Winner Takes All Chapter 1297-1298

Chapter 1297

The next day.

When the first rays of sunlight sprinkled the earth in the early morning.

Chen Dong was woken up by the sound of Long Lao’s urgent knocking on the door.

Chen Dong sleepily opened the door to his room, and saw Long Lao standing at the door with his face red and his hands trembling a little.

“Young master, come with old slave!”

Without waiting for Chen Dong to ask, Long Lao excitedly dragged Chen Dong towards the study.

“Early in the morning, what on earth has happened?”

Chen Dong was full of consternation as he followed Elder Long into the study, and was unprepared to be pressed directly in front of the desk computer by Elder Long.

“Something has happened, something big has happened!”

Long Lao’s face was red as he quickly clicked the computer mouse a few times, and in the next second, the computer screen abruptly darkened and sank.

Chen Dong’s gaze stared, this was clearly the Darknet interface.


Could it be that ……

A horrifying thought fiercely surfaced in Chen Dong’s mind.

At this thought, the dark net interface displayed on the computer suddenly jumped to the reward mission of the Hidden Kill Organization.

“Young Master, this is the bounty we have posted for the a*sa*sination mission of Old Madam Chen and Old Madam Gu, Patriarch Iga.”

Chen Dong did not respond, instead, his gaze was sunken as he looked at the bounty mission below, and he could not help but let out a backwards breath of air from his mouth.

There was no other reason for this, the second mission, was still a reward for the a*sa*sination of Old Lady Chen and Old Lady Gu, Patriarch Iga!

As his eyes shifted down, the shock of horror on Chen Dong’s face grew thicker and thicker.

The third one!

The fourth!

The fifth!


One by one, the quests were so eye-catching and blinding that they made people’s blood boil.

Without exception, they were all a*sa*sination missions that offered rewards for Old Lady Chen, Old Lady Gu and the Iga Patriarch!

Each of them has a bounty of ten billion dollars!

The entire first page of the Darknet Hidden Killers’ bounty page was filled with the same content!

“This, how did this suddenly turn into this?”

Chen Dong’s face was filled with horror, his eyes staring at the screen with wide eyes, his lips trembling as he said.

“Old slave doesn’t know either.”

Elder Long shook his head in horror, in fact, when he found out that the reward page of the Hidden Murder Organisation appeared like this, his emotions were even greater than Chen Dong’s!

“I logged on to the dark web this morning, and as soon as I entered the Hidden Murder Organisation, I found such a sensational thing.”

Elder Long could not help but clench his hands together and rubbed his hands fiercely, “The bounty for the three of them is now heading straight for seventy billion, and according to my old slave’s observation, this figure is still rising!”

“It’s still rising?”

Chen Dong sat dumbfounded as he stared at a whole page of identical bounty a*sa*sination missions, and said incredulously, “How did you find that out?”

Elder Long pointed to the page on the computer, “The Darknet Hidden Killers’ bounty missions, usually only seven bounty missions are listed on a page, when Old Slave saw the bounty missions just now, there were only six on the page, within this short period of time, another one has skyrocketed up, adding another ten billion bounty!”


Chen Dong’s expression sank as he drew a breath of cold air backwards.

He did not refute the so-called “surge” in Elder Long’s mouth, even though it was just a difference in one word, the difference between six and seven, the difference was a full ten billion!

Such a huge amount of money was enough to describe the surge!

The bounty had only increased by one, but the ten billion dollar bounty could cause more killers on the lookout to soar!

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled teasingly, “Are they …… going to be condemned by the heavens for this?”

The initial ten billion bounty had now extended and fermented to the current seventy billion, such a heavenly bounty was enough to drive countless people crazy!

Under the temptation of huge profits, the so-called identity backgrounds of Old Lady Chen, Old Lady Gu and Patriarch Iga would be completely erased by money.

“I’m afraid that this matter will soon sweep through the major giants and giant powers!”

Elder Long’s gaze was profound as he murmured, seven tens of billions of reward, a full seventy billion, which was already the entire fortune of some of the richest people in the region, and now it was a sword pointing at the three old ladies of Chen!

The Chen family, which holds all the wealth in the world, the Gu family, the ancient martial arts clan, and the Iga Ryu, the ninja clan, are all kings in their respective fields, and now the leaders of the three powers are being offered a bounty at a sky-high price, which is enough to shake the world at a time when the world is about to be in turmoil!

The truth was just as Elder Long had speculated.

As soon as the seventy billion dollar bounty appeared on the Darknet Hidden Killers’ bounty mission, it was pa*sed around the world’s powerful families and giants with the speed of a thunderbolt.

Early in the morning, the bounty appeared on the desks of the heads of the world’s most powerful families.

It was like a nuclear bomb, causing the heads of the world’s powerful families to explode.

Across the ocean.

Night falls.

In the Rothschild family, the lights are bright and extravagant.

But inside the head of the family’s study.

Rothschild was staring at the computer screen in front of him with red eyes, dumbfounded.

“My goodness …… seventy billion bounty, is it so lively?”

Rothschild’s pair of golden eyes were full of disbelief.

Half a long time.

He suddenly smiled wryly, “Butler …… help Rothschild to increase the code!”

Immediately, he then narrowed his eyes and smiled solitarily, “There is a saying in the domain that it is better to have fun alone than to have fun with others, the Chen family master and I are in a cooperative relationship, and now that the Chen family is in turmoil, I, an ally, should also have a hand in it.”

The Jiang Family.

As a thousand year old family, the Jiang family is located in a place that seems to be isolated from the outside world and is a world unto itself.

It was not long after the New Year, not yet the Lantern Festival, and the chill had not yet faded, but the Jiang family’s world was always filled with the scent of birdsong and flowers.

Early in the morning, in the courtyard of the house.

The Sixth Master of the Jiang family stands idly by the pond, waving feed to the fish in the pond.

In the distance, a delicate figure hurriedly came.

It was clearly Jiang Han’er.

“Sixth grandpa, something big has happened to the Darknet Hidden Killers!”

Jiang Han’er’s pretty face was scarlet, but at her age, she had a bit of a different charm: “Early this morning, the bounty for the task of a*sa*sinating Old Lady Chen, Old Lady Gu and Patriarch Iga has soared to seventy billion, and just now I don’t know who has offered the same ten billion bounty for the task, now the total price is eighty billion, this task, I’m afraid, is the highest bounty in the history of the Hidden Kill Organization! ”

“Eighty billion? It’s not enough!”

The Sixth Master Jiang shook his head and laughed lightly, but his words changed: “At first, the three of them wrapped up other latent forces and simultaneously descended on Chen Dong with a heavenly killing situation, but now they have reversed the heaven and earth and acted in reverse, huh …… interesting ah.”

“Still not the highest ever?”

Jiang Han’er was astonished for a moment.

Jiang Sixth Master’s gaze was deep, seemingly reminiscing: “The highest bounty ever offered was Chen Daoling more than twenty years ago, when he was offered a bounty of ninety billion, otherwise …… a martial arts madman like Chen Daogun, how could he leap like a comet back then to become the first person on the Hidden Killers Organization’s Death Ranking to crush the Death Ranking for twenty years? Back then, he was just trying to take the stance of a God of Killing and suppress the Hidden Killing Organization horizontally to seek peace of mind for Chen Daoling!”

“How much?”

Jiang Han’er’s delicate body trembled, learning this secret secret from Jiang Sixth Master’s mouth caused her pretty face to be filled with horror, yet she was also a little curious.

“Ninety billion!”

Master Jiang Liu waved his hand and scattered all the fodder in his hand into the pond, clapped his hands and turned around, “Han’er, what do you want to do?”

Jiang Han’er pondered for a moment, his expression steeped in anger, “Then we’ll chase down the ninety billion!”

“As you wish.”

Sixth Master Jiang knew what Jiang Han’er had in mind and smiled jokingly, “If you want to protect the calf anyway, then let’s protect the calf.”

“Thank you, Sixth Grandpa.”

Jiang Han’er smiled delightedly and immediately pulled out the phone, just as she was about to add additional tasks, but her beautiful eyes suddenly opened round.

“Sixth grandpa, it’s already ninety billion! If we add more, it will be a whole hundred billion!”

In his words, there was a strong sense of disbelief.

“One hundred billion?!”

Sixth Master Jiang’s expression was shocked and he laughed, “That would be the highest reward in history!”

Chapter 1298

As the bounty reached a hundred billion dollars.

The giants of the world exploded.

This is the highest bounty ever offered by the Hidden Killers, the highest in the history of the organisation.

The existence of the Darknet is a hidden secret in the world by default.

But there are definitely many people who know about this secret.

In particular, the world’s most powerful families, giants, and so on, know all about it.

The moment the bounty reached a hundred billion, it instantly swept through the world like a storm, ravaging the world’s great families and powers.

Everyone was dumbfounded, even the bigwigs of the world’s most powerful families were dumbfounded.

No one expected that an a*sa*sination bounty would turn into a “feast”, with the bounty increasing in every level!

But no one had any doubt as to the horrific undercurrents that would be created by this hundred billion dollar bounty.

People are greedy!

Even if we all know that greed is not enough, when the vault turns into a gold mine, the number of people who will take the risk to die will definitely increase geometrically.

It would be no exaggeration to say that all killers in the world are crazy!


The Chen family.

Old Mrs. Chen woke up leisurely, her drifting eyes gradually coming into focus, only to see Chen Daoping standing in front of her bed with a face as gloomy as charcoal.

“Daoping, mother is still alive.” Old Mrs. Chen said weakly.

Chen Daoping’s face was gloomy, his gaze drifting, and he was lost in thought when he heard Old Lady Chen’s words and blurted out, “Soon.”

The voice was soft, but like a loud bell, it resounded in Old Lady Chen’s ears.


Old Mrs. Chen instantly looked fierce and violent, her qi was released and she sat up straight, her murderous intent sweeping over Chen Dao Ping like a terrifying wave.

“Rebel son, what do you mean by that?”

The piercing killing intent instantly made the room as cold as the ninth heaven.

Chen Daoping’s body shook and he woke up with a start, and with a panic-stricken “poof”, he knelt down on the floor: “Mom, it was my mistake, I’m sorry.”

“What exactly do you mean by that ……?”

Old Mrs. Chen sat on the bed, her gaze cloudy, her eyes narrowed, and she had no restraint in her killing intent.

At this moment, the old lady is just like a bloodthirsty demon, but whenever Chen Daoping’s words are slightly wrong, she will not hesitate to immediately descend to kill thoughts.

“Yes, yes ……”

Feeling the killing intent emanating from the old lady, Chen Dao Ping was like falling into an ice cave, gritted his teeth and simply said, “The reward mission of the Darknet Hidden Murder Organization, while you were unconscious …… has soared to a hundred billion bounty!”


Old Mrs. Chen then felt a blast in her ears and a swirl of heaven and earth.

“A hundred billion? Hahahaha ……”

She leaned her head back and laughed out loud, but at the same time she understood what Chen Daoping meant by “soon”, and suddenly she looked down and gritted her teeth, “A hundred billion bounty, how can I, a crippled body, be able to do that? What can I do?”

The sound of laughter echoed.

But it frightened Chen Daoping so much that he trembled and buried his head in the ground.

“Dao Ping, tell everyone to go to the Council Hall, this …… matter must not be delayed any longer!”

Old Mrs. Chen ordered in a stern voice, “A hundred billion dollars in bounty money, even if all the corpses of the killers are hung outside the Chen family’s pagoda, it will never deter that group of greedy snobs, we must quickly pour out all the power of the Chen family to make the Darknet Hidden Killers revoke this bounty mission!”

“Withdraw the mission?”

Chen Daoping’s heart gave a vicious twitch, was this …… possible?

However, Chen Daoping did not say much, he hurriedly got up and left in a hurry.

Ten minutes later.

Chen Daoping returned, his brow furrowed into a “Chuan”, and walked into the house with his head bowed.

“Where is he?”

Old Mrs Chen scolded.

Chen Daoping’s lips mumbled, “He, they are not going!”

“How dare you!”

Old Mrs. Chen was furious, her eyes glowing fiercely, “Do they …… have any regard for me as acting head of the family or not?”

“Dao Cheng said that if you want to enter the Council Hall to deliberate, you’ll have to ask them yourself, mother.”

Chen Daoping clenched his hands together, looking terrified, afraid of being affected by Old Lady Chen’s anger, followed closely by his words, “In addition, Dao Ye and the other people in power said that the bounty mission of the Hidden Kill Organization could not be lifted even if the Chen Family’s full strength was exhausted, otherwise the bounty mission of Young Master Chen, and Dao Lin twenty years ago, would have been lightly erased by the Chen Family. ”

“Since it is a meritless act, so the Council Hall can not need to enter, in addition Dao Cheng also said ……”

At this point, Chen Daoping’s voice gave an abrupt lurch.


Old Mrs. Chen’s face was fierce, her features trembled hideously as she squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth.

Two simple words, but they instantly made the room invisibly sabre-rattling.

Chen Daoping took two steps back and knelt on the floor, burying his head in the ground in a deadly manner.

“After the Lantern Festival, this is a certain death game, please prepare yourself, old madam, the Chen family will do its best to deal with it, if in case of an untimely event, if old madam knows in heaven, please don’t blame me, generations of the Chen family will definitely invite your old man into the ancestral shrine and offer him to enjoy the incense of a thousand generations!”


There was dead silence in the room.

After Chen Daoping said this, he buried his head in the ground, wishing he could dig a hole in the ground and go straight in.

He didn’t dare to look up to see Old Lady Chen’s face, the bone-chilling chill that surged from all directions had already made him shiver, even without looking, he knew what state Old Lady Chen was in now.

Chen Daocheng’s words …… how damaging na?

Who the hell could live and still be willing to enjoy the incense of a thousand generations?

The old lady Chen sat on the bed, her whole body in a state of frenzied anger suppressed stiffness, her frail body trembling incessantly.

The five features were twisted and hideous, like a ferocious beast, and the bright eyes were now covered with blood.

Gnash …… gnash ……

The only sound in the room was the sound of teeth clenching as Old Lady Chen gritted her teeth.

A long time later.


The old lady Chen’s qi energy burst out, disheveled white hair fiercely flying up, hideous and powerfully said: “Even if I die, the old body will ask Dao Cheng to die with me, sure death game old body is ready, he Chen Dao Cheng, ready?”


The land of the sea island.

The cherry blossoms were drifting and the cold wind was stern.

The white snow surrounding the land of the Iga clan, however, was rendered into a blinding crimson.

The air was always filled with the pungent, nauseating smell of blood.

crunch …… crunch ……

A group of Iga ninja dressed in ninja costumes trampled through the thick snow and returned to the Iga clan grounds.

“This is already the thirty-eighth a*sa*sination today, have all the a*sa*sins in this world, gone mad?”

A superior ninja gritted his teeth, his hand trembling as he gripped his bloodstained katana: “They come in droves when they know they’re hitting a stone with an egg, a moth to a flame, when has my Iga Saints clan ever been despised to such an extent?”

And yet.

A hoarse, weary voice suddenly echoed in the ears of the group of ninja.

“Who wouldn’t be mad at a hundred billion dollar bounty?”

“If it were not for the old man being the Iga clan master, if it were anyone else, the old man would be willing to go crazy for this hundred billion bounty for once, it is no longer a small amount of money ……”

The crowd of ninjas were simultaneously appalled and fell to their knees in unison.

The Iga patriarch, with his head full of silver hair, stood in the wind and snow, the cherry trees behind him drifting cherry blossoms, forlorn and forlorn.

“I could never have imagined in my death that as the Patriarch of the Sacred Sect of a*sa*sination, one day I would actually be a*sa*sinated to such a sorry state, it is a disgrace to the successive generations of Patriarchs of the Sacred Sect ……”