Winner Takes All Chapter 1483-1484

Chapter 1483

The Chen family ancestral hall.

The atmosphere was stagnant and oppressive.

Old Mrs. Chen looked a little complicated, and after regaining a trace of sanity, she began to feel chagrined.

Especially at this moment, Chen Daoye and Chen Daocheng were facing each other tit-for-tat, and the sneer between Chen Daocheng’s eyebrows was like a sharp needle stabbing at her heart.

“Aiyaya …… old lady you are also a big old lady, the head of a family, what on earth can make you so angry, now smashing the spirit of the family head’s wife, young master Chen is probably already on his way back.”

Chen Daocheng’s sneering eyes swept past Chen Daoye and landed on Old Lady Chen.

“It’s none of your business!”

Old Mrs. Chen responded indifferently, and then said, “Dao Ping, take mother home.”

“No going!”

Chen Dao Ye was furious and turned around to block.

“Chen Daoye, are you not going to offend your superiors by directly beheading the old body to death inside this ancestral hall? Don’t forget the Chen family’s iron law!”

Old Madam Chen’s strength was overwhelming and her gaze was compelling.

Chen Daoye froze in place.

The great Chen family had strict iron rules.

Some people dared to disobey them, but he did not dare.

As the one in charge of the Chen family, he had to set an example, and while Chen Dong could do the same thing, Chen Daolin could do it, but they had to take care of the overall situation.

“Dao Ye ah, you too, the old lady is old, this kind of thing well wait until the young master comes back ah.”

Chen Daocheng clasped his hands to his chest and stepped aside: “Old lady, you can go freely, no one will stop you, at least we Chen family members can’t do anything to you.”

The words were harsh and sarcastic.

“Shut up!”

Chen Dao Ye and Old Madam Chen scolded in almost unison.

In a whirlwind.

Old Mrs. Chen did not stay long and took Chen Dao Ping out of the clan ancestral hall.

Chen Daocheng also followed suit and left.

Inside the ancestral hall, in the blink of an eye, only Chen Dao Ye and the few people in power of the family head’s faction were left.

Several of them looked at the wreckage on the ground with deep, worried faces.

“Brother Dao Ye, when the young master returns, I’m afraid it’s going to be a bloody mess, how should I deal with such a situation at this juncture?”

One man asked in a deep voice.

Several people in power had their eyes fall on Chen Daoye.

Now that Chen Daolin had disappeared, their faction had no leader, and only Chen Daoye was able to take up the big responsibility.

Otherwise, the Chen family would not have been dominated by Chen Daocheng, leaving the old lady Chen as the acting head of the family.

Tonight, as Chen Dong is setting the pace in the southwest, the old lady has done something like this to humiliate the deceased, and several of those in power know full well what Chen Dong will do when he returns to the Chen family.

But the question before them was …… should they condone Chen Dong’s actions or stop him for the greater good?

Chen Daoye gazed at the broken pieces of Li Lan’s spirit tablet on the ground and remained silent for a long time.

This state of affairs lasted for nearly five minutes.

Only then did Chen Daoye slowly raise his head and lift his feet to walk outside the ancestral hall, his cold, frosty voice echoing in the ears of several people in power.

“Seal off the scene and wait quietly for the young master’s return, someone has made a death wish, the young master will send her on her way, if we don’t help the young master, can we not help a foreign relative’s widow? A few less forces, it’s the right to purge the Chen family internally!”

At these words.

Several people in power were first shocked, and then their expressions turned cold and stern.

As soon as she entered the mansion, Old Lady Chen went into the Buddha Hall and closed the door tightly, forbidding even Chen Dao Ping to enter.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of chanting sutras and the beating of wooden fish resounded in the hall.

Everything seemed peaceful and quiet, as if the previous scene had never happened at all.

Chen Daoping stopped at the door and was apprehensive for a few minutes.

Then he turned and left, marshalling all the guards from the Chen family to come.

The disaster had already been made, and what he was worried about now was how to protect his mother!

The smashing of Li Lan’s memorial was no different from digging up a grave and exhuming a corpse.

Chen Daoping had no doubt what Chen Dong would do when he learned of what had happened.

That wild B*****d, a madman, had done the same thing before he became a young master!

The entire Chen family, all of them, were following the family’s iron law, except for him!

With Chen Daoping’s order, the Chen family’s dark currents were raging in the dead of night, as countless guards swarmed outside the old lady’s house like a hundred rivers returning to the sea.

And as word spread about what had happened inside the ancestral hall.

The entire Chen family had exploded into a frenzy.

It was already the middle of the night, but the entire Chen family was in a state of unrest and fear.

All the forces had different minds, speculating and waiting for what was about to happen.

It was as if a layer of gloom had blasted down over the Chen family’s manor with supreme power.

Inside Chen Daocheng’s mansion.

At this moment, however, the gloom dispersed, and all the faces of the people were filled with laughter.

“Hahahaha …… Brother Dao Cheng, the old immortal has really given us a divine a*sist this time!”

“Yes, yes! If that wild B*****d Chen Dong and the old undead had fought directly to a draw, then we wouldn’t have to bleed and cut our flesh in the southwest region and do the graft for that wild B*****d!”

“First fat is not fat, later fat overwhelms the kang, the words of the old ancestors are true!”

Several of those in power smiled and laughed, as if the pent up anger in their hearts had dissipated with the smashing of Old Lady Chen.

Chen Daocheng sat in his chair with his eyes narrowed, glowing, his mouth grinning almost to the back of his ears.

“The old man is so old, but this time he didn’t control his emotions after all, and actually did something so offensive, he really helped us a lot!”

Suddenly, one man curbed his smile and said in a deep voice, “But Chen Daoping has already mobilised all the guards of the entire Chen family outside the old lady’s mansion, if we have to die to protect the old lady, I’m afraid it will be difficult for Chen Dong to take revenge.”


Chen Daocheng rubbed his chin, “That won’t do, although Chen Dong is not in the right name, he is the young master of our Chen family, he is our son and nephew, we have to help, go around and loosen the strength of the guards in their respective hands, if Chen Dong wants to take revenge, then between him and the old immortal, one of them has to die, we can only laugh at the end!”

On a sea of clouds at night.

The loud roar of the special plane’s engines echoed.

Chen Dong sat by the porthole, looking out, his killing intent majestic, indifferent.


The mobile phone rang.

Chen Dong ignored it.

The ringing soon disappeared, followed closely by another text message sent to the phone.

“Dong’er, Dad already knows the news!”


Chen Dong’s eyes finally had a slight change.

He indifferently picked up his phone and replied with a message in the past: his late mother was humiliated, I am the son!

After the message was sent out, Chen Dong directly switched his phone off.

Then he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, his left hand smoothly sliding down to the bladeless heavy sword on the seat next to him ……

Chapter 1484

Chen Dong no longer cared what Chen Daolin thought on the matter.

Nor did he even think about caring.

Chen Daolin might be able to take care of the big picture, but he was a son of man …… bullSh*t big picture!

The special plane did not land at another airport.

Instead, it went through the sea of layers of clouds and landed directly at the Chen family airport in the middle of the mountains.

As the plane taxied, it stopped.

All over the Chen family, the state of highest alert was suddenly put in place, and there was no sound.

Even the staff of the Chen Family inside the airport looked grave, looking at the landing plane with a look of scorn and fear.

The news had already spread throughout the Chen family within this short period of time.

Even the ordinary staff knew what the purpose of this plane that had suddenly descended in the latter part of the night was!

Chen Dao Ye and the others had already been waiting at the airport.

When they saw the door of the plane open, several of them greeted it with grave and solemn expressions.

Chen Dong walked off the plane with his bladeless heavy sword in his arms and looked at Chen Daoye and the others.

There were no pleasantries, nor did he wait for Chen Daoye and the others to explain the situation.

He just said coldly, “Uncle Dao Ye, I will go to the ancestral hall to see my mother first.”

Chen Daoye and the others’ hearts gave a vicious twitch.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s calmness made them feel their sweat hairs explode, like falling into an ice cave.

Underneath this calm indifference, what was hidden was a monstrous sea of blood and majestic killing intent!

It was as calm as it always was before a storm!

“Dong’er, I’m sorry.”

Chen Dao Ye bowed his head in apology.

Chen Dong shook his head, “It’s none of Uncle Dao Ye’s or the uncles’ business, Dong’er just killed someone, it’s not a problem.”

Before the words left his mouth.

He then walked towards the Chen Family Ancestral Hall with his bladeless heavy sword in his arms.

Chen Daoye and the others’ faces changed greatly, and they all gazed at Chen Dong with fear and trepidation.

The calm and casual words seemed to make killing sound like a commonplace.

But it was also clear to Chen Daoye and the others that there was …… no more room for manoeuvre in this matter!

There is no greater sorrow than death, no greater hate than following your heart!

When Chen Dong casually said the word kill, in fact, it was already like the judge of the hell, a direct sentence of death for old Mrs. Chen, tonight …… only one will live!


“Brother Daocheng, Chen Dong has arrived, but he did not immediately go to the old lady, but went to the ancestral hall together with Chen Daoye and the others.”

A person in power hurriedly entered the courtyard and reported to Chen Daocheng.

“Well, there is no rush, we just need to wait here for good news.”

Chen Daocheng shrugged his shoulders, “Have you all arranged for the guards under your command, have you done so properly?”

Several people nodded their heads in agreement.

In this current situation, Old Lady Chen’s bashing had directly put her and Chen Dong in a situation where they would not die.

As far as Chen Daocheng and the others were concerned, if Chen Dong and the old lady both fought to the death, no matter who lived and who died, it would be great news for them!

With the death of the old lady, the Chen family would be completely controlled by their faction, and Chen Dao Ye and the other forces would be too weak to be feared if they wanted to fight.

Any injury to Chen Dong during the battle would also be enough to delay the development of the southwest region.

Of course, the best outcome would be Chen Dong’s death. Once Chen Dong dies, then everything that happened in the Southwest Region this night will fly into oblivion!

The only thing they have to do now is to quietly wait for the outcome, too much involvement in it, fanning the flames may instead backfire and draw fire.


Half an hour later.

Chen Dong, Chen Dao Ye and the others walked out of the Chen Family Ancestral Hall.

On the way, Chen Dong held his sword in front of him, his steps smooth and firm, the whole person seemed to be a pool of waveless water, without sorrow or joy, and even inside the ancestral hall, he did not even show sorrow or joy, but only stopped in front of Li Lan’s tattered spirit throne, gazing at it, silent, before finally murmuring a few words, before turning around and walking out.

But this process, when it fell into the eyes of Chen Dao Ye and the others, was so terrified that their scalps tingled.

As they followed Chen Dong along the way, Chen Daoye and the others had heavy and solemn faces, with fear between their brows.

The feeling Chen Dong gave them in front of them was as if he was an evil ghost in the dead of night, demanding their lives.

Words can hardly describe the horror, only by being there can they feel it truly.


Outside Old Lady Chen’s mansion, the lights were bright and the armour was cold.

The silence was cold and stern.

The sea of thousands of people formed a huge sense of oppression in the silence.

Every guard looked cold and stern, as if they were facing an enemy, and every now and then they looked hesitant and complicated, knowing who they were facing as they were being mobilised!

Faintly, the faint sound of Buddhist scripture was heard from within the courtyard.

A wall separates them from each other, but the difference between heaven and earth.


“Hmm? The temperature has suddenly become cooler?”

In the group of guards, one of them shrugged in surprise, clearly feeling a chill suddenly appear and envelop his whole body.

Almost simultaneously.

The guards around him changed their expressions, they felt it too!

A cold intent that appeared suddenly without warning, as if it had fallen from the sky, enveloping everyone like a tsunami.

This change caused several thousand people to stir up.

Just at that moment.

A cry of alarm went up from the crowd.

“Alert! Someone is approaching!”


At the main entrance of the courtyard, a full two thousand people, in an instant, had their bodies shaken and went into battle alert.

The guards in the remaining three directions were also poised for action, and once there was a change of heart, several thousand people from all three sides would instantly surge towards the main entrance.

In full view of the crowd.

In the darkness, the bright lights seemed to dim as a few figures appeared at the end of the road.

The shadows were stretched out long and long.

The footsteps of the visitors were very, very slow.

But a great overwhelming oppression came crashing in, like a giant hand, pressing across the entire field, causing all the guards’ bodies to tense up and their throats to tighten.

“What a terrifying killing intent!”

“Oh my! This oppression, it’s too terrifying!”

“Stand by, stand by! D*mn it …… Laozi’s hands are shaking!”


The guards were all in place, but the voices became noisy.

Because of the distance and the light, so much so that everyone could not see the appearance of Chen Dong and the others.

In the courtyard.

Chen Daoping was drenched in cold sweat, breathing heavily and shivering.

He likewise felt the change in temperature.

He could not help but slowly raise his head and look in the direction of the courtyard gate: “Finally, has it come?”

Inside the Buddha Hall, Old Lady Chen, who was chanting sutras with her eyes closed, was motionless, continuing to beat the wooden fish and chant sutras.



Another fall, a muffled sound, and the wooden fish in front of Old Lady Chen then cracked in half.

Almost simultaneously.

Old Madam Chen’s eyes snapped open, and the Buddhist beads in her hands broke in response, spilling onto the ground.

Outside the courtyard.

Chen Dong brought Chen Dao Ye and the others forward slowly, looking at the dense sea of people in the distance.

Chen Daoye and the others were worried, and even their palms were sweating.

Can the young master …… rush in?

At this very moment.

Chen Dong stopped in his tracks, the bladeless heavy sword in his arms flicked sideways, a splash of bitter cold light, illuminated by the light, imprinted directly on his face.

This light also allowed the guards, who were on the verge of an attack, to see his face clearly.

Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong’s voice sounded like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

“Those who obey me will prosper, those who disobey me will die!”


A majestic qi energy blasted out from Chen Dong’s body, and together with the killing intent aura, it was as if a mountain was being pulled up from the ground, blasting into the sky.

The ground beneath Chen Dong’s feet also cracked, spreading all the way to where the guards were.


Almost simultaneously.

At the main entrance of the courtyard, most of the group of over two thousand guards knelt down in fear in an instant, shouting in unison.

“Greeting Young Lord!”