Winner Takes All Chapter 1453-1454

Chapter 1453

Inside the office.

It was as silent as a puddle of stagnant water.

Sitting in his wheelchair, Elder Long gazed at Chen Dong, that domineering and ruthless face, like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, blasted him brazenly.

In an instant.

Elder Long’s mind went blank and his strength seemed to be emptied as he completely collapsed in his wheelchair.

The Chen Dong in front of him, in a trance, gave him a feeling as if he had changed into a different person.


The young master in the past, the city, the wrist, all the top, but the words and actions, still left room for maneuver.

But now …… he had changed!

“Does it feel like I’ve changed?”

Chen Dong pulled up the corner of his mouth and smiled faintly, his deep eyes seemed to see through Long Lao’s mind.

Sitting paralyzed in his wheelchair, Long Lao did not hide and nodded in response.

“I also think I’ve changed, I used to be against the idea that one will make all the bones dry.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and deflated his mouth and laughed, “But for the sake of Little Shadow and the baby, one general will wither ten thousand bones then so be it.”

At the end of his words, it was a lengthy sigh.

Elder Long muttered, “The road is narrow!”

“My path is not wide by nature.”

Chen Dong shook his head and narrowed his eyes, “Ever since I was a child, there was only that one road, just enough for my mother and I to hold each other up and forge ahead to find the light, and the same thing happened to me when I grew up, even though you came to my side, Elder Long, to change my fate against the odds, but to this day, has my road ever been wide?”

“Even when I became the young master of the Chen family, has the path ever changed? I wanted to live a good life, but they wouldn’t let me!”

“From the day Chen Daolin began to alter my genetic sequence, it was destined that my path in this life would not be as wide as it could be, the path was narrower but could go deeper, I don’t care how I end up, but I will never let my wife and son repeat my mistakes!”

The voice was calm, but so determined that no one could refute it.

Long time.

Elder Long bowed his head, “Old slave …… always follow!”

Chen Dong did not respond, but gazed out thoughtfully.

This battle, if successful, then he would no longer have to worry about the safety of his wife and children for some time to come, and he would not even have to worry about his beloved family and friends around him.


The south-western region is in turmoil.

Every day the sun rises and the sun sets, the land that is hung out for auction is skyrocketing at a sensational rate.

The humble and dusty behavior of Chen Dong at the banquet at the Four Seals Clubhouse, as the banquet dispersed, swept across the world’s giants and giant powers like a blistering wind and rain.

The development of the south-western region depended on Chen Dong.

From the beginning, it was clear to everyone that it was all concocted by Chen Dong.

But now that Chen Dong is going down, if the land in his hands is not given away as soon as possible, not only will he end up not getting a share of the pie, he will even be smashed in his hands with a blood loss.

To the world’s giants and giants of power, the loss of one or two pieces of land can be ignored, after all, it is only a drop in the bucket for them.

But from the moment the southwest region was brought to the attention of the world.

The giants and giants of power under the heavens had not just grabbed a few pieces of land or two in their hands!

Not to say that they had broken their bones, but the losses were painful enough!

In just a few days’ time, the Southwest region, which had been in high demand and regarded by the world’s capitalists as a hot potato, had become feared like a snake and scorpion.

As a large amount of land was re-listed for auction, the high property prices in the southwest region, which had been driven into an avalanche of land prices, also went into an avalanche of collapse.

It is not just the giants who are bidding against each other to sell off their land.

Even the local community, as the wind pa*sed through, became filled with public discontent and grievances.

Whether it was during the renovation of the shantytowns in the west of the city, or after Chen Dong announced the development of the southwest region, countless people flocked into the southwest region to buy houses and invest.

And now, with the collapse of land prices collapsing, house prices have also ushered in a cold winter.

The people in the community, cursing at Chen Dong, went from morning to late at night.

There were even those who were too aggressive and chased directly under the office building of Din Tai, pulling banners, throwing paint and howling ……

Every morning and evening, all the major media were filled with news about Chen Dong and Dingtai.

The intensity of the story was overwhelming.

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a phrase that is reviled by millions!


The Chen family.

“What should we do? The land price has collapsed, Brother Dao Cheng, make a decision quickly!”

A man rubbed his face hard with his right hand, urging anxiously.

Several other people were also worried and on pins and needles.

In order to crush Chen Dong, they had invested a large amount of money in the southwest region, grabbing land to besiege Chen Dong.

But now the avalanche of land prices in the southwest region had collapsed, and if they didn’t stop their losses in time, they didn’t know if Chen Dong would die, but their wallets would definitely deflate by a large margin!

“According to the land bidding in the southwest region, I presume that several of our families have taken the most land in the southwest region, if indeed the southwest region is played to death by Chen Dong, I don’t know if that kid will die in the end, but in the end we will definitely have to be hurt!”

“How about hanging up the land auction right away? If we don’t stop the losses in time, hundreds of billions are definitely going to be lost out!”

“Brother Dao Cheng, don’t be sullen, now everyone is waiting for you to take a decision!”



Chen Daocheng angrily slapped the table in front of him and said in a stern voice, “What are you all blowing up for? The sky hasn’t collapsed yet, that wild B*****d Chen Dong is definitely hiding something else, he has trillions of a*sets that Chen Daoye’s few dead guys have scrambled out, there’s no way he’ll play himself to death so quickly!”

“But now the situation is that the southwest region is collapsing, the major powers and giants, are all frantically putting up auctions for land, planning to stop their losses and pull out!”

A man clenched his teeth, trying his best to keep himself calm.

Chen Daocheng’s brows were lowered, his eyes flickering with ferocity and fury.

At this moment, he was like a raging lion that wanted to eat people!

He didn’t care about the hundreds of billions of losses, what he cared about was whether he could crush Chen Dong to death and make him never recover!

Sensing Chen Daocheng’s anger, the crowd did not dare to say anything more.

In the room, there was silence.

After waiting for a long time.

Chen Daocheng suddenly opened his voice.

“Grab the land!”


The crowd in the room was dumbfounded as if they had been struck by lightning.

Are you crazy?

He was already close to collapse, but he still didn’t stop his losses and wanted to go deeper?

Is he too rich to be a scatterbrain?

“Give me the robbery, we are not short of money, money can be lost, but Chen Dong must also not be able to turn over!”

The words were resolute, a final word.

In the old lady Chen’s mansion, it was a different story.

Old Mrs Chen was lying weakly in a recliner, listening to Chen Daoping’s report about Chen Dong and the Southwest region.

From the beginning to the end, the old lady did not show any sign of sadness or happiness, and only weak, steady breathing came from her mouth and nose.

Chen Daoping bowed, “Mother, Chen Dong should be completely finished this time!”

“The family is finished, but the person is still alive. Chen Daocheng and the others are playing the front, but I can only play the back!”

The back side?

Chen Daoping was stunned.

“Daoping, go out.”

Old Madam Chen instructed Chen Daoping to leave.

A long time later.

Only then did she pull out her mobile phone and dialed the number.

“Sister, help me out!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, a startled eek came out of Old Mrs. Chen’s mouth and nose.

Her cloudy eyes fiercely burst out with a refined aura.

“Oceanic Lidong Group, Zhang Lidong? Sister, when did you arrange this?”

Chapter 1454

Old Mrs. Chen’s voice, a mixture of surprise.

Half a day.

A rare smile finally appeared on Old Mrs. Chen’s tired face.

“I’ve been focusing on that wild B*****d Chen Dong, but I didn’t expect that my sister was even better, she had already secretly done so, with Zhang Lidong as a pawn to firmly grasp the vitality of that wild B*****d, we will definitely be able to laugh until the end!”


The phone hung up.

Old Mrs. Chen exhaled a heavy breath of foul air.

This was perhaps the only good news she had heard in the recent past!

Her resentful and irritable mood was now much more relaxed.

She knew what kind of person Chen Dong was!

A man who could ignore the Chen family’s ironclad laws for the sake of his beloved family and friends, who was willing to put his own future on the line and bring his sword to the Chen family to force him to die, might have been courageous and heartfelt.

But in her eyes, he is no different from a stupid pig!

Those who have achieved great things do not mind the smallest things, and it is never just a matter of words.

Emperors have always been cold-blooded, and children are reckless!

With his sister’s arrangement, it was the same as pinpointing Chen Dong’s key points.

In the end, Old Madam Chen had full confidence in forcing Chen Dong, a foolish pig, into submission!


In her elation, Old Madam Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed as a cold light appeared.

The next second.

Qi energy swept through her entire body, and Old Lady Chen directly left the recliner and moved out sideways.

“It’s annoying, when will this end?”


The qi energy pitches were like a dragon, flying out across the air and blasting through the window with a palm.

A miserable scream ensued.

Blood splattered onto the broken window.

A palm kill!

Old Lady Chen, however, took a step back with her feet, her right hand covering her heart, her brow knitted in exhaustion.

“This body …… must hold up!”

As she murmured and lamented, Old Lady Chen’s eyes were filled with resignation.

This is her plan a century ago, she will never allow herself to end up with hate!


Time pa*sed.

The situation in the southwest was getting worse and worse.

The people’s grievances have suddenly risen, and there is a lot of discontent, and people spit on them.

Chen Dong, in the southwest region, had been nailed to the pillar of shame!

If words could kill, Chen Dong would have been executed by the people of the southwest region a million times over!

The people’s grievances were raging.

However, the gentry and powers did not stop auctioning land.

Every day, the amount of land put up for auction was rocketing upwards.

It is even more fierce than the month-long scramble for land in the first place.

Compared to the amount of land put up for auction, the amount of land purchased at auction is in inverse proportion.

Every day, only a few plots of land are sold.

Compared to the amount of land put up for auction, it was a drop in the bucket.

While millions of people spurned Chen Dong, there was no shortage of people who planned to take a risk and gamble.

Wealth is not just a matter of words.

The few plots of land that fall under the hammer every day are the masters of powerful families and giants with this in mind!

As the storm rages on.

At Tianmen Mountain Villa, it was a different story.

It was early in the morning.

Inside the villa, Zhao Ru, Zhuge Qing and the others were busy.

The villa was decorated with lights and colours, and the inside and outside of the villa were decorated in a festive manner.

Even the unpredictable Zhao Baolu dragged Chen Dong to pacify the Snowy Lion, and then tied a pink bow around the Snowy Lion’s neck.

This caused the corners of Chen Dong’s mouth to twitch one after another.

When I think back to the days of the Huns, the snowy lion was the king of beasts, majestic and fierce.

Now …… it’s cute!

“Brother Dong, what do you think of Little White’s look?”

Zhao Baolu asked Chen Dong’s opinion as he tidied up the bow of the Snowy Region Lion.

In the process, he didn’t notice the Snowy Lion’s eerily chilling gaze at all.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and turned his head sideways, “As long as you’re happy, I won’t get you on today’s big day anyway.”

The reason why there was a festive atmosphere early in the morning.

There was no other reason.

After such a long time of recovery, Elder Long, Fan Lu and Zhao Baolu were all able to get back on their feet, and although their injuries varied, none of them affected walking and standing anymore.

The other thing is that Jiang Qilin is also being discharged from the hospital today.

Thinking back to the scene when the Empty Master descended, Chen Dong’s heart palpitated for a moment.

The scene where Fan Lu, Zhao Brezhong and Elder Long were injured made Chen Dong complain about himself even to this day.

Master Empty Sky was that ruthless, for …… just to get him into the demon!

Now that the rain has finally pa*sed and the people are free, Chen Dong feels that it is only right to celebrate.

“Say, the reed went to pick up Jiang Qilin, when will he be back?”

After finishing tidying up the Snowy Lion’s bow, Zhao Breru walked over to Chen Dong and asked, “Brother Dong, do you think the two of them will be able to get it on?”

“Why are you so gossipy?”

Chen Dong gave Zhao Breru a white look.

Zhao Baolu shrugged and smiled sarcastically.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked to his left and right to make sure that Wu Chang was not around before he softly asked Zhao Breru, “Say, how much have you kid mastered of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts?”

“Hehehe ……”

Zhao Breru blinked and laughed oddly, and was about to speak.

His pupils shrank and the words that had reached his mouth were swallowed back into his stomach.

“There is a killing aura!”

Chen Dong raised his eyes and saw that somehow, Changeless was standing at the entrance of the villa, half of his body hidden in the gloom behind the door, looking this way.

He instantly looked at Zhao Broken in surprise, this kid’s six sense perception was so powerful?

At that very moment.

The sound of a car engine came from outside.

Chen Dong turned around and saw that it was Chu Reed and Jiang Qilin who had returned.

The car pulled into the garage.

Chu Reed was the first to get out of the car, her face was gloomy as she took a step towards the villa.

Jiang Qilin followed with an aggrieved face and got out of the car, walking over to Chen Dong and Zhao Broken.

“How did you offend someone again?”

Chen Dong had already seen the strange, Jiang Qilin did not know the world, the whole a closed-door giant baby, offend people that is just a matter of seconds.

“I said the reed is a good friend and tried to pull her hand, and she called me a rogue.”

Jiang Qilin said bitterly.

Chen Dong was stunned.

Zhao Breru’s eyes glared, “Jiang Qilin, do you F**king not understand human feelings? Or do you know too much about the world? Are all girl chasers so direct?”

“Chasing a girl?”

Jiang Qilin looked blankly at Zhao Breru, “Reed didn’t run away, why would I chase her.”

“Gan Lin Niang!”

Zhao Baolu raised his middle finger, furious.

Chen Dong was also speechless for a while, patting Jiang Qilin on the shoulder and giving him a few words of comfort, before several people entered the villa and helped set up together.

It was a long day of work.

Night fell.

The whole villa was colourful and beautiful.

Fan Lu and Wu Chang had set up a huge table of food.

The crowd was about to celebrate when a guest arrived inside the villa.

When Chen Dong opened the door and looked at Lord Meng in front of him, he was a little baffled.

“Uncle Meng, what brings you here?”

Lord Meng’s face was gloomy, his hands behind his back as he gazed at Chen Dong, “What wind did you say blew me here? The entire southwest region is blowing a typhoon because of you and is about to turn the sky upside down!”