Winner Takes All Chapter 1856

Ten …… thirteen?

Qin Ye’s pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

He looked incredulously in the direction of Chen Dong’s finger, but that piece of air was still black and oppressive.

An extreme sense of oppression lingered throughout the battlefield, as if a spacebar had been pressed for the battlefield.

As far as the eye could see, there were fearful faces.

But that was all.

He did not find the so-called other hidden worlds.

But Qin Ye did not doubt Chen Dong’s words in the slightest, as his realm was different, so were his eyes.

He was someone who stood on the mountainside looking at the scenery, while today Chen Dong was already standing proudly on top of the mountain.

“Want to help him?”

Qin Ye’s palms could not help but soak out a fine bead of sweat.

Chen Dong shook his head, “You have to guard the formation, I have to supervise the city, the master has strictly ordered me not to leave the city to meet the battle before, I believe he will be able to win!”

Qin Ye: “……”

His breath couldn’t help but choke.

Sure to win?!

Where did this confidence come from?

It was true that Huo Zhenxiao was the world’s number one war god, and it was also true that one man, one horse and one spear had destroyed a city back then.

But what level is the Hidden World?

That is an existence that has seen through the world and for various reasons, avoided the world and studied the martial arts.

Qi Jin is the watershed of martial artists.

Above Qi Jin, Qi Jin masters, hermits, below Heaven’s Punishment, above Heaven’s Punishment, this is the approximate ranking.

Those above and below the Heavenly Punishment are already rare in the great world.

In other words, the Hidden World is already a true sense, standing at the peak of the martial arts.

If Huo Zhenxiao was only facing these seven hidden people who were now showing qi energy, then Qin Ye thought to himself that his confidence in Huo Zhenxiao could still encourage himself to believe that Huo Zhenxiao would be able to do it.

But now …… was thirteen!

Thirteen existences at the top of the world, surrounding Huo Zhenxiao to kill him!

This …… is not a matter of winning or not!

It was a question of whether Huo Zhenxiao could survive!

“He …… can definitely win!”

Chen Dong looked profoundly into the battlefield at the lofty, mountain-like, upright figure, his lips and teeth lightly parted, his tone incomparably firm.

The silent battlefield.

Millions of troops from the Hundred Clans who had come to the battlefield had become spectators of the great battle that was about to erupt.

The terrifying pressure of fear swept across the battlefield.

Like a large invisible hand, it was at the throat of every army, suffocating them and chilling them to the bone.

A pair of fearful eyes were fixed on the figure standing on his horse, holding his spear out of the corner of his eye.

It was as if the deepest fear in their bones and blood had been awakened and their souls trembled.

“Any more?”

Huo Zhenxiao sat majestically on his warhorse, his untamed, outlandish gaze sweeping over the seven trains of Qi that rushed through the sky.

The next second.

Huo Zhenxiao’s upper body leaned forward slightly, his right hand holding his spear slowly moved back.

“Cross your spear and stand your horse, I am the only one who can do it, Huo Zhenxiao!”

“Great Snow Dragon Cry!”

The sound was like a thunderclap, resounding through the nine heavens.


A huge sound boomed.

The silver dragon spear in Huo Zhenxiao’s hand stabbed out, and the majestic qi energy followed the tip of the spear, turning it into a thick 30-metre-long trainer that split the air.

A faint dragon whistle resounded.

The dragon roared across the sky!

This shot tore through the deathly oppression created by the convergence of thirteen hidden worlds.

With supreme domineering might, it went straight to the back of the battlefield.

The dragon’s roar did not stop.

The sound was terrifying.

Even within Zhenjiang City, the heart-stopping sound of the dragon’s roar could be heard.

“The Great Snow Dragon Roar ……”

Chen Dong’s eyes fluttered for a moment as the dragon whistle echoed in his ears.

When he had been trapped in the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu, it was Huo Zhenxiao’s divine soldier who had descended from the sky and blasted down one of the city walls with a move of the Great Snow Dragon Roar, forcibly rescuing him in a domineering and outward-looking stance.

Boom, boom, boom ……

Seeing the qi pale dragon rushing into the back of the battlefield, a thunderous sound was heard, and a qi dragon rolled up into the air at the same time.

There were six of them, and they were the six hidden people who had been hiding behind the seven hidden people and had never shown themselves!

The six tornadoes of qi gathered together with a terrifying sound, and when they reached the height of the sky, they rolled backwards violently, like a great mountain pressing down on top of the qi dragon.

Rumble ……

It was like a cannonball colliding with each other.

A shockwave, visible to the naked eye, spread out in all directions in the air.

It looked beautiful, but the murderous intent of it made the millions of barbarians on the battlefield split their hearts and guts!

“Kill Huo Chenxiao! Today is the day!”

A voice driven by qi energy rang out from the vast crowd.

The next second.

In a series of thirteen heavenly qi, the thirteen Hidden Worlds rose into the air at the same time, hovering in the air with the help of qi.

And the one who shouted was none other than the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain!

After the thirteen Hidden Ones had taken to the air, they hovered for only half a second before they all lunged towards Huo Chenxiao in unison, wrapped in a terrifying killing intent that covered the sky.

The entire thirteen trains of Qi energy were like a hundred rivers returning to the sea, pointing directly at Huo Zhenxiao.

“Hahahaha …… Come on!”

Huo Zhenxiao let out a loud laugh as his blood-coloured cloak danced wildly, directly stomping on the belly of his horse, wrapped in majestic Qi energy as he rushed high into the air with his spear amidst the sound of his war horse neighing.

All eyes were on him.

Huo Zhenxiao’s body was riddled with violent qi, forming a barrier of qi visible to the naked eye.

The silver dragon spear in his hand shone coldly.

In an instant, he swung thirteen shots in quick succession!

Thirteen pale dragons of qi broke through the air.

With a loud explosion, thirteen rippling vortexes rippled out in the air.

But the thirteen Hidden Ones were only blocked for half a breath.

When the thirteen Hidden Ones, wrapped in boundless killing intent, broke through the thirteen beams of qi dragons, the next instant, they were right in front of Huo Zhenxiao.

The violent clash of qi was like a tsunami that raged in all directions with a deafening explosion.

The battle went straight to a white-hot stage.

As if by magic, Huo Zhenxiao and the 13 Hidden Worlds disappeared into thin air.

However, the boundless wall of Qi energy stood in the sky.

With the sound of intensive explosions, the wall of qi rippled violently, and there was also a qi train, wrapped in a destructive pressure, raging out and shooting into the sky.


A bold voice rang out from the millions of allied soldiers.

One simple word.

But it was like a heavenly sound to the allied army of the hundred tribes.

The millions of troops, already frightened, retreated in unison, desperately trying to make room for a larger battlefield for fear of being affected by the slightest ripple of qi.

The level of this battle was still too far away for these Rongwu.

But, none of them were stupid!

That mountainous and hellish oppression, that Qi energy that ravaged the long sky like a dream, were all declaring the true meaning of death!

“He’s injured!”

Chen Dong’s brows tightened up as he suddenly spat out a sentence.

Qin Ye, who had long looked dumbfounded at the side, his body shook violently.

However, he turned to reveal a helpless expression and sighed.

“A pair of thirteen, isn’t it normal to get injured? The number one God of War under the heavens is still human after all, and if you’re human, you’ll get injured and bleed.”

“But I feel that a mortal must be able to match a god!”

Chen Dong cleared his gloom and said firmly, “That old immortal would never take the Lord as his closed disciple because of some family sentiment, to be his only disciple, the Lord …… must have something that can catch his eye! He can’t be a mere mortal!”


Somewhere in the battlefield, blood rushed to the sky.

Master Kong Kong, who was sitting cross-legged and chanting sutras, was now pale to the extreme, with a white beard and white eyebrows, and his face was sagging even more, and even his eyelids were sagging to the point of almost covering his eyes.

But at this moment, he breathes an unspeakable sacredness of a solemn treasure.

Otherwise mortal, the Buddha’s light lingers.

He suddenly stopped chanting.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, which were just a slit.

Then, he looked in one direction.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

He let go of his joined hands, rose trembling, and took a step in the direction he was looking.

With this step, light arose from the soles of his feet, and his body swayed a hundred metres away ……