Winner Takes All Chapter 1850

A torrent of blood qi, transformed into a dragon scroll straight up into the sky.

It roared loudly.

Everywhere it pa*sed, it was like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat saplings, destroying them.

All the barbarians fell to the ground amidst the wailing and screaming of the barbarians.

The sound of trumpets rang out across the battlefield.

This was a frequency not seen before when the 500,000 strong army besieged the 10,000 men led by Bai Qi.

The commander was beheaded.

This was shocking news to the half-million strong army.

But now, the man who had taken the general’s head from the ma*s of ten thousand soldiers had become the nightmare of all the barbarians and soldiers.

Tides of soldiers poured in, trying to keep that man.

But that man was like a shura out of hell, his body was bathed in blood, his blood energy soaring to the sky, his twin swords in his hands waving, sweeping out a boundless blood-coloured blade aura, strangling in all directions.

With Bai Qi on his back, Chen Dong walked forward step by step.

His steps were not fast, but they were not slow either.

It was like a leisurely stroll, calm and unhurried.

The twin swords in his hands kept waving out, clearing the way of the barbarians in front of him, and also strangling the surrounding area cleanly.

The force was not at all on the same level.

To Chen Dong, killing was no different from chopping and slicing.

His face, full of veins and veins, was cold and stern to the extreme, and his scarlet eyes were churning with the colour of blood.

Moving forward, wielding his sword.

With these two simple movements, the tiger entered the herd and was unstoppable.

Shouts, screams and wails ……

The large battlefield was once again turned into a human purgatory because of Chen Dong’s intrusion.

Without the presence of the Hidden World, no one could resist Chen Dong’s footsteps.

Gradually, the shouting and killing sounds diminished.

The crowd around them no longer gathered around, but looked at the cultivator-like figure with trepidation and fear.

The disparity in power was not frightening.

At least one can still have the heart to fight to the death.

But when the difference in strength is so great that it is unbeatable, even the desire to fight to the death will be eradicated.


It is desperation that makes people give up resistance.

Now, for example, after the initial fierce fight to no avail, all the barbarians have been slaughtered.

In their eyes, going forward would only add to their deaths and would not help at all.

They, too, did not have the same terrifying willpower as the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

It was nothing more than an impromptu army pulled together from all sides of the Hundred Tribes, for the common good, but no one had yet been able to do such a senseless search for death.

Chen Dong stopped in his tracks and swept hideously across the entire field.

As far as the eye could see, there were the faces of incomparably terrified Diyi Rongwu.

“Make way!”

Two beams of blood burst out from Chen Dong’s eyes and he let out an incomparable hoarse voice.

The vast number of rabbit warriors looked at each other, hesitating.

In the end.

Fear overcame reason.

One by one, the barbarians directly in front of Chen Dong dodged to the left and right, making way for an open and bloody path.

In full view of the crowd.

Chen Dong, carrying the breathless Bai Qi on his back, slowly walked towards the front.

Everywhere he pa*sed, the barbarians in front of him dodged ahead of him, and the barbarians to his left and right retreated ahead of him.

Stepping on the sticky blood, he followed the mountain of corpses step by step downwards.

No one dared to stand in the way, no one dared to stop.

It was like entering an uninhabited territory!

Faced with the sense of fearful oppression emanating from Chen Dong’s body, the barbarians were in a state of panic, and as Chen Dong walked past, the crowd even pressed their breathing to the weakest, fearing that they might accidentally anger this hellish shura before them.

The air in the room seemed to freeze.

An immense sense of oppression pressed across the entire battlefield.

In the end.

Chen Dong carried Bai Qi on his back unhindered and walked to the periphery of the battlefield.

He walked directly towards a war horse, placed Bai Qi on it, and then mounted it, strangling the horse’s head and sweeping the entire field.

“Go back and tell Xixing that I will set foot on the thirteen Xiongnu cities and on the Xiongnu palace!”

A single word, harbouring a monstrous killing intent.

The voice was not loud, yet it echoed across the entire battlefield, urged by the terrifying Qi energy.

All the troops of the Hundred Clans who heard it were scared to death.

It was only after Chen Dong had disappeared from sight that the deadly silence of the battlefield gradually became murmurous.

“That, that man, is he a man or a ghost? How could he be so strong? When his gaze swept over me just now, I actually had the feeling that I was already dead.”

“Is this the ultimate in power? But …… why do I feel that there is something familiar about that man’s appearance just now?”

“Wait, he, he seems to be the monolithic statue that was pushed down within the Huns!”


A voice that recognized Chen Dong suddenly rang out from the crowd.

The next second.

There was an uproar on the large battlefield.

The once solemnly erected stone statue within the Huns had been brought down again in a very short time, a child’s play that had become a disgrace to the Huns!

And now …… the man who made the statue at the Hun monument has returned.

Not only has he returned, but he has held back the half million troops that the Huns were leading south!

It was a slap in the face of the Huns, and in the face of the Queen of the Huns, in front of everyone in the allied army of the Hundred Tribes!

It wasn’t too painful, nor was it too loud!


The wild wind wrapped around the wind and snow blew in Chen Dong’s face.

The blood energy in his body had long since collected back into his body, and the veins in his face had returned to normal, but his expression was still as cold and stern as frost.

In front of him, straddling his horse, Bai Qi’s breath was already wandering and he was at the end of his life.

Chen Dong’s six senses could clearly perceive it.

But there was nothing he could do.

This attrition had squeezed to the limit, like a piece of clay that had been squeezed to its last drop of vapour, trying to recover, back to heaven.

All he could do was to rely on his own qi to be channeled into Bai Qi, to help him lift his breath and return to Zhenjiang City.

“I can’t ……”

Bai Qi’s voice was weak and low to the extreme.

Chen Dong said calmly, “I will help support you to return to Zhenjiang City.”

“You’ve finally come back.”

Bai Qi smiled, only just as he grinned, a large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

His rugged face was also fading white rapidly.


Chen Dong pressed his left hand on Bai Qi’s back, and a surge of Qi energy was channeled into Bai Qi’s body to help support him.

At the same time.

He said calmly, “The brothers have died in battle, and the chief of the army has called for me, so of course I have to come back.”

“No, you are Chen Longtou!”

Bai Qi dismissed Chen Dong’s words.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Even if you are Chen Longtou, then you are still the soldier you brought out, only unfortunately, I am still a step too late!”

The majestic Zhenjiang City appeared at the end of the line of sight.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

Trumpets were blaring in the sky.

A beam of strong light, even in daylight, seemed incomparably blinding and swayed in the air.

Chen Dong shook his hand and threw the Golden Order of the Dragon Head towards the city wall, while shouting, “Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Chen Dragon Head, return to the city!”

Five minutes later.

Huo Zhenxiao’s barracks.

Chen Dong walked in with Bai Qi on his back.

Huo Zhenxiao put down his affairs and greeted him with joy.

Only he was the one who greeted Bai Qi behind Chen Dong first.

As soon as he landed on the ground.

Bai Qi said firmly, “Sovereign, dividing the troops, they are scattering the troops within Zhenjiang City, it’s all a trap and a trap, I’m really glad I came back alive to report to you.”

“I know, White Dragon Head!”

Huo Zhenxiao said softly, “I sensed something was wrong when the second army of half a million appeared, and did not send out deadly soldiers to stop it, but instead used silence.”

“Worthy of being a master.”

Bai Qi smiled gratefully and froze for just a moment, his eyes bursting with excitement, “Sovereign, you, what did you call me?”


Not waiting for Huo Zhenxiao to speak again.

Instead, the light in Bai Qi’s eyes receded extremely quickly and turned grey.

Chen Dong’s heart twisted like a knife, forcing down the sourness in his nose, he said, “Chief Bai Wu has run out of oil.”

Huo Zhenxiao froze.

It was as if a statue had frozen, his eyes hollow.

After a long time.

Only then did he slowly open his hands and hugged Bai Qi’s corpse tightly, his refocused eyes rippling, and as he closed them, a crystal teardrop slowly flowed down.

“White Dragon Head, you have completed your mission, and you are the best soldier I have ever brought out!”