Winner Takes All Chapter 1727-1728

Chapter 1727


Fan Lu was struck by lightning and her mind went blank.

In a flash, she felt the sky spinning and her eyes blackened.

The same tragedy, was it going to happen again?

The phone rang.

Fan Lu pulled out her mobile phone in a daze, and when she saw that it was from Elder Long, she hurriedly picked it up.

“Elder Long, Xiao Ying and Barbara have been taken away!”

Without waiting for Elder Long to speak, Fan Lu snatched the words out of his mouth.

“Oh God, the old slave is guilty and deserves to die!”

Over the phone, Elder Long cried out in mourning.

Following closely.

Over the phone, Elder Long suddenly exclaimed, “Jiang Qilin?”

Jiang Qilin?

Fan Lu and Meng’s eyes lit up as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw to save his life.

He had finally returned!


The phone hung up.

“Xiao Lu, you take a rest first, I’ll go around and check the situation.”

Meng frowned tightly, her face as gloomy as water.


Inside the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Jiang Qilin stood at the villa’s main entrance with a frosty face, but his cold, stern gaze swept past the villa and locked onto the back garden.

Long Lao staggered and hobbled out of the villa and rushed towards him.

“You’ve finally returned!”

Long Lao’s old eyes were filled with tears, panic-stricken and at a loss for words, no longer the cloudy breeze of old days.

The death of Chen Dong’s child was still as vivid as a nightmare, and as a servant, if he were to repeat the same mistake again, he could not be blamed for it!

“I’m sorry.”

Jiang Qilin said calmly, always watching the back garden, and asked, “Is it Zhao Broken?”

Elder Long froze for a moment and nodded, “He was the one who activated the formation, something seems different about this kid tonight!”

“It is different, that’s human ancestor Qi!”

Jiang Qilin laughed lightly and finally dropped his eyes to Elder Long, “There’s no harm here, I’ll go after Madam Chen now.”

“But ……”

Elder Long looked back at the radiant golden light formation with some concern.

“A mouthful of Human Ancestor Qi, combined with the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, he, Zhao Broke-Ru, is invincible!”

Jiang Qilin said in a deep voice, and a domineering Qi suddenly swept up from beneath his feet, sweeping around his body.

The next second.

With a shake of his body, he took a direct step, as quick as lightning.

Long Lao clenched his hands together, his eyes filled with hot tears as he tilted his head towards the golden night sky, his knees went weak and he directly knelt on the ground, mournfully praying, “Madam …… you old man must bless, that is the young master’s bloodline!”


The desolate land of the far north.

The snowstorm was flying and the cold wind was like a knife.

Two figures were moving forward at great speed.


The two stopped again in unison and glanced at each other.

“Human Ancestor Qi!”

Xu Qingfeng’s face was sunken to the point of gloom, “Why is this brat Zhao Breaker just trying to disobey old me!”

He almost cursed out these words through clenched teeth, his anger surging, making the wind and snow around him seem to be silent.

“Xu kid ……”

Chen Daojun narrowed his eyes and stared at Xu Qingfeng: “I found out that I have always underestimated you, this important treasure, the Human Ancestor Qi, has actually been held by you all along, and it’s still on Zhao Broke-Ru’s body, and I actually never found out the slightest clue!”

“Now is not the time to talk to you about this.”

Xu Qingfeng waved his hand, impatient with the wind and snow around him, and waved his hand directly, his tongue bursting into thunder: “Boring, stop!”


The majestic qi energy swept through the sky, causing the wind and snow to suddenly disappear in this part of the world where the two of them were.

Immediately afterwards, Xu Qingfeng said in a deep voice again, “To be able to force Zhao Brelu to use all of his Human Ancestor Qi, what do you think is going on there at Tianmen Mountain right now? Now it’s your turn to make a decision!”

Chen Daojun’s expression was awe-inspiring as he instantly reacted.

He had once pressed Zhao Breru so much, but he had never been able to pry Zhao Breru’s mouth open.

And now, Zhao Broke-Ru had even used his Human Ancestor Qi, as if the matter had become so serious that he had to do whatever it took!

“Little Shadow ……”

In a flash, Chen Daojun sorted everything out, but his brow was furrowed as a hint of guilt and helplessness flashed across his eyes, “Dong’er’s bloodline cannot afford any more failures, but this is ten thousand thousand miles away, we simply can’t make it in time!”

If it were any other time, he would have gone back to rescue them at any cost.

But now he was in the far north, thousands of miles away from Heaven’s Gate Mountain, and even he had more than enough strength to do so!

Xu Qingfeng laughed coldly, “A Daoist monarch, an old ancestor of the Chen family, an old man of a thousand years, a man who dares to compete with the heavenly gentry, there is still a time when he is helpless.


Chen Daojun gave Xu Qingfeng a strange look.

The two of them, however, no longer said anything, their bodies shifted and continued forward, and soon, the wind and snow rose again on this side of the world.


“It hurts …… it hurts ……”

“I, please …… spare, spare my child ……”

“I can die, but I beg you to give my child a way out ……”

Gu Qingying’s eyes were tearful, the severe pain made her delicate body tremble incessantly, and her face was pale.

The imminent delivery, at this moment being tackled by Kui Gang, the bumps in the wild run, intensified the severe pain in her abdomen.

The pain could not be described as death by a thousand cuts.

Even so, her hands were wrapped around her belly.

Her breathless plea was all the strength she could muster for motherhood.

“Is it any of my business whether you die or not, or whether your child dies or not?”

The ancient dragonfly followed behind Kui Gang and said with a cold frown of disdain.

Kui Gang frowned, somewhat intolerant, “In the Great Snowy Plain, having children is a matter of heavenly importance, we are just going to use them as bargaining chips, it’s not so bad, is it?”

“Those who achieve great things will do whatever it takes, Kui Gang how did you become the number one warrior of the Huns when you’re such a big man doing things and still being a woman?”

Ancient Dragonfly rebuked. 、

“Aunt Xiaoying …… Barbara, Barbara will protect you!”

Ah Barbarian’s face was red and swollen, tears were falling like rain, but the eyes she looked at Gu Qing Ying were determined and firm.

It was hard to imagine how she had such eyes at such an age!

“Bah, dead girl, I’ll get you killed first later, you’re practically no different from trash to us, worthless.”


Ancient Dragonfly slapped Barbara’s face again, and with a miserable cry, Barbara actually spat out a mouthful of blood.

Gu Longfang scolded again, “If it weren’t for those two dead women chasing after me, I would have killed you just now!”

“We’re almost out of the city ahead, they must have blocked off the whole city, so if you have the time, you might as well think about how we’re going to take them both out of the city.”

Kui Gang said as he gave Barbara an odd look back.

“What are you afraid of? There’s no wall under the sky that doesn’t leak, do you really think the Chen and Gu families are vegetarians?”

Gu Dragonfly raised his head arrogantly.

The two of them had deliberately picked the isolated road even after leaving Tianmen Mountain on this journey of escape, so that the chances of being discovered would be lessened.

As long as they got out of this city, it would be easy to leave again from behind!

Sure enough.

A line of caravans appeared in the distance, straddling the road.

“Charge up!”

Ancient Dragonfly smiled teasingly.

Without losing speed, the two of them rushed straight towards the caravan.

“It’s Eldest Miss, get out of the way!”

In the caravan, a man suddenly shouted.

At once, the two cars started up and gave way.

Gu Dragonfly and Kui Gang skipped straight past the convoy and swaggered off into the distance.

“Why don’t we just get in the car?”

Kui Gang said suspiciously.

“Pig brain!”

Ancient Dragonfly scolded, “Do you understand the truth about thieves calling out to thieves? If they are here, it means we haven’t pa*sed through here, and after we run outwards, having this group of people around will cut off the possibility of being tracked behind us, you are so stupid even if you are the first warrior of the Huns, no wonder the barbarians outside the domain can’t fight their way into the domain for a thousand years!”

“You ……”

Kui Gang’s footsteps gave a beat, and his tiger eyes looked angrily at the ancient dragonfly, as if his anger was about to turn into substance and gush out.

“What I said is wrong?”

The ancient dragonfly almost crashed directly into Kui Gang, untamedly tilting his head to look straight at Kui Gang.

Just at that moment.

“Auntie Little Shadow, Barbara will definitely be able to protect you!”

Suddenly, Barbara let out a shrill whistle, as if she had gone mad, and her petite body suddenly burst out with tremendous strength to break away from the caught off guard Gu Dragonfly and directly pounced on Gu Qingying.

Chapter 1728

A sudden scene.

It caught both the ancient dragonfly and Kui Gang off guard.

At such a distance, even Kui Gang could hardly react.

The moment Barbara pounced on Gu Qingying, she directly bit down on Kui Gang’s wrist.

The pain instantly caused Kui Gang’s face to change and he let go of Gu Qingying completely instinctively.

This release caused Gu Qingying and Barbara to fall to the ground at the same time.

Gu Qingying let out a scream and rolled down the gentle slope a few times, protecting her stomach with both hands in the process.

Barbara, on the other hand, got up immediately after hitting the ground.

Her pink face was red and swollen, and her teary eyes were fierce, as if she were a little wolf on a snowy plain.

“Barbara, you are not allowed to hurt Little Shadow’s aunt!”

“D*mn girl, get lost!”

Gu Dragonfly’s face was full of resentment as she took a step forward and directly reached out towards Barbara.

As far as she was concerned, a child as big as a fart could still make such a fuss, it was simply a humiliation to her and Kui Gang!

What was the difference between a child of that size and a chicken?

And yet.

The moment her big hand approached Barbarian.

A flicker of ruthlessness pa*sed in Barbarian’s eyes, and her small, frail body actually moved a step sideways towards the right without any warning, and with a whimper from her mouth, she directly bit down on Gu Dragonfly’s wrist.


Gu Longfang let out a miserable cry.

This bite directly caused her wrist to drip with blood.

While screaming miserably, she almost instinctively kicked Barbara directly in the stomach.


Barbarian let out a miserable scream and flew backwards down the small slope like a broken pocket, falling heavily beside Gu Qingying, blood gushing out directly from her mouth and nose, and her eyes even rolled up in a burst.

While Barbara was moaning in pain, her chest was heaving violently, and the area where she had been kicked by the ancient dragonfly was visibly sunken down a little.

“Ah Barbara!”

Gu Qingying’s face changed greatly, wanting to reach out and pull Barbara, but the pain in her abdomen was so intense that her hand just reached halfway, and then dropped down weakly.

“Aunt Xiaoying …… Barbarian will definitely be able to protect you, just like …… uncle did!”

Barbarian’s eyes drifted, slowly looking sideways towards Gu Qingying, her red, blood-stained face, miserable and pitiful.

Her body trembled and she vomited out another mouthful of blood, choking and coughing violently.

“No, don’t ……”

Gu Qingying’s face was pale and she shook her head in pain, tears rolling down as if they were broken pearls.

“Definitely, can protect auntie, and …… baby ……”

Barbara, with blood in her mouth, kept murmuring as if she was obsessed, but her body kept twitching.

Miserable, pitiful, let people look and heartache.

“It’s almost dead.”

Kui Gang looked calmly at Barbara at the bottom of the slope.

An ordinary little girl, the full force of the ancient dragonfly’s kick just now was enough to cause death!

“What’s the difference between a dead dog and a dead girl, she’s not our target anyway!”

The look in Barbara’s eyes was one of endless resentment, with no trace of pity.

The two men were stationed on the slope, a few metres away, overlooking Gu Qingying and Barbara on the ground.

What had just happened was, in their eyes, nothing more than Gu Qingying’s and Barbara’s death struggle.

A child, a woman who was about to give birth, in front of them, without external help, any struggle was just futile!

After all,……, even a fish on the chopping block has to jump twice before it dies, right?

“My hand is injured, you are still waiting for me to do it?”

The ancient dragonfly squeezed his wrist and looked askance at Kui Gang with cold eyes.

Kui Gang frowned, anger flickered in his eyes.


Kui Gang’s gaze flinched.

In his sight, Barbara, who was originally lying on the ground vomiting blood and convulsing, actually slowly sat up.

The movement was very slow, and even extremely reluctant.

But that small, frail body gritted its teeth stiffly, its eyes resentful and determined, and slowly …… sat up.


Noticing the difference, the ancient dragonfly twisted his head to take a look and couldn’t help but snicker: “I should say, the barbarians in your prairie, their vitality is really tenacious, such a big child, even still has such a strong vitality, it’s true that the cheap land produces cheap children!”

“You ……”

Kui Gang clenched his fist, as if there was a volcano building up in his chest that desperately wanted to erupt.

But when he thought of the alliance between the Huns and the Gu family, his tightly clenched fist, he slowly loosened it again.

“Barbara …… must, can, can protect, auntie, grandpa Xu said …… must be able to.”

Under the watchful eyes of Gu Qingying and Kui Gang and Gu Dragonfly, Barbarian kept murmuring with blood flowing from his mouth, but his hands were trembling as he began to undo his clothes.

“Barbara ……”

Gu Qingying’s body was twitching with pain and tears were raining down.

While Kui Gang and Gu Dragonfly looked at the scene in front of them, they both revealed a puzzled look.

Barbarian moved slowly, taking off his clothes little by little.

The cold wind was bitterly cold.

On the night sky, flakes of snow sprinkled down.

Her body kept twitching, perhaps from the pain, perhaps from the cold.

Under the puzzled gaze of both Kui Gang and Ancient Dragonfly.

Finally, Barbara took off her clothes.

The moment her thin body was revealed to be densely packed with runes, both Kui Gang and Gu Dongfang’s faces turned pale.

Gu Dragonfly even lost her voice and screamed, “Kui Gang, do it!”


Before the words left his mouth, Kui Gang’s Qi surged out from his body, sending a mountainous roar into the surroundings with a terrifying sound.

He himself even charged towards Barbarian like a fierce tiger descending from the mountain.

“The Eight Formation Diagram …… D*mn how come the Eight Formation Diagram is on you?”

The ancient dragonfly’s five senses were deformed as he cursed in a shrill rage.

Time seemed to have been slowed down at this moment.

Barbara looked at the rushing Kui Gang, but the corners of her blood-covered mouth slowly turned up.

“Aunty …… Barbara will be able to protect you!”

A weak, feeble murmur echoed quietly in the night air.

The moment all the runes on the upper half of her body were revealed, a cluster of golden light, as if a flower, blossomed directly in the middle of her chest.

Immediately, with the momentum of a prairie fire, it rapidly skyrocketed.

The golden light was brilliant and blindingly radiant.

In an instant, with Barbara as the centre, the golden light spread out, forming a golden pillar of light that shot straight up to the clouds.

When it reached a certain height in the night sky, the golden light exploded like a firework, and a golden Taiji Eight Trigrams stretched across the sky, and came down at great speed in the form of a terrifying mountain, enveloping Barbara and Gu Qingying next to her.

At the moment the golden curtain of light poured down.

Kui Gang was already close to him, his expression awe-inspiring, hostility surging in his eyes.

His right hand swept through the air and tore through the air, directly grabbing towards Ah Man.

But the moment it touched the golden curtain of light.


The golden curtain of light rippled out and made a loud sound.

But Kui Gang’s hand was unable to make an inch of progress!

A terrifying force even recoiled into Kui Gang’s body along his arm in an instant.

Caught off guard, Kui Gang suddenly revealed a painful look and staggered back a few steps, almost falling straight to the ground.

“A flesh formation disc, using a person to form a formation, what a great idea, and what a great stroke!”

Kui Gang steadied his body, his iron tower-like body was a little hunched, his whole right hand was hanging down, but his five senses were in the form of a spray, staring deadly at the golden light gossip ……