Winner Takes All Chapter 1687-1688

Chapter 1687

Wolf’s disbelieving murmur fell clearly on the ears of everyone present.

No one responded.

But the shocked look on everyone’s face was just like Wolf’s.

Could a person …… really be this strong?

Even though everyone had witnessed the scene where Chen Dong was like a god, crushing and killing the fae black wolf, at this moment, they still had a sense of unreality as if they were dreaming!

“I just caught a glimpse of those barbarians at the head of the village, if my estimation is correct, they are at least a team of a thousand men!”

“Who the hell is Dog?”

“Guys …… if Dog can destroy that barbarian team, does that mean we …… don’t have to run away?”


A hesitant voice suddenly rang out from the sound of the road’s astonishment.

A single word was uttered, instantly plunging the roaring crowd into silence.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

The firelight swayed.

The eyes of the crowd looked at each other, hesitant and uncertain.

No one wanted to abandon their village and home if they had a choice.

But is …… really possible?

Was it really possible for a single man with one gun to turn the tide against a well-trained Rongwu Thousand?


Suddenly, an old and certain voice rang out from the crowd.

The moment this voice appeared, it attracted the attention of everyone present.

The one who spoke was clearly the old crone!

The old woman was being supported by the dog’s son, her body was hunched over, and her old face was covered in snow, but her cloudy eyes were rare in their determination and brightness.

“The village is at stake, we must not be the least bit careless!”

The old woman’s gaze burned as she swept over everyone in the room, “Whether Dog has the ability to turn the tables or not, we can’t stay here, with so many of us dragging us down, even if Dog has the ability to crush a thousand Rongwu, he will be dragged to death by us!”

“He’s fighting for us, we can’t help him, let alone drag him down, we run, it’s fight or flight, he’s the one who has the choice!”

The words were eloquent and resounding.

The hesitation and hesitation on the faces of the crowd disappeared completely.

“Let’s go!”

In the crowd, an old man shouted in a stern voice.

The group of nearly a hundred people, silently, braved the wind and snow and headed in the direction of the backwater village.

In the crowd, the flames of the few torches waved, but in the darkness, they looked weak, as if they could go out at any moment.

As they got further and further away from the village, the clusters of flames hid into the darkness.


On the other side of the village.

A rumble ……

The ground trembled and rolled in waves of snow.

Mixed in with this was the sharp shouting of horses and the neighing of war horses.

Every now and then, there was a crisp whip sound.

In the darkness.

The squad, carrying torches, was like a ghost in the night, rapidly meandering back to the village.

The roaring screams at the entrance of the village rattled the nerves of every man in the squad like a nightmare.

“D*mn it, Skywolf in the sky, what the hell did the Lord Commander and his men encounter?”

“Hurry up, hurry up, slaughter this village and return to help the Lord Commander immediately!”

“Run as hard as you can, run as hard as you can!”

The squad leader took the lead, waving his whip at his horse as he kept turning back to his men and growling.

It was not the first time that the barbarians, who lived close to the frontier, had infiltrated the border to plunder the people of the region, but many times, countless times!

They had a whole set of plans on how to most effectively carry out the plundering and village slaughter.

A frontal feint, a circuitous siege.

This simple plan could eat a village in the domain to death!

The blood feud that had been accumulated over thousands of years made them sweep through the villages in the domain not only to loot supplies, but also to slaughter the people of the domain!

The previous dozen or so villages had relied on this scheme, allowing them to completely slaughter every village to extinction without casualties!

By chance, no one expected that this time, they had actually kicked the bucket!

Villages that were plain and uneventful!

Not even in the middle of the scale of the dozen villages they had slaughtered before!

And yet, at this very moment, they were met with such great resistance!

This was unscientific!

The squad leader wasn’t sure what was going on at the entrance to the village, but his professional combat instincts made him understand that completing a circuitous encirclement and returning to the village as soon as possible was the right thing to do!

“Captain, there’s a fire ahead!”

A cry of surprise exploded.


The squad leader’s eyes blazed with fierceness and determination as he gave the order.

The squad of dozens of riders suddenly picked up speed, shouts of murder converging as they charged towards the distant starbursts.

“Brother Wolf, there are pursuers behind us!”

A frightened shrill whistle suddenly rang out from the crowd.

The whole village was here, dragging their families, young and old, women and children, making the group march not very fast, and even when they were running away, they could be described as plodding and slow.

This was a shrill whistle.

But it caused the crowd to burst into panic and fear.

Everyone panicked when they saw the fire behind them rapidly closing the distance.

“What should we do? They’re coming after us, they’re coming after us!”

“Ooooooooooooooooo …… ama, I’m scared, I’m scared ……”

“What’s going on? Aren’t the savages all blocked by Dog at the entrance to the village? How could they have chased them over, could it be that Dog has ……”


No one expected that the situation, which just now was hesitant to run away, would suddenly take a sharp turn for the worse!

“Abba, Dog, he ……”

Doggy looked at Wolf beside him in fear and helplessness.

A wolf looked grave, solemnly swept past the fire behind him and looked out towards the village, but found that the commotion at the entrance of the village had not abated, but had become more and more ferocious.

“Dog is still there! The pursuers behind him should be a small group of troops used by the barbarians to detour around the village!”

Wolf said with unparalleled certainty.

Having survived half a lifetime on this great snowy plain, he knew in his heart the methods used by the barbarians to slaughter the village.

He took a deep breath.

With his right hand clutching the spear in his hand and his left hand taking off the bow and arrows on his back, Wolf said in a stern voice with a sharp gleam in his eyes.

“It’s just a small force of barbarians, there’s still a chance! All the young and strong men, all of you, step out in line and give the young and old, women and children, time to escape!”

This stern shout instantly calmed the chaotic crowd for a few seconds.

There was no sound.

One by one, the men, with determined faces, walked from the chaotic crowd behind Wolf.

This time, there was no longer anyone crying to dissuade them.

All of them showed an unusual calmness ……

But beneath this calmness were faces that had long since been twisted and distorted, and eyes that were filled with mist!

“Grandma, I want to be with Abba!”

In the silence, the dog child, who was holding the old woman, suddenly let go of the old woman and walked behind Wolf.

The Crone looked sad and wept, raising her right hand to stop, but the words came to her lips and she held them back!

This is the rule!

Even if you don’t want to, you must still obey the rules.

The troops coming after us were just a small group, so if we put up a fight, there was a chance of survival, but if no one dared to put up a fight, it would be a complete and utter extinction!

“Grandchildren, don’t be ashamed, grandma will hold the line for you!”

A thousand words converged in her heart, but in the end the old woman’s body trembled, and with a crying voice, she shouted with determination.

“Old people, women, children, no turning back, go!”

Wolf swept towards the crowd, his tone resolute and irrefutable.

The firelight enveloped him.

His face was incomparably determined, even with a strange hint of calmness!

And his back, in the midst of this stern voice, was as tall as a lofty mountain, standing tall in the sky!

The next second.

Wolf turned around bravely and witnessed the rushing cavalry.

“For the sake of our parents, our wives and children and our homes, all of you …… will die with me!”


The shouts of killing suddenly emanated from the mouths of each and every one of the men, converging together and rushing straight into the night sky.

Like two torrents of water, the two sides clashed together amidst the deafening shouts of murder, and the killing was imminent!


“Star dou chessboard, misfortune arises from greedy wolf, the Lord of misfortune and fortune …… This vast snowy plain, what exactly has changed tonight that actually caused the greedy wolf star to move?”

In the darkness, a figure clad in a black cloak stood in place like a statue.

A glowing golden light emanated from his body, illuminating a small area around him.

His head was tilted back as he gazed at the bright moon and stars in the sky.

Under the glowing golden light, an evil and handsome face is faintly visible, his features are as sharp as swords, but his eyes are unusually deep and calm as he gazes at the stars, which is different from his evil aura.

Chapter 1688

The wind cries and the snow howls.

In the darkness, the fires wavered like stars falling to the ground.

The village is a big place, but it is like a dividing line, clearly separating two battlefields.

Screams, shouts and cries of fear ……

The silence of the world was completely shattered as they converged.

In front of the village head, trains of blood-colored qi, like blood dragons, roared and exploded again and again in the crowd.

The well-trained Capricorn army was like a broken pocket, being swept up into the sky by the blood-coloured qi, and being crushed in the air.

The scene was as bloody as purgatory.

Chen Dong was like a murderous god crawling out of hell, his body filled with a domineering and fierce qi, wrapped in the majestic pressure of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, charging left and right through the chaotic crowd, unstoppable and invincible!

Everywhere he went, wailing and shattered corpses littered the ground, reaping the lives of the Capricorns with abandon!

And on the other side.

On the other side, it was a different story.

Even though Wolf had led all the young and strong men of the village to fight against the Capricorn squad coming after them, they were still outnumbered.

But they were still outnumbered!

Not only were they outnumbered, but their individual strength was not even on the same level.

The villagers had built up their strength through years and years of hunting.

But they were facing a serious army, experienced soldiers who had been through battle again and again.

A complete and utter crushing!

A complete and utter slaughter!

Even though the young and strong villagers were brave and brave enough to risk their lives, they still looked weak against the Rongwu soldiers.

Even so, not one of them backed down!

Everyone knew that behind them were their parents, wives and children.

Even if they died, if they delayed one second longer, their parents and children would have one second more to escape!

“D*mn barbarian, I’ll take you with me even if I die!”

A middle-aged man with a face full of blood and several hideous and terrifying wounds all over his chest, while spitting blood, was mad as hell and jumped directly onto the soldier in front of him, biting him on the neck.

There was a scream.

A large stream of blood gushed out.

Both of them fell to the ground at the same time. The Capricorn soldier struggled desperately for a few times, but the bloody mouth on his neck was like a captive lock, and he could not break free.

In the end, they both died at the same time, falling to the scarlet ground.

The same scene happened one after another on this small battlefield.

A mad roar even suppressed the shouts of the Capricorn soldiers!

“D*mn, madness, these mongrel brutes, they’re just mad!”

The squad leader slashed over a villager and wiped a handful of blood from his face, almost breaking down and roaring out.

He had never expected that a group of domain farts who only knew how to hunt would dare to resist and fight for their lives like this!

The dozen or so villages that had been slaughtered before, even those that were more numerous than this one, had never erupted in such a terrifying resistance.

The two are not on the same level in any way!

Slaughtering a dozen villages, what they experienced was a skilled raising of swords and cleaving down amidst a chorus of cries and pleas for mercy.

But this time …… the faces of those desperate to die together made this squad leader’s back tingle as he watched!


Behind him, a loud shout suddenly rang out.

The squad leader’s face changed drastically as he turned around violently and swung his battle knife out in his hand almost instinctively.


Blood was like a fountain.

It was accompanied by a miserable cry.

The battle knife directly penetrated into the shoulder blade of the youth in front of him.

The youth screamed miserably, and his features twisted into a ball of pain.

Instead of giving up, he spat out blood with a hiss and lunged forward.

The squad leader’s face changed, and during this short forward movement, he could even hear the ear-piercing sound of his shoulder blade rubbing against the blade of his war knife.

The next second.

The youth lunged in front of the squad leader, like a beast recoiling from death, and opened his mouth to bite the squad leader’s neck.

In a flash of lightning.

The terrified squad leader did not even have time to react before he was directly pounced on by the youth, while a pain shot through his neck.

This caused the squad leader to let out a scream.

But the expected blood pouring out of him did not happen, and the youth on top of him was already lifeless.

He hurriedly pushed the youth’s body away and got up in a panic, his left hand went straight to his neck, where it was wet and warm, and then there was the hole in his thin armour!

This bite, on the armour, was the only thing that kept him alive!

But the scene he had just witnessed was a nightmare, etched in his mind, sending a chill of fear down his spine.


The squad leader raised his sword and hissed angrily, “Crazy, chop them all to pieces!”

At the same time as he hissed, he gripped his sword directly with both hands and rushed madly towards the villagers around him.

The fact that he had almost lost his life to a fart had even instilled fear in him, which was a great shame to him!

In the midst of the chaos of the fight.

With his spear in hand, Wolf charged left and right through the crowd, his spear in his hand, whistling and slashing against the battle swords of the Capricorn soldiers, sending up a shower of sparks.

As the village’s strongest hunter, he was one of the few people in the village who could fight these soldiers without losing ground.

Not far from him, the boy with the boyish look on his face was bloodied, wielding his woodchipper fiercely and slashing at the soldiers around him.

His body was already stained with blood, with wounds all over his body and a wound almost diagonally across his back, the flesh turned out and the blood was red and terrifying.

But he did not utter a single cry of pain, but charged on like a madman!

Outside the battlefield.

The old woman stood in the snow and wind, like a statue, watching everything on the battlefield.

Her cloudy eyes had long since filled with hot tears, and her pale face twitched incessantly.

The hands beneath her sleeved robe were also clenched into fists.

Behind her, the old and weak women and children had disappeared into the darkness.

She had promised her grandchildren …… to press on!

So she could not leave.

The men put up a bloodbath, but it still couldn’t change the battle of the slaughter.

The old crone watched as a familiar figure fell, and gradually it had become difficult for her to find a familiar figure in the chaos of the crowd.


She found her grandson.

She was relieved by her grandson’s bravery, but the wounds all over his body made her heart ache.

She saw that the dog boy was charging towards her, and she also saw that behind the dog boy, the squad leader who had shouted the fiercest shout, rushed over.

And the back of her grandson was facing the man!

“Old man, I have to protect our grandson!”

The old woman laughed, her frail, hunched body suddenly straightening, then stepped forward, rushing into battle.

“Watch out, dog boy!”


In the nick of time, the old crone roared, but the walking stick in her hand was like a gnarled dragon as it whistled and swiped at the dog child.

Instinctively, Dog Wa Zi dodged, only to find that the Capricorn squad leader was close at hand and the butcher’s knife in his hand was already slashing at him.


The cane struck the squad leader in the waist, not fatally, but forcing the squad leader to stop.

And as the dog-boy dodged, it was he who stumbled on his feet and fell in front of the crone.

“Good grandson. ……”

The old woman hurriedly crouched down to try to help the dog boy.

In the process, the squad leader did not immediately attack, but looked playfully at the two grandchildren in front of her, as if looking at two dying ants.

“Grandma ……”

The dog boy nestled in the crone’s arms, spitting blood from his mouth and mouthing his lips in pain.

The bravery and fearlessness of the party, as if this moment after snuggling in the crone’s arms, all dissipated.

“Grandma …… good, it hurts ……”

The dog child said with a breathless voice.

“It doesn’t hurt, the dog child doesn’t hurt.”

The old woman tears like rain, heartbreaking patting the dog child’s heart.

The words had just fallen.

“Send your grandchildren on their way!”

The squad leader brazenly raised the battle sword in his hand, and with a buzzing sound, he stabbed directly towards the dog child and the old crone.

This slash was nothing fancy.

Yet it was enough to reap the lives of both of them.

“Dogwhazi …… won’t hurt soon, Grandma is here, don’t be afraid!”

The old woman closed her eyes in despair, while the dog child in her arms no longer had the strength to get up and fight again.

Time, at this moment, seemed to be slowed down.

The two grandchildren were clinging to each other, the old woman’s eyes closed, but the dog’s eyes were open.

The moment the battle knife came to the Dog Boy’s chest, something changed.

A buzz!

A cluster of golden light suddenly lit up above the two ancestors’ heads.

In an instant, a golden gossip was formed, hovering above the two grandchildren’s heads, and the golden light poured down, forming a golden barrier.


Metal clashed.

The moment the tip of the battle sword touched the golden light, it was abruptly stopped!

“What’s going on?”

The squad leader’s face changed drastically, and he felt a violent shudder of the battle sword in his hand.



With just this momentary pause, the golden light that was splashing down suddenly cracked like gla*s and exploded with countless cracks.

The halted battle sword, however, moved forward again.


A slash pierced through the chests of the two grandchildren.

Blood splashed out.

The two grandchildren still had the same surprised expression on their faces as when their swords were stopped, but the anger in their eyes was fading fast!

And outside the battlefield.

Qin Ye, who was clad in a black cloak, however, violently lifted the cloak over his head, and his evil and handsome face was incomparably shocked.

“Who? Who secretly broke my Eight Formation Diagram?”