Winner Takes All Chapter 1367-1368

Chapter 1367

Fear murmured, echoing through this side of heaven and earth.

Zheng Junlin was bewildered and puzzled, but did not pursue the matter.

The wind and sand cried out.

Chen Dong seemed like a statue, standing still, motionless.

A shiver ran down his spine as his mind recalled the image of that day when the Chen family underwent a dramatic change and Master Kongkong was forced by Gu Qingying to take three drops of his blood.

No wonder, no wonder Uncle Daojun had blocked me so much then!

According to what my father said, my genetic sequences topped the world and far surpa*sed the genetic modifications of other powers, a mere three drops of blood would be enough to find out my genetic sequences, even if not all of them, but …… part of them would be enough!

Once they mastered these genetic sequences, wouldn’t that mean …… they would be able to replicate another me?

Thinking of this, Chen Dong’s body was cold, like falling into an ice cave.

Fear wrapped around Chen Dong as if he was a weed.

No one would want to have an existence exactly like themselves in the world.

Not to mention the fact that Chen Dong had actually felt the experience of being “replaced”.

If he hadn’t rushed back himself, if Qin Ye hadn’t interrupted the wedding at all costs for the sake of brotherhood, he might have been completely replaced by that person at that moment!

Parents, wife, brothers and friends …… had all been replaced!

That state of mind experience at that time would linger for the rest of Chen Dong’s life.

And this time, Master Khongkong got his genetic sequence, once it was really replicated, it would be even more terrifying than that scene back then!

Back then, that person only looked like him and it was hard to pick out the flaws, while this time …… was just completely the same!

After waiting for a long time, Chen Dong did not have any reaction.

Zheng Junlin raised his hand and waved it in front of Chen Dong’s eyes, “Brother Dong ……”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment and returned to his senses, asking with a gloomy expression, “What’s wrong?”

“The Chen family head has already left, shall we go back?”

Zheng Junlin still had tear stains in the corners of his eyes, but his eyes had become incredibly determined.


Chen Dong nodded his head in a trance.

The sunlight stretched the shadows of the two of them.

Upon walking out of the Windy Old City, Chen Dong stopped and turned back, taking a profound look at the broken walls behind him.

“Who would have thought that beneath this diffuse yellow sand, something that changed my life was buried?”

With a self-deprecating smile, Chen Dong lit a cigarette and held it in his mouth in a somewhat dishevelled manner, sticking his hands in his trouser pockets as he walked towards the jeep.

Zheng Junlin also looked back at Feng Bo Ancient City and said in a mournful voice, “Who would have thought that under this yellow sand lies something that buried more than a hundred members of my Zheng family?”

The jeep started up, swept away the rolling yellow sand, and left the Feng Bo Ancient City.

In the car, the atmosphere was oddly quiet.

Chen Dong held a cigarette in his mouth and looked thoughtfully out of the window at the rapidly receding landscape, breaking the silence in the car with a deep voice: “Jun Lin, do you feel that my father is hiding something from me?”

“Brother Dong, be confident and remove the sense of not feeling.”

Zheng Junlin said softly without squinting his eyes.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “I mean that whenever I ask about my Uncle Daojun, my father is always looking over his shoulder, he even told me that the Pan Gu Project is genetic modification and all that, but he is keeping my Uncle Daojun in the dark.”

Zheng Junlin’s lips were noisy and he hesitated for a few seconds before he smashed his lips together and said, “It’s okay if you don’t say it, but when you say it, I feel like that’s really what happened. Or is it that you’re already wearing the crown of the next head of the Chen family and you haven’t even scouted him out?”

“The feeling he has given me, from the first time I saw him, is that he has been a leaf in the eye, so mysterious that it is hard for me to describe it.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his voice gruff, suddenly his words turned and he laughed lightly, “If there really is a mortal body in the world that is comparable to a god, perhaps …… it is only Chen Daojun?”

Zheng Junlin’s pupils tightened and he fell into silence.

In a trance, he recalled a scene from the Chen family birthday banquet.

At that time, it was Chen Daogun who had struck out, crushing the entire field and completely sealing the victory over Chen Dong.

That scene was so visually stunning to Zheng Junlin that it was hard to forget.

At that very moment.

Chen Dong’s mobile phone WeChat rang.

He took out his phone with a frown on his face, and when he looked at the WeChat, it was from Gu Qingying.

The content was simple: Big fool, when are you coming home? I have a surprise for you!

Chen Dong’s frown slowly relaxed, and a warm smile appeared on his cold face.

He quickly replied with a message: Go back to Xishu, see Qin Ye and the others, and then go home.

Putting down his phone, Chen Dong rubbed his face, suppressing the resentment in his heart and easing his expression down.

Transformation is transformation, transformed me, transformed my life.

But I …… still have Xiao Ying in!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what’s going on.

“Nothing, something came to mind.”

Chen Dong squeezed out a smile, “There are some things that it is time to think about.”


Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

Having clarified the “Pan Gu Plan”, Chen Dong did not intend to stay in the north of the desert for much longer, there were still people waiting for him at home and in Xishu.

The jeep sped off and arrived at the Mo Bei airport directly.

Without the slightest delay, Chen Dong entered the airport directly and boarded the special plane to return to Xishu.

After waiting for ten minutes, the plane took off.

Looking out of the window at the sea of clouds, Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “Although I have been away for a short period of time, West Shu should already be in turmoil, right?”

The Qin family collapsed overnight, and it was a helpless move to entrust everything to the Zhuge family.

Today, there was no one available under Chen Dong’s command, whether it was Qin Ye or Qin Xiao Qian, both were in the hospital, while at home, Elder Long and the others were still lying in the hospital as well.

Without handing over the Qin family to the Zhuge family, it would be difficult for him alone to carry everything on his shoulders.

The Zhuge family will be able to go from being the number one family in Western Shu to being the dominant family in Western Shu, which is a gift to the Zhuge family for following me.

As Chen Dong thought this, he leaned back in his chair and fell asleep.


Western Shu.

As the Zhuge Family swallowed the Qin Family, the Zhuge Family instantly jumped to the forefront of the storm, and not only Western Shu was shaken, but even the giants and powers outside of Western Shu were alarmed.

The number one family in Western Shu and the hegemon of Western Shu are two very different concepts!

The Qin family, with its profound heritage, had been the number one powerful family in Western Shu in the past, but now that it had been swallowed up by the Zhuge family, the Zhuge family’s heritage had already formed an overshadowing power in Western Shu.

Halfway up the hill of the Zhuge family’s estate.

Zhuge stood on the balcony of his pavilion, looking out over the scene in front of the Zhuge Family Manor in the distance, with tears in his eyes, excited.

The sun is shining.

In front of the gates of the Zhuge Family Manor at the bottom of the hill in the distance, the caravan was like a dragon, spreading out along the road, and could not be seen at a glance.

The hegemon had become an overlord, and the gentry of Western Shu were competing to knock on the door.

Even when the Zhuge Family had replaced the Qin Family as the number one powerful family in Western Shu, such a grand sight had never been seen before.

Even, the Zhuge old man did not even dare to dream of it.

Yet …… has now become a reality!

“Old ancestor Kong Ming, this feast is comparable to your old age, right? Unfilial descendants, not in vain of the ancestor’s mighty name!”

Elder Zhuge murmured with emotion, his voice tinged with tears.

Knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

Immediately afterwards, Zhuge Qing’s voice came from outside the door.

“Grandpa, at the mountain gate, someone is visiting and wants to see you.”


“I don’t know, that person has spoken wildly and told you to go to the gate and kneel down to greet him.”

Chapter 1368


Elder Zhuge’s eyebrows knitted as his expression sulked.

As the head of the Zhuge Family, even in the past, when the Zhuge Family was at its lowest point, no one would have dared to come to the door and make such wild statements, not to mention the current dominance of the Zhuge Family.

What kind of visit is this?

He was clearly picking up on the Zhuge family’s strengths and trampling on them in public!

Outside the door, Zhuge Qing’s voice also lowered.

“Grandpa, why don’t I send a few people to the mountain gate to chase them away.”

“Hehe ……”

Elder Zhuge snorted, “Drive people away? My Zhuge family has forged its position as the hegemon of Western Shu, surrounded by glory, and today thousands of gentry are flocking to knock on our door, if I were to drive people away, wouldn’t I be inviting shame from the gentry? Wouldn’t it be a disgrace to the great families?”

The words fell.

The old man turned around with his walking stick: “Qing’er, go with me to meet that madman.”

The door to the room opened and Zhuge Qing looked at Elder Zhuge hesitantly, “Grandfather, do I really have to ask you to go?”

“You came here to call me, isn’t that why you asked me to go?”

Zhuge Qing’s lips were in a state of embarra*sment as he said, “No, it’s because today’s grand event, with the gentry flocking to knock on my door, and with such a person appearing, I couldn’t decide, and the elders at home didn’t dare to make a decision, so I asked Qing’er to come and ask grandpa to make a decision.”

“Let’s go, the old man has made up his mind, go and fetch that madman!”

Master Zhuge’s eyes glittered as he strode out, “I would like to see if that madman has three heads and six arms to insult me and the Zhuge family.”

Zhuge Qing looked intently at the back of Elder Zhuge, a little nervous.

Although the old master was intent and even smiling, but invisibly, the bone chilling intent was making Zhuge Qing’s body sweat and hair explode.

That person …… is afraid to be cold!

The Zhuge family mountain gate in front of.

The carriages and the crowds are surging.

In one night, the Zhuge family swallowed the Qin family and settled on the hegemony, which was like an overnight change in the sky for the giants of Western Shu.

Even for the giants outside of Western Shu, it was like a bolt from the blue.

For a while, the giants were still in a state of shock, wondering how the Zhuge family could have swallowed the Qin family overnight and leapfrogged them to the top of the heap.

But …… this did not stop the giants from visiting and knocking on their doors.

The most important thing is that they are not a human being.

The fact that the Zhuge family has become the dominant power is just a matter of course.

At this point in time, it’s better to be a fan than to sing the praises of the Zhuge family.

People came and went, congratulating each other.

Some people gave gifts and were welcomed into the mountain gate by the Zhuge family.

Some people gave gifts and then turned around and left without stopping.

The crowd in front of the Zhuge family’s gates was changing rapidly.

No one found anything wrong with such a sight.

With the status of the Zhuge family, which one of those who could be welcomed into the gates as a guest was not a lord?

The most important thing in front of the Zhuge Family’s mountain gate today is the lord of a powerful family!

Behind the mountain gate, a crowd of Zhuge Family people looked at the scene in front of the mountain gate, all revealed excited ecstasy.

Zhuge Family …… has never had the luxury of such a grand sight?

“Brother, I couldn’t even dream that our Zhuge family would have this day!”

“Oh …… this is the reality, poor in the downtown no one asks, rich in the deep mountains have distant relatives, if not for Mr. Chen supporting my Zhuge family, my Zhuge family has never had the luxury of these people knocking at the door to visit?”

“Look at the number of people among that crowd, people who once treated my Zhuge Family with a blank stare and disdain? Now, it’s really so humble!”


Amidst the chatter, a boisterous voice suddenly rang out.

“The family head has arrived!”

The voice rang out, but it was as if thunder exploded.

The hustle and bustle in front of the mountain gate came to an abrupt halt as everyone stopped and paused, falling into silence.

Countless gazes burned into the Zhuge Family’s mountain gate.

The people of the Zhuge Family even turned around with respectful expressions.

“Greetings to the family head!”

Old Master Zhuge, holding a dragon head stick, slowly walked towards the mountain gate with Zhuge Qing’s support.

As he walked, the old man clasped his fist and smiled, “The Zhuge Family welcomes you all to the door, it is a glorious sight, so I am here to salute you all.”

The words fell.

The noblemen outside the door all clasped their fists and echoed the compliments.

Life was like a tide, and their voices shook their ears.


There was a sudden change.


In the midst of the crowd, a sound of breaking wind suddenly sounded.

Under the attention of all, a one-metre-long wooden box stretched across the sky and shot towards Elder Zhuge.

The sudden scene frightened everyone and caused them to cry out in shock.

Master Zhuge’s complexion sank.

There was a flash of lightning.

Zhuge Qing’s expression was solemn as he took a step across the sky and raised his hands to grab the wooden box directly.


The moment his hands grasped the wooden box, Zhuge Qing’s body shook violently, and he felt a fierce force like a flood of fierce beasts instantly attacking his body through his arms.

His face turned white with fear, but he was unsteady on his feet and stumbled backwards.

Luckily, Elder Zhuge raised his hand in time and pressed his palm on Zhuge Qing’s back, which helped him to counteract the impact.

“What a domineering force!”

Elder Zhuge’s right hand pressed on Zhuge Qing’s back, but it was trembling gently, the veins on the back of his hand protruding.

Even though there was a Zhuge Qing in the middle, the old man was still hit hard by the fierce force.

But Zhuge Qing, who had to bear the force directly on his face, was terrified, and at the same time, a smear of crimson blood quietly flowed down from the corner of his mouth.


The crowd, who had just congratulated him, was silent and terrified.

At a time of great joy for the Zhuge family, someone had done something like this, and this was undoubtedly a direct attempt to stab the Zhuge family in the face of the giants of Western Shu!

“Grandpa, it should be that person just now!”

Zhuge Qing slowly turned around, his hands holding the wooden box, but they were trembling, obviously hurt by the impact just now.

He handed the wooden box to Elder Zhuge.

Without waiting for Elder Zhuge to open the wooden box, a reminder from the people of the Zhuge Family rang out behind him.

“Family head, beware of a deception!”

Master Zhuge’s hands were in mid-air as he smiled, “I’ve been floating in the red world for nearly a hundred years, what kind of storms have I not seen? Since the madman asked me to kneel down in front of the mountain gate to greet him, how could he be the one to perform such an obscene and treacherous act?”

As he spoke, Elder Zhuge dropped his hands to the wooden box and opened the latch.

Just as he turned the wooden box over.


As if struck by lightning, Elder Zhuge’s body shook violently, and his eyes instantly opened round to the extreme, as if his eyeballs were about to fall out of their sockets.

The sudden change of events caught everyone off guard.

Zhuge Qing, who was closest, was dumbfounded on the spot.

Grandpa …… What kind of reaction was this?

The madman came to the door and was about to stomp on my Zhuge family, grandpa let out a blazing breath, how come it was suddenly gone?

In doubt.


Zhuge old man hands heavily knocked on the wooden box.

Under the attention of all the people.

Elder Zhuge’s eyes were red, his old eyes were filled with tears, and with a trembling body, he swept past Zhuge Qing in one step.

There was a poof!

Elder Zhuge knelt heavily on both knees and cried out in thanks.

“Zhuge Family, thank you for the kindness of the benefactor’s rejuvenation!”