Winner Takes All Chapter 1855

Chen Dong fell silent.

He looked solemnly at Huo Zhenxiao as he walked towards the city wall, and only when the lofty and upright figure disappeared from sight did he withdraw his gaze and look out again at the endless allied army of the Hundred Clans below.

“You, what exactly are you waiting for?”

Resentment surfaced in Chen Dong’s cold eyes, and his hands could not help but clench: “Have …… not enough people died?”

Rumble ……

Under the cover of artillery fire.

A rolling, muffled thunder came from the rear of the allied army of the Hundred Clans in the noisy firmament.

The sound was low and muffled.

It was very different from the loud sound of cannon fire.

Yet it was particularly clear.

The sound of thunder swept in with the oppressive feeling of a mountain calling out to the sea.

Along with the sound of thunder, the dark, gloomy black clouds swallowed up Zhenjiang City from the rear.

It was as if a giant beast was about to devour Zhenjiang City in one gulp!

All this was not remarkable in a battlefield that looked like hell.

Even within the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, only some high-ranking generals had occasionally noticed it.

However, Chen Dong was clear that that was truly one of the Union Army’s killing moves.

In a war, the bottom level determined the radiating surface of the war, while the top level determined the war orientation.

If the extra-domain wanted to break through the domain, not only did they need to rely on endless coalition elites and horses to trample through the mountains, they also needed top battle power …… to capture the king!

Time seemed to be slowed down at this moment.

The black clouds that pressed down invaded.

Soon, it completely enveloped the northern city wall of Zhenjiang City.

Just at that moment.


A qi energy rushed into the sky.

Like a dragon, it shot straight up into the sky, tearing a huge gap in the black clouds that were rolling in layers with a domineering gesture.

A beam of light descended from the sky, illuminating just in front of the northern city gate.

“Senior Brother ……”

Chen Dong stood on the edge of the city wall, looking down at the sturdy figure below.

His armour was on, his back was straight, and he held a silver dragon spear in his hand.

At this moment, Huo Zhenxiao was like a sheathed sword, shaking the heavens like the qi train just now.

The cold wind was blowing.

A blood-coloured cloak was draped over his back, flying against the wind.

Chen Dong could not help but be frozen.

This was a side of Huo Zhenxiao that he had never seen before.

Stern, untamed and out of sight ……

It was as if he was a hot-blooded young man charging recklessly to kill on the battlefield.

He was no longer the great general who sat in the army camp, majestic and planning his strategy!


Amidst the sound of cannon fire.

But Huo Zhenxiao’s cold word was like a heavenly sound, resounding through the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, heaven and earth were silent for a moment.

A cold and violent Qi swept out from around Huo Zhenxiao’s body, like a tornado, swaying up into the sky.

The next second.

With a neigh, Huo Zhenxiao stepped onto his warhorse and ran straight into the centre of the battlefield.

The momentum was like wild thunder.

His lance was like a dragon.

Everywhere Huo Zhenxiao went, as the silver dragon danced, a furious train of Qi energy swept through the battlefield with the momentum of a devastating attack.

Under the cover of artillery fire, it was difficult to clear a gap in the allied army of the Hundred Tribes, but under the charge of Huo Zhenxiao, one man, one horse and one gun, an open avenue was cleared out.

This scene was incomparably shocking.

Huo Zhenxiao alone looked as small as dust in the face of the vast allied army.

But even so, he still drove forward with unrelenting momentum.

On Zhenjiang City, the endless roar of cannon fire came to an abrupt halt.

The next second.


Inside Zhenjiang City, the less than 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops shouted in unison, their momentum soaring to the skies, incomparably uplifted.




As Huo Zhenxiao, one man, one horse and one spear charged into the allied army of the Hundred Tribes, and drove straight into the city, destroying it, this was undoubtedly the most powerful stimulant for the Great Snow Dragon Riders in Zhenjiang City.

The soldiers are a wimp, the generals are a wimp.

And now, the world’s number one war god was showing the Great Snow Dragon Riders what it means to be a soldier of blood and courage and to be unmatched in dominance!

Even Chen Dong, who was witnessing Huo Zhenxiao’s charge and the shouts of the Great Snow Dragon Riders echoing in his ears, could not help but feel the blood in his body boiling and trembling.

“Is this the true strength of the World’s Number One War God?”

Qin Ye walked up to Chen Dong’s side at some point and looked in awe at the figure below that was pushing out an open avenue across the allied army of the Hundred Clans, “I only knew he was strong before, but I never thought that he was this strong, taking the general’s head from a ma*s of ten thousand armies seems to have lost some of its colour when used to describe him.”

Chen Dong smiled gently, “This Northern Domain, not only relies on the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, but also relies on him, the god of the sea, the three words Huo Zhenxiao, to the hundred tribes outside the domain, have long since been heard and chilled, the night can stop crying!”

“Fengless is for you first.”

Qin Ye handed the Bladeless Blade to Chen Dong.

“This sword, I don’t know when it will come in handy.”

Chen Dong gripped the hilt of the Bladeless Sword, his left fingertips gently tapping the thick blade as he looked at the back of the charging Huo Zhenxiao with a burst of eye heat.

“I’d also like to know when I’m going to activate the great formation.” Qin Ye said.

The two men were in conversation.

Huo Zhenxiao had already rushed deeper into the allied army of the Hundred Clans amidst the shouts of cheering from the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

The sea of people was like a tidal wave, with layers upon layers.

But where Huo Zhenxiao was, the endless lines of allied troops retreated in fear, clearing a gap of a hundred metres.

With all eyes on them.

But no one dared to step forward.

Even though the armour shook off, no one dared to take a step forward.

Huo Zhenxiao stopped his horse, raised his silver dragon spear in his right hand and pointed it straight at the black clouds in the sky.

“You rats, come and fight!”

The echoes rolled on and on for a long time.

It even silenced the entire battlefield.


Before the words left his mouth, a train of qi suddenly rose up from the tide of the allied troops, like a pillar in the sky, and penetrated the black clouds.

And this was only one of the hidden people!

When the first Hidden Man released his breath.





A strong qi-pitches, one after another, appeared in the crowd, a strong pressure, then released, like a great hand covering the sky, will endlessly terrifying oppression, enveloping the whole field.

“Hahahahaha …… good good, the more the better, let this marshal, today’s battle is a painful one!”

The more the better, the better, let this marshal, today a painful battle!” Huo Zhenxiao looked at the sea of people rising up a qi energy train, but is not afraid, but on the contrary, majestic laughter.

The laughter echoed out of the corner of his eye.


Chen Dong, witnessing this scene, also shouted lightly out of his mouth.

“When a man stands in the world, he should be like Huo Zhenxiao!”

Qin Ye also could not help but have blazing heat in his eyes as he clenched his fists.

“However, there are already seven hidden worlds ……”

Qin Ye’s words were only half spoken, but every word, was thick with worry.


Chen Dong, however, shook his head and said with grave solemnity.

“More than seven? You are also too underestimating the allure of the Hunnu Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, this battle is their general attack, they must be giving their all!”


Qin Ye was filled with astonishment.

Chen Dong raised his hand and pointed behind the seven Qi Qi Pitches that rose up, “It should be …… thirteen!”