Winner Takes All Chapter 1807

The devil’s aura is across the sky and the Buddha’s might is vast.

Colliding with each other, the sound spreads for a thousand miles.

It was daylight.

Even though it was stormy and snowy, the black clouds of devilish qi and the golden light of Buddha’s might still dazzled in the sky.

With a loud bang came a loud bang.

The major barbarian clans of the extra-territorial snow plains were alarmed.

“What’s going on? It’s broad daylight, why has that sky gone dark?”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, is that the …… Buddha? My God!”

“If you are born with a vision, there must be a great change, this is not a good sign!”


In a flash, the major rabbit clan leaders rose up in shock.

The people of the rabbit tribe, however, were even more chilled and frightened.

Because they were in different positions and had different visual angles, there were those who only saw the demonic black clouds, those who only saw the golden light and the 100-meter shadow of Buddha, and of course, those who saw both.

But this did not affect in any way the horror and horror of all.

The Eastern Hu Clan.

Inside the tribal palace.


A loud shout came from outside the palace.

Without waiting for the leader of the East Hu tribe to answer, a middle-aged man clad in animal robes stumbled in, stumbled on his feet and fell to the ground.

“Your chief, the 10,000-strong team sent to Xiongnu to form the army of the Hundred Clans has lost contact and is missing in the exact same direction where the black clouds and the Buddha statue appeared.”


The leader of the Eastern Hu tribe was struck by lightning and staggered and fell into the chair behind him.

In a flash, his bearded face turned a little white, and his tiger eyes were wide with fear: “Could …… all that in the sky be related to the disappearance of the 10,000-strong team?”

The first time I saw this, I was able to see it with my own eyes.

But the 10,000-strong team sent to Xiongnu disappeared in the same place where the vision appeared, so it would be difficult not to link the two events together.

In a trance.

The leader of the Eastern Hu tribe had even thought of the worst possible scenario.

Northern Territory, Zhenjiang City.

A sharp, piercing alarm sounded through Zhenjiang City.

The entire city was under martial law.

The nine Golden Guards each commanded their troops to the city walls.

The armour is cold, and even the heat weapons hidden within the city walls are all revealed.

With the entire northern frontier sealed off, any movement is enough to put Zhenjiang City on alert.

Past experience in battles with the barbarians from outside the realm had proved this too!

Huo Zhenxiao led Bai Qi and the Nine Golden Guards to the top of the northern city wall and looked out into the distance.

In the distant vault of the sky, boundless black clouds tossed about, giving people a great sense of oppression.

On the other side of the black clouds, a dazzling golden light could be seen faintly, rendering half of the dome of the sky.

Of course, due to the distance, the hundred-metre huge Buddha statue could not be seen in Zhenjiang City either.

“Born with a vision, looking at the distance, it should be more than a thousand miles away.”

Bai Qi pondered.

Even at this moment, there was a constant stream of booming explosions coming from the place of that innate vision.

Although the transmission to Zhenjiang City had been very light, it was still enough to make people tremble, after all …… that came from a thousand miles away!

“I’m afraid it’s not an innate vision.”

Huo Zhenxiao rubbed his chin, shaking off the snow on his cloak, his expression cold, his eyes narrowed into slits: “A life vision would be more apt.”


One word came out.

Both Bai Qi and the nine Golden Guards were shocked.

“Sovereign, you mean this movement, it’s man-made?”

Bai Qi hastily pursued the question.

Although ever since Chen Dong had become the leading guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he had been demoted to the rank of Woodsman, and this position had never changed.

But within Zhenjiang City, Bai Qi’s status had also become one of the most special!

Obviously the most junior of all the Woodsmen, he was Huo Zhenxiao’s closest confidant, and this was already the default in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army.

The Nine Great Golden Guards were no exception.

Hearing this.

The nine Golden Guards also looked at Huo Zhenxiao curiously.

Huo Zhenxiao smiled playfully, his eyes clear and cold as he gave Bai Qi a sidelong glance: ”Has Chief Bai neglected his training recently? You should have slacked off on your Martial Dao Body’s enlightenment, right?”

Bai Qi was at a loss.

Ever since the 36 Martial Dao Bodies had been forged, the entire army had been in full swing, and he and the nine Golden Guards had even become the army’s role models, leading the way in enlightenment and never daring to slacken off for a moment.

Now, with the Great War approaching and the northern frontier blockaded, the danger of Zhenjiang City has long been on paper, so no one would dare to slacken off!

“Alright, just kidding, this seat knows that you are all intensifying your enlightenment.”

Huo Zhenxiao smiled and patted Bai Qi’s shoulder to ease the atmosphere, then his smile suddenly tightened, his face was grave, and he said in a deep voice: “From this far away, it is reasonable that the strength of the nine golden guards cannot be sensed, but you Bai Qi, as the former leading guard, is only below me in military strength, and now after enlightening his martial body, he should still have improved, so you can sense it carefully again. ”

Bai Qi frowned, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, held his breath, and sensed everything a thousand miles away with all his might.

A thousand miles away!

Such a distance was out of reach for ordinary people.

Sensing was even more bullSh*t.

But since Huo Zhenxiao had told him to do so, it must make sense!

A few seconds later.

Bai Qi’s eyes snapped open and his eyes widened in anger, “Such strong power fluctuations, it’s not an innate vision, it seems like two forces are clashing, someone is in a big battle!”


Huo Zhenxiao shrugged his shoulders, his expression was stern, he smiled coldly and turned towards the city walls, “Pa*s down the order, stop the alert, the whole army enters a 24-hour war state, always be ready to welcome the Hundred Clans southwards!”

As soon as the words were spoken, the wind and snow on the city head suddenly became as cold as a knife, freezing cold and piercing to the bone.

Bai Qi and the nine Golden Guards were struck by lightning and looked at Huo Zhenxiao in astonishment.

Originally, they were only on alert, but now they were in a 24-hour state of war?

Such a change meant that a major war was imminent, and even …… a major war was about to take place at any moment!

The crowd was astonished.

A golden guard hinted at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi was busy taking a step forward and asked after him, “Sovereign, my strength is meager, I can only sense so much, please also ask the Sovereign for clarification.”

Huo Zhenxiao’s footsteps gave a beat, his right hand violently ripped off his cloak, rolled it in his hand and walked downwards without looking back.

“Who else under the universal sky can roll up such a huge black cloud of devilish qi, other than your leader Chen? That golden light is afraid that Master Kongkong has met him as well… This battle is fought outside the realm, even if we can sit still, the hundred tribes outside the realm can’t sit still!”

Bai Qi and the Nine Golden Guards were confused at the same time.

By the time they came back to their senses, Huo Zhenxiao had already disappeared from the city head.

“Enter a state of war!”

Bai Qi spoke in a deep voice, his face cold to the core.

He turned to look at the majestic black clouds in the sky again, subconsciously clenching his fists and revealing a worried look.

The nine Golden Guards also understood the seriousness of the matter, and without the slightest hesitation, they walked down to the city and sent orders to the whole army.

Zhenjiang City blocked off the northern frontier on all fronts, and the hundred tribes outside the domain fought hard to prepare for the southward advance at all times.

Nowadays, a special equilibrium has been formed within the domain and outside the domain where a great war is imminent, all that is missing is time.

But now …… this great battle of the innate visions has broken this equilibrium!

They’re not worried, but the hundred tribes outside the domain, and the Huns ten thousand miles away, will definitely be worried about the delay!

Time …… will then surely come early!