Winner Takes All Chapter 1495-1496

Chapter 1495

The silent corridor.

Ye Yuanqiu’s dishevelled voice seemed to echo.

Elder Long froze completely, his features taut and open, frozen in place.

And Yuan Yigang couldn’t help but take off his gold-rimmed gla*ses at this moment, pinching the bridge of his swollen nose in exhaustion and dismay, his eyes covered in red blood.

While in a trance of horror, the complex stench from the dark cell gradually rushed into Elder Long’s nostrils.

A hint of the unspeakable stench, as if a sharp needle, ruthlessly provoked Long Lao’s nerves.

Bang Teen!

Elder Long’s body went limp and fell violently askew against the large open iron door, the sound of impact, exploding like thunder in the corridor.

“Old man Long!”

Ye Yuanqiu tilted his head suddenly, looking worried and terrified.

Yuan Yigang was even faster and took a step forward to hold the limp Old Man Long.

At this moment, Long Lao’s face was pale and terrified, his eyes were filled with tears and covered with blood, his lips were even trembling, while his right hand was trembling, as if with all his strength, he raised it and pointed towards the dark cell.

“He …… them ……”

The two simple words were used with all their might, and even so, the sobbing that was interspersed with them could not be stopped.

Yuan Yigang was silent, looking gloomy.

Ye Yuanqiu’s obscure gaze emerged with a hint of luster, nodded, and then whirled his head back down, not daring to meet Long Lao’s eyes, while saying remorsefully.

“On the inside …… sorry, really sorry! It’s me who lost the bet, it’s me who underestimated the Gu family and overestimated the Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred sects, I can hardly be blamed for this matter, old man Long ……”


A strong wind suddenly exploded out of Old Man Long’s body, drumming up his robes and letting out a roar, directly interrupting Ye Yuanqiu’s apology.

A sudden change of events.

Rao Yuan Yigang was also shaken by the strong wind drummed up from Long Lao’s body, and staggered back two steps.

Almost simultaneously.

Long Lao turned around bravely, his robe rattling with the strong wind, and his pale white hair dancing in the air.

He stared at Ye Yuanqiu with fierce fury.

“Ye Yuanqiu ah Ye Yuanqiu! Here …… are my young master’s parents! Where did you get the guts to gamble with their lives?”


As he gritted his teeth, Elder Long’s feet suddenly launched himself like a cannonball, wrapped in a fierce wind and a great deal of anger, and rushed towards Ye Yuanqiu!

“Elder Long!”

Yuan Yigang immediately tried to stop him.

But Long Lao suddenly rose up, and with the short distance, even Yuan Yigang’s strength was too late.

Bang Teen!

Long Lao’s big bushel-like hand brazenly pressed Ye Yuanqiu’s face, brutally and roughly pressing him directly to the wall with one hand.

At the same time.

Long Lao suddenly turned his head and his eyes were wide open, as if he was in a vajra’s rage, and he forced himself straight at Yuan Yigang who was about to step forward.

“Little brat! I am an ancestor of the Hong Society’s Ming Dynasty, I am your old ancestor in life and in death, and you still dare to disobey and violate the law?”

The words were so hard and furious that they resounded in the corridor.

Yuan Yigang’s expression changed greatly, and his aura instantly shriveled up a great deal.

There was no other reason.

In the Hong Society, the Yuan generation was the ancestor.

In the Hong Society, the Ming generation was also an ancestor!

Even with his status as the leader of the Hong Society, he would not dare to disobey them!

Even he, the leader of the Hong Society, did not dare to overstep the boundaries of the word “seniority”!

But looking at Ye Yuanqiu, who was unresisting and bleeding from the impact.

However, looking at the unresisting Mr. Chen, who was bleeding from his mouth, Yuan Yigang slowly persuaded him, “Elder Long, naturally, I dare not disobey him, but Elder Ye is also thinking of the overall situation.

“The big picture? Don’t give me the big picture!”

Elder Long sneered and slowly turned his head to look angrily at Ye Yuanqiu through a gap in his fingers, “Your self-righteousness is truly disgusting, it was then and it is now, are you going to take your self-righteousness to the grave?”

While scolding angrily, Elder Long’s right hand slowly increased its force, and his eyes grew sharper and sharper.

From the beginning to the end.

Ye Yuanqiu did not even put up the slightest resistance, and even when he felt the strength of Elder Long’s right hand feeling like his facial bones were about to shatter, he gritted his teeth and held back, meeting Elder Long’s gaze without resisting or speaking a word.

Yuan Yigang witnessed the scene in front of him, anxious and his body was like cooking oil.

With his strength, he could have stopped Elder Long!

But with his seniority here, he didn’t dare to make a move, not to mention that this scourge was originally due to his and Ye Yuanqiu’s final decision!

If he hadn’t knocked out Long Lao in advance and lied to Chen Dong, perhaps Southwest wouldn’t have been set, but Chen Dong’s father-in-law and mother-in-law ……


Suddenly, a painful cough sounded within the sword-drawn corridor.

This cough, however, was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, instantly blasting in the ears of Long Lao’s three people.

It was ……

Elder Long’s right hand slackened some of its strength and turned his head abruptly.

And Yuan Yigang, who was closest to the cell, was also horrified and looked back in horror at the dark and foul smelling cell.

There was silence.

A series of sharp and painful coughing sounds came out of the dark cell.

When they fell on the ears of Elder Long, they sounded like heavenly music.

“No, not dead?”

Elder Long was overjoyed, and the tears that were in his eyes flowed straight down.

As for Yuan Yigang and Ye Yuanqiu, they were also surprised at this moment.

Not waiting for the three to react.

Inside the dark cell, Gu Guohua’s terrified and eager call suddenly rang out.

“Wanqing, Wanqing ……”

The voice echoed, like a sledgehammer smashing against Long Lao’s heart.

If Gu Guohua and his wife were alright, then this would be a real double whammy!

“Quick, save the people, save the people!”

Long Lao let go of Ye Yuanqiu and hurriedly urged Yuan Yigang, while turning around and stumbling excitedly towards the cell.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were still somewhat unconscious.

They had not entered the cell after opening it, but the dark silence inside the cell, and the strong stench emanating from it, made their scalps go numb straight away and they despaired on the spot.

Given their status, even if the stench was extremely unpleasant and intermingled with multiple, they were still extremely sensitive to some of the smells and could distinguish them!

But the scene in front of them made the two of them feel a bit unreal as if they were dreaming.

Really …… did not die?

Just as Long Lao took a step into the cell, suddenly, Gu Guohua’s shrill and harsh cries and wails came violently from the darkness.

“Wanqing, Wanqing you wake up! Ah! Ah!”

Immediately afterwards, there were cries of grief and pain.

This cry instantly made the ecstatic Elder Long’s heart suddenly clench, and his footsteps gave a pause as the result came to his mind!

Even with his determination, Elder Long could not help but breathe heavily and sharply at this moment.

With a trembling right hand, he pulled out his mobile phone and flicked on the light with a shudder, then …… carefully shone the light into the darkness inside the cell.

When the light swept up to Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s couple, the scene before him instantly crashed into Elder Long’s eyes like a thunderbolt.

“The Gu family, the Gu family, the Gu family!”

Long Lao’s hideous hiss of gnashing teeth, interspersed with Gu Guohua’s cries, exploded together within the cell!

And Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang at the entrance, witnessing the scene inside the cell, were also bloodless, revealing a flash of horror.

Forgive them for their experience, the scene before them was by no means a small psychological shock to them!


For a whole day.

The entire south-western region was immersed in the frenzy of an imperial edict.

The giants were shaken.

The giants were furious.

As the news spread to the people, the people were even more ecstatic, and they ran around telling each other about it.

For a while, Chen Dong and Dingtai became the most dazzling “stars” in the entire southwest region.

The previous scolding of Chen Dong disappeared into obscurity as the news spread.

The people were full of praise for Chen Dong, as if for one day, it was already the southwest that was down with Chen Dong, and the southwest that was up with Chen Dong!

The content of the edict was harvesting the gentry and giants.

But to the people of the southwest, it was an unspeakable boon!

This will mean that in the next six months, the Southwest will be in the limelight!

The Zhuge family, the Zhang and Chu families, and even Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu were unable to sleep through the night and were overjoyed, unable to control themselves.

After the previous depression and worries were swept away, they were replaced by the joy of seeing the moon shining through the clouds!

Chen Dong left the Chen family’s home and after getting off the plane, he did not go to the company, but went straight back home.

He knew what was going on at Dingtai today, and all the things had been arranged in advance, so all he needed was for Xiao Ma to take the company’s staff and gallop together.

However, Chen Dong still told Xiao Ma in advance by weibo that a large sum of money would be allocated as a bonus for all the staff in the company and would be paid out at the end of the day.

Whether it was the pressure the staff had endured with him in the past few days, or the effort they had put in at work, Chen Dong felt that the staff deserved the sky-high bonus!

All day long.

Chen Dong was at home with Gu Qingying, because in one fell swoop, Zhuge Qing, Chu Reed and Jiang Qilin were all busy with their own affairs, so the house was inevitably a bit cold.

Zhao Brocade spent the day in a daze.

And Wu Chang “spied” on him all day.

Fan Lu knitted a jumper and watched them both all day.

Everything was so uneventful, but it made Chen Dong feel that this was how life should be.

It was what he had wanted ……!

As for the breakup within the Chen family, Chen Dong did not know about it and had no way of knowing.

The moment Chen Daocheng and the few people in power under his command decided to launch a power change, they had already closed all their contacts at the first opportunity. The Chen family was completely isolated from the world for the rest of the day!

Night falls.

After dinner, Chen Dong escorted Gu Qingying for a short walk and went home to soothe her to sleep before he walked up to the rooftop alone.

Sitting on a chair, looking out at the starry night sky, the corners of Chen Dong’s mouth curved into a quiet smile.

It had been a long time since he had been this relaxed.

Southwest was set, and this gave him the foundation to build a new Chen, and gave him more possibilities to flex his muscles in the future!

And while there are waves in the advancement of all this, all is well and calm.

The fact that his parents-in-law, the ones he was most worried about, were safe and sound was the happiest thing that happened to him in this incident!

If his father-in-law and mother-in-law were to make the slightest mistake, he really did not know how he would face Gu Qingying, who was pregnant.

What’s more, this would determine whether he would “give up” or not!

He doesn’t want to become like his father, but if the situation has really come to a point where this is the only way out, he will bite the bullet and repeat his father’s mistakes!

His wife and children …… are his lifeblood!

He can guard it with his life, or he can make the most disgusting decision for the sake of his wife and children’s well-being!

“Brother Dong.”

Zhao Breaker’s voice rang out behind him.

Chen Dong raised his eyes to see Zhao Broke-Ru walking over carrying two bottles of beer.

“Why don’t you even greet everyone to celebrate something so happy today?”

Zhao Breru opened a bottle of beer and handed it to Chen Dong while settling down to one side.

“Yes, I should celebrate, but there are still too many things to do, everyone is busy and there are not enough people, so I’ll have to postpone it.”

Chen Dong deflated his mouth and tilted his head to take a sip of beer.

It was a hot summer day, and this mouthful of beer made him feel comfortable.

“It’s going to be hard to get everyone together for such a big event, Qin Ye, Kunlun, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf won’t be back for a while.”

Zhao Broke-Ru rolled his eyes.

Chen Dong smiled, “I mean that Elder Long hasn’t returned yet.”

“Where the hell has Elder Long gone?”

Zhao Broke-Ru asked in confusion.

“Hehehe ……”

Chen Dong gave a strange laugh and continued to drink his beer.

“If you don’t say it, then don’t say it, what’s the deception?”

Zhao Breru shrugged his shoulders and tilted his head back to “gulp” his wine.

Chen Dong was a bit surprised and asked, “You’re a strong drinker, aren’t you?”

Zhao Baolu said helplessly, “I can’t help it, I can’t sleep until dawn if I drink.”

As he said that, he took out a few bottles of two-two bottles of high white wine from his pocket.

Chen Dong was a bit surprised, but did not ask more questions.

The two men chatted idly, and in their words Chen Dong’s state was in a relaxed and happy state.

It was only when one person walked onto the rooftop that the atmosphere was completely broken.

Dragging his heavy body, Elder Long slowly walked up to the rooftop.

Under the dim light, his shadow was stretched out long and long.

Under the light, his face was as pale as paper, and when reflected by the dim light, he looked even more withered and decrepit.

His bloodshot eyes fell on Chen Dong and Zhao Brelu, who were chatting away, and guilt raged in his chest like a monstrous tsunami.

Tears, too, swished out and swirled in his eyes.

He could not forget that scene in the cell, one of the few most horrific images he had ever seen in his life!

But he dared not continue to linger on the other side of the ocean, the news had to come first, to Chen Dong himself!

Chen Dong and Zhao Breaking sensed someone coming up the stairs at the same time, their voices abruptly beating.

Without waiting for the two to turn around.

“Young Master!”

Long Lao shouted sadly, while his knees went weak and he fell to the ground with a thud.

Chen Dong and Zhao Breru stared in surprise at the sudden return of Elder Long.

“Elder Long!”

Zhao Breru exclaimed in surprise.

“Why are you kneeling?”

The relaxed pleasure on Chen Dong’s face was instantly gone, and his brows were furrowed into a “Chuan” frown as he stared at Elder Long, looking him up and down.

In Ye Yuanqiu’s phone call, it was clearly stated that Elder Long had been injured during the rescue, but the Elder in front of him did not look injured at all!

This caused Chen Dong’s heart to stutter!

“Young master, the old slave is incompetent!”

Long Lao cried, and under his grief and guilt, he directly knocked his head heavily on the ground.

Chen Dong and Zhao Breru were stunned at the same time, both of them clearly seeing that blood was rapidly flowing out from the ground where Long Lao had kowtowed!

“Zhao Breru, you go down first!”

Chen Dong’s face suddenly turned gloomy as an ominous feeling arose, like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, causing him to scold Zhao Breru directly.

“Brother Dong ……”

“Go down!”

After waiting for Zhao Breru to leave, Chen Dong meditated and gazed at his senses some more, making sure that Zhao Breru did not linger in the shadows to eavesdrop, before he said in a deep voice, “Elder Long, what is going on?”

Elder Long slowly got up, teary-eyed, staggered and dragged his heavy mountain-like body to Chen Dong, and handed the phone to him.

Chen Dong’s right hand could not help but tremble a little as he took the phone.

He slowly picked up the phone with a stiff expression.

On the phone was a video, which was already playing.

But once he saw the content of the video on the phone.

Chen Dong couldn’t help but take a sudden deep breath in his nostrils, then his entire body froze, and even his breathing stopped.

His mind went blank.

In an instant, there was a feeling that the sky had fallen into the ground.


Chen Dong fell heavily on his chair.

“Young master ……”

Elder Long hurriedly stepped forward and tried to help.

However, Chen Dong’s eyes were scarlet and tearful as he waved his hand and said hoarsely, “No, it’s not a problem, it’s just the wine, the wine is a bit intoxicating ……”

As he said this, Chen Dong’s beer bottle was lying next to him, and under the dim light, the beer bottle was clearly …… still half full!