Winner Takes All Chapter 1849

“Come and fight!”

The last two words were shouted by Bai Qi with all his last strength.

The voice was loud and echoed throughout the room.

At this moment, the whole room was silent.

It was as if the cold wind, which smelt of blood, had turned blood-red.

All the troops of the barbarians were solemn, and the look in Bai Qi’s eyes was no longer the same as the banter from earlier, but a mixture of awe.

The strongest were always respected.

This is true of soldiers.

This is even more true for the hundred tribes outside the realm where the weak are strong.

Even if the man in front of ……, drenched in blood, was the enemy!

“All stand at attention!”

Suddenly, a shout rang out from the silent crowd.


The whole room stood at attention, in unison.

The next second.

All the barbarians clenched their right hands into fists and placed them over their hearts, looking solemn and in awe.

Immediately afterwards, a rude man with a full beard stepped out of the crowd.

He was a head shorter than Bai Qi and stood in front of him, looking up at him.

“Commander Zamu Khan, have you ever had the honour of hearing your name?”

The words were earnest and awe-inspiring.

Even in the address of both sides, this commander-in-chief of half a million troops lowered himself.

This …… is a respect for the strong!

It was the greatest respect for the strongest man who was the last survivor of this sea of men, yet still did not give up resistance.

He is still shouting for war!

But everyone knows that this battle has already had its outcome.

No one even thought that this man, crushed to the limit, still had the slightest strength to resist.

All his strength could only be used to support his towering body, standing tall and unyielding!

“Bai Qi!”

Bai Qi grinned, his eyebrows were untamed and sidelined.

“Bai Qi?!”

Zamu Khan was horrified, and the crowd behind him resounded with a chorus of shouts.

The Hundred Clans United Army was never unfamiliar with this name!

Even in the previous years, this name, like Huo Zhenxiao, had chilled them to the bone!

“The former leader guard of the twelve golden guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Bai Qi?!”

Zamu Khan’s eyes widened in disbelief as he exclaimed in astonishment.

He hurriedly raised his hands and wiped the blood from Bai Qi’s face, before he could see Bai Qi’s face clearly.

In the chaos of the army just now, blood and flesh were flying everywhere and no one had cared who they were actually fighting.

When Zamu Khan saw Bai Qi’s face, he subconsciously took two steps back and hesitated for a moment.

He took a deep breath and said solemnly, “Zamu Khan salutes Lord Bai Qi and respectfully sends him on his way.”

“Haha …… hahaha ……”

Bai Qi laughed upwards, charging the sky with grandeur, “Soldiers, there is never anything but death in battle!”

The stubborn belief made Bai Qi’s tiger eyes widen as he uttered these words, and he bit through the tip of his tongue with one bite.

With the help of this brief and intense pain, the muscles of his arms graved up again.

Crunch ……

He slowly pulled up the blade that was stuck in the ground.

Zamu Khan was confused.

All the barbarians behind him were also confused.

How strong was this fighting conviction?

He was clearly out of it, but why, why could he still draw his sword?


A flash of lightning.

A hint of panic appeared on Zamu Khan’s face, and he directly pulled out the curved sword he wore at his waist, and the light was instantly cold and biting.

“Send Bai Qi on his way!”

The scimitar cracked across the sky, its cold light piercing the bones.

“Send Bai Qi on his way!”

All the remaining barbarians shouted in unison.

This was the greatest courtesy one could show to an opponent.


At this moment, a piercing alarm suddenly sounded from beneath the mountain of corpses.

It was as if a freeze frame was pressed on the whole field.

It made the scimitar in Zamu Khan’s hand freeze in mid-air.

“An air raid? It’s an air raid!”

A cry of alarm rang out.

The next second.

A thunderous sound rolled out from the distant vault.

Ten thousand people were watching.

A five-clawed golden dragon warplane tore through the sky and came roaring in like lightning.

And, without slowing down in the slightest.

It even dragged a long tail flame, turned in the air, nose down, and swooped directly towards the centre of the battlefield.

This was …… a desperate play!

With a crash, causing huge air raid casualties!

In the silence of all voices.

The huge five-clawed Golden Dragon warplane, as fast as lightning, did not give the barbarian allied forces a half-hearted chance to react.


A loud sound thundered through the sky.

The five-clawed Golden Dragon swooped directly into one part of the battlefield, and with a loud explosion, a mushroom cloud of flame rose into the air.

The terrifying wave of air impacted and wrapped around the wreckage of countless warplanes, wreaking havoc in all directions.

Screams of misery rang out across the battlefield.

The ground was shaken.

The debris that shot out caused huge casualties to the allied forces of the barbarians further away.

But in an instant, the vast sea of people on the vast battlefield was directly cleared out.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Including Bai Qi.

No one knew exactly where this warplane had come from and why it was attacking the battlefield in such a manner of air.

“Is that the seat of the …… juggernaut?”

Bai Qi’s blurred and confused gaze took in the five-clawed golden dragon on the warplane, and he couldn’t help but have his eyes flooded with a slight glow.

The words just came out.

He suddenly sensed a figure standing in the diagonal direction.

His gaze froze as he looked towards the figure, and a strong sense of familiarity came over him.

“Commander Watch out, there’s someone there!”

A cry of alarm rang out through the crowd, pulling the crowd in shock back to reality.

Zamu Khan jerked in shock and looked back, and his pupils immediately tightened to the point of no return.

A cold, stern face, like a heavy hammer, blasted him hard in the eye.

Those scarlet and bloodthirsty eyes were like pale wolves hunting in the snowy plains, firmly locked on him.

Chen Dong stood beside Bai Qi, gazing at the commander of the rabble’s allied forces before him.

He straightened his back and his aura rose to the sky.

In a deep voice, he spoke.

“Chief Bai Wu, Chen Dong of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, requesting to return to the group!”

Every word was resounding.

It resounded through the whole room.

Bai Qi laughed, a reckless, rampant, spontaneous laugh.

“Permission granted, return to the line!”

He said weakly.

The next second.

Chen Dong gripped a Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his right hand.


A majestic and monstrous aura burst out from his body, pushing across all directions.

The gale of wind and qi swept and carried his robe huntingly.

His face was quickly covered with veins and veins.

A sea of blood and corpses rose up behind him.

The Qi, rendered in blood as fast as the eye could see, blended in with everything around him.

A thunderous shout, filled with endless killing intent, resounded through the entire field.

“Bai Qi Wu, all draw swords!”


The boundless blood-coloured Qi, as Chen Dong swung his sword at Zamu Khan, instantly turned into countless bitter sword Qi, wreaking havoc in all directions.

Amidst a scream of misery.

Zamu Khan and the surrounding circle of barbarians were all strangled to pieces by the blood-coloured sword qi before they could even defend themselves.

Flesh and blood flew everywhere, and it was so gruesome.

This slash stunned all the Yi clansmen to the spot.

Chen Dong was in no man’s land when he swung his blade.

He turned around and put Bai Qi on his back, who was extremely weak. He pulled off the belt of Bai Qi’s armour and tied it securely around his waist, so that the two were linked together.

“Chief Bai Wu, let’s go home!”

Chen Dong took the blood-stained Dragon Rider war sword from Bai Qi’s hand.

With the sword in both hands, wrapped in endless blood-coloured Qi, he charged straight into the endless sea of people ……