Winner Takes All Chapter 1956

“Lord Golden Guard!”

On the city’s top, a Great Snow Dragon Rider wailed piteously.

The Sixth Golden Guard stood in place, and behind him, a figure similarly stood.

Qi energy washed through him.

The flaming hand that pierced through the Sixth Golden Guard’s heart was swept away with the Qi energy, and the flames instantly engulfed and wrapped around the Sixth Golden Guard.

The raging flames burned.

The figure, however, was like a ghost, not waiting for the surrounding Great Snow Dragon Riders to come to his aid, but quietly faded into the darkness and disappeared without a trace.

The second Golden Guard was killed!

To the Great Snow Dragon Riders, this was no less than terrible news.

The battle had come to this point.

Huo Zhenxiao had only one breath left, and Chen Dong was holding on to the northern city gate.

The defence of the large Zhenjiang City relied on the individual Golden Guards.

The fall of the Golden Guards was tantamount to breaking the head of the Long Dragon!

Compared to the attrition of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, the loss of the Golden Guards was even heavier.

A top warrior, in control of the battlefield, supervising the whole army.

No matter which one it was, it was not comparable to the ordinary Great Snow Dragon Cavalry!

On the other side.

The Second Golden Guard was closest to the Sixth Golden Guard.

As the Great Snow Dragon Riders wailed, the Second Golden Guard was the first to react.

He turned around with a snap of his armour and saw that the Sixth Golden Guard was already surrounded by a raging sea of fire.

The Second Golden Guard’s pupils tightened and the corners of his eyes bruised furiously.

He directly pushed his voice with qi energy and roared.

“All Golden Guards on alert, a hidden world has boarded the city!”

With the strength of the Golden Guards, even in a war of this purgatory intensity, the Golden Guards would still be able to stand undefeated.

Even if a Golden Guard was besieged and killed, the battle before his death must have been earth-shattering.

To kill a Golden Guard out of nowhere, it would have to be at least a sneak attack of the same level, while a stronger Hidden World would be able to do it in seconds.

Whichever is possible, it’s not good for the current defense of Zhenjiang City!

“Old Six …… Old Six is dead, D*mn these son of a B*tch barbarians, just how many Hidden Worlds have fallen over to their side?”

“The heavens! Do you still think that my Zhenjiang City is not miserable enough?”

“The Hidden World has boarded the city, D*mn it is really crazy, what have you come at me!”


The crowd of golden guards were furious with rage.

The war had gone on so far, and it was hard to see a glimmer of light with the news that reinforcements were about to arrive.

But the death of the sixth Golden Guard was like a blow to the head that knocked everyone’s head off!

To the Golden Guards, the Hidden World, who had secretly boarded the city to wait for an opportunity to move, was a hanging sword to them.

While leading their troops to defend Zhenjiang City, they had to be constantly on the lookout for sneak attacks from the Hidden Ones!

They were qi-energy and the Hidden Ones were also qi-energy, but the difference between the two was as vast as the clouds.

Even if they were to fight head to head, the Golden Guards would not be sure!


In the midst of the chaos, another explosion suddenly came from one of the city heads.

A mushroom cloud of flames rose into the air, blindingly bright.

In an instant, the city was lit up like daylight.

At the same time there were screams of misery mixed in with it.

Countless scarlet eyes looked at the sound, but saw a Golden Guard drenched in fire, his life on the spot.

The Ninth Golden Guard had perished!

“On guard! Alert! Alert!”

The second Golden Guard’s eyes were wide with rage as he shouted.

Boom, boom, boom ……

A majestic qi energy was released from the Second Golden Guard’s body.

At the same time, his perception was pushed to the extreme at this moment.

It had only been a short time before and after, the sixth golden guard and the ninth golden guard had perished one after another!

One successful sneak attack, two good successes, the strength of that person in the shadows was definitely stronger than the Golden Guards!

Almost at the same time as the second Golden Guard shouted.

The remaining few Golden Guards, too, frantically declared their qi and pushed their six senses to the limit.

These Golden Guards, who roamed the battlefield without a frown on their faces, were truly afraid at this moment!

They were not afraid of death, but they were afraid of being attacked suddenly and dying on the spot.

For them, this was a death they did not deserve!

They were frantically arousing their six senses, not to find the hidden world hiding in the shadows, but to be able to detect the warning and resist before the other side was ready to strike!

The Golden Guards were so terrified.

For the Great Snow Dragon Riders at the top of the city, it was an even greater blow!

The leader of the dragons was beheaded in the blink of an eye, and this was an indescribable blow to the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

So much so that while the Golden Guards were venting their energy, the formation of the Great Snow Dragon Riders was disrupted.

“All soldiers, defend Zhenjiang City to the death!”

The Second Golden Guard’s eyes were bruised, but he still roared his orders.

Death was not terrible.

It was terrible to die for no reason.

But in comparison, losing Zhenjiang City was the most terrifying thing for them!

With the Second Golden Guard stabilising the army, the chaotic Great Snow Dragon Riders once again pounced on the allied troops of the Hundred Clans who had boarded the city.

The great tide of people rolled on and on.

Wave after wave of the Hundred Clans’ allied troops came to the city, wearing down the numbers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders with their lives.

The numbers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders had already dwindled to the extreme, and now, in the face of the fierce attack of the Hundred Clans, the rate of dwindling became even more terrifying.

The remnants of the Great Snow Dragon Riders had already forgotten what it meant to be afraid in the face of the tidal wave of the Hundred Clans’ allied troops.

The roar of the Second Golden Guard was always ringing in their ears.

Defending Zhenjiang City seemed to have become the only obsession in everyone’s heart.

“Old brother, leave me alone, it doesn’t matter if I die, as long as Zhenjiang City is not lost!”

“Mother, I can’t do my filial duty for you, but I haven’t lost this city!”

“Barbarians, I’ll take you even if I F**king die!”


The city of Zhenjiang, hissing and shouting.

Each and every one of the Great Snow Dragon Riders pounced on the tide of people, some of them already had their armor torn and bloodied, and some of them already had their arms and legs broken.

But …… this did not stop them from charging forward!

Even if they died, in the last moment of their lives, they used their own bodies to build up the front of the enemy, blocking the enemy’s way to the city!

As the number of Great Snow Dragon Riders dwindled, the defences of Zhenjiang City drew closer towards collapse.

And as more of the Hundred Clans’ allied troops boarded the city, the Great Snow Dragon’s army dwindled faster and faster.

A disgusting cycle that could not be stopped!

Even though the remaining Golden Guards had completely left the hidden world behind, they were still unable to save the day.

The Second Golden Guard, wielding two Dragon Rider swords, charged left and right through the crowd like a tiger into a herd of sheep.

The impending loss of Zhenjiang City had made him completely ignore the hidden world that might strike at any moment.

Along with two miserable screams.

The Second Golden Guard wielded two Dragon Rider swords and cut the three Union Army soldiers in two.

Blood sprayed out, staining everything in front of the Second Golden Guard’s eyes.

At the same time.

Through the curtain of blood rising in front of him, the Second Golden Guard saw a figure approaching from behind, like a ghost!


A crisis of death was about to strike.

But in a flash of lightning, the Second Golden Guard did not even have the possibility to dodge and resist!

In the curtain of blood, the figure was close at hand.

A cluster of fire suddenly burst into bloom, flourishing at a tremendous speed!

It was at that moment.

A cold voice boomed out.

“The flies have been waiting for you for a long time!”