Winner Takes All Chapter 1952

Reinforcements from all sides, rushing forward.

The target is Zhenjiang City!

With the loss of the attacking force, the speed of all the troops increased dramatically.

In the Northern Region, an army of support, like a hundred rivers returning to the sea, surged towards Zhenjiang City.

And the news spread quickly among the people.

The fearful and apprehensive people all clenched their fists and prayed for it.

“Hurry up! Please hurry! They can’t hold out any longer, and they’ve held out long enough!”

“Son, hang on, hang on a little longer, the reinforcements are coming, you are not alone, they are on their way, they will be here soon!”

“Hurry up, husband! You must hurry and rush to Zhenjiang City, the Great Snow Dragon Riders are barely holding on, you must help them!”

“Mummy, Daddy will be able to defend Zhenjiang City, won’t he? Daddy is the most powerful man!”

“Yes, daddy is the best, he will definitely be able to hold it. Before the battle started, daddy even said that after the battle, he would come back on leave and go to see the sunrise with his little girl!”


Inside the domain.

Inside the magnificent and majestic building.

At this time an empty room, but a darkness.

It was early in the morning.

The room was large, but there was only a single candle flame, waving a dim and faint firelight, illuminating a corner of the room in a dim and yellowish light.

On a golden dragon seat, a figure sits forlornly.

The flickering candlelight stretched his shadow long and long, and it shone on the floor.

Looking at the battle reports presented before him.

The figure trembled terribly.

He had flipped through many, many battle reports, and without exception, there was only one message.

Zhenjiang City is in a state of emergency!

The frontier was in a state of emergency!

The destruction of the Great Snow Dragon Riders was imminent!

Call for help!

Call for help!


The man raised his hand and sent the battle report flying.

The battle reports were spilling out into the sky and falling to the ground.

The man leaned back in his chair wearily, looking at the war reports that flew down through the dim candlelight.

“Daoist monarch!”

“This battle is all as you wish!”

“If I lose, my Lord will be a sinner for a thousand years!”

“I have gambled everything, ignoring the thousands of people, ignoring Zhenjiang City and the frontier, I am unworthy of being a domain lord!”

“The 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders are good men, so is Huo Zhenxiao, they are all a blessing to our domain!”

“Everything has developed as you deduced, Daogun ……”

“Please …… prosper for the human Dao!”

The last sentence was hissed out with all his might, with pathos, with desolation, and even with a hint of crying.

The sound echoed through the room for a long time!


The Black Prison of the Far North.

The ten prison blocks were in full swing.

Practising, reforming, sparring, enlightening ……

Each prisoner is doing his or her own thing, excited and exhilarated.

People, most afraid of running out of hope!

Just like them, the kings of the army, the gods of the army, the gods of the fierce, they were imprisoned by Chen Daogun in the darkness of the black prison, their lives were cut short, there was no light, no future, and their hopes were blank.

But Chen Daojun gave them hope!

This hope was like a wisp of fire that spread like a prairie fire among a crowd that had long been numb.

With this ray of hope, it was enough for them to fight for everything!

Inside the central control room.

Chen Daojun was still sitting in his chair as before, looking at the densely packed monitoring screens.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

Immediately after, the door to the room opened and the tuxedoed old man walked in.

“My lord, sudden changes in the Northern Domain! All the forces attacking the reinforcements have all retreated, and reinforcements from all sides are rushing to charge to reinforce Zhenjiang City!”

“They’ve all scattered?”

Chen Daojun raised an eyebrow, a trace of consternation surfaced on his indifferent and calm face.

“Well, it seems that they got the order at the same time, and then all scattered!”

The old man in the tuxedo nodded and reported back.

Inside the central control room, there was silence.

Ta-da, ta-da ……

Chen Daojun’s right fingers, rhythmically tapping on the desk, seemed to be thinking about something.

Long time.

He opened his mouth and asked, “Have all the seeds been shipped over from Feng Bo ancient city?”

“They have all been shipped and are all undergoing the experimental procedures as well.”

The tuxedoed old man nodded, “Jiang Qilin and the others from Feng Bo Ancient City have also run to Zhenjiang City, and what’s left of Feng Bo Ancient City today is all guarded by the Godly Ghost Eight Formation Diagram that Jiang Qilin and Zhao Breru and the others have set up without a master.”

“What about Zheng Junlin?”

Chen Daojun straightened his body slightly.

“It has gone to Little Youn’s side.” The old man in the tuxedo said.

“That should be about right!”

Chen Daojun sat up with his body on end, a lookout aura sweeping out between his brows, and in a flash, his entire aura changed dramatically.

If he had just sat watching the video, he was motionless, like a great mountain.

Then this instant, he was a sheathed sword, pointing straight at the heavens!

“Master ……”

The tuxedo jerked his head up, his eyes exploded with essence, as if he had understood something!

“What has to be done has been done, and since Zheng Junlin has already gone to You En, then I’m afraid that the chance he arranged for You En has also been brought along with him.”

Chen Daogun’s eyebrows were out of the corner of his eye, “Dong’er’s last ties are also guaranteed, our old Chen family’s bloodline is guaranteed, then this battle, there will be no more worries!”

With that, he stood up.

The tuxedoed old man behind him, however, frowned.

As if he knew what was in the tuxedoed old man’s mind, Chen Daojun said, “Does he think I am selfish, not even blinking an eye at the suffering of the people, but only caring about You En’s safety?”

Without waiting for a reaction from the tuxedoed old man, he said, “Leave a hand in everything, once Dong’er and I fail too, then You En …… still has everything we left her, and down the road she can still seek one last chance for the Way of Man!”


The old man in the tuxedo was startled.

Chen Daojun, however, looked with burning eyes at the densely packed central monitoring screen.

“Dao Lin, Xiao Lan, Qing Ying …… you all wait, Dong’er will pick you up and return!”

“Dao Lin, whether as an old ancestor or as a big brother, this time, I promise you that I will help you protect Dong’er!”

Two simple words, low and firm, like a vow!

The words fell.


An overwhelming Qi energy rolled up from Chen Daojun’s body.

Click click click ……

The densely packed surveillance screens were all shattered by the impact of the qi energy.

At the same time.

Chen Daogun turned around abruptly and ordered the old man in the tuxedo.

“Open the Black Prison! Let them all out and tell them, target: Zhenjiang City!”

“Kunlun, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf will be the marshals, lead the prisoners from the ten prison districts and run to Zhenjiang City as fast as possible!”

“From this moment on, this Black Prison will cease to exist!”

Ten minutes later.

A sharp and piercing alarm suddenly exploded throughout the entire Black Prison.

At the same time.

Black warplanes and helicopters roared into the air, churning up the snow and wind over the Black Prison!