Winner Takes All Chapter 1829

Zhenjiang City.

The city was illuminated by the fire of war, which shone like daylight.

One after another, warplanes roared off.

The gates of the city were wide open on all sides, and vast armies were moving in and out.

One day and one night, no one expected that the battle would heat up so quickly and go straight to the white heat.

The vast city was like a war machine rumbling along.

And Huo Zhenxiao was the head of this giant war machine.

Military orders were issued and given out quickly.

The military orders were like mountains, and the words were followed.


Bai Qi suddenly rushed into the barracks, interrupting Huo Zhenxiao’s movements, “Sovereign, the armies of all sides report that the Hidden World and top mercenaries have appeared on the battlefield, causing considerable damage to our armies of all sides.”

As he spoke, Bai Qi’s expression was incredibly complex.

There was anger, hatred and grief ……

Without waiting for Huo Zhenxiao to make a sound, he directly clasped his fist and said, “I also request the sovereign’s approval, my subordinate is willing to lead an army out of the city to fight!”


Huo Zhenxiao’s sword eyebrows lightly raised, stunned towards Bai Qi: “For a general, this should not be the case, what is wrong with your state of mind?”

Hearing this.

Master Kong Kong, who was sitting cross-legged and chanting sutras, also opened his eyes and looked towards Bai Qi.

Bai Qi’s reddened tiger eyes were faintly foggy.

On the battlefield, life and death are at stake.

A man’s tears are not lightly shed, but it is not the time to be sad.

Throughout the battlefield, he had long been used to parting from life and death.

But this time, ripples still swirled within him.

“Your Majesty, one of my soldiers …… has just left.”

Bai Qi’s voice was low and sorrowful.

“Your soldiers?”

Huo Zhenxiao suddenly reacted, “You mean the soldiers under your military commander?”

“Well, Meng Dabiao was brought up by me and worked his way up to the position of captain, but just now, his name was on the list of war dead, he was charging and fighting on the battlefield, was surrounded by the barbarians’ Rongwu, and was attacked from the side by top hired experts, and perished on the spot.”

Bai Qi’s voice trembled a little, and his nostrils were even more sour.

Huo Zhenxiao put down his pen, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He had also climbed up from the bottom step by step.

The battlefield in the army is bloody and cruel.

Everyone was sharpened step by step, wandering through life and death, and had already gotten used to death.

Only this layer of emotions accumulated at the bottom was the most difficult to let go of and touched the heart the most.

When he was at the bottom, he followed his old army commander to fight and kill on the battlefield. He thought he was used to the cruelty on the battlefield, but when his old army commander fell in front of him that day, he was …… equally …… devastated!

The emotions at the bottom of this are mutual and purest.

It is also a teacher and a friend.

A teacher brought into battle, and a companion who could give his back to the other!

“I forbid you to go.”

Huo Zhenxiao closed his eyes and said firmly, “But with this news, I order you to immediately spread it back to the domain and let that head of ours, Chen, who is still hiding in the rear, know that one of his brothers has already died in battle, and the rest of his brothers are still fighting for their lives on the battlefield while he is still hiding in the rear!”

Bai Qi froze for a moment.

Military orders could not be disobeyed.

He didn’t argue, but gritted his teeth and said “hmm” as he got up to leave.

“Are you sure he’ll be able to get his fighting spirit up?”

Master Empty Sky looked questioningly at Huo Zhenxiao.

“I’m not sure.”

Huo Zhenxiao shook his head, “But, one has to try.”


Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The night was late and quiet.

It was like two worlds from the scene of purgatory on the battlefield of the Northern Domain.

The roof of the villa.

Chen Dong walked out carrying a small bottle of beer, looked at the swing that was already covered with a layer of dust, and smiled dumbly.

It had been a long time since he had been up here.

Once upon a time, when there were many people in the family, he would come up every now and then with Elder Long and Kunlun to sit, chat, drink and smoke.

Chen Dong also ignored the dust on the swing, sat on it with his buttocks and gently swung.

Looking at the sky full of bright stars and the full moon.

He took a small sip of his beer.

“Young master, a rare elegant moment.”

Elder Long walked over, carrying a bottle of beer in the same hand.

“Youn and Barbara are both asleep, running up to take a break.”

Chen Dong tugged lightly at the corner of his mouth and raised the bottle to clink with Elder Long: “Elder Long, you are getting older and older.”

“When one is old, one is right to be old, if one had cranky hair, young master, you would have to pick me apart and study me?”

Long Lao teased, then walked over to the balcony, looking at the night view of Tianmen Mountain, and said in a deep voice, “A message has just come from Zhenjiang City in the Northern Region, do you want to hear it, young master?”

“You deliberately came up here just to talk about this?”

Chen Dong gave a sidelong glance and leaned lazily on the swing.

“But old slave feels that you need to know.”

Long Lao took a sip of wine and exhaled a breath of wine as he said, “The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s Bai Wu chief has sent a message that the border is in a state of emergency and wolves are rising, all of the former Bai Qi Wu brothers are running to the battlefield, fighting to the death to protect the mountains and rivers, Bai Qi asks: when will the head of Chen Dong return to the army?”

“It has nothing to do with me.”

Chen Dong uttered four words with determination, “Chen Daojun loves to play, then let him play.”

Elder Long said in a deep voice, “Chief Bai said that just now, Meng Dabiao, a brother within the army, ran into battle as a captain and was tragically besieged and sneaked up on, and has been killed on horseback!”

“Dabiao ……”

At this moment, in the night wind, under the dim light.

There was finally a change on Chen Dong’s cold face.

A flash of grief and anger suddenly flashed in those cold, stern eyes.

A scene from the past, like a movie, quickly surfaced in his mind.

That pagoda-like Tie Bean, that face full of silly smiles ……

One by one, the laughter surfaced in Chen Dong’s mind, and the sound of laughter even seemed to ring in his ears.

“Young master …… Bai Wu chief and those few brothers, are waiting for you.”

Long Lao turned around and walked up to Chen Dong, only Chen Dong’s expression once again returned to indifference, which he did not notice.

“What’s it to do with me? I just want to take the children.”

Chen Dong snorted and raised his bottle of wine and clinked it once more with Elder Long before taking a large sip, “Don’t worry about it, Elder Long, it’s his Chen Daojun’s business.”

The words were still filled with monstrous resentment.

In a whirl, Chen Dong waved his hand, signalling for Elder Long to leave.

With a pang of powerlessness in his heart, Elder Long turned around and left.

Chen Dong leaned lazily on the swing, swaying gently, his cold eyes watching as Elder Long eventually disappeared into the hallway.

The dim lights shone down.

A ripple gradually appeared on his face.

Memories are like knives.

A knife plucks out the heart.

Everything, it was as if it was frozen in place.

A full minute of pause!

“Meng Dabiao, you piece of Sh*t!”

Chen Dong squeezed out an expletive from between his teeth.

As he spoke, his right hand let go, and the beer bottle that was originally in his hand instantly cracked with countless cracks, spilling shards and liquor onto the ground with a crash.

The bottle had actually broken a long time ago.

It was just that he had been wrapping it with qi energy to maintain its original state.

With Elder Long having left, there was no need to keep it up.

Chen Dong got up, stretched his back and looked out towards the north.

After holding this action for ten seconds.

He turned around in silence and walked towards the stairs.

The dim light stretched his back for a long, long time ……