Winner Takes All Chapter 1953

The warplanes roared, hardening the wind and snow over Black Hell.

The great Black Prison.

This magnificent prison of death, like an ancient beast lying dormant on the ice and snow, was at that very moment, alarmed and glowing red.

Within the ten major prison areas.

The announcement of the opening of the black prison was on a loop, echoing more than once.

The original noise and bustle of the cell block was terribly quiet.

All eyes were rounded in disbelief, frozen in place as the words “Open Black Prison” filled their ears.

“The Black Prison, the Black Prison is going to be opened?”

“Does this mean that we can get out?”

“Leaving the Black Prison? I… I can really leave the Black Prison? Is this a dream?”

“Hahahahaha …… is it a dream? No, no, no, it’s not a dream, there’s pain, it’s true, it’s really possible to leave the Black Prison!”


One by one, the King of Soldiers, the God of War and the God of Killers, after a brief moment of silence and stagnation, all stirred up.

There were cheers, surprises, and even tears of joy!

These blood-soaked gods of war, who had been invincible on the battlefield, had never experienced such emotional turmoil in the face of death.

But at this moment, all of them couldn’t help it!

As far as they were concerned, the moment they were imprisoned by Chen Daogun in the Black Prison, it meant that their lives had come to an end.

They had never hoped that one day they would be able to step out of the Black Prison again.

For no other reason than the fact that the word “Chen Daogun” was the biggest gap between them and the Black Prison.

And now, what they once dared not even dream of, had become a reality!

At last, their dark and dull lives would once again glow with colour!

After a brief trance, everyone was quickly pulled back to reality by the sound of the broadcast.



The sound was like a tidal wave that seemed to lift the roof of the Black Prison right off the ground.

Never before since the Black Prison was built had there been a scene like this!

Kunlun, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf gathered together.

“Finally …… can we get out?”

Kunlun looked down at his hands that were clenched in both fists.

Since undergoing the experiment, he could clearly feel that his own quality conditions in all aspects had skyrocketed by a lot.

And the enlightenment of the martial body had even allowed him to leap through the shackles and step into the ranks of Qi Jin!

Even …… strength far exceeded Qi Jin!

This, he had no doubt.

Although he had just recently stepped into this realm, he was certain that his own strength was in no way comparable to that of an ordinary Qi Jin powerhouse!

“Yes! We, finally, can walk out in a dignified manner!”

Lin Lingdong twirled his right thumb and forefinger lightly, a smile spreading across his face, “In this period of time, everyone’s strength has gone to a higher level!”


Lone Wolf also revealed a smile, “Brother Kunlun and Brother Lingdong have both crossed over to Qi Jin, I am slightly weaker due to my incompetent talent and am stuck at the Qi Jin threshold, but it doesn’t matter, we …… are finally able to go out and help Brother Dong!”

His tone was somewhat melancholy and hopeless.

But now that the Black Prison was wide open, it also meant that they would finally be able to leave.

“Brother Dong ……”

Raging battle intent flared up in Kunlun’s eyes, “Finally, I can fight alongside you!”

His gaze swept across the entire field, and the excited and ecstatic faces were imprinted in his eyes.

All of these people, who had once swept through the battlefield, had now undergone experiments and had enlightened their martial bodies during this period of time, and their strength had greatly improved.

It was hard to imagine how deadly such a team would be if they were involved in the battlefield!

All soldiers are gods of war!

Gods of war as pawns!

Half of them have pa*sed Qi Power!

Under the heavens, there is absolutely no other army of this calibre!

The Black Hell broadcast.

The old man in the tuxedo quickly gave orders based on Chen Daojun’s orders.

In response, everyone within the Black Prison did not have the slightest thought of disobedience.

It was already a great blessing for them to be able to leave the Black Prison!

And participating in the battle was just a payment for leaving the Black Prison. The battle was just a payment for leaving the Black Prison.

At the level of these people, they knew that there was never a free lunch in the world.

Not to mention, Chen Daojun not only let them leave the Black Prison, but also gave them the opportunity to undergo experiments and enlighten their Martial Dao bodies.

Even these Gods of War and God of Killers would never be able to obtain such a chance in their lifetime!

With this chance, their strength skyrocketed.

After this battle, they will be able to go everywhere in the world and will be treated as guests wherever they go!

This is tantamount to setting them up for a life of …… glory and fortune!

They are not stupid!

They are not stupid enough to choose to disobey Chen Daojun’s arrangement and turn their backs on the legion in spite of all these benefits.

Ten minutes later.

Rumbling ……

The thick, mountain-like gates of the Black Prison opened completely.

The huge cavernous door resembled a giant mouth of an abyss, deep and terrifying.

A vast crowd emerged from the Black Prison like a tidal wave.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

The murderous intent was overwhelming.

The crowd that emerged from the Black Prison all had smiling faces and were neatly and orderly divided into squares.

Although they had been imprisoned in the Black Prison for many years, as kings of soldiers and gods of war, the rules of the battlefield had long been engraved into their bones and blood, and could not be erased by time.

The vast majority of them were even good enough to command three armies on the battlefield!

The warplanes roared.

Helicopters hovered over the squadron, their propellers roaring as they swept through the snow and wind, an incomparable spectacle.

Kunlun, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf stood tall at the front of the formation.

All three men were dignified and proud.

Since Chen Daojun had arranged for the three of them to be the commanders, the implication was clear.

When everyone had a*sembled in front of the Black Prison.

Kunlun gave a command, his tongue thundering.

“Depart to the south, target: Zhenjiang City!”


Tens of thousands of people shouted at the same time, their voices shaking the heavens and the earth.

Even the rolling snow came to a screeching halt.


At the same time.

Inside the army camp of the Hundred Clans United Army.

Kui Gang’s head was lowered at this moment, suppressing his anger, and his awe-inspiring killing intent made the air inside the camp seem to freeze.

The generals and marshals also looked gloomy and heavy.

The reason was none other than a battle report that had just been presented to them!

“All forces stop attacking, reinforcements from the domain are on their way at once.”

Gah …… gah ……

Kui Gang’s fists were clenched tightly and sounded loudly.

His face was red and parched with rage, clenching his teeth as he squeezed a sentence out of his teeth.

“In the end, who gave such an absurd military order?”

“Your Highness, we are investigating!”

A deputy marshal clasped his fist and reported back, but his expression was somewhat complicated, wanting to say something.

The generals and marshals present also revealed complicated expressions.

They were not stupid.

If they were able to hold the position of general and marshal in this great battle, they were already kings of a hundred battles and had an incomparable understanding of the situation on the battlefield.

This was a critical moment in the great battle for the nation’s fortunes!

One could count on one’s fingers the number of people who could put an end to all attacks.

But those who were qualified to give such an order could not have actually given it!

“Find out! Whoever it is, you must find out for me!”

Kui Gang pressed his fists on the table and leaned forward, ordering in a stern voice, “Launch a general attack! The army is pouring in, and regardless of everything, we vow to push down Zhenjiang City before reinforcements arrive!”