Winner Takes All Chapter 1451-1452

Chapter 1451

In the office, silence could listen to a needle.

Elder Long and Zhuge Qing were completely dumbfounded.

Both of them stared at the blueprint on the table with their eyes wide open, somewhat at a loss.

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled teasingly.

“Brother Dong, didn’t you just bring us a piece of land that needs to be auctioned out?”

Zhuge Qing returned to his senses and looked towards Chen Dong in bewilderment and confusion.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose: “Is there a conflict between buying one and selling the other?”

“No, there is no conflict, but this operation of yours ……”

Zhuge Qing scratched his head.

Long Lao, who was sitting in his wheelchair, on the other hand, had his brows lowered and stared at the blueprint, pondering.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands out, “Originally, this blueprint took some time before I gave it to you guys, but Zhang Lidong’s appearance pushed my planning process straight forward by a large step, dozing came to send a pillow, a banquet directly dried up the southwest region, so I gave it to you guys in advance.”

A gift of pillows when you doze off?

Zhuge Qing smashed his mouth for a moment and snapped awake, “You still have Zhang Lidong to thank for this?”

“That is.”

Chen Dong nodded with a smile, “I had thought of all the ways to make people look down on me, and was worried about how to kick out the final kick to make everyone’s mindset collapse, but Zhang Lidong helped me out!”

As he said this, he settled down on the sofa and lit up a cigarette.

Zhuge Qing stood in place and watched Chen Dong.

He could feel that Chen Dong, who was smoking a cigarette at the moment, was not at all dishevelled and dejected, and his handsome and resolute face was full of vigour!

There was silence.

Long Lao unfolded the blueprint with trembling hands and examined it carefully.

Zhuge Qing sensed it and turned to examine it together.

As time pa*sed, their faces were very different.

Zhuge Qing still looked confused.

Long Lao, on the other hand, gradually had a brilliant look in his eyes, bright as a star!


Suddenly, Elder Long heavily slapped the map on the table and looked towards Chen Dong with ecstasy.

“Young Master, did you play this hand?”

Zhuge Qing: “???”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled, saying somewhat helplessly, “I have no choice, if I don’t do this, developing the entire southwest region will be difficult, after all, even though I have been driven out by the Chen family, I am still being watched by the world, even if I secretly cooperate with Rothschild, there will still be a group of tiger and wolf forces sniffing around, and as usual, the overall land price of the southwest region will also be pushed to a very high A position which is extremely detrimental to our development.”

“Wonderful, wonderful!”

Long Lao was trembling with excitement, and his eyes were filled with tears under his ecstasy: “Young master’s move is brilliant, buying, selling and buying to swallow the southwest.

The master and servant looked at each other and smiled.

Zhuge Qing was still confused and asked impatiently after him, “Mr. Chen, Elder Long, what exactly is the situation?”

Elder Long smiled and pointed at the map, explaining to Zhuge Qing, “The young master was worried that he was attracting the wind by making a big tree, and even if he secretly developed the southwest region, he would still attract the world’s magnates and giants, and between them, they would inevitably bog down the development, and they would not be able to form their own blueprint outline quickly.”

“That’s why the young master announced the news to the public one after another with great fanfare in the first place, in order to create momentum, create enough momentum to directly attract the world’s giants and giants to come over and compete for it directly in the open.”

Zhuge Qing was dumbfounded, his mouth so open in shock that it could fit into his fist, but his eyes were still confused.

When Elder Long saw Zhuge Qing dazed, he was instantly furious: “At least you are a member of the Zhuge family, why can’t you still react?”

“Isn’t this getting yourself into trouble?”

Zhuge Qing’s face was full of incomprehension.

The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong smiled and explained, “If we tell them, they will come and grab it, if we don’t tell them, they will still come and grab it, it’s just a difference between light and dark.

He got up and walked over to his desk, his right fingertips falling onto the map as he continued.

“Everyone is grabbing, there is always a time when the land is almost grabbed, and the funds are almost used up, but fighting in secret, everyone is calculating are guessing, there is less fervour and impulsiveness.”

“Publicize the world, directly let the robbery promote to the white-hot stage, quickly promote the land price up, and then I then frequently show decadence, to induce everyone to calm down to calculate scruples, re-let the land price cool down, we then thunderbolt sweep the land, acquisition of our planned land, so that not only can use the land price to purchase land, but also allows us to avoid falling into the land price surge, and the resulting development We can’t afford to fight a protracted war!”

After hearing these words, Zhuge Qing’s eyes fell to the ground, his scalp tingled, and a chill ran through his body from time to time.

In his dumbfounded state, he could not help but ask out of turn, “Are you just sure that everything will go according to your plan?”

Only as soon as the words were out of his mouth, his gaze flickered for a moment, revealing a look of shame.

Because he reacted that this statement was really a bit idiotic!

With just the name of Chen Dong, the young master of the Chen family, once the southwest region was developed, the giants and giants of the world, not to say all of them, but definitely some of them would flock to converge.

“Their focus is on me, what I do, of course they will come, money is the raw power of capital, enough to make them explode with beastly impulses.”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly, but a bitter chill was revealed between his brows, “Instead of slowly circling around with them and resisting them persistently, we should just end it all in one pot with a thunderous force!”

One pot!

Zhuge Qing’s body shook.

Elder Long was also staring at Chen Dong in horror.

Three simple words, but the contents of them were heart-stopping.

Not to mention the calculating plan, this bravery alone was enough to make Elder Long and Zhuge Qing’s scalps tingle!

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his eyes gradually narrowing as a chill churned.

“Moreover, those people from the Chen family have always seen me as a thorn in their side, even if I proceed in secret, they will still step in and plant their flags on the plots of land I am planning blueprints for by any means necessary, this operation now will also greatly prevent them from discovering my planning attempts, after all, it will be difficult to delve deeper into the details when everyone is grabbing land in the heat of the moment.”

Elder Long and Zhuge Qing’s eyes changed completely.

The look in Chen Dong’s eyes was not just one of awe, but even at this moment, with fear.

One hand had pushed up the Southwest Region, and the other hand had pressed himself into the abyss, and the ultimate aim was to push the Southwest Region to forge itself into its own base camp.

The experience of which they all watched.

The courageous decisions they made and the patience they endured during the process were hard for them to bear, let alone the fact that Chen Dong had to endure it himself!

“I’m afraid that even when the old master was as young as the young master, he wouldn’t have been able to make such a plan, would he? The blue is better than the blue!”

Long Lao secretly lamented in his heart.


Chen Dong landed his fist on the blueprint and his aura changed dramatically.

At this moment, in the eyes of Elder Long and Zhuge Qing, in a trance Chen Dong’s figure was rapidly drawing up.

Intense and ambitious.

Chen Dong’s voice then resounded in the two men’s ears.

“Yike’s entry into the southwest region is sucking the blood of other regions, and this time …… I want the world’s giants to do my dowry for me!”

Chapter 1452

You want the world’s giants to help you do the graft?

Inside the office, the aftermath of Chen Dong’s awe-inspiring and domineering voice was incessant.

Elder Long and Zhuge Qing’s faces turned red as they choked for a moment.

Earlier, they were both curious about what Chen Dong was plotting with his manipulations.

Personally pushing himself into the limelight and then pressing himself into the abyss with his own hands, a series of operations that were bewildering and inscrutable.

Now after Chen Dong personally cleared up their doubts.

Instead of a sense of relief and pleasure, the two men’s minds were shaken and their scalps exploded.

How bold, how deep, how ruthlessly determined should they be to come up with such a plan?

There was a full minute of silence.

Zhuge Qing’s body trembled as he jolted awake.

As if he had thought of something, he stared at the map pressed by Chen Dong’s right fist blade in fear and confusion.

“Wait! Mr. Chen, there is a very crucial issue here!”

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at Zhuge Qing at the same time.

Zhuge Qing’s face turned red and his breath caught as he dropped his right hand to the map and circled around the plot of land marked on the map.

“If you do this, you will indeed be able to bring the land prices in the southwest region down to freezing in a short period of time, and several of our major powers will be able to complete the harvest quickly in a short period of time with a blistering thunderstorm.”

After a pause, Zhuge Qing’s eyes rounded and burned as he stared at the map, “But …… what should we do with the remaining land parcels? The plots we need, as long as the world’s magnates and giants hang out, we will definitely buy them, but the rest no one will take over, those magnates and giants are originally looking for profit, they won’t do it for us for no reason!”

The corners of Long Lao’s eyes twitched, and two beams of brilliant light erupted from his eyes.

Zhuge Qing’s words were like a sharp sword, striking straight at the heart of the matter!

What they wanted to develop was the entire southwest region, with the aim of scrapping the old Chen and forging a new one.

According to Chen Dong’s current planning, he could indeed create his own base camp in a very short period of time.

But what should be done about the southwest region …… outside the main base camp?

The world’s giants and power giants have come sniffing around, aiming to get a piece of the pie in this development, no one is stupid, knowing that they are doing the graft for Chen Dong and there is no profit to be made, no one will be foolish enough to continue to pour money into the southwest region to promote the development!

“So …… there is still a very crucial step to take.”

Chen Dong turned around expansively, confident and smiling proudly.


Zhuge Qing asked, lost in thought.

Elder Long also knitted his brows, curiously looking towards Chen Dong.

This final step was the key to deciding the fate of the entire Southwest Region!

Chen Dong had initially attracted the world’s hot money into the Southwest Region with the hope of borrowing the money of the world’s giants, so that the Southwest Region could directly enter the take-off stage in a short period of time.

If the world’s giants were to stop, it would be enough to rely on Chen Dong’s forces and Rothschild’s power to build Chen Dong’s base camp, but if he wanted the entire Southwest region to develop rapidly in a short period of time, it would be as difficult as climbing to the top!

If he could not take the final step, everything before him would be a dream – an empty one!

Facing the burning gazes of Zhuge Qing and Elder Long.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, squinted his eyes and smiled playfully, “Secrets!”

Elder Long: “……”

Zhuge Qing: “……”

“Alright, telling you all is also to allow you to be sufficiently prepared to carry out the land harvest in a short period of time during the follow-up, making sure that you do not move like a mountain, but move like a thunderbolt.”

Chen Dong smiled confidently, while rolling up the map and handing it over to Elder Long, while leaning down and gazing firmly at Elder Long: “This time, it will not disappoint Elder Long, because this time it is not a reversal of the Qiankun, but a Qiankun in hand, turning the hand over to the Qian, turning the hand over to the Kun, even if the world’s giants and giant forces are dissatisfied, they will definitely grit their teeth and push up the huge wheel of development of the southwest region for me in one fell swoop! ”

The words were strong and resounding.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s aura was like a sheathed sword, pointing straight at the sky.

Even Elder Long was dazed and lost in thought when he looked at him, his heart beating wildly.

He could hear the firmness, but it was also this firmness that made his heart leap.

Long Lao murmured and asked, “Young Master …… has he really thought about it?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Zhuge Qing frowned, feeling that Long Lao’s question was odd, somehow meaningful, but leaving him unsure.

“Zhuge Qing, please go out for a moment.”

Chen Dong bowed his body and waved his backhand at Zhuge Qing.

Although Zhuge Qing was curious, he did not dare to disobey.

When the door to the room was closed.

Chen Dong straightened up and moved to sit on the office chair, turning to look out the floor-to-ceiling window with a deep gaze.

“Young master …… have you really thought about it?”

Long Lao looked complicated, seeing Chen Dong’s silence, he once again pursued the question.

“Have you thought about it!”

Three simple words, issued from Chen Dong’s mouth, but resounding and firm.

“But this is a direct cross to the giants and giants of power in the world!”

Elder Long gripped his hands on the armrests of his wheelchair, the bruises on the backs of his hands protruding and trembling vaguely.

He did not know exactly what methods Chen Dong had to get Qiankun in his hands, so that the world’s giants would endure their unprofitable resentment to help him develop the southwest region.

However, he was clear that once he did so, all the magnates and giants gathered in the southwest region, one by one, would inevitably harbour a grudge against Chen Dong, and the root of the trouble would grow deep!

The world is full of people who want to make a profit!

The world is full of people who are motivated by profit!

When there is a violent clash of interests, the greatest salvation for the losers is to clump together and resent the gainers.

“The weak eat the strong!”

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep as he spat out four words coldly.

“But it’s not just about the weak and the strong, it’s also about the human condition!”

At this moment, Elder Long no longer had the elation he had felt before, there was pain: “It is unwise to cross the world with evil! Every seed of resentment that is planted will suddenly burst out one day in the future and trap the young master in a swamp, making it difficult to move forward! One more friend is better than one more enemy!”

“I know all these ……!”

A bitterness suddenly appeared on Chen Dong’s firm face as he slowly turned his head and looked at Elder Long, “But Dong’er would like to ask Elder Long, if not, how can I protect Little Shadow and the baby?”

Elder Long was speechless for a moment.

The atmosphere in the office was so frozen that it was suffocating.

Elder Long knew that Chen Dong’s ultimate goal in this operation was that he did not want to become the same person as his father.

But ……

“There is no room for compromise!”

Chen Dong withdrew his gaze and narrowed his eyes, coldness surging as he gazed out of the window, “When I put on my scale armour and become strong enough, the world will have to bow down for me, and will have to make way for me, for the sake of Little Shadow and the baby, I have no way back, even if I cross the world, it won’t matter, as long as I am strong enough to make them not dare to point their spears at my wife and children, that will be enough! ”

Long Lao was stunned, his old eyes filled with tears and red.

Remorse surged up.

He shook his head with a bitter smile, “Young master, old slave really regrets that he advised you to think of another way, he should have advised you to follow the old master’s path at that time!”

“Elder Long.”

The sunlight enveloped Chen Dong’s face, as if a layer of light had been born.

As Elder Long focused on Chen Dong, Chen Dong slowly turned his head sideways and looked askance at Elder Long.

At this moment, it was in Elder Long’s line of sight.

That handsome and resolute face suddenly became domineering, stern and fierce.

“Didn’t you teach me …… that one will make all the bones dry up?”