Winner Takes All Chapter 1955

Chen Dong was not stupid.

Having personally witnessed the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons forcefully dragging the old hidden monsters to shift the battlefield, the information contained therein could not be overstated.

Evenly matched was a lie!

Powerful crushing was the real thing!

Even Grand Master Jiang, who was one against two, had been fighting with hidden strength.

Otherwise, there was no way that he could easily dominate the battlefield and shift the battlefield when he said he would.

If the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family had been determined to settle this battle, it would have actually been over long ago, even including Grand Master Jiang who was fighting one against two, and of course it was also under the premise that Gu Cangyue was not sacrificing the Great Cauldron.

From beginning to end, the Jiang family’s six dragons were all acting out, stalling for time in front of the world in a hard performance of evenly matched forces.

“If Gu Cang Yue had really sacrificed the Great Cauldron just now, would they really have a way to just give it away, Grand Master Jiang?”

The depressed qi in Chen Dong’s eyes flickered away, after his mind metamorphosis, it made him look at the matter of noticing that the Jiang Family’s six dragons had not made a full force attack with an exceptionally light heart.

If it were before, he would have been filled with anger.

But now, in just a moment, it was suppressed.

He even felt that the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons had done so because they wanted to lure Gu Cangyue to sacrifice the Great Cauldron, so that they could take advantage of it!

It was just a pity that Gu Cangyue was so cautious and prudent that even though he was scolded by Zhang Du’er, he still held back!

Boom, boom, boom ……

As the Jiang family’s six dragons forcefully shifted the battlefield, the long sky was filled with a collision of qi energy that resembled a bomb explosion, and the qi energy after-effects that escaped even ravaged the long sky, and not infrequently fell straight to the ground.

Just as Chen Dong had expected, these trains of Qi energy that fell to the ground caused a terrifying killing effect on the allied troops of the Hundred Tribes on the chaotic battlefield.

Like a man-made bomb, it exploded in the crowd, sending flesh and blood flying.

Chen Dong took a mere sweeping glance and was relieved.

Although such a ripple could not lift the crisis in Zhenjiang City, it could at least share some of the pressure for Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and such a situation was better than nothing.

And …… the Jiang family’s six dragons did not just shift the battlefield, they also controlled the escape of qi during the fierce battle, so that every residual wave of qi that fell to the ground landed on the allied army of the hundred tribes outside the city and did not affect the Great Snow Dragon Riders inside the city.

This exquisite control made Chen Dong’s heart smack its lips in amazement, and gave him a deeper perception of the strength of the Jiang Clan’s Six Dragons.

“Even when you show up for a battle, you all always hide your clumsiness, what exactly is it that you are trying to do?”

“Is this your Jiang Family’s so-called support for the building to fall?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

After his mind metamorphosis, he only thought about it and did not pursue it too much.

The Bladeless One Sword Sword in his hand swung out, and together with the Snow Domain Lion, formed an absolute defence in front of the northern gate of Zhenjiang City.

Chen Dong’s gaze swept past the sea of people and looked out over the mountain of corpses that stood amidst the sea of people.

That figure was still standing there!

Like a king overlooking all beings, he was outside this great battle, watching in silence.

Chen Dong could not help but be in a trance for a moment, thinking of the strange change he experienced when he touched Huo Zhenxiao earlier.

“Senior brother …… what other secrets are hidden in you again?”

Chen Dong murmured softly, while wielding his sword with his right hand, the thoughts in his mind had already raced.

The empty air master did shake the heavenly calamity hard and saved Huo Zhenxiao, and also did drape Huo Zhenxiao with a merit robe, forcing a breath of life to hang on.

But all this was only what was seen on the surface.

Even when Chen Dong touched Huo Zhenxiao before and a strange transformation appeared in Huo Zhenxiao’s body, he didn’t think much of it.

But now, after the metamorphosis of his mind, everything was open and clear.

With a different perspective, one could see things differently.

The mutation in Huo Zhenxiao’s body did indeed exist, so the matter of Master Kongkong holding a breath of anger for him is really a tale of two minds.

The heavenly calamity was dispelled by the Empty Master, but perhaps there was another reason why Huo Zhenxiao survived!

That power was so powerful that even Chen Dong’s heart palpitated when he recalled it now.

The surviving Huo Zhenxiao, the six dragons of the Jiang family who let go ……

The whole war, perhaps only he and Huo Zhenxiao, and the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and these allied forces of the Hundred Clans, were really on their feet.

And the real top bra*s.

Whether it was Master Kongkong, the Jiang Family Six Dragons, or the side of the Huns and Hundred Clans.

It was as if they were all deliberately containing it!

“You guys, what exactly are you waiting for?”

Chen Dong could not help but furrow his brows.

Thoughts were a hundred times mixed up.

In the haze, it was as if a tangled mess, trying to find threads in it and sort things out, but it made Chen Dong’s mind swell for a while.

When the war came to this moment, he finally sensed that something was wrong!


Chen Dong looked back at Zhenjiang City, a majestic city that had long since been dappled, and the city walls, as far as the eye could see, were filled with blood and flesh.

“Charge the city! Charge up the city and level it!”

“Mercenaries charge the city and behead them, the vanguard board the city, the elite feint!”

“Death charge! Brothers, follow me in a death march!”

“Barbarians, you cannot stampede Zhenjiang City, and you never will in another life!”


The shouts of the Hundred Clans Allied Army and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army were intertwined.

Everyone was completely frantic.

The city was attacked with bravery and defended with bravery.

The battle of spears and shields was a constant burial of human lives.

There were mountains of corpses and blood and broken limbs.

The ground on this side of the battlefield was already muddy, with corpses strewn about and rivers of blood flowing.

But the momentum was not abating, but was instead getting stronger and stronger.

“Something is too wrong!”

Chen Dong frowned, turned his head, and murmured softly.

But it was only a murmur, and it did not affect him in any way as he continued to swing his sword.

On Zhenjiang City.

“Hold on! Hold on! Boys, reinforcements are coming, they’re almost here!”

“Hold on, our Great Snow Dragon Riders can’t let the reinforcements arrive looking like a joke, we want to still be standing on top of the city when they arrive, with the five-clawed golden dragon flag still waving in the wind!”


As one of the Golden Guards hissed out, a cluster of fire suddenly shot through the sky like a meteor.

There was an explosion.

Flames swept through.

The five-clawed golden dragon banner, not far from the hissing Sixth Golden Guard, was instantly engulfed in flames and collapsed in a blaze of fire!

The Sixth Golden Guard froze for a moment, and then his jealousy flared as he stormed out of place.

“Tear down my Golden Dragon Flag, who dares to come out and seek death?”

The hissing sound resounded through Zhenjiang City.

Almost simultaneously, the surrounding tide of allied troops simultaneously surrounded and killed towards the Sixth Golden Guard.

The vanguards, elites and mercenaries, froze in a stance of filling the Sixth Golden Guard to death, and pounced over in a brazen manner.


The Sixth Golden Guard bravely swung his Dragon Rider Battle Sword.

The majestic qi energy stirred across the air, but instantly beheaded countless heads, and a fountain of blood gushed out.


In the midst of the chaos.

An awe-inspiring murderous spirit suddenly appeared.

In the darkness, a fire light suddenly blossomed, like the flames of death, and behind the flames was a ghostly silhouette that seemed to loom.

The Sixth Golden Guard did not wait to react.

The hand, wrapped in flames, pierced through his chest in an instant, entering through his back and poking out through his forehead in a blaze of flame.

And the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army armor, already torn and tattered, was defenseless against this sneak attack!

“This …… qi, qi energy ……”

The Sixth Golden Guard’s body was tense, and his furious face was full of disbelief, looking down at the large hand wrapped in flames, but the anger in his eyes was rapidly receding.

To his death, he was not willing and could not believe that this sudden appearance of a large hand had ended his life in an instant!