Winner Takes All Chapter 1968

Gu Cangyue’s expression was awe-inspiring.

He immediately looked in the direction that Grand Master Jiang was looking.

With his eyesight, he could still see far, far away with the help of the raging sea of fire raging in the battlefield.

It was only with this look that his face suddenly turned hard to see.

In the distance, waves of snow rolled over the land.

Even if the sound had not yet come, it was certain that a legion was coming this way.

Reinforcements again!

“D*mn it! Aren’t there forces on all sides blocking these reinforcements? Even if War Heavenly Dragon’s legion broke through the tangle and arrived, how come there are reinforcements coming one after another?”

Gu Cangyue cursed fiercely.

Before the great battle, the various forces under the Gu Family, as well as the Hong Society, had already spread out onto the marching routes within the domain.

There were also those forces that had fallen betting on the hundred tribes outside the domain, which had also surged in secret.

The aim was to delay the march of the reinforcements within the domain!

No one was stupid enough to wait and see what would happen after the bets on the Hundred Tribes had fallen.

Bets are placed in the heavens, and there is a battle for national fortunes.

Once one of the betting parties loses, it will be like the heavens falling down for the forces that placed the bets!

In order to delay the marching route of the inland reinforcements, the forces did not even think of staying their hand. While the inland and outland domains were betting on the fate of the country, the forces were betting on their lives and would not be so stupid as to not exhaust their power at such a moment.

According to projections, under this kind of great pressure, although reinforcements from within the domain will definitely arrive at Zhenjiang City eventually, the time should still be delayed, not to mention the scenario of reinforcements arriving one after another!

“Something must have gone wrong somewhere!”

Gu Cangyue immediately reacted, her eyes slanting towards Zhang Du’er, “Zhang Du’er, stall Boss Jiang, I’ll return to the camp to have something to investigate!”


However, without waiting for Gu Cangyue to turn around, Zhang Du’er’s rugged face suddenly revealed a look of contempt.

“You think I’m stupid? If you run away and are cowardly, just say that you run away and are cowardly, and use me as a shield? If you go, I’ll go too, this fight is not going to happen!”

Gu Cang Yue: “……”

Grand Master Jiang teasingly looked at the two people who were in a nest at this point and was silent.

“Don’t blame me, you didn’t even sacrifice the big tripod when you had such a good chance just now, and now you expect me to be a shield?”

Zhang Du’er had a cross look on his face, “You do the first day, I do the 15th, it is reasonable.”

Gu Cangyue’s face turned red and he even wanted to curse on the spot.

He only knew that Zhang Du’er was a rude man, but he had never thought that this almost 1,000 year old B*****d was still a shrew!

However, he was in the wrong, so he could not take offense at this moment.

Just at this moment.

Grand Master Jiang suddenly spoke, “Whether you fight or leave, it’s up to you!”

Hearing these words, Gu Cangyue was instantly blindsided by heavenly music.

He glared angrily at Zhang Du’er and turned around, heading for the camp at the back of the battlefield.

Zhang Du’er glanced at Grand Master Jiang in surprise, and then laughed, “Then I won’t fight either.”


Grand Master Jiang made a “please” gesture.

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons had come out to ward off these Hidden Worlds who wanted to strike at Chen Dong, as long as they did not strike at Chen Dong, the Jiang Family would not care at all.

“The Jiang Family is also nothing but a vain name, bullSh*t to help the building fall.”

Zhang Du’er despised Grand Master Jiang, turned around and left.

The Jiang family was a noble family clan, and had always been responsible for saving the country and society throughout the ages, but what the Jiang family showed now was lacking in merit.

Grand Master Jiang did not argue and smiled without saying anything.

As Gu Cang Yue and Zhang Du Er retreated, the battle between the rest of the Jiang family’s dragons came to a halt.

Several of the Hidden Ones looked at each other, no one had expected Gu Cang Yue and Zhang Du Er to suddenly turn around and leave.

One must know that among the crowd of hermits, there were also differences between the high and low.

Gu Cangyue, with the name of the Gu family, was at the forefront of this group of hermits.

And Zhang Du’er, relying on his strength, could likewise be ranked at the forefront of the hermits.

Now that the two leading ones were running away, they were looking a little embarra*sed.


One of the Hidden World people suddenly spoke.

As soon as the simple word was uttered, the rest of the Hidden Worlds turned around and headed towards the back of the battlefield at the same time, without the slightest hesitation or pause.

“Not so stupid.”

The Sixth Master Jiang smiled teasingly.

Not far away, Second Master Jiang said in a deep voice, “They are all thousand year old kings and eights, they have become elites in the cave, they still weigh some things clearly, with us around, there is no way for them to strike at Chen Dong, they might as well turn around and leave to preserve their strength for the changes to come.”

“It’s just this battlefield, are we really not going to make a move?”

Master Jiang Liu looked at the chaotic battlefield, and eventually his gaze fell on the scattered Great Snow Dragon Riders remaining at the northern gate of Zhenjiang City, somewhat distraught!

“Old Sixth, are you crazy?”

Master Jiang Er’s gaze slanted towards Master Jiang Six.

The Sixth Master Jiang smiled, but the intolerance on his face dissipated into smoke.

Rumble ……

Warplanes swept through the air, whistling ear-splittingly.

The bombs poured onto the ground of the battlefield, setting off a terrifying mushroom cloud, but they blew up the allied troops of the Hundred Tribes, causing them to tumble over each other in confusion.

Even though the military orders were given heavily to stabilise the troops, they were still panicking in the face of the absolute air power, and all they could do was to maintain their formation and surge towards the reinforcements in the domain.

The long line of fire that cut through the battlefield after the crash of a warplane kept most of the Hundred Alliance troops out.

The remaining Hundred Alliance troops close to Zhenjiang City were under much easier pressure for the incoming reinforcements.

Without this long sea of fire cutting through the battlefield, not to mention the Heavenly Dragon Army, even if several reinforcements were to rush into the battlefield at the same time, they would definitely be caught in the sea of people of the Hundred Alliance Army and would be stuck in a quagmire, making it difficult for them to come closer to Zhenjiang City.

“As long as the reinforcements arrive at Zhenjiang City, the northern city gate, which I am guarding, will be their breakthrough. As long as we retake Zhenjiang City, then there will be more room for manoeuvre in this war.”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows lowered and his eyes were filled with endless coldness, as he swung out his hand again and again.

With him guarding the northern city gate, when the Heavenly Dragon Legion arrived, there was no need to spare no expense like the previous attack on the city by the allied army of the Hundred Clans, instead, they could just pa*s through the northern city gate and re-enter Zhenjiang City.

You know, the casualty ratio between a battle in the wilderness and a siege war is worlds apart!

It was as if the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army relied on Zhenjiang City and was able to hold off millions of the Hundred Clans’ allied army for three days, but if the battle had been fought in the wilderness from the very beginning, how long the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army would have been able to hold on would have been a toss-up.

As he murmured, Chen Dong’s eyes swept indifferently towards the Jiang family’s six dragons.

With the Hidden World gone, the Jiang family’s six dragons had become bystanders.

Chen Dong did not care too much about this.

He did his thing, and the six dragons of the Jiang family did theirs.

People have their own choices and cannot be forced to make them!

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong said in a deep voice transmission, “Beast, seize the time to rest, when the reinforcements arrive, we still need to rely on you and me to bring them into Zhenjiang City.”

“Don’t worry …… I can still do it.” Qin Ye’s voice was still weak and frail.

And the other side of the battlefield.

At this moment the earth trembled and snow waves tossed.

The sound of war horses neighing and shouts of killing boomed through the edge of this battlefield, shaking the heavens and the earth.

The allied army of the Hundred Tribes, which was surging towards the Heavenly Dragon Army, was caught off guard by the sudden appearance of this army.

The generals leading the army were terrified and alarmed at this moment as they looked at the army coming from afar.

“That, that’s the Xuanwu army? Another one of the five great generals of the domain? What’s wrong with those people? Shouldn’t the legions of the five supreme generals be blocked and delayed? How come they’re still letting them come one after another?”