shot up to the clouds.

Everything stimulated the black-robed Heavenly Wolf to tremble uncontrollably.

“Everything is going towards the plan, it won’t be long now.”

The black-robed Skywolf let out a hoarse voice.

Immediately afterwards, his scarlet eyes were deflected for a moment, locking onto the figure below that was in the middle of the monstrous sea of blood.

In sight.

Chen Dong rolled with the monstrous sea of blood, swimming in the Faith Totem, reaping the life of the Faith Totem with reckless abandon.

The flurry of faith blood light floating in the air was distinct from the sea of blood and was incomparably eye-catching.

Even from a great distance away, the black-robed Heavenly Wolf could still feel the monstrous demonic might coming over him, and even he could not help but feel his heart palpitating.

“This layer of his variation, is it good or bad? Even if he devours the power of faith, that is still quenching his own demonic nature with the help of the power of faith, allowing the demonic nature of the Dao Heart Seeding Demon to be refined without limit, but this will do no good to the Heaven Treading Path, it is completely contrary to the path!”

A low voice murmured, dripping with incomprehension.

Whether it was him, or the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons, they were all bewildered by this current layer of variation in Chen Dong.

The Great Devil was not allowed by Heaven and Earth, and treading the Heavenly Path was even more of an obsessive thought.

Chen Dong had been chosen by Chen Daogun, and all the great powers of the world had been added to his body.

But on the surface, what about the darker meaning?

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf did not think that his luck could be unbelievable to such an extent, and whether this layer of variables appeared in Chen Dong’s body was good or bad, it was difficult to determine for a moment.

Perhaps …… there is another option?

The black-robed Skywolf clenched his hands together, and his eyes, under the black hood, glowed with a fierce scarlet light.


Suddenly, the black-robed Skywolf’s body trembled and he jerked his head up, the bloodshot light in his eyes scarlet as he gazed at the distant north.