Winner Takes All Chapter 1295-1296

Chapter 1295

On the mobile phone screen, it was an unfamiliar number.

But as soon as Elder Long, who was at the side, saw the caller ID, his expression sank, “It’s from the old lady!”

As Chen Daoling’s close slave, he still knew Old Madam Chen’s contact information.

Chen Dong nodded his head and was able to directly connect the call.


A low voice echoed in the study.

“Chen Dong, this is your Third Grandmother.”


A calm and indifferent response.

On the phone, Old Mrs. Chen was also silent.

After three seconds of silence, Old Madam Chen suddenly questioned in a deep voice, “Is this the tone you take towards your elders?”

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little amused, but his face was full of depression and he sneered.

“Elders? What qualifications do you …… have?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Elder Long’s face at the side suddenly changed.

Over the phone, Old Mrs. Chen’s voice rose abruptly and sharply, “Qualifications? Just because I am the elder of the Chen family, just because your father has to call me Third Mother, just because now the Chen family has to be ordered by the old body!”

The smile on Chen Dong’s face grew even stronger.

Old and disrespectful, shameless!

He responded directly, “Old lady, those with virtue are elders, those without virtue are shameless, if there’s nothing else, I’m very busy, so I’m sorry for not accompanying you!”

“Wait a minute!”

On the phone, Old Madam Chen whistled, “I can not pursue the matter of the Zhao family, but two days later, on the 15th day of the first month, I will invite you back to the Chen family for a Lantern Feast, considering that you are the Dao Lin bloodline and the young master of the Chen family!”

Not to be pursued?

Chen Dong’s mind was lifted, was the bottom line of the old immortal, so low as this?

Even the old man, Long Lao, could not help but be shocked.

The Zhao family was the richest man in the southern border, and on the day of their 100th birthday, three generations had lost their lives, one of whom was the Zhao family head, such a loss was unbearable for both the Zhao family and Old Lady Chen.

This loss was too much for the Zhao family and Old Lady Chen to bear.

“Young master, beware of a deception!”

Elder Long immediately lowered his voice and warned.

But Chen Dong’s expression was gloomy, his eyes tossed with fierce hostility as a scene from his father’s birthday came to mind.

On that day, the entire Chen family worked together with outsiders to force me to give up my position as the Chen family’s proxy, but now they are inviting me home for a New Year’s Eve reunion dinner?

This is ridiculous!

In the Chen family today, apart from Uncle Dao Ye, has anyone ever treated me with sincerity?

The Lantern Festival dinner is a sham, but the Hongmen Banquet is the real thing!

“Old Madam …… I have already left the Chen family!”

Chen Dong’s eyes shot out, but the determination was unprecedented: “Look up to the sky and go out, I am not an artemisia man? My father can make me return to the Chen family with a single word, and you …… even if it’s an eight-lift palanquin, I Chen Dong also disdain, put away your ridiculous hypocrisy!”


Chen Dong hung up the phone.

Inside the study, the atmosphere became abruptly stern and cold.

Long Lao’s gaze burned as he looked at Chen Dong, pondering.

The phrase “laughing up at the sky and going out, I am not an artemisia man” rang out like thunder, and made Elder Long hear Chen Dong’s determination.

A long time later.

Chen Dong smiled with relief: “Long Lao, the bottom line of the old immortal has already come out, next, prepare for the full entry of Yike, the land that the Zhao family planted the flag, when acquiring a little care for face.”

Old Mrs. Chen will not pursue the matter of the Zhao family in the southern border, the bottom line has been bright.

Next, even if Chen Dong wanted to directly force the Zhao family’s flagged land, the Zhao family would not dare not give it.

However, in order to avoid any further complications, the Zhao family must still be given the proper face.

He wasn’t foolish enough to deliberately break the suppression that Mrs. Chen and the Zhao family were doing their best to suppress the tremendous shock caused by Old Master Zhao’s birthday!

The purpose of knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger had been achieved, and once the matter of the Zhao family in the southern border was publicized, it would be detrimental to him in many ways.

“Understood young master, old slave will go and make arrangements now.” Elder Long hurriedly left.

Inside the study, Chen Dong’s gaze was deep and his hands slowly clenched into fists, “The Chen Family …… will one day pay the price and regret for forcing me to leave that day!”

The Chen family.

Old Mrs. Chen was holding the phone in a deadly grip, her tired face brewing with anger.

Chen Dao Ping stood by, feeling the chill emanating from Old Lady Chen’s body, silent as if he were a chill.

“Oh …… what a way to laugh up at the sky and go out, my generation is not an artemisian.”

The old lady Chen smashed her mobile phone on the table with a bang: “You B*****d, if it weren’t for the fact that the old man is unable to take care of himself, you would deserve to die on the basis of the Zhao family alone, who gave you the courage to leave the Cheng family and dare to despise the Chen family like that? ”

Chen Daoping’s eyes were filled with astonishment as his eyes shot up.

He did not know the content of the conversation between Old Lady Chen and Chen Dong, but just one sentence, “To laugh up at the sky and go out, I am not an artemisia man” was enough to make his heart swell.

The poem of the poet Li Taibai was so bold and lofty, but if this line was placed in the context of forcing the Chen family to leave, it was an utterly despicable rant against the Chen family!

A wild child, a young family head who had lost his power, dared to insult the entire Chen family into a humiliating mess?

How bold must this …… be?

If these words were known to the entire Chen family, they would definitely cause everyone to burst into a rage!

However, Old Lady Chen’s anger did not last long before it was replaced by a look of exhaustion.

She was hunched over the table with her hands propped up and said weakly, “Dao Ping, go and call the guards to come and keep watch, I need some rest, I can’t support myself anymore.

“Mom, they’ve all been hung, just ……”

Chen Dao Ping looked at the weak and tired old lady Chen, he couldn’t bear it in his heart, this short period of time, the magnificent Chen family under the temptation of 20 billion bounty, has already been stepped on the threshold.

Acting as the head of the family, Old Lady Chen not only has to deal with the heavy affairs of the entire Chen family every day, but also has to be constantly on guard against killers who may appear at any time.

It was also because of this titanic pressure that when Old Lady Chen learnt about the Zhao family in the southern border, although she was furious, she could only ask Chen Dong to return to the Chen family with a secret poisonous plan.

Now, when Chen Dong refused, she simply gave up.

It wasn’t that Old Lady Chen wanted to give up, but …… was just overwhelmed!

“Just what?”

Old Mrs. Chen asked weakly.

“Forget it, mum, you should rest first, after you rest your body, my son will talk to you again.”

Chen Daoping turned around and was about to walk out.


Old Mrs. Chen slapped her palm on the table with a fierce expression, “I told you to speak, how dare you deceive me?”


Chen Daoping felt his heart being stabbed, and smiled sadly: “Mother, how would my son dare to deceive you?”

“Then tell me!”

Chen Daoping exhaled a breath, “The reward for the mission that the Darknet Hidden Kill Organization has placed on you, the old lady of the Gu family and the Iga Patriarch has risen to thirty billion!”


There was a thunderclap in Old Lady Chen’s ears, her mind instantly went blank, her body swayed, her eyes went black, and she smashed her head directly onto the table, fainting from the blood and Qi.

Chapter 1296

Old Madam Chen’s fainting spell soon alerted the entire Chen family.

Chen Daoping sent for the family doctor to treat her, and the Chen family’s rulers also rushed to the scene.

Outside the courtyard, guards were standing around, surrounded by three layers of people.

Inside the courtyard, Chen Daocheng, Chen Daoye and the rest of the rulers stood in the courtyard, lined up side by side.

All of them were staring at the main hall with different gazes.

Even though the wind was bitterly cold, they did not leave.

The old lady is the eldest, and is also the acting head of the Chen family, now suddenly fainted, a group of people in power will still give this face even if they do not care.

“Alas …… old lady is getting worse by the day lately.”

Chen Daocheng put his hands behind his back, shook his head and lamented, “She really bowed and toiled for the sake of our Chen family, until the silkworms died; the wax torch became ashes and tears dried up, tsk tsk ……”

Although it was an emotion, the people in power around them all heard the sarcasm and mockery in it.

A gaze of amazement looked at Chen Daocheng, had he gone so far as to be carefree?

The Chen family was in turmoil, the head of the family had disappeared, the major factions had squeezed Chen Dong out of the family and supported the old lady to become the acting head of the family, although the people in power all had disdain for the old lady, no one would be so carefree.

After all, Chen Daocheng’s line is the biggest beneficiary of this fight for profit!

Even Chen Daoye and a host of other people in power under Chen Daoling had not been able to compete with Chen Daocheng’s lineage this time!

In the eyes of the many people in power, Chen Daocheng had his swashbuckling capital!

“Brother Daocheng, I heard that the old lady fainted because she was angry about something, plus she was sleepy and exhausted recently, and with the weight of the killer’s life on her shoulders, she fainted from heart failure.”

One of the rulers of Chen Daocheng’s lineage said with a playful smile.

The words had just fallen.

Another person in the know chimed in, “I heard that it was a bounty mission from the Darknet Hidden Killers Organization that was increased by another ten billion bounty, and now the bounty is as high as thirty billion!”

“Thirty billion?! That’s already comparable to a medium-sized gentry!”

“No wonder the old lady fainted, 30 billion is enough to drive people crazy, once they win, it’ll be 30 billion immediately and they’ll become a powerful family!”

“Why do I feel that the a*sa*sination missions of the Darknet Hidden Killers are getting more and more sinister? From the initial ten billion, it’s only been a short time and it’s already skyrocketed to thirty billion, who’s really pushing the envelope?”


In the courtyard, a group of people in power were discussing at the moment.

Thirty billion was nothing to the Chen family, and these people in power wouldn’t look at it in their eyes.

But everyone was clear about how terrifying thirty billion could explode into!

To a normal person, this was an enormous fortune that would be difficult to reach in a lifetime!

When you push a mountain of gold in front of people, they will turn into monks!

Inside the main hall, Chen Dao Ping stood behind the door with a shadowy expression, quietly listening to the discussions of those in power outside, but quietly, his teeth clenched and creaked.

The murmurs fell on his ears, making him ashamed and resentful at the same time.

From the very beginning, he and his mother had expected to be the acting head of the Chen family, but this was never the case!

Instead of glory, he had fallen into a quagmire.

Now his mother was lying in her bedroom bed, unconscious, while the people outside were indifferent and talking loudly.

This made Chen Dao Ping’s mind become incomparably complicated, and it even felt like his body was on fire.

“Master Dao Ping, the old lady is safe and sound.”

The great doctor slowly walked out of the bedroom.

“Thank you very much, sir.”

Chen Dao Ping was relieved.

Immediately, he was present at the main entrance of the main hall, his expression returning to the ancient well, but his eyes were a little cold.

Chen Daoping’s lips and teeth opened lightly, and his voice echoed through the courtyard, silencing the chatter of the crowd.

“Gentlemen, my mother is well, I am sorry to disturb you all.”

“Good luck, it’s good that the old lady is alive, let’s go everyone!”

Chen Daocheng flung his hand with a big belly and turned to leave.

The way he spoke and behaved, he had an air of arrogance.

They were closely followed by several members of Chen Daocheng’s family who were in power and left together.

Looking at Chen Daocheng and the others who left, Chen Daoping looked as usual, but clenched his cheeks.

But this change was not noticed by the people in power present.

Apart from a few of the old lady’s faction, the rest of the rulers turned and left.

And outside the small courtyard, the densely packed guards remained motionless.

After pa*sing through the tide of guards that layered on top of each other.

Chen Dao Ye looked calm and swept a glance at the few companions beside him, “Gentlemen, why don’t you join me for a drink in my small courtyard?”

Several people looked at each other and returned to the courtyard with Chen Daoye.

When the food and drinks were served, one of the middle-aged men suddenly asked, “Brother Dao Ye, why do I feel that you are a little happy?”

“Hmm?” Chen Dao Ye raised his eyebrows.

The middle-aged man explained, “You have always abstained from smoking and drinking, and when the family head was around, you had to put off inviting you to drink.

Chen Daoye smiled indifferently.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. What a …… surprise.”

The middle-aged man was stunned, then looked at the rest of his companions, several people’s eyes suddenly shrewd flash, a sudden realization, but at the same time a smile, at the same time raised the cup, clinked together.

On the other side.

In Chen Daocheng’s courtyard, compared to the modest gathering of Chen Daoye, the courtyard was a place where alcohol, S*x and wealth were brought to their fullest.

The music is lively and reverberates.

Beauty swayed and gla*ses were exchanged.

“I don’t know who has added another ten billion to the price, it has made the old lady faint, if someone continues to add more, I am afraid it will scare her to death, right?”

Chen Daocheng exhaled a mouthful of wine, squinting his eyes and smiling with his fat face fluttering.

“Whatever, we’re the ones with the biggest vested interests anyway, it’s none of our business if we’re dying out there.”

A middle-aged man leaned back in his chair on all fours and laughed nervously, “Brother Dao Cheng, I’m not going to hide it from you, just with the way the old lady is acting all day, if I wasn’t afraid you’d blame me, I’d want to go along with another ten billion.”


Chen Daocheng however smiled gently, “We are all brothers in the same family, how would I blame my own brother?”

At these words.

The middle-aged man’s drunken eyes instantly sobered up a few times, and then he laughed heatedly.

The several middle-aged people present also looked at each other and smiled at the same time.