Winner Takes All Chapter 1481-1482

Chapter 1481


All the people were stunned.

“Brother Dao Cheng, that wild B*****d has already set the southwest, we still have room to manoeuvre?” A man asked.

Chen Daocheng looked askance and smiled coldly.

“What do you all think the old undead is going to the clan shrine for at this moment? Does she have the heart to worship the ancestors of my Chen family?”

The words fell.

Chen Daocheng drained the wine from the cup on the table in front of him, got up and walked towards the outside, “Come with me to watch a good show!”

The Chen Family Ancestral Hall.

The bamboo shadows were rustling all around.

It was late at night, and the temperature in the quiet bamboo forest was a little cold.

Outside the bamboo forest, which stretches all the way to the ancestral shrine, is a quiet pathway of green stone slabs, with lights hanging from the bamboo on both sides, stretching all the way to the ancestral shrine.

On the ground, a shadow stretches long and long.

Old Mrs. Chen was cloaked in hair, her eyes glowing with a mad and hideous fierceness, her whole being in a state of madness.

She stared deadly at the lofty ancestral shrine at the end of the light, walking step by step towards it, muttering incessantly under her breath through clenched teeth.

The only difference from inside the Buddha Hall was perhaps that the churning and raging qi had been collected back into her body.

A long way behind her, Chen Dabbing followed in fear and trepidation.

He knew what his mother was going to do, but he couldn’t stop it!

Just thinking of the series of things that would happen next made Chen Dao Ping’s scalp tingle and his sweat stand on end.

Squeak ……

Old Mrs. Chen pushed open the heavy clanhouse gate.

The sound of the gate opening in the quiet bamboo forest was extraordinarily clear.

“Come one step closer and don’t remember the love between mother and son.”

Old Mrs. Chen slowly turned back, her gaze shadowy as she stared at Chen Daoping.

This side of her head, a glance back, was extraordinarily eerie and seeping under the cover of the light.

Chen Daoping’s body twitched and he was so scared that he stood still on the spot, the knot in his throat wriggling, but he was as silent as a chill, not daring to advance an inch further, and could only watch as Old Mrs. Chen stepped into the ancestral hall.

“Mom ……, if you smash it, that B*****d will surely overthrow the Chen family!”

Only when Old Lady Chen disappeared from sight did Chen Daoping wail in fear.

Inside the ancestral hall.

The lights were dim.

The air was thick with the smell of incense.

In the silence.

Old Mrs Chen took one heavy step into the ancestral hall.

Her anger was so overwhelming that she was no longer rational at the moment.

She had already won, she was ready to sit back and watch the tiger fight, but she had never expected that at this last moment, Chen Dong would ignore everything and force his way into the southwest region, completely overturning all her expectations.

This sense of disparity made Old Lady Chen furious and wanting nothing more than revenge.

Her eyes swept past the incense burner and landed on the divine platform at the back.

The spirit tablets were lined up in rows.

On them were all the ancestors of the Chen family from all generations.

The entire ancestral shrine was filled with a solemn and solemn atmosphere.

But when Old Lady Chen looked at the spiritual tablets, her eyes were particularly disdainful.

She spat fiercely on the ground and cursed in a deep voice, “A bunch of dead old dogs from the Chen family, it’s a waste of time for me to worship you for so many years.”

The next second.

Old Mrs. Chen’s gaze was morbidly fierce and hostile as she took a step towards a spiritual tablet.

“Husband ……”

Without any respect, she directly grabbed the spirit tablet, and a fierce aura burst out in her eyes, “You dead trash, you’re still a trash even after you die, the old body suffered a lot back then, and let you, a useless wimp, take advantage of it, you should have blessed me a little when you were a ghost in the spring, you don’t care, what gives you the right to be on this divine platform?”


Old Mrs. Chen’s features were fierce as she smashed the spirit tablet onto the ground.

The spirit tablet landed on the ground and was torn into pieces.

As if that wasn’t enough to vent her anger, she stomped on it again, ravaging it fiercely.

The solemn ancestral shrine had now become hostile because of Old Madam Chen’s arrival.

Only after some trampling and ravaging did Old Mrs. Chen raise her eyes, her eyes narrowed into slits and instantly locked on the spirit of Li Lan on the divine platform.

“Dead B*tch, B*tch-born B*tch!”

Old Mrs. Chen squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth and, like a ghost, stepped towards Li Lan’s spirit.

It was also during this process.

Outside the Chen family ancestral hall.

Chen Daoping was in a state of trepidation and fear when he was suddenly drawn to the sound of footsteps behind him.

He turned around and looked at the green stone pathway hidden by the shadows of the bamboo, and there was a long line of people stretched out by the light.

There were many people!

Dense and thick.

Not only was there Chen Daocheng’s faction, but there was also Chen Daoye’s faction!

Chen Daoye and the others from the family head’s faction had anger and coldness written all over their faces at the moment.

They were all immersed in ecstatic excitement and praised Chen Dong when they learnt that he had settled the southwest in one fell swoop with an imperial edict from the domain lord.

But a report from a spy was like a basin of ice water, pouring cold water over several people!

When Old Lady Chen went to the Chen family ancestral hall, she was able to find out the reason for this.

It was a time when Chen Dong was in the ascendancy of spring and had the empire in his hands.

Some people are happy, others are sad!

The transition between heaven and hell was too much for anyone to bear. The old lady couldn’t take it out on herself and went straight to the ancestral hall.

“You’re all here at last!”

When Chen Daoping saw the crowd, he let out a rare long breath and said something that should not have been said in his position.

“Chen Daoping, why didn’t you stop it?”

Chen Daoye took the lead and directly grabbed Chen Daoping’s collar, “The old lady entered the ancestral hall late at night, and if there is any misstep with the spirit of the family head’s wife, you, a member of the Chen family, can hardly be blamed!”

At this moment, Chen Dao Ye was no longer his usual light-hearted self, his features were fierce and his anger was uncontrollable.

The rest of the family heads were also gnashing their teeth and raging with anger.

On the contrary, the corner of Chen Daocheng’s mouth curled up on one side, indicating to the few people in power in his own line not to come forward.

With a whirlwind.

Chen Daocheng took a step forward, and without waiting for Chen Daoping’s response, he said, “Daoping, Daoping, the old lady is so old, if she is crazy, are you crazy too? Those who have entered our Chen family ancestral hall are Chen family members, enjoying the incense and worship of the Chen family’s descendants, and will not allow anyone to desecrate them. ……”

“Shut up!”

Chen Dao Ye turned back in anger: “You don’t have to cry here and pretend to be merciful!”

Chen Daocheng choked for a moment, holding his forehead and sighing softly, showing his helplessness and regret to the fullest.

Just as Chen Daoye turned his head, Chen Daocheng’s face quickly turned gloomy and resentful.

“Hurry up and stop her!”

Chen Daoye threw away Chen Daoping and brazenly rushed towards the Chen family ancestral hall.

The few people in power behind him followed closely behind.

They were of the family head’s faction and regarded Chen Daoling as the head, so naturally, that Li Lan’s position in their hearts was also that of the family head’s wife, not to be desecrated!

“Yes, stop it, stop it!”

Chen Daocheng shouted along with him, but with the same faction in power, slowly following behind.

The few people in power behind him from the same faction, on the other hand, were showing ridicule and gloating.

Chen Dao Ye led several of his companions and rushed into the ancestral hall in a feverish hurry.

At this moment, several of them were like ants on a hot pot, if they could not stop it, they really dared not imagine what kind of reaction Chen Dong would have when he learnt the news!


Chen Dao Ye was the first to rush into the ancestral hall, and when he witnessed the scene inside the ancestral hall, his pupils instantly tightened and his jealousy split.

In the line of sight.

Old Mrs. Chen was holding onto Li Lan’s spirit tablet, placed in the shadows, and her mouth was letting out a brutal, strange laugh while her hands slowly lifted Li Lan’s spirit tablet into the air.


In the nick of time, Chen Dao Ye roared with all his might.

“She doesn’t deserve it!”

Old Mrs. Chen whistled harshly and shrilly as her hands blatantly smashed Li Lan’s spirit tablet onto the ground.


An explosive sound echoed through the ancestral hall like thunder.

Under Chen Dao Ye’s horrified and shocked gaze, the spirit tablet split in pieces!

Chapter 1482


Inside the shrine, there was dead silence.

The spirit tablet shattered as if the space bar had been pressed in this part of the world.

The sound of the shattering, the aftermath.

Chen Daoye was frozen, his eyes wide open as he stared at the broken spirit tablet.

Old Mrs. Chen, on the other hand, looked at the spirit tablet on the ground and laughed strangely, as if she had released some of her pent-up anger.

At this moment.

The several rulers of the family head’s faction, Chen Daocheng and Chen Daoping, all rushed into the ancestral hall.

As soon as they saw the broken spirit tablet of Li Lan on the ground, they all froze in their tracks.

In full view of the crowd.

Old Mrs. Chen suddenly gritted her teeth, her face fierce with terror, and raised her right foot and landed with a bang on the broken spirit tablet, engraved with the word Li Lan, trampling on it and ravaging it.

“Stop it, stop it …… stop it!”

Chen Daoye was furious, and as he roared, he leapt straight up in the air with a bang, knocking away Old Mrs. Chen and falling heavily to the ground himself.

“Chen Dao Ye, what kind of a thing are you?”

Old Mrs. Chen did not lose her balance and fell to the ground, and was only staggered back a few steps by Chen Daoye’s heavy impact.

“Old man! How can you desecrate the wife of the family head!”

Chen Daoye’s eyes were scarlet and he looked mad as he struggled to get up and rushed straight to Old Madam Chen, grabbing her throat with both hands.


Chen Daoping screamed and hurriedly stepped forward to stop it.

And several people in power from the family head’s faction were now gathering around towards Old Madam Chen along with Chen Dao Ye.

The scene was instantly chaotic.

There was a great deal of noise and fury.

The solemnity of the ancestral hall was completely broken.

But Chen Daocheng and the others stood still, the gloating on their faces undisguised.

Chen Daocheng even went up and held up the broken spirit tablet engraved with Li Lan’s name, and wailed with a heartbreaking expression, “Lady of the family, how could your life be so bitter, you couldn’t enter our Chen family when you were alive, but after your death, you entered the ancestral hall with the glory of your sons, how could you be so desecrated?”

The words were sharp and harsh!

It was like pouring oil on a fire!

On one side was the furious Chen Dao Ye, the head of the family, on the other side was Chen Dao Ping who was scratching his ears, and on the other side was Chen Dao Cheng and the others who were gloating and stirring up trouble.

If word of this chaotic scene were to get out, it would definitely shock the jaws of everyone in the world.

But in the midst of the chaos and noise, no one had noticed that the wry smile on the face of the strangled Old Lady Chen was still the same, but the ruthless look in her eyes had flickered.

She grabbed Chen Dao Ye’s wrists with both hands and kept wailing, looking as if she was about to faint from suffocation.

“Daoye, let go, let go, she’s my mother, she’s the eldest in the family!”

Chen Daoping was so weak that he was no match for Chen Daoye and the others, and could only plead bitterly with eyes full of tears.

“BullSh*t elders, the dead are the greatest, humiliate the dead, this old B*****d deserves to die!”

Chen Daoye gritted his teeth and his eyes were full of blood, “You old immortal, deceiving my family head to be absent and the young master to be away from home, so you think no one will protect my family head’s wife?”

The words just fell.

Chen Daocheng followed suit and shouted eagerly, “Oh my god! Something so big has happened, quickly inform Young Master Chen, this is a humiliation of his own mother’s spirit seat!”

“Brother Daocheng, I’ll go and inform right now!”

Immediately, one of the rulers in Chen Daocheng’s faction rushed out of the ancestral hall with a playful smile.

And Chen Daocheng’s words sounded like explosive thunder, booming in the ears of the frantic Chen Daoye.

In an instant.

A few hints of clarity returned to Chen Daoye’s eyes as he suddenly let go of Old Lady Chen and turned around brazenly, “Quickly go and stop it, you cannot inform the young master, you cannot distract the young master!”


Several of the rulers of the family head’s faction changed their expressions greatly and hurriedly turned around to rush out of the ancestral hall.

The chaotic and noisy ancestral hall suddenly fell silent.

Old Madam Chen, who had managed to escape, was hunched over, her face flushed red as she panted heavily.

Chen Daoping rushed forward to support her, his face full of pain.

Chen Daoye, on the other hand, looked at Chen Daocheng angrily, his expression cold and stern to the extreme.

Witnessing the smashing of Li Lan’s spirit tablet had caused him to lose his head in anger.

But after regaining a shred of sanity, he knew clearly that the most urgent task was not to pursue the smashing of Li Lan’s spirit tablet, but to keep Chen Dong out of the loop and conceal it from him!

The southwest was set and the world lost its colour.

Tonight in the southwest region, Chen Dong had many, many more things to do and could not be distracted.

If Chen Dong were to know that Li Lan’s spirit tablet had been smashed, given Chen Daoye’s understanding of Chen Dong, Chen Dong would definitely drop everything and bring his sword to the Chen family!

There was no doubt about that!

“Chen Daocheng, you’re a warm-hearted man!”

Chen Daoye narrowed his eyes, his rare aura stern and compelling: “Cat crying and pretending to be merciful, thinking that by calculating like this, you can minimise your losses?”

Chen Daocheng smiled a bitter smile and shrugged his shoulders, “Dao Ye, don’t say blind things with your eyes wide open, what do you mean by a cat crying for mercy? I am helping you and Young Master Chen, the dead are the greatest, this is Young Master Chen’s biological mother! What’s the difference between a smashed memorial and an exhumed grave? As a son of man, you are hiding this from Young Master Chen, aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning from heaven?”

“You ……”

Chen Dao Ye was about to refute.

At the entrance of the ancestral hall.

The few people in power from the family head’s faction who had just rushed out, fearfully turned back in.

“Brother Dao Ye, it’s too late, the young master already knows!”


The sound was like a thunderclap, and in an instant Chen Daoye’s mind went blank, his body frazzled and he staggered back a step.

He slowly looked down at the broken spirit tablet engraved with Li Lan’s name in his hand and said with emotion, “Madam family head, the young master must have been a filial son.

Chen Daoping’s face was white to the core, and he was distraught.

Old Mrs. Chen, on the other hand, had her head bowed, and after she came to her senses, she too was a little chagrined and looked complicated.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The rooftop.

The night was deep.

Chen Dong slowly put down his phone, and his entire aura changed dramatically.

It was cold, fierce ……

Merely stationed in place, but there was a majestic sense of oppression of a sea of blood after entering a demon.

In a silent manner, the qi energy under his feet leaked out.

The concrete floor cracked out with cracks.

A whirlwind.

Chen Dong turned around, his eyebrows lowered, extremely cold and stern.

In the living room.

Gu Qingying, Fan Lu, Wu Chang and Jiang Qilin and Zhao Brezhong were all present.

With the dramatic changes in the southwest this evening, it was difficult for all of them to sleep.

Suddenly, everyone’s expression changed and they clearly perceived an overwhelming, bone-chilling coldness that filled the entire villa.

Under the panic and horror, the crowd turned their heads and saw Chen Dong with a cold face, slowly walking down the stairs.

“Husband ……”

Gu Qingying’s heartbeat banged, terrified and at a loss for words.

While Fan Lu, Wu Chang, Jiang Qilin and Zhao Breru had ugly faces, their pupils tightened.

Compared to Gu Qingying, they were all people of the martial arts, and the higher their realm, the more clearly they felt Chen Dong’s aura at this moment, and the more fearful they became.

Among the four, Jiang Qilin in particular was the most prevalent!

“Like a ghost, like a devil, this oppressive feeling of a sea of blood, so terrifying!”

These were the thoughts in Jiang Qilin’s mind.

It was also the first time that his fear was so strong at the moment he faced Chen Dong!

Chen Dong stopped walking and raised his eyes.

Looking towards Gu Qingying, “Ma’s spirit tablet has been smashed.”


Gu Qingying’s face swished white.

The rest of the few people also paled.

Chen Dong’s voice was calm, but to them, it was like a flat thunderclap!

Following closely.

Chen Dong walked straight towards the outside of the villa.

By the time Gu Qingying and the others returned to their senses, Chen Dong had already walked to the entrance of the villa.

“I’m going to the Chen family, to kill someone!”

The voice was cold and harsh, like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Phenomena, hocking into the marrow.