Winner Takes All Chapter 1830

The Palace of the Huns.

The lights are magnificent.

Ignoring the bitter wind and snow, Shying stopped at the highest point in the palace, the Star Picking Platform, to look out to the south.

Since a few days ago, she had particularly enjoyed standing here alone in the dead of night.

The path of a thousand miles is not long enough for her to see the battlefield around Zhenjiang City with her eyes.

But, that was where she liked to stand.

“In a short while, my king will be able to enjoy the sunshine in those ten thousand miles of fertile fields.”

A sweet smile appeared at the corner of Shying’s mouth, but her eyes were stern to the core.


A voice so hoarse that it sounded like gravel rubbing against his throat rang out behind him.

“Lord Skywolf, why is this necessary?”

Xixing said with a smile without looking back.

“If this battle is successful, you will be the king of the Hundred Clans, and your glory will be even greater than that of the Xiongnu royal court of yesteryear.

The Heavenly Wolf, wearing a large cloak that wrapped around his body, teased and teased.

“What’s the matter?”

Xixing smiled meaningfully and asked without looking back.

“The battle report from the front line, another army of one hundred thousand was wiped out.”

Skywolf said calmly, “This battle damage, it’s too frightening!”

“It’s not scary, it’s a good report.”

Xixing shook his head, looked out to the south and said calmly, “If it didn’t reach this battle loss ratio, then it wouldn’t be Huo Zhenxiao and the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, besides how can the word ‘frightening’ come out of Lord Skywolf’s mouth?”

Skywolf was visibly stunned for a moment.

Then he smiled again and said, “Lord Queen has teased, but is Lord Queen really confident that she can conquer Zhenjiang City in three days?”

Zhenjiang City was a pinnacle stuck in the Northern Domain.

If it could be conquered, wielding the whip southward would be a thousand miles of wilderness, with nothing to hold.

But if it could not be attacked in three days, once large reinforcements from Zhenjiang City arrived, it would inevitably drag the allied army of the Hundred Clans into the quagmire of a fierce battle.

“Of course there is, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army has a total of 300,000 men, this king’s hundred clans allied army, more than ten times, a hundred thousand troops crushed over, fill with life can also drag the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to death, they are human, not gods, how can a human withstand such a high intensity fierce battle?”

Shying said with a chesty smile.

“Then why not just push across with millions of troops?”

Skywolf asked with some doubt, “Wouldn’t it be easier to overwhelm the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army that way?”

“Lord Skywolf has a biased perception of the strength of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army.”

Xixing shook his head, “Three hundred thousand Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Armies, if they really converged together, with Huo Zhenxiao in command and the ten Golden Guards under his command leading the troops and attacking together, the combat power that could erupt would be unimaginable, even if millions of armies spanned the battlefield, they would still be able to kill a few pairs through.”

“Huo Zhenxiao is the army soul of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, it is faith, having him stay within the city, dividing the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and forcing several of their battlefields to go to war at the same time, is able to contain some of their killing power, while also minimising our casualties.”

After a pause, Shyu Xing shrugged somewhat helplessly.

“Although the current casualty figures are still horrific, it must be much better than the spectacle of millions against 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders!”

The tone of his voice was gruff.

Even when Skywolf heard these words, he couldn’t help but be secretly shocked.

He had never really been on the battlefield, to be precise, in these recent years, the armies of the hundred tribes outside the domain had never witnessed the true strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, whether they were joining forces or fighting individually.

But when it was clear that it was millions of troops against 300,000, and even when all sides were still dominant, it still made Xie Xing cautious to this extent, the strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army could not be considered as terrifying as this.

“What if they really were delayed for three days?”

Sky Wolf thought of a possibility and slowly raised his head, his scarlet eyes gazing at Xie Xing.

“Although they’ve now got the Four Directions Rongwu on fire to help them, the movement and migration of the large army is still under control.”

The light in Xie Xing’s eyes flickered as he smiled smugly, “This is when the importance of the two helpers, the Hong Society and the Gu Family, becomes apparent.”

“What do you mean?”

“If the forces of the Hong Society and the Gu Family are setting fires all over the domain at this moment, how many Rongwu of the domain can be held back, Lord Skywolf, do you think? And how long can we delay the four directions from racing to help?”

“Excellent plan!”


A day and a night of killing and bloody battles.

The snowy plains in the four directions of Zhenjiang City had long since ceased to exist, and the land was all stained red with blood, with a bloody stream forming in the lowlands.

The smell of blood in the air could even drift hundreds of miles away.

An unprecedented battle, unprecedentedly tragic.

Since the founding of Zhenjiang City, it had never experienced such an intense baptism of fire.

To be precise, the battles of such intensity that Zhenjiang City had experienced in its previous wars were already the peak moments of war.

And this time, it was just the beginning!

It was clear to all that the battle would continue to rage on!

The eyes of the world were focused on Zhenjiang City in the Northern Region.

In the course of a day and a night, war reports flew like snowflakes to all parts of the world.

All the giants and powers were silenced.

Even through a single battle report, one could glimpse the tragedy of the battlefield.

“In one day and one night, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army has froze such a fierce attack, it is truly the best army in the world!”

“An army of 100,000 is pressing across, the Xiongnu allied army is planning to rely on a sea of human lives to crush Zhenjiang City hard!”

“According to the available information, if Zhenjiang City holds out for three days and reinforcements arrive from all four sides of the domain, everything will still have a chance to turn around, but can Huo Zhenxiao and Zhenjiang City really hold out?”


While the crowd was amazed at Zhenjiang City’s terrifying battle power, they couldn’t help but have doubts about Zhenjiang City’s strength for the first time in the face of a battle report.

All kinds of disadvantages, together, if it were other Rongwu, they would have already been defeated like a mountain.

Zhenjiang City managed to hold out for one day and one night, but beyond that, no one was sure that he could continue to hold out!

And yet.

However, just as dawn was breaking.

A piece of news, like a nuclear bomb, struck the world in a daze.

Small groups of raiders were launched almost simultaneously at dawn, springing up all over the domain like rain.

It was as if they were teams of deadly warriors, striking at the Rongwu troops converging on the Northern Territory’s Zhenjiang City with eggs and stones.

Some cities in the domain even saw these teams appear, wreaking havoc.

When this news came out, all parties in the world were shocked and confused.

The powers and giants who had bet on the Hundred Clans all clapped their hands.

But those who had bet on the domain were all sitting on the spot, sighing with dismay.

It was clear to everyone that such a riotous a*sault would be nothing more than hitting a stone with an egg, and would not cause any casualties or battle damage to the forward-moving Rongwu.

But …… can certainly delay the army’s march!

A single kill can delay the advance of a small group of troops, how many Rongwu can be delayed by a small group springing up?

This means that the four sides of the Rongwu that would have been able to converge on Zhenjiang City in three days as planned will be delayed!

The speed of war is precious.

In such a fierce battle, a second’s delay could mean two very different results!