Winner Takes All Chapter 1808




Three loud sounds in quick succession, as if a nuclear bomb had exploded.

Three mushroom clouds of gold and black rushed into the sky.

It was spectacular and shocking.

The hundred-metre golden Buddha, along with Master Kongkong, struck out with three palms in quick succession, splitting the boundless black cloud of demonic energy into three parts.

The mighty power of the Buddha and the sound of chanting sutras were even weaved directly into the black cloud of demonic energy under the blessing of the sun, stirring up huge waves and thunder and lightning.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Kong Kong, covered in gold and blood and seated on a swastika golden Buddha seal, once again chanted a Buddhist hymn.

With the flooding chanting sound in the sky.

On the vault of the sky, the hundred-metre golden Buddha with its radiant Buddha light crashed directly into the middle of three black clouds of demonic energy.

Layers and layers of Buddha’s light swept out like a tidal wave, crashing into the black clouds of devilish qi and immediately roaring and exploding, as if to annihilate these three split black clouds of devilish qi.

“Old baldy!”

Chen Dong, who was on the ground, looked up to the sky and cursed angrily.

In an instant, his face was full of veins and veins once again protruding, and majestic demonic qi rushed out from his body as if it had broken the dike, turning into a black tornado that attacked the sky and merged into the three black clouds of demonic qi.

“Chen Dong, put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky slowly opened his eyes, golden light flickering, but it was ethereal and compa*sionate, looking down at Chen Dong below, “You are able to control the demonic thoughts with your hidden demon realm in your body, poor monk for the sake of the people of this world, you will never be allowed to remain in exile!”

“Hahahaha ……”

Chen Dong laughed out loud, his laughter rampant: “Good one to put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha, but you Buddha only wants to pa*s me, why ever pa*s my wife and children’s parents!”


The earth cracked inch by inch, the blood-coloured qi wrapped in majestic demonic qi, cloaked in all directions, lifting the earth up by another layer.


Suddenly, a bell chime echoed above the heavens.

The clear, crisp bell sounded in an empty valley.

It seemed to emanate from an ancient temple in the deep forests of the mountains in the early morning.

The sound waves, visible to the naked eye, emanated from the hundred-metre golden Buddha and surged into the three black clouds of demonic energy.

In an instant.

It was as if a barrier had hardened, stopping the devilish qi released from Chen Dong’s body from surging into the black clouds of devilish qi.

And with this lurch.

Master Empty Sky however, his body shook and he threw back his head and spurted out a large mouthful of golden blood.

He was suppressing Chen Dong with his life.

The restless Buddha nature had been pushed to its limit as he was determined to die.

And this, too, was based on the fact that Buddha and devil were mutually exclusive.

If Buddha and devil did not happen to be mutually exclusive, with the difference in strength between Master Kongkong and Chen Dong nowadays, even if he tried his best, it would still be difficult to control the devilish Qi that was being declared from Chen Dong’s body.

“If you still want to block me, then it will be above the heavenly punishment!”

Chen Dong’s hostile aura tumbled and his fierce aura was revealed.

At this moment, it was as if a monstrous sea of blood rose up behind him, boundless.

That fierce, brutal and ghastly aura was like a prairie fire, invading the four directions of heaven and earth at great speed.

“Then let the poor monk die first!”

Master Empty Sky braced his almost depleted body and violently stood up from the swastika golden Buddha seal.

The Buddha’s light was so great that a long rainbow was stirring in all directions.

In an instant, the terrifying Buddha’s might directly covered this side of the sky.

The golden light covered the black clouds of demonic energy in the sky.

Not waiting for Chen Dong’s strength to rise.

“Amitabha Buddha!”

On the vault of the sky, the hundred-meter tall golden-bodied Buddha statue let out a Buddhist hymn, words like thunder.

This time, however, it was the golden-bodied Buddha statue itself that issued it, and Master Khongkong did not speak.


A tremor shook the heavens and the earth.

As the Buddha’s light pressed across the long sky.

The hovering Empty Master bent down in the air and slapped his palm down directly towards Chen Dong below.

At the same time.

The 100-metre golden Buddha statue also bent its lofty body with a roar, and its huge mountain-like right palm exploded with a roar, directly crushing down.

There was a huge roar.

The wind howled.

Where the Buddha’s palm pa*sed, golden light raged, dispersing the demonic Qi, like a great mountain overturning.

The terrifying pressure was even like a heavenly tilt, taking the lead to batter Chen Dong.


Chen Dong let out a miserable cry of pain, and his rising aura and strength came to a bizarre and abrupt halt under this terrifying suppression that was as terrifying as a prison.


There was a muffled sound.

The robe on his body tore apart, exposing his crystal jade-like skin.

There was a loud boom.

Golden light enveloped.

As the palm fell, Chen Dong’s demonic aura was completely suppressed by Master Khongkong’s Buddha nature.

And as Chen Dong’s clothes burst into pieces, he even swayed and smashed to the ground on one knee.

The capillaries protruding from his face even broke apart directly, and blood flowed out, staining his face red.

Time seemed to slow down at this moment.

The huge Buddha’s palm ravaged with Buddha’s light and fell in a mighty manner.

And as it drew closer, the Buddha’s palm expanded rapidly.

It seemed that the moment this palm fell, even all of Chen Dong’s escape routes were blocked.

Chen Dong knelt on one knee, his body was twitching, and the muscles on his bare upper body were rising like rocks, as he tried to get up.

But the fearful Buddha’s might above his head blocked his strength and demonic energy from rising, making it extraordinarily difficult for him to even get up.

It was as if a titanic mountain was pressing down on his shoulders, and as the Buddha’s palm descended, it became heavier and heavier.

“Chen Dong, the poor monk is just not strong enough to fight for his life, the poor monk’s Buddhist cultivation is enough to suppress your demonic nature!”

The calm voice of Master Kongkong came to his ears, only it was a voice that breathed an indescribable weakness.

“Hehe ……”

Chen Dong laughed, even though his head was topped by the Buddha’s palm and his shoulders were carried like a great mountain, he still laughed in a reckless and wild manner.

It just looked extraordinarily hideous with the veins and blood that covered his face.

“Everyone has to press my head towards the route designed by Chen Daojun, without ever asking me if I am willing, if you think it is right, who am I to believe you are right?”

This was the thought in his mind.

A thought that came to mind.

The muscles on Chen Dong’s body, which had been graved up, suddenly cracked with a “pop”, and crimson blood instantly spurted out.

The next second.

A glittering blood light blossomed out from the gap in his cracked muscles.

Immediately, the blood light enveloped his entire body.

A complicated rune, shrouded in blood light, quickly surfaced on top of his flesh and skin.

It was dense and cumbersome, and spread all over his body.

“This is ……”

High in the sky, the pupils of Master Kongkong, who was leaning down to keep his palm slapped down, tightened to a point of shock.

If Chen Daogun had been present, he would have inevitably recognised at a glance that this was the rune he had seen on Chen Dong that time!

Only Master Khongkong, however, was seeing it for the first time!

But, the instant he saw it for the first time, an unspeakably great terror roared through his mind like a tidal wave.

Followed closely by.

A demonic blood light skyrocketed extremely fast on Chen Dong’s body.

The runes on his body became more and more dense and clear.

It was like a suit of armour that directly draped over his body.


He slowly raised his head against the vast mountain-like Buddha might and let out a fierce laugh towards Master Kongkong: “Old vulture, why seek death?”

One word came out.

His figure swayed gently, as if the great mountainous oppression that had fallen on him just now was instantly cleared away.

Under the frightened gaze of Master Kongkong.

Chen Dong slowly stood up and looked at Master Kongkong, moving his gaze to the giant Buddha’s palm that was close at hand.


He laughed disdainfully and casually swung his right hand out ……