Winner Takes All Chapter 1365-1366

Chapter 1365

“A few dozen kilometres, only a few dozen kilometres!”

Zheng Junlin rode on top of Chen Daoling, acting as if he was crazy, his hands strangling Chen Daoling’s neck to death, gritting his teeth and crying piteously, “You supported our Zheng family and used them for you, but when over a hundred members of my Zheng family were exterminated and bloodied, you, why didn’t you come to help us?”

Each word tore at the heart.

Chen Dong was stunned, looking at Zheng Junlin’s trembling back, forgetting for a moment to even go forward to stop him.

Without the suffering of others, one should not advise others to be kind.

Not to mention that that night, Zheng Junlin had experienced a hell on earth, a separation from life and death!

How can one turn to goodness with such suffering?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

It was …… father’s indifference!

The only thing that you need to do is to get a few dozen kilometres, and your father will not know?

It is clear that he saw the death and did not save!

The killers of the Gu family and the Iga Ryu were allowed to slaughter more than a hundred members of the Zheng family, basing the capped corpses in the Zheng family and spilling blood into a river!

Chen Dong empathised with Zheng Junlin’s angry resentment.

Even as a son, he still didn’t know how to help his father to excuse himself at this moment.

Chen Daoling was pinned to the ground by Zheng Junlin, whose hands were like iron pincers around his neck, and a strong feeling of suffocation swept over him.

His face instantly turned red to the colour of pig’s liver, and he opened his mouth, instinctively trying to breathe, but he could not get any air into his lungs.

On the contrary, despite Zheng Junlin’s madness, Chen Daolin did not move, did not resist at all!

The only eyes that looked at Zheng Junlin were full of guilt and intolerance.

“You can save my family, save my father’s, more than a hundred people, ah, all of them became corpses overnight!”

Zheng Junlin howled, tearing his heart out and trembling all over, “Do you know how much pain they were in? Do you know how piteous the screams hovering over my Zheng family that night were? How hard-hearted do you have to be to carry out the death of a man to such an extent?”

The sound of the questioning pierced straight to the heart.

Chen Dong watched as his chest clogged up and his nasal cavity became even more sour to the extreme.

He remembered the tragedy of the Zheng family that night, the mountains of corpses, the pools of blood that flowed into the lowlands, the smell of blood so thick that it made people gag.

There was also the miserable despair of the Zheng family head being crucified, and even more so the heartbreaking words that Zheng Junlin cried out in question as he touched the body of the Zheng family head in the darkness.

Fifty kilometres!

Seeing death is not saving!

Even as a father and son, reason made him indifferent at the moment and did not go forward to stop Zheng Junlin.



A wave of Qi energy visible to the naked eye suddenly swept up from the Chen Daolin on the ground.

There was a bang!

It seemed soft, but the moment it touched Zheng Junlin, it directly shook him away.

“Jun Lin!”

Chen Dong fiercely stomped on the ground, catching the flying Zheng Junlin with one hand.

As soon as he landed on the ground.

Zheng Junlin’s chest puffed out and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

His eyes were scarlet and tearful as he stared at Chen Daoling in rage and resentment, “Master Chen, even if my Zheng family is a dog you raised, when a dog dies, its master should shed a few tears!”

Chen Dong’s heart felt as if it had been punched hard.

He gazed towards Chen Daoling, who, at this moment, was already sitting up, with his mouth wide open, inhaling heavily.

Faced with Zheng Junlin’s questioning, Chen Daolin revealed a bitter smile, “The Zheng family is not my dog, and your father’s friendship with me is not the master-servant bond that you think it is, I wanted to save, when your Zheng family met its end, I wanted to save your family more than anyone else, but do you think I was willing to stand by and watch over a hundred of your Zheng family members turn into a mountain of corpses? ”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted, “You were not in Desolate North when the Zheng family was exterminated?”

If what father said was true, then that was the only reason why father did not save the Zheng family when they were exterminated!

“The Chen family birthday banquet, on top of my big birthday, I was a*sa*sinated, I was a*sa*sinated then, not a deliberate F**king staging of disappearing and hiding!”

Chen Daolin tugged his collar loose in annoyance, as if this was the only way to relieve the choking feeling he felt just now, “I was forced to leave and sneak into hiding, those people only thought I was the high and mighty Chen family head, but never thought that I was able to play with a killing god like Chen Daojun back then, and eventually became the Chen family head, if I didn’t kill with blood on my hands, how would I let Chen Daojun commit to sending me to the throne? ”

“A mere few jumping clowns want to send me to the throne, Chen Daoling, they are dreaming! Since they have come to a*sa*sinate me, I have only taken advantage of their plan to sneak away from the Chen family, leaving the already decaying Chen family in a deadly internal conflict, no breakage, no establishment, the Chen family is decaying, the new Chen is establishing, these days, I have been secretly tangling with those killers, do you think I have been in this Feng Bo ancient city?”

Speaking of this, Chen Daolin stood up, pulled up the corner of his mouth and smiled coldly and harshly.

“I did kill a bunch of people and paved a path of corpses and blood before I recently walked to this Feng Bo Ancient City!”


Chen Dong’s body shook violently, and he was instantly thrown into panic.

His eyes flashed sharply as he looked at Chen Daolin in horror.

His father’s angry words, however, sounded like a great bell, booming and causing his mind to go blank for an instant.

The Chen family was rotting, the new Chen Li?

He left on purpose, even though those killers did not really cause him much serious harm in the Chen family clan shrine that day, but he still put his plan into action and followed the wishes of those killers, and simply hid his trail and left the Chen family.

The purpose …… was to form the current deadly fight within the Chen family?

“You played everyone!”

Chen Dong’s gaze drifted, as if he spat out the words with all his might.

While speaking, his right hand was pressed firmly on Zheng Junlin’s shoulder, containing him.

“Dad played everyone, but not you.”

Chen Daolin smiled meaningfully, “When I left the Chen Family Ancestral Hall, I was still worried that you would be so angry that you would cling to the name of the next family head and fight to the death with those old foxes of the Chen Family.”

“Dong’er, your performance, which is excellent, has completely exceeded my expectations.”

Chen Daoling smiled recklessly, “Leaving the Chen family to form your own Chen family is the optimal solution, the Chen family has developed to the present day, with intricate factions, gnarled and entrenched, even I have thought about ending these factions completely countless times since I took charge of the Chen family, even your Uncle Daojun has thought about it, but all to no avail.”

“Just because I couldn’t solve the Chen Family’s internal conflict, so I simply re-formed the Chen Family… Your so-called not breaking up is really a great blessing from the greedy sky, if that group of people in the Chen Family knew about it, I’m afraid they would go crazy and mad.”

Chen Dong laughed lightly and rubbed his nose.

Although his father had stated that his choice at that time was the optimal solution.

However, his father did not know that he made such a choice at that time simply because …… Gu Qingying!

As a husband, wanting to protect his wife in peace, the most helpless choice ……

Chapter 1366

“It’s not that I didn’t save the Zheng family from extinction, it’s that I simply didn’t know!”

Chen Daolin was laughing, and as he laughed, tears flowed from his eyes, “If I had known in advance that there were more than a hundred people in your Zheng family, I would have definitely shown up to save them even if my plan had been exposed, but by the time I arrived in the north of the desert, it was already the time when your Zheng family was hanging high on the onyx and the graves were like a forest of monuments!”

A final wail of grief and pain.

Zheng Junlin froze, his eyes becoming vacant and wandering.

He sat paralyzed on the ground, his body shaking, tears flowing, but his expression was no longer the madness of a moment ago, but sadness and despair ……

Chen Dong’s right hand was always pressed on Zheng Junlin’s shoulder, and he obviously felt that Zheng Junlin’s tense body relaxed a lot after his father’s words were spoken.

He slowly released his right hand and said soothingly, “Jun Lin, the Zheng family is still waiting for you to rise again, on top of the ruins!”

“Brother Dong, I know, I understand.”

Zheng Junlin nodded his head and cried silently, snotting and sifting his body like chaff.

Chen Dong’s heart cut like a knife as he watched, but he did not persuade further.

Zheng Junlin could only rely on himself to pull through the nightmare of his family’s destruction.

No one could guarantee that after going through that kind of human purgatory, he would still be able to talk and laugh in a short time.

He had not experienced what happened to Zheng Junlin that night, and by the time he arrived, mountains of corpses had been piled up and rivers of blood were already flowing.

So he was not sure just how much horror and despair Zheng Junlin was enduring before he arrived.

Chen Dong took a deep breath and looked up at Chen Daoling, “So, Feng Bo Ancient City is the experimental base for the ‘Pan Gu Project’?”

Chen Daolin’s right foot gently stomped on the ground, “This was built by your Uncle Daojun, back then I supported the rise of the Zheng family, but I only wanted you to have an extra card and an extra boost in the competition for the family head in this term, it was your Uncle Daojun who later concealed it from me and came together with the Zheng family, and then built the base under this Feng Bo ancient city. ”

Chen Dong revealed a look of enlightenment.

“The immortal caressed my top, and taught me a small kunlun” is this actually what it means?

The rise of the Zheng family was supported by his father, and the truth revealed by the words left behind by the Zheng family head was not false either.

In the first place, my father supported the Zheng family, and in the second place, Uncle Daojun had brought the Zheng family together to set up the “genetic modification laboratory” under the Feng Bo ancient city, perhaps this was the meaning of “teaching”?

After a pause, Chen Dong asked, “So when you first came to Feng Bo Ancient City, you actually came to the base?”

“At that time, I had just heard about it from your Uncle Daojun, so I took advantage of that change to leave the Chen family and come to see it.”

Chen Daolin nodded, his eyes complex.

Chen Dong smiled, after meeting his father in the Windy Old City back then, later on, although his father had explained a little, but now it seemed that at that time, his father was actually avoiding the seriousness.

When one thought about it, it was also true that the a*sa*sin had already had his head chopped off by Uncle Daojun and hung high above the Chen family pagoda when that a*sa*sination had taken place, and his father had disappeared.

If the aim was the genetic modification base under the Feng Bo ancient city, that would be an incredibly good reason!

Under the warm sun.

The wind and sand howled.

It blew on Chen Dong’s robe.

Knowing everything, Chen Dong did not feel the pleasure of seeing the clouds, but rather the embarra*sment and uncertainty of being suffocated.

His body, even his pores, were in a state of tension, which was not at all pleasant.

Biochemistry, genetic modification, this is a complete reversal of normal human perception.

But it was really happening to him.

Chen Dong took a deep breath and asked Chen Daolin expectantly, “Can I go down and take a look?”

“No.” Chen Daolin shook his head firmly, not hesitating.

Chen Dong’s complexion clouded over, hostility surging in his eyes.

“What the hell kind of sense is this? Treating me like a biochemical transformation, now the major powers of the world are coming to me like a cat smelling a fish, and I don’t even have this right to know?”

“This is your Uncle Daojun’s intention!”

Chen Daolin smiled bitterly helplessly, “Your genetic transformation is now beyond his expectations, and he strictly ordered me not to let you into the base.”

“Then how far has my genetic transformation gone?”

Raging with anger, Chen Dong could not help but question in a stern voice: “Without my consent, you have come to change everything about me, even my genes, are not under my control, and now you are not even telling me the right to know, am I …… your puppet tool from birth? ”

“Dong’er, it’s not what you think.”

Chen Daolin’s expression changed greatly, hurriedly explained: “You were never a puppet tool, just your birth, is destined for this path, the world’s forces, are doing this genetic modification, what is sought is the strongest strength, so as to seek more resources, the so-called Chen family as much as the world’s wealth, is nothing more than the mastery of the world’s resources!”

“Resources and strength, is to complement each other, the two go hand in hand, and what your Uncle Daojun is plotting ……”

Speaking here, Chen Daolin’s complexion changed violently, revealing a look of alarm, and his words came to an abrupt halt.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows tightened, and resentment raged in his eyes.

“Speak, go on, what exactly is Chen Daoguang scheming for?”

Every word was filled with majestic resentment.

Chen Daoling shook his head with a complicated expression, “You don’t need to know, you only need to know, go home, use the resources that Dao Ye and the others grabbed for you, to build a new Chen family, and then use your strength to grab more resources, people are like fierce beasts, the weak eat the strong, this is the primitive law of existence no matter what time it is.”

After a pause, Chen Daolin added, “Your genetic transformation, crowned today, this is the reason why those forces desperately want to kill you, once they let you grow, their transformation will become a puddle of rubbish, even if they can’t kill you, they will still find a way to get your genetic sequence from you to fill their transformation gap.”

“But there is one thing, although your current genetic transformation is far beyond expectation, even your Uncle Daojun is appalled, everything is positive at the moment, even if your martial arts talent manifests like a god and almost a demon, it is still a positive direction and there will be no downside.”


The sound was like a great thunder.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently, instantly falling into a dumbfounded state, his mind going blank.

“Dad has said all that needs to be said, there are some things that Dad will tell you when the time comes, I’ll leave now.”

Chen Daolin sighed and looked at Zheng Junlin again, “Junlin, the Zheng family chose me back then and then chose my elder brother, in fact both sides have been tied in a boat, the Zheng family’s end was an accident, yet it was within reason, unless the Zheng family didn’t have the matter of Little Kunlun back then, you are the head of the Zheng family, you have to learn to take responsibility, this can only console your father’s memory in the spring. ”

Zheng Junlin shed tears and was silent.

With tearful eyes, he looked at Chen Daolin walking towards the distance.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, stood dumbfounded as if he did not notice.

He waited until Chen Daoling disappeared from sight.

Only then did Zheng Junlin look at Chen Dong, “Brother Dong.”

A soft call caused Chen Dong’s gaze to flicker for a moment, quickly regaining focus.

Realising that his father had left, Chen Dong’s face was instantly as black as charcoal, his resentment filling his chest.

His gaze was sunken with fear as he murmured, “Master Khong Khong took away three drops of my blood just for my genetic sequence?”