Winner Takes All Chapter 1969

This general of the allied army, at this moment, looked at the vast Xuanwu army corps coming, and his whole person was not calm.

What he was leading was not an allied vanguard, nor was it a mercenary corps, but an elite corps!

So he had access to higher military orders.

Zhenjiang City had been fighting fiercely for three days and could not even wait for reinforcements, precisely because the various forces were, explicitly or implicitly, frantically preventing the reinforcements from advancing.

The legions led by the Five Great Admirals even had direct military orders for the various forces to block them.

Even if there was no military order for such a thing, that group of forces should have been clear about it.

The legions led by the five great admirals in the domain were the five strongest legions apart from the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry led by Huo Zhenxiao!

Heavenly Dragon, Xuanwu, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Xuanhuang Forbidden Guards.

Before Huo Zhenxiao came into existence, the Five Great Admirals were the highest military fighting force in the domain, and the same could be said of these five legions they led!

Compared to the reinforcements of the other legions in the domain, these five legions were the true elite!

If these five legions were allowed to enter the battlefield, it would definitely be bad news for the Hundred Clans’ allied forces!

On the contrary, the Heavenly Dragon Legion charged into the battlefield in the first place, followed by the Xuanwu Legion in the second.

Are those forces all stupid?

Angry as he was, the general looked at the Xuanwu legion approaching at breakneck speed in the distance, sprawling like a mountainous wave of snow, wrapped in an extreme sense of oppression.

The deafening shouts of murder.

The roar of the earth trembling.

It was as if the sound of a fatal Brahma was rolling in.

The general made an immediate decision, waving his sword and ordering.

“All troops to the west, intercept the Xuanwu legion!”

Rumble ……

The military order was given.

The vast sea of people that had originally surged towards the Heavenly Dragon Legion quickly reversed direction and met the Xuanwu Legion.

Killing and destruction erupted at the first touch!

It was as if two majestic torrents had crashed together amidst the shouts of murder and the roar of the earth.

At the same time.

To the east of the Hundred Clans’ allied army, another legion came in force.

Rolling with a monstrous battle spirit, it was bounding forward!

“The Vermilion Bird Legion? The five legions led by the five great generals, D*mn it! The whole army is heading east to meet the Vermillion Bird Legion!”

The general of the Hundred Clans at the edge of the battlefield gave the order in a crisp and decisive manner.

The situation on the battlefield was fleeting.

But in the face of the five legions that had come to reinforce them, these Hundred Clans generals and commanders all made the same choice.

There was no need to even pa*s on the situation to the rear camps!

Even if they did pa*s on, the military orders they received were the same as the choice they made!

If they still needed to follow the rules of pa*sing on military orders at every level when facing the five legions, by the time the orders arrived, the flowers would be cold.

Moreover, they all have the highest decision-making power over the troops they lead!

The southeast corner of the battlefield.

The battle banners were flying, and the white tiger battle banner was hidden in the rolling snow waves.

This legion is none other than the White Tiger Legion, one of the five great legions!

Like Xuanwu and Vermilion Bird, as soon as the White Tiger Legion appeared, a legion of the allied army of the Hundred Tribes immediately went up to meet them.


The back camp of the Hundred Clans.

The sea of blazing fire remained.

A deadly charge from the intra-domain fighters had turned the sky troops of the Hundred Clans into a sea of fire and ashes.

But at this moment, no one paid any attention to the burning sea of fire.

Inside the main camp.

Shying sat by the side, staring intently at Kui Gang, who was rapidly giving out a military order.

Inside the large camp, Kui Gang’s voice echoed as he gave orders, and the voices of the generals received their orders.

It was in full swing and chaos.

With the arrival of reinforcements from the region, the situation had taken a sharp turn for the worse.

Moreover, people were constantly coming in outside the camp to report on the situation!

“Report! Reinforcements from the Vermilion Bird Legion have arrived!”

“Report! Reinforcements from the White Tiger Corps have arrived!”

“Report, reinforcements from within the domain have arrived on the battlefield!”


The successive reports caused the atmosphere within the camp to freeze extremely quickly.

Even Xie Xing, who was always silent, could not help but stand up, her cold and beautiful face changing again and again.

Inside the camp, the noise came to an abrupt halt.

Everyone’s face was grave and the atmosphere was stern and frozen.

“Heavenly Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Xuan Wu, the five major legions and five major superiors in the domain, all four have come, just one more Xuan Huang Forbidden Guard, and a host of other reinforcements ……”

Kui Gang’s face was as gloomy as charcoal as he placed a stalk of banners into the sandbox, “According to this current situation, we are counter-encircled by these legion reinforcements.”

The words just fell.

“Report! The Xuanhuang Forbidden Guards of the domain have arrived!”

All five legions have arrived!

This sound was like a heavy hammer on a drum, hitting everyone’s ears fiercely.

“How come they’ve all arrived?”

Xixing finally couldn’t help himself, “What are all those forces doing, they’ve all dropped their bets, who exactly should they help and how they should contribute don’t they understand? The five legions led by the five great admirals even have direct military orders ordering them, and they are not even half helping?”

At these words.

Under the light.

Kui Gang’s brow was furrowed into a “Chuan” frown.

His tiger eyes cast a sidelong glance at Xixing, his heart full of doubts.

Could it be that …… was not the one who gave the order to withdraw the order to delay the enemy’s reinforcements from all forces?

The order for the forces to remove the delay on the reinforcements was issued from the palace of Xie Xing, not to mention that there were only a few of the hundred tribes who could issue such an order.

He had suppressed the results of this intelligence investigation because he was afraid that it would lead to the involvement of Xixing.

But now, judging from Xixing’s reaction, it seemed that the other party did not know about it!

Just then.

Another figure walked in from outside.

The powerful pressure immediately drew the attention of the crowd.

The one who walked into the camp was clearly Gu Cangyue!

“Weren’t you guys at the front line? Why have you returned?”

Xixing’s eyes flickered as she asked in astonishment.

Gu Cang Yue’s face was as deep as water, and he directly skipped the group of generals and marshals, walking up to Xie Xing: “Things have changed, didn’t you already have all the forces involved in stopping those reinforcements? Why are reinforcements from the domain arriving frequently on all sides of the battlefield at this moment?”

At those words.

Shying Xing looked stunned.

It was also at this moment.

Kui Gang waved his hand and said, “A great battle has broken out, immediately follow the military orders, and order the elite legions to seize control of Zhenjiang City as quickly as possible. ”

“Yes, sir!”

The crowd led the order and retreated.

In the blink of an eye.

Only Xixing, Kui Gang, Gu Cangyue and Ye Linglong were left in the camp!

“Kui Gang, have something to say?” Xie Xing sensed something and asked straightforwardly.

Kui Gang said in a deep voice, “I actually wanted to suppress this matter, but now it seems that this one order is really too involved, completely reversing the situation between our side and the domain. Before this, this marshal spied that there was an order sent out for all the forces to stop intercepting the reinforcements from the domain, which is equivalent to the fact that within this short period of time, reinforcements from all sides in the domain can reach the battlefield, pure and simple! There will be no more obstacles!”


Xixing and Gu Cangyue were shocked at the same time.

Especially Xie Xing was shocked and at the same time clearly felt that Kui Gang was looking at her differently.

She said in a deep voice, “What else have you scouted?”

Kui Gang took a deep breath, “The result of the scrying is that the order was issued from within your palace, Queen, which is why those forces were so convinced and decisively withdrew!”


Shying Xing was struck by lightning and was filled with horror, “This king has never given such an order at all!”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Xixing’s body suddenly shook as she thought of something, and two beams of cold aura burst out from her beautiful eyes.

“Heavenly Wolf! How dare you take my king’s place and give an unauthorized military order?”