Winner Takes All Chapter 1685-1686

Chapter 1685

The wind and snow cried out in the dead of night.

The sudden trembling and roaring of the earth was no exaggeration to say that it was earth-shaking.

When Chen Dong and the dog walked up to the hall.

The old woman was already standing side by side with Wolf, and in front of them were three other women who looked panicked and frightened.

Only at this moment, all five of them were looking in the same direction.

Compared to the three vice toughened evil panic and panic, the Old Crone and Wolf’s expressions were more serious and solemn.

It was the same scene.

It was happening all over the village.

A loud roar like the beating of a drum and a jar of gold.

It woke up all the villagers who had been sleeping.

Everyone, despite the cold, came out of their rooms in fear and looked in the direction of the tremors.

A few of the village elders, while looking into the distance, looked even more ugly than the old woman.

Grief, despair, hatred ……

All kinds of emotions were intertwined.

Turning into rolling hot tears, they flowed down.

“It’s over! It’s completely finished!”

“A bunch of backwoods boys, not listening to the old man’s advice, the destruction of the village is at hand!”

“The laws of survival on the Great Snowy Plain have never changed in the slightest since the dawn of time.

The old men, who were in different places, cried out in unison.

Their voices were mournful and tragic!

Almost simultaneously.

A terrified hissing sound suddenly echoed like thunder throughout the village.

“The barbarians …… have entered the village!”

This hissing sound completely broke the tense nerves of the whole village.

In an instant, the village, late at night, completely exploded into a frenzy.

Women wailed, children cried and men roared ……

“Did those men who were out hunting, did they not notice anything? They have survived half a year of their lives in this man-eating snowfield, are they all trash?”

The old woman’s eyes were filled with tears as she stomped her feet in anger, gnashing her teeth in anger.

She was more concerned about the safety of everyone in the village now than the few hans who had gone missing.

The rules of the snowy plains were so cruel that when faced with greater casualties, the few who were left were pawns to be discarded at any moment!

Even the three women gathered in front of them, listening to the indignant and angry curses of the old woman, their faces showing fear, worry …… but not a trace of resentment and indignation!

“Perhaps …… have been all killed!”

A cold, stern voice came from behind them.

The old woman, along with Wolf and the three women, turned towards Chen Dong at the same time.

Under the firelight.

Chen Dong’s expression was awe-inspiring, stern and cold, his slightly narrowed eyes glowing coldly.

Facing the gaze of the crowd, he said in a cold voice, “There are many people coming, enough to easily crush the whole village!”

The words had just fallen.

Not waiting for the old woman and the others to speak.

Wolf’s face changed drastically and he took the lead, “Dog Boy, immediately take Grandma and all the women, children and children of the village and run in the opposite direction!”

As he spoke, he rushed towards the house, taking down his hunting bow and arrows and spear.


“A wolf!”

The dog boy and the old woman shouted at the same time.

But Wolf ignored them, and when he reappeared in front of the group, he was carrying a bow and arrows and holding a spear.

As soon as he saw the Dog Boy still frozen in place, his tiger eyes widened and he rebuked angrily.

“B*****d! Are you still going to disobey old me?”


There was a crisp sound of a slap.

Chen Dong and the others were all confused for a moment.

The old woman slapped Wolf’s head sideways and angrily reprimanded him with tears in her eyes, “B*****d, have you forgotten what old mother had told you before?”

“Ah Ma ……”

Wolf looked at the old woman with tears in his eyes.

The old woman, however, looked determined and dodged the spear in Wolf’s hand as she said in a sad voice, “Rules are rules, if you want to fight for your life, it’s us useless old men who will go first, if you want to go, you have to be behind me!”

“Abba, Grandma ……”

The dog boy had long since burst into tears and clenched his fists.

And outside.

After a brief moment of panic and crying, the villagers had finally regained their composure and began to follow the most basic rules of survival in the snowy plains.

Women and children back, men forward, old men …… paving the way!


The old woman, with tears in her eyes, is holding a spear in her hand at this moment, but she has changed from her usual weak and sluggish old age, instead she is full of vigor and vigor: “After all these years, let the old woman go and meet them personally, and fight for the future of our village, hahaha …… at least before I die, the old woman I can still start! role!”

This scene, let a wolf and dog child crying sobbing, lips trembling.

But the father and son did not stop them at all, and they knew they could not stop them!

Everyone was playing by the “rules” and no one could change them!

Just as the old woman was about to step out of the courtyard door.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of the old woman, with a sturdy back, like a great mountain towering into the sky.

At the same time.

A magnetic, cold voice rang out.

“A dog B*****d cannot disobey, cannot forget your dictates, but …… a dog can!”

Under the firelight.

Chen Dong’s figure was upright, the cold wind blowing his hair gently fluttering, and on his cold, frost-like face, the corners of his mouth tugged lightly, outlining a wicked and overpowering smile.

He grabbed the spear from the old woman’s hand, slowly removed his outer robe and threw it into the air.

The cold wind howled and the snow flew.

The beast robe fluttered in the air and landed on the snow in front of the courtyard gate.

Only the determined back of a man with a spear in his hand faded into the panicked crowd under the night.

At the same time, a shout echoed from all corners of the village.

“I will cross before you, even if there are ten thousand people, I will slaughter them all. All the people of the village retreat, this is my way of repaying my mother …… for saving my life!”

Rumble ……

This shout, like thunder rolling, clearly fell on the ears of every villager.

In a flash, the chaotic crowd all stopped in their tracks.

Everyone looked stunned and shocked.

No one knew why there was such a sudden and decisive shout.

But everyone knew who had made that shout!

The man who had saved the village the first time, but ended up facing the village with a sword!

The man who fought the fae black wolf alone and killed it in public!

And now that man has gone again, with the strength of one man, intent on saving the life of the village!


“Brother Dog!”

The old crone, Wolf, Dog, and a few women, all came back to their senses, wailing piteously.

But as Chen Dong’s figure disappeared into the darkness, Wolf was about to follow close behind, but was tugged by the old crone with one hand.

“He’s giving us a chance to survive, we run so he can have a chance to live!”

Wolf was horrified, a look of confusion flickered in his eyes and he instantly reacted.


This was Dog using his strength alone to exchange the lives of the whole village!

Ah Wolf was clear about Ah Dog’s strength, an existence that could kill a fierce wolf of the fae species, even if he charged through ten thousand horses for a few rounds, he could definitely do it.

A few rounds was the time for the whole village to escape.

After the whole village had fled, with Dog’s strength, it would not be difficult for him to pull himself out of the ten thousand horses and escape alone.

But if the whole village continued to hesitate, the end result would be the end of all things!


Wolf’s five senses trembled as he clenched his teeth and squeezed out a word from between them.


In front of the village entrance, under the thick snow, there were still remnants of Chen Dong’s decapitation of the fae black wolf.

Chen Dong slowly walked from inside the village and stopped at the entrance, holding his spear in his hand, facing the vast army of cavalry coming in the distance, but his eyes were tightly closed.

A cluster of firelight flickered for a moment, pa*sing in front of his eyes.

His eyes slowly opened, and two clusters of blood light grew like flames, wanting to turn into substance and gush out.

The corners of his mouth were torn with a horrific, ominous, life-threatening smile like that of an evil spirit from hell.

“If you manipulate this power, you should …… be able to kill all of them, right?”

Chapter 1686

The night.

The fire was dazzling.

Chen Dong stands alone in front of the village entrance, spear in hand, facing the vast procession of cavalry that is coming as if a black torrent could completely swallow him up in the next moment!

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

Slaughter quietly spread out from Chen Dong’s body.

The bloodshot colour in his eyes was like a substantial flame, gushing out.

His right hand gently turned the spear, and wisps of qi emanated from his body, completely enveloping it.

Even though it remained motionless, it still set off an ear-splitting humming sound!


The commander of the 1,000-strong group at the head of the Capricorn cavalry had already noticed the isolated figure at the entrance of the village.

“Overrate the tree, when did such a cross breed emerge from the domain farts in this great snowy plain?”

The ruler snorted, disdain and contempt in his eyes.

One man to stop a thousand men ……

As the commander of a thousand men, even though the Capricorn tribe was small and weak, he was still experienced in a hundred battles, and it was true that one man could charge into battle and be invincible among a thousand horses.

Being in this corner of the domain, he knows that there are far more than two hands in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, from the Ten Golden Guards down to the Thousand Man Squad Commander, who can stop a thousand with one.

Not long ago, in several battles of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, there was a new star that emerged from the sky!

The battle prowess displayed was spreading like a storm in all directions.

Even though the commander had not witnessed the battles, he was envious of the new star that had emerged from the Great Snow Dragon Riders from the rumours.

It is every man’s dream to be a man in the world, to fight in the battlefield, to fight in the blood of thousands of soldiers, to take the head of an enemy like a pawn.

“Little village farts, do you really think that in the domain, everyone is like the Great Snow Dragon Riders, everyone is like that Chen Dong?”

The snicker of contempt on the White Capricorn’s commander’s face grew thicker and thicker, a mere mole could only block the sight of their Thousand Man Squad for a second, and could not interest him at all.

As they drew closer, the soldiers in the thousand-strong group saw the lone figure in front of the village.

The look on each soldier’s face was the same as that of the commander.

Contempt, disdain, sneer ……

As their expressions changed, each soldier looked more and more fierce, as if they were bloodthirsty beasts.

That lone figure in front of the village entrance completely inspired the strongest and fiercest killing intent in everyone’s heart!

For in the dozen or so villages before this one, all of them had fled as if they had lost their homes and were in the most “sincere” fear of their thousand men.

Only in this village did someone dare to stand up in front of the village and fight back!

It was a disgrace!


In the silence, the commander of the Thousand raised his scimitar violently.

In an instant, countless cold rays of light were reflected.

It was as if a silent call to arms.

The vast thousand-man squad, which was like a torrent branching out in an instant, split into several small groups and turned from a lateral charge to a closing in.

“Here it comes ……”

The fierce smile on Chen Dong’s face grew thicker and thicker.

While his body trembled, a stream of qi quietly swept out.

A terrifying aura that was as terrifying as a prison rose up like a mountain being plucked from the flat earth.

It’s hostile, brutal and bloody ……

Like a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, it swept out from behind Chen Dong, crushing the heavens and the earth towards the thousand-strong team.

The air whistles as if evil spirits are crying, and the white bones are hidden in the blood, rising and falling.

On Chen Dong’s face, countless veins and veins protruded out, twisting and twisting in a hideous manner.

The strange thing was that this time, unlike any other time, was completely different!

Even though the mountain of corpses and blood rose to the sky, the veins and veins were all over his face and his eyes were bloodstained, Chen Dong’s blood-coloured eyes remained absolutely rational under the crimson blood!

All changes were suppressed by his absolute sanity!

In a flash of lightning, the Thousand Man Squad had already rushed close to the front.

The overwhelming sea of blood pressed down on everyone in the Thousand Man Squad like a huge hand.

In a flash.

Everyone was terrified and scared, their sweat hairs standing on end.

Even the horses under their belts gave a slight halt to their momentum at this moment.

It was just a moment.

A strange and terrifying thought surfaced in the minds of everyone in the Capricorn Thousand at the same time.

It was as if this charge was not about them surrounding the one person at the head of the village, but about the one person at …… who was preparing to surround and kill them!

Such a thought was absurd and bizarre!

Even after it surfaced violently, everyone felt incredible.

The moment they witnessed the lofty figure and felt the great terror of the sea of blood, the thought lingered in everyone’s mind!

Just as everyone was hesitantly shocked.

In full view of everyone.

The figure in front of the village slowly tilted its head up and witnessed the night sky.


A roar shook the heavens and the earth.

The majestic Qi energy that covered the sky, with this hiss from Chen Dong, blasted off the snow on the ground, forming a dozen-metre high snow wave that crushed towards the thousand-strong team.

The momentum of the Thousand Man Army’s charge came to a complete halt before the wave of snow swept over them.

The horses were so frightened by the roar that they all stood up and hissed and wailed.

Some of the Capricorn soldiers were even caught off guard and were directly overturned by the horses.

The scene was instantly chaotic!

“Steady the formation, steady the formation!”

The commander of the Thousand Man Squad tugged on the reins of his warhorse, desperately trying to restrain the momentum of the warhorse from rising up.

But looking around him, his face was as pale as paper and his heart felt as if it was about to beat out of his chest.

How could a village be slaughtered and he had kicked the iron plate?

He was shocked and frightened.

The tiger eyes of the Thousand Man Squad’s commander were aghast when he saw a blood-coloured figure, like a shura evil ghost, rushing towards him amidst the waves of snow sweeping over the sky.

It was as fast as lightning!

It even made the commander’s trance-like glance a bit unreal like a dream.

Until ……


A harsh and miserable scream was like a flat thunder in the chaotic group.

The trance-stricken commander’s tiger body shook and his jealousy split, and in his sight, a soldier under his command had already flown high into the air, and a blood-coloured train cut across the soldier’s waist in the air.

Then, the soldier was broken in two in the air, and his blood and guts flew into the air.

Not even waiting for the soldier’s broken body to hit the ground.

The blood-coloured figure, wrapped in a fierce might, wielded its spear like a thunderbolt and swooped straight into the thousand-strong group.


The chaos of the ranks was filled with wailing and wretchedness.

Blood stirred in the sky, and broken bodies flew into the sky.

Everywhere Chen Dong pa*sed, blood was pouring out, trailing long bloody shadows, sweeping through the court, destroying everything!

Every time he swung his spear, a corpse flew high into the air amidst screams of misery!

“Disperse, disperse!”

The commander of the thousand men was in disarray, staring at the bloody figure in the sea of people as if he had seen a ghost.

What was left of his sanity could only lead him to give the order for the group to disperse!

It seemed that this was the only way …… could possibly reduce the loss of his team!


The other end of the village.

Heads of people were gathering.

The old woman, Wolf and the whole village were fleeing towards the distance.

Suddenly they heard a vast thunderous noise in front of the village.

Everyone stopped in their tracks and turned back in horror, only to see clusters of blood sweeping through the night sky at the head of the village, screams as thick as purgatory.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Wolf burrowed his ears in disbelief: “Did I hear it wrong? Dog is killing that barbarian army all by himself?”