Winner Takes All Chapter 1725-1726

Chapter 1725

The golden light shines brightly.

The stars surged.

The vast Heaven’s Gate Mountain, under the golden light, was like a star falling to the ground, with all eyes on it.

As Zhao Brocade roared in fury.

In the back garden, the dense forest of formations that he had restored long ago, the gra*s and trees now all seemed to come to life, rustling and shaking, with countless leaves falling.

Clusters of golden light blossomed, and a single ray of light interlinked.

“Not good!”

Gu Cang Yue looked panic-stricken, his face was even a little pale, looking at Zhao Broken who was standing not far away, without even thinking, he suddenly turned around and rushed towards the outside of the formation forest.

“Run you paralyzed!”

Zhao Broke-Ru spat out a sentence from his teeth with fresh blood in his mouth.

In an instant.

His body moved, while his hands struck out a bizarre hand trick and raised it into the air violently.


In the forest of formations, sheets of golden light seemed to be lifted into the air with this move of his, and a golden light Taiji Bagua, comparable to the size of the back garden, suddenly took shape in the air, completely enveloping the back garden as if it were a golden bell.

As the huge golden light octagrams rotated, countless complicated runes poured down as if they were raining down.

“Give me a break!”

Gu Cangyue, who was scrambling to escape, saw the golden light enveloping her, and brazenly raised her sword, swinging it out with all her might.

A harsh sword qi, nearly two metres long, slashed ahead like a bolt.

But the moment it touched the tree, there was a loud bang, and the sword qi collapsed in the air, while the tree did not move at all, but was only shaken by the sword qi, dropping a few leaves.

“Is this the power of Human Ancestor Qi?”

Gu Cang Yue’s eyes rounded as he staggered back a step, the longsword in his hand even dropping down weakly.

“It’s this Human Ancestor Qi that has been messing with me for twenty years or so, and Old Man Xu also fears it like a snake and scorpion, nightmares, all nightmares, I’m not going to listen to Old Man Xu today, I’m going to see how powerful this Human Ancestor Qi can be under the augmentation of the Eight Formation Diagram!”

Zhao Broke-Ru’s face was full of fierceness and madness, and his eyes even looked as if they wanted to eat people.

He knew clearly that the nightmare that had been haunting him for years was because of this mouthful of Human Ancestor Qi!

Xu Qingfeng had kept him down to the lower ninth grade all these years so that he could slowly get rid of the nightmare, or rather get rid of this mouth of Human Ancestor Qi.

But instead of the nightmare disappearing, there was another one!

When resentment and indignation build up to a certain level, the only way to vent it is to burst open!

He also knew roughly how terrifying the power of this Human Ancestor Qi was through Xu Qingfeng, but with his strength, he could only rely on the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram to bring the Human Ancestor Qi into play, otherwise he wouldn’t have stayed here to face Gu Cang Yue, instead he would have gone straight after Gu Qing Ying just now!


Hoo, hoo, hoo ……

The ear-piercing sound of the gusty wind echoed in the ears.

Gu Qingying was in tears, desperate to the extreme.

She wanted to struggle, but the towering man beside her, and the strength that was placed on her, made it clear to her that resistance and struggle were only futile.

For the sake of the baby inside her, she was even careful not to make any unnecessary struggles, her hands tightly protecting her stomach.

Even so, the abdominal pain was still unbearable!

The pain was so intense that it was like a knife cutting into her body, as if her belly was about to burst open.

“Where are you ……?”

In desperation, the figure of Chen Dong emerged in Gu Qing Ying’s mind, “The baby and I, we need you!”

“Let go of Auntie, let go of Auntie Xiaoying!”

Compared to Gu Qingying’s cautiousness, the crying Barbara struggled extremely violently.

But with her weak body, even in the face of the ancient dragonfly, the struggle seemed to be nothing to talk about.

“D*mn girl, be honest!”


Annoyed by the noise, Ancient Dragonfly slapped Barbara’s face.

Barbara let out a cry of pain, and half of her face instantly swelled up.

And Kui Gang, who was holding Gu Qingying, looked back behind him at that moment and couldn’t help but curse, “D*mn, those two are biting really hard!”

After leaving the villa.

Relying on their strength, the two of them deliberately did not take the main road, but chose the rugged mountain road and charged all the way down towards the mountain.

Even so, Meng and Fan Lu were still in hot pursuit.

“Kui Gang! How long are you sure of slaughtering them both?”

Ancient Dragonfly inquired coldly and sternly.

Kui Gang frowned, “Are you crazy, why mention my name?”

Gu Dragonfly looked indifferent, “Do you think Gu Qingying and this dead girl will still have a chance to live after they fall into our hands and blackmail Chen Dong?”

Kui Gang’s eyebrows stretched out, and while running wildly, he pondered.

“Chen Daozu all died at the hands of that wife, she’s a little stronger than that young one, so it won’t be short if I fight two at a time.”

“Not short is how short?”

The ancient dragonfly scolded impatiently.

“We’re just working together!”

Dissatisfied with Gu Dragonfly’s attitude, Kui Gang said in a deep voice, “When I say not short, I mean that I can’t make it before their reinforcements arrive, don’t forget that your father is still trapped in the villa formation, really trapped, and those two come after us, our plan will be a complete failure!”

“Then we’ll run!”

Ancient Dragonfly rolled her eyes at Kui Gang and said arrogantly, “It’s true that we are working together, but I came up with the plan, so I have a say in this operation, if you don’t like my tone, then hold your tongue!”


Kui Gang let out a cold snort and his Qi surged violently, directly leading Gu Qingying a body length ahead of Ancient Dragonfly.

“What should we do, Meng Po, do something!”

Fan Lu’s face was pale as she ran wildly with desperation.

Even so, a soreness came from her legs, and the figures of Gu Qingying and the others ahead of her were pulling away from them.

The distance was slow, but if they continued to “stalemate” like this, they would lose the others, not to mention saving them!

She had experienced the loss of Gu Qingying’s baby, and knew exactly how Chen Dong and Gu Qingying had survived.

“I can’t get through, I can’t get through to Daogun’s phone!”

Meng was sweating profusely, angrily squeezing her phone, “What else can I do, but to go after him and fight for my life!”

“Wait, we can contact Zhuge Qing and the others, as well as the two Zhang Chu families, yes and Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong!”

Fan Lu suggested.

But what she got in response was Meng’s silence.

Her eyes drifted for a moment, and she reacted with a sudden sense of powerlessness as she looked at the lofty tower-like figure in the distance.


What was the point of calling these people, now that they were chasing a Qi powerhouse?

Meng relied on a disguise raid to be able to kill a person who had just entered Qi Jin, it was already a force to be reckoned with, now …… what the hell should we do?


The airport on the outskirts of the city.

Jiang Qilin and Chu Reed walked out of the airport with the flow of people.


Jiang Qilin’s footsteps beat, leaning his head up, his eyes like a river of stars, incomparably deep, gazing in a direction in the night sky.

“What’s wrong?”

Chu Reed asked in confusion.

Jiang Qilin slowly raised his hand and pointed in that direction, “Over there, there’s light!”


Chu Reed looked up in surprise, and vaguely saw a golden light shining in the distant pale night sky.

“Is that over by the Tianmen Mountain Villa?”

Jiang Qilin asked once again, his evil and handsome face, however, was quickly covered with a layer of cold frost.

“It seems to be, what is wrong with you?” Chu Reed asked uncertainly.

“The light of The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, it seems like there is still …… that legendary Qi in ……”

The next second, Jiang Qilin eyes cold aura burst out, a suit violently shaken by qi, as if an arrow off the string rushed out.

“Reed, immediately notify all the forces under Mr. Chen that something has happened at Tianmen Mountain Villa, I’ll go first!”

Chapter 1726

By the time Chu Reed came back to her senses, Jiang Qilin had already disappeared from sight.

The aftershocks of Jiang Qilin’s words were still in his ears.

“Something has happened to Tianmen Mountain ……?”

Chu Reed’s beautiful eyes suddenly shot up with a sharp aura, her face lost colour, she took out her mobile phone and quickly dialed a phone number.

Late at night, people are quiet.

Dingtai Group.

Zhuge Qing was wearing a pair of panda eyes, vomiting his heart out and dealing with various matters.

Although he was working at Dingtai, he was dealing with the entire southwest region.

Important matters needed to be reported to Gu Qingying and Elder Long, while some slightly lighter matters were handled by him as an agent.

The heavy workload has left him exhausted.

The only spiritual support he had every day was perhaps a cup of bitter coffee with no sugar in it.

The mobile phone rang.

Zhuge Qing took out his phone and saw that it was Chu Reed, so he picked up the phone.


“Something has happened at Tianmen Mountain Villa, immediately mobilize all your forces and blockade the entire city!”

Chu Reed said a simple and concise sentence, but every word was like thunder.

Zhuge Qing’s expression changed drastically and he stood up with a start.

“I’ll do it immediately!”

Hanging up the phone.

He hesitated for a second and hurriedly dialed Elder Zhuge’s number again.

“Grandpa, something has happened at Tianmen Mountain Villa, activate the Zhuge Family intelligence agency immediately, just in case!”


Without waiting for Elder Zhuge’s response, he simply hung up the phone.

Time waited for no man, not a single second could be delayed.

Now that Chen Dong had disappeared, the situation in the southwestern region had just stabilised.

But all the forces under Chen Dong’s command knew exactly what “something happened at Tianmen Mountain Villa” meant.

The most feared thing had finally happened!

Zhuge Qing gritted his teeth and angrily continued to make phone calls.

In time, as Chu Reed and Zhuge Qing dialed out a series of phone calls.

The whole city, shrouded in the night, was filled with dark currents.

The people were still immersed in the shock of the glorious golden light from Heaven’s Gate Mountain, but they did not notice that a train queue had strangely appeared on the road, like a torrent, heading in all directions.

Seal off the city!

Four simple words, but not just a blockade relying on other means of intelligence.

Rather, it was …… a complete blockade!

The most primitive means of blockade, but the most effective one!

Hoo …… hoo ……

The strong wind whistled in the ears.

Jiang Qilin’s expression was cold, and a cold aura was in his eyes.

The actual speed of the man is as fast as when he was chasing the snowy lion.

So fast that …… he even swept past the crowd, and when the people around him reacted, he could no longer be seen, and they thought it was just a cold wind from the first snow sweeping by.

“Nothing can happen, nothing can happen!”

Jiang Qilin’s eyes narrowed into slits, angry and at the same time, chagrined and blaming himself.

If he had returned earlier, even if something had happened on Heaven’s Gate Mountain, it would have been “much easier”.

After all, he was technically the top fighting force in the Tianmen Mountain villa today – the only qi power left!

As a Jiang family Qilin, he knows very well that the higher up the battle, the key to victory is not the number of people on each side, but the top combat power!

That is to say, …… qi power strongmen!

The surrounding scenery, at the moment, all became blurred.

The only thing that was clear in his eyes was the majestic Tianmen Mountain and the bright golden light at the top of the mountain!

In the dense forest, a strong wind whistled.

People were flickering.

“Gu Dragonfly, hurry up!”

Kui Gang was holding Gu Qingying in one hand, while he was one position ahead of Gu Dragonfly, and from time to time, he turned around and urged him on.

These words fell on Gu Dragonfly’s ears, but they were extremely harsh.

After all, the two of them had just had a conflict.

“What are you urging me for? If you have the guts to stop, kill them both!”

Gu Dragonfly rolled her eyes and slapped Barbara’s back indignantly, causing her to bawl in pain while she scolded, “D*mn girl, if you cry and howl again I’ll chop you up and wrap you in dumplings!”

“Let Auntie Ying go, I’ll go with you!”

Barbara’s pink face was filled with panic and tears, but at this moment she looked up at Ancient Dragonfly, her big clear eyes full of determination.

It was hard to imagine that someone of her age could have such thoughts!

Even Ancient Dragonfly was stunned for a moment by Barbara’s words and eyes.

“Ah Barbara ……”

Gu Qing Ying was sweating profusely, her face was white as she called out in pain.

“Auntie Xiaoying ……”

Barbara raised her eyes and only then did she notice Gu Qingying’s state was not right: “Ooooooooooo …… Aunty, what’s wrong with you?”

These words caused both Kui Gang and Gu Dragonfly to look at Gu Qingying.

Both of them frowned at the same time.

Just now, they only focused on escaping and arguing, and neither of them paid much attention to Gu Qingying’s state.

“It hurts …… it hurts …… stomach ……”

Gu Qing Ying held her stomach with both hands, her delicate body trembling, tears and sweat mixed together and dripping like rain, her eyes desperate and painful.

“She’s not going to give birth, is she?”

A ray of essence burst out of Kui Gang’s eyes.

“Never mind her! Let’s get rid of the two annoying people at the back first!”

Ancient Dragonfly responded indifferently, not even the slightest ripple in her eyes.

“What if we die?”

Kui Gang frowned.

“If he dies, it’s just the right time to plow the wa out and study his bloodline!”

The ancient dragonfly glared at Kui Gang in annoyance, “Who the hell are you? If you’re afraid she’ll die, then think of a way to get rid of the last two!”

Kui Gang’s face was full of anger, and his tiger eyes flashed with anger.

He glanced back at Fan Lu and Meng who were pursuing him relentlessly.

Although the two sides had been keeping their speed apart, both he and Ancient Dragonfly were carrying people and their speed was greatly reduced, so the distance was pulling away extremely slowly.

The next second.

Kui Gang suddenly looked ahead and fiercely gritted his teeth, “Ancient Dragonfly, get the hell out of the way!”


Gu Dragonfly’s anger surged.

Not waiting for a refutation.

The Kui Gang in front of him suddenly accelerated, his Qi surging like a tidal wave, heading straight for a huge rock further ahead.


With an explosive roar, Kui Gang rushed to the boulder, leaped straight up in the air and turned around with a blatant whip kick directly towards the boulder.

Qi energy wrapped around his entire right leg, causing even the air to be directly ripped out by a transparent crack visible to the naked eye wherever he pa*sed by this whip kick.


In a flash of lightning, Ancient Dragonfly instantly understood, cursed and hurriedly hugged Barbara and dashed out in the direction of the diagonal stab.

Almost back and forth.


The Kui Gang Whip Leg directly smashed on top of the boulder.

There was a loud sound.

It was like a bomb explosion.

The harsh and overbearing qi instantly shattered the boulder into countless rubble, and with the force of the impact, the countless rubble instantly shot towards Fan Lu and Meng Bo like a rain of arrows in the sky, whistling and streaking towards Fan Lu!

“Be careful!”

With this sudden scene, Fan Lu and Meng were shocked.

Caught off guard, they didn’t even have the room to dodge.

In the face of the dense debris, the two of them moved and dodged as best they could, but even so, they were each struck by several pieces of debris.

Even so, they were both hit by several pieces of debris.

Only then did they stop, panting, and Fan Lu swayed, his right hand covering his heart and spitting out a mouthful of blood with a stifled grunt.

“Xiao Lu ……”

Meng was worried and terrified.

Fan Lu shook her head, “It’s fine, two broken ribs, save Little Shadow!”


As soon as Meng Granny raised her eyes, it was her body that swayed, as if her strength had been instantly drained, her face white as she took two steps back: “Follow, lost him!”