Winner Takes All Chapter 1493-1494

Chapter 1493

A calm murmuring voice.

But it was as if a holy voice descending from the nine heavens, blasting in Chen Daoye’s ears.

He had come to Chen Dong because he wanted to pacify him, and he also wanted to discuss with Chen Dong about what would happen afterwards.

The successful finalisation of the Southwest was indeed great news for Chen Dong and their faction!

But tonight, as the storm clouds were changing and the Southwest was being finalised, the Chen family had such a change of heart.

Chen Dong had killed Old Lady Chen in public, and if word of this got out, it would not have a half-hearted impact!

The moment the sun rises.

The moment the sun rises, both the Chen family and the outside world will be in shock!

“I’m afraid that there will be another shuffle within the Chen Family.”

Chen Dao Ye picked up an incense stick, lit it and inserted it in front of Li Lan’s spiritual tablet, wrinkling his brows and said, “When the old undead was alive, the Chen Family still had a superficial leader, looking calm and not losing face to outsiders, but now that even the old undead is gone, the various factions of the Chen Family have no scruples at all.”

Chen Dong’s heart understood.

When his father had disappeared and the Chen family had undergone a drastic change, he had been expelled from the Chen family and Old Lady Chen had been given the throne, in fact, to sit as an elder in the Chen family, so that the Chen family, which was already falling apart, would still look like the Chen family, at least on the surface.

It was a mascot, or a puppet face.

For the sake of face, the various factions were also unmindful and did not say too much about Old Lady Chen’s ascension to the throne.

Now that he has personally beheaded Old Lady Chen, the pearl has disappeared and the future of the Chen family will depend on the struggle between the various factions!

In short, without the elders of the previous generation, or their peers, to set the Chen family in motion, all the major factions are bound to be locked in a state of anxiety and strife.

Even the face of the Chen Family, the world’s most powerful family, would fall into the mud!

“However, this has nothing to do with me.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, his expression indifferent, “If the old undead does not insult my mother, I can let her live for some more time, now that the Southwest is set, nephew speaks to you from the bottom of his heart, how the other factions fight with each other in a deadly and vicious manner, nephew does not even bother, if they want to target me directly, Chen Dong, I am not afraid.”

After a pause, an untamed look emerged on Chen Dong’s cold face, his gaze blazing.

“But Uncle Dao Ye you few are my father’s loyal supporters and have helped my nephew, so my nephew reminds my uncle that after today, several uncles can plan to move their base to the southwest region, Dong’er will definitely not treat several uncles poorly.”

Chen Daoye’s eyes flickered for a moment, hesitating.

Chen Dong did not rush, lit a cigarette and smoked quietly.

There was a pause.

Chen Daoye suddenly asked, “Dong’er, you have successfully settled the southwest, uncle has one more thing, can you clear up the confusion for uncle?”

“Uncle Dao Ye, but there is no harm in saying so.” Chen Dong said.

Chen Dao Ye pondered for a moment and said, “Southwest definitive this can indeed turn your situation around astoundingly, an edict from the domain lord, but also let you Qiankun in hand, uncle also believe that in the next six months time, the entire southwest region will undergo a sea change.

But …… southwest territory is southwest territory, you are you, even though you hold the favorable land parcels of southwest territory, everything is advancing according to your planning, but want to establish a new Chen, still have to think about how to finally get enough financial power from this huge cake of southwest territory to rival today’s Chen family!”

At the end of his speech, Chen Daoye’s voice couldn’t help but lower, his brows locked in a frown.

From his point of view, Chen Dong had already had enough capital to sing against the current Chen family when he settled in the southwest region.

But this capital, in the end, was a matter of financial power!

Having established the southwest region is the same as Chen Dong pinching out the cake, but it is still unknown whether he will be able to get enough “cake” from it.

And this was the key to the key!

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, met Chen Dao Ye’s puzzled gaze and smiled confidently.

“Uncle Dao Ye, didn’t you guys already help me prepare the tools to make money?”


Chen Dao Ye was confused for a moment, and suddenly his eyes exploded with a sharp aura as he reacted violently.

“Hahahaha ……”

He threw back his head and laughed out loud, the last trace of worry in his eyes dissipating at this moment, “Fine, fine, uncle will go and discuss with a few of them right now, the plan to relocate to the southwest! There is no need to worry about your mother’s spirit, uncle will proceed to reset it!”

“Thank you, Uncle Dao Ye, with this matter over, my nephew must also return to the southwest, there is still much to do there as the tripod has just been settled.”

Chen Dong cupped his fist to Chen Daoye, and then the two of them

Inside the Chen Family Ancestral Hall.

At the early sunrise, it had finally become peaceful.

It was just that Chen Dong and Chen Daoye had not been gone for long.

A figure stepped quietly into the ancestral hall.

As soon as he entered the ancestral hall, his gaze fell on the head of Old Lady Chen in front of the spirit of Li Lan.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes were still open and her face was covered in blood.

This scene was so horrifying that anyone else would have been so scared that they would have gone weak.

But Chen Daocheng, like a sulking lion, walked up to Old Lady Chen’s head and spat directly at it with a face full of indignation.

“Old man, you are really an old useless wimp, you worked so hard to make you the acting head of the family, but you couldn’t do a thing, and when you are about to die, you can’t even hurt that wild B*****d Chen Dong a bit.

Chen Daocheng gritted his teeth, his face full of indignation and disdain, “Just an old woman like you, if you can hide it from others, how can you hide it from me? I deliberately teased you by making you the acting head of the family, and you were still happy with yourself. Now that you’re dead, you still have the face to die in peace?”

As he spoke, Chen Daocheng impatiently raised his hand and wiped it directly across Old Lady Chen’s round eyes.

Only as soon as the hand slipped off, Old Lady Chen’s eyes returned to their rounded state once again.

“D*mn it, old, immortal trash, can’t even close her eyes, bah!”

Chen Daocheng cursed fiercely, and with a fist in his right hand, he directly smashed Old Lady Chen’s head out with a bang, letting it roll like a basketball to the corner.

The old lady’s head was smashed into the wall like a basketball.

Chen Daocheng glanced at the spirit of Li Lan with resentment: “B*****d, your B*****d, you really have the guts, but this time, it’s my turn to say something about the Chen family!

The words fell.

His expression became solemn as he moved to the incense burner in front of the altar and silently lit a pillar of incense and inserted it into the incense burner.

Then, Chen Daocheng knelt solemnly on the futon in front of the incense burner and kowtowed three times to the ancestors of the Chen family on the divine platform.

“Your ancestors are above, now that the Chen family has that evil son Chen Dong, resulting in the disappearance of the family head and the death of the old lady, Dao Cheng is here, kowtowing to the blessings of the ancestors, this time Dao Cheng will definitely help the Chen family at the time of its collapse, I hope the ancestors will be gracious and forgive Dao Cheng for not following the iron law of the Chen family head selection this time!”

After saying this, he heavily kowtowed three times on the ground with immense devotion.


After bidding farewell to Chen Daoye, Chen Dong took a special plane directly back to the southwest region.

Only as the special plane lifted off, the Chen family was already chilled with armour and murderous intent.

At the same time, a team of bodyguards, like a torrent, swarmed towards the mansions and residences of the Chen family’s rulers!


The Chen family in the early morning.

With Chen Daocheng’s order, it suddenly became a murderous and dark place.

All means of access to the outside world were blocked.

Even communications were interfered with at the first opportunity!

Chen Daoye returned to the courtyard and was busy asking his son to summon several other people in power over to discuss plans to relocate to the south-west.

Their relocation would mean the complete departure of the family head’s faction from the current Chen family.

There is a lot at stake, and one cannot be too cautious!

The relocation was not just about them going there, but also about finding a way to scavenge as much of the family head’s faction as possible!

Soon, everyone in power arrived.

A stormy night had left everyone with a tired look on their faces.

However, once Chen Dao Ye called for them, several of the people in power did not dare to be slow.


When the last of the rulers rushed into the courtyard, Chen Dao Ye and the others were all stunned.

This was because this person in power had a hasty look and a frightened face.

“Brother Dao Ye, it’s not good, it’s not good! Chen Daocheng and the rest of them have gone crazy, completely and utterly crazy, and they are gathering their bodyguards to blockade the mansions and residences of the major power holders!”


The sound of rushed words, every word like thunder.

Chen Dao Ye and the others were horrified and startled.

“D*mn it! Are Chen Daocheng and the others trying to forcefully seize power by invading the city?”

“That mad dog, does he even have no qualms about this superficiality now?”

Several of the people in power angrily rebuked.

Chen Dao Ye hurriedly raised his hand to signal the crowd to be quiet, and then ordered in a deep voice.

“Immediately gather your respective bodyguards to come to this side of the residence, make sure to block Chen Daocheng’s gang, in addition to calling you all here, is to discuss the complete relocation of our family head’s faction out of the Chen family and to the young master of the southwest region!”

At those words, the crowd was shocked beyond belief, but the immediate task was to contact the bodyguards at their respective mansions.

“Brother Dao Ye, there’s no contact, the communication has been completely cut off!”

A man was the first to put down his mobile phone and looked towards Chen Daoye in despair.

Chen Daoye’s pupils shrank, and the blue veins at the corners of his eyes bulged and twitched.

The courtyard.

There was a dead silence.

Several people looked at Chen Daoye with apprehension and trepidation, desperately waiting for Chen Daoye to make up his mind.

“Hehe …… this Chen family can’t stay after all, I’m afraid the young master has already predicted it when he mentioned the relocation matter!”

Finally, Chen Daoye pulled up the corner of his mouth and gave a bitter laugh: “It’s just that, raise my house bodyguards, now temporary protection, my son immediately sneak out of the residence, go to contact the bodyguards of your uncles’ homes, let them protect the family members of your uncles, find a way to close over.”

There was a pause.

Waiting for his son to leave.

Chen Daoye swept his gaze morosely over the several people in power.

“Everyone, now that the arrow is on the string, we must either stay stuck in the Chen family and look up to Chen Daocheng and the others, or throw in the towel and run to where the young lord is, any objections?”

Several of the people in power looked at each other.

In the end.

“Run to the Young Master!”

“Run to the Young Master!”

“Run to the Young Lord!”

Chen Daoye nodded solemnly, and the momentum in his heart loosened, but his brows still did not stretch: “Chen Daocheng those crazy dogs came with ferocity, I am afraid that this time, the bottom of the barrel that can be relocated out is very little, if it can replace everyone leaving safely, so be it, this Chen family …… with the family head The family is really going to fall apart with the disappearance of the family head!”

The last thing he said was that Chen Daoye’s voice became sad.

Several people in power were also saddened.

Who would like to see this situation now?

Even though the family had fought against each other, they were still able to maintain the name of the Chen family.

But today, it is about to collapse completely!


Across the ocean, on an isolated island overseas.

On the calm sea level, a helicopter hovered, the powerful air currents formed by the propellers, sending ripples across the sea, spreading out in all directions, only gradually weakening when they hit a ship.

The deserted island, which should have been isolated from the world, was now enveloped by a sky full of helicopters and surrounded by countless ships.

The roar of the boats completely shattered the tranquillity of the island.

On the beaches around the isolated island, if one looked down from above, one could see a dense tide of people swarming towards the centre of the island from all four beaches, and even the tide of people remaining on the four beaches was still dense, giving people an extremely strong sense of oppression!

The 3,600-strong elite force of the Hong Society had swarmed here at the command!

There are no more than a handful of forces in the world that could use such a force!

Strangely, apart from the roar of helicopters and boats, the only sound in this part of the world was the sound of footsteps.

And everyone looked stern and kept their mouths shut.

In a jungle on an isolated island.

At this moment, a column of Hong Society members is surrounding an old fortress.

There are corpses scattered around, and the air is thick with the smell of blood, in addition to the disgusting smell of decay.

Inside the castle.

At the moment it is a different story.

It is a metal cell, cramped and so dark that you can’t see your fingers.

The air is filled with an extremely pungent and strong disgusting smell.

There was the stench of Sh*t and urine, the sour and bitter smell of stale food, the smell of decay and blood.

The silence was oppressive to the extreme.

Only a little dim light came in through the open iron door, giving a glimmer of life to the room.

And outside the door, in the corridor.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were leaning against the wall as if they had lost their strength, and despite their status, their faces were as white as paper, and their eyes were even more frightened and lax.

Even breathing, the two men seemed to be using all their strength, their chests heaving violently and their bodies twitching uncontrollably.

If this scene was seen by onlookers, their jaws would definitely drop in shock.

If the three thousand six hundred doors of the Hong Society outside saw it, they would be even more dumbfounded and struck by lightning.

An ancestor of the Hong Society, a leader of the Hong Society!

Who is not a ruthless horn of cultivation floating in a sea of corpses and blood?

Who is not a ruthless man floating in a sea of corpses and blood? Not even enough to look like this in the face of a thousand armies, but now scribbled down to the extreme!

Clap clap clap ……

At one end of the corridor, the sound of hurried footsteps stumbled, interspersed with the sound of several heavy falls.

As soon as this sound rang out.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang’s bodies shook at the same time, their lax pupils quickly regaining focus.

As if they were electrocuted, they both looked in the direction where the sound came from at the same time, and vaguely, a figure was stumbling and running, holding onto the wall.

Long Lao stumbled, the dizziness in his head causing him to walk forward, always with the unrealistic feeling of stepping deep and shallow on the surface of the sea.

He stumbled several times, but his sanity still forced him to stand up and keep going.

A sharp pain came from the back of his head, leaving Elder Long in a very poor state at the moment.

Stepping forward, he felt the sky spinning and his breathing became like a torn bellows, but this ragged panting was the very thing that forced him to barely adjust his consciousness and vision.

Finally, he saw Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang.

“D*mn it, old immortal, you backstabbed old me, what the hell did you start?”

Old man Long gritted his teeth and staggered a few steps, pounced in front of Ye Yuanqiu and grabbed him by the neck.

“Old man Long, I’m doing this for the greater good, for Mr. Chen to set the Southwest!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face turned red from suffocation and squeezed out a sentence with great force.

Yuan Yigang, who was at the side, immediately wanted to stop Old Man Long, but was signalled to stop by Ye Yuanqiu.

“The big picture? BullSh*t big picture! My young master’s big picture is his father-in-law and mother-in-law, without making sure that they are safe, you call this nasty and lowly!”

Long Lao gritted his teeth, his hands strangling Ye Yuanqiu’s neck as he slowly pushed harder.

On the way here, in the helicopter he had been caught off guard and directly knocked unconscious by Ye Yuanqiu’s stifling stick, only just now did he finally wake up.

This made Elder Long furious!

Of course he knew what Ye Yuanqiu’s purpose of knocking him out was, but he could not tolerate this matter!

This matter was about the lives of Gu Guohua and his wife, but also about Chen Dong, about Gu Qingying!

“The general situation in the southwest has been decided, Mr. Chen has successfully set the pawn!”

Yuan Yigang, who was on the side, said in a deep voice.


Elder Long was instantly shocked, and the strength of his hands could not help but weaken a few points.

He was happy to see that the Southwest was settled, and he was also happy for Chen Dong.

But ……

“Where are the young master’s father-in-law and mother-in-law?”

Long Lao asked, baffled and lost in thought.

Yuan Yigang’s brows lowered and he lowered his head.

Ye Yuanqiu, on the other hand, reluctantly took a deep breath and pointed a backhanded finger at the room with the open iron door next to him, “Inside.”

Long Lao was instantly surprised and let go of Ye Yuanqiu to step into the cell.

Suddenly, Ye Yuanqiu’s words, which were so decadent that they stopped Long Lao in his tracks, caused his mind to go blank and the sky to spin.

“We …… lost the bet!”