Winner Takes All Chapter 1267-1268

Chapter 1267

To be able to deal such a devastating blow to the Blood Angels’ organisation in such a big way.

The first thing that came to Chen Dong’s mind was the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army.

Given his current situation, the only one who could help him in such a big way was the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, when he thought about it, had such strength.

Two events in quick succession added to his happiness.

Chen Dong tried hard to calm down before he said to Elder Long, “As long as the situation opens up completely and the attention of the Gu family, Old Lady Chen and the Iga Ryu wanes on me, we can launch the trillion dollar a*set and proceed with the next step of our plan.”

“Yes, these trillions of a*sets are all related companies in one industrial chain, in the young master’s hands, once activated, they will definitely turn into a dragon that swallows the sky!”

Long Lao smiled and lamented.

Chen Dong gave a blank look, “Elder Long, you don’t have to flatter me, you are just carrying a heavy load.”

Saying this, Chen Dong leaned back in his chair, resting his hands behind his head, looking at the ceiling and lamenting.

“If it was before, trillions of a*sets, I would feel like the dragon that swallowed the sky, but now that I see how big the sky really is, these trillions of a*sets are far from enough.”

“As long as Young Master’s ambition remains the same, why worry about not swallowing the heavens?”

Elder Long’s gaze burned as he looked at Chen Dong.

Since following Chen Daolin’s orders and coming to a*sist Chen Dong, step by step, he had seen everything about Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s words and actions had also amazed Elder Long time and time again.

As far as he was concerned.

Throughout his life, there was no one in the world who could have such a heart, mind and ability at Chen Dong’s age!

What’s more, Chen Dong’s achievements in the martial arts were even more overwhelming!

In the future, Chen Dong with trillions of a*sets, swallowing the heavens and the earth, in Elder Long’s mind, was just a matter of reasoning.

“With your kind words.”

Chen Dong deflated his mouth and smiled faintly, “How are the arrangements for Yike’s matter?”

“An announcement will be made this morning, so I guess the news will have to blow up again.”

Long Lao said with a smile, “Zhou Zun Long and Zhou Yanqiu, they will probably be laughing until their mouths are behind their ears.”

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

This was indeed the truth.

Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu were the first and second in the city’s real estate industry in the past.

Above the shopping mall, they competed with each other in a tug of war.

Even though they were the masters of the market, to put it bluntly, most of their real estate industry was confined to the southwest region.

Now, Yike is fully stationed in the southwest region, dumping all its resources.

This means that the property prices in the entire southwest region will have to take off in place, and the projects in their hands will have to go up!

“This is perhaps the benefit that comes from the Dragon’s Merit.”

Elder Long lamented in his heart, and his emotions intensified as Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong’s various exploits came to mind in the old days.

Sometimes, choosing the right profession is really better than following the right person!

Just as Chen Dong and Elder Long had expected.

When the news was announced on the television news at eight in the morning that Yike had fully entered the southwest region, it instantly swept through the entire southwest like a prairie fire.

It was even as if a heavy bomb had been dropped on the region.

As the undisputed leader of the real estate industry in the region, every move made by Yike is enough to influence the entire industry!

Any ordinary person could instantly tell what it meant to be fully present in the southwest region.

There were those who were shocked, those who didn’t dare to believe, and those who were overjoyed ……

The community also, in the first instance, pushed Yike into the limelight and became the talk of the people’s mouths.

A news story that directly set the tone of the day’s gossip among the people of the domain!

Nine o’clock in the morning.

Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu then paid a joint visit, with delighted faces, respectfully thanking Chen Dong and offering him a heavy gift.

Chen Dong received them, and putting aside all the things that had happened back then, they had indeed done their best to establish the head of the Chen family on his father’s birthday!

At that time, it took a lot of courage for Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu to stand up and support him, given the size of their families!

Even if their family wealth was somewhat insignificant to the Ding Ding, just a mere act of courage would have been enough!

When the dragon takes flight, the chickens and dogs will naturally take flight.

There is never a free lunch under the sky, this has always been a concept that Chen Dong believes in.

Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu’s elevation in stature, in Chen Dong’s heart, was just something that was done casually and in return for the two of them.

The latter two days.

The entire real estate industry in the southwest region was in a white-hot state.

Everything was being turned upside down and changed drastically because of the announcement of Yike.

House prices …… also soared by nearly 30% in these two short days!

The extent of this surge was horrifying!

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

For the people, it is the price of housing that is of concern.

But among the upper echelons of the gentry, it is the other concerns.

And at the top, there are different thoughts.

The Chen family.

Old Mrs Chen looked angrily at the statement in front of her for just three seconds before she suddenly tore it up and crumpled it into a ball, throwing it into the trash.

“Is everyone in Yike a F**king waste? Such a matter of changing the destiny plate was completely decided by a single paper notice from that wild B*****d?”

The opening words were foul, enough to reveal how angry Old Lady Chen was.

Chen Daoping stood with his head bowed, not even daring to breathe.

In the past two days, the old lady had already exploded into a thunderous rage more than once!

The volume of Yike was related to the entire real estate industry, and the return it brought was no different from a money printing machine, and the energy it could accumulate was indescribable.

But overnight, with a single notice, the southwest region had directly sucked the blood of the entire domain!

“Dao Ping, why didn’t you tell me about this as quickly as possible? If I had known, I would not have let the situation come to this!”

Old Lady Chen scolded in a stern voice.

Chen Daoping hurriedly said, “Mom, Yike’s shares are complicated, this matter itself has Chen Daocheng and the others scrambling to hide it from the public, so I learned of it too late, not to mention that Chen Daoye and the others scrambled past the agreement, Chen Dong has the sole right to decide in Yike, his words, in Yike, are the holy voice!”

The words were full of helplessness.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was red and her eyes even looked as if she wanted to eat someone.

She also had a stake in Yike, and when Chen Tiansheng was competing for the position of family head, she had even shone out.

But the reality was also true that she should be the last person among the Chen family in power to know about Chen Dong’s decision on Yike!

For no other reason than the fact that the major factions had tacitly kept it from her!


Old Lady Chen slammed her palm down heavily on the table: “These wolves and ambitious guys, they personally pushed me into the position of acting family head, yet they are hamstringing the old body at every turn, what do they want? Are they treating me like a tool? Are they trying to take away my power?”

A series of questions echoed through the room.

Chen Daoping was terrified, but his expression was complicated and he did not dare to speak.

The situation in the Chen family was indeed deviating more and more from what he and Old Lady Chen had initially expected ……

Chapter 1268

It was the tenth day after the Chen family’s birthday banquet.

Whether it was the disappearance of the Chen family head or the full-scale entry of Yike into the southwestern region, the ferment was continuing to build momentum.

And at the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

But a guest had arrived.

Chen Daojun, who had left, had returned.

The rooftop.

Chen Dong and Chen Daogun stood side by side, looking out into the distance.

“Uncle, help me thank senior brother for overthrowing the Blood Angels Organisation.”

Chen Dong spoke slowly and gratefully.

“A mere Blood Angel, it is not enough to mention.”

Chen Daogun looked calm, and after a pause, he added, “I have come back today with two things.”

With that, he turned to look at Chen Dong.

“First, I have asked Zhenxiao and Zhang Wudao to recast a second pair of eleven and a half zodiac martial bodies, which I intend to bring into the Black Prison.”

Chen Dong’s expression was shocked for a moment, and the veins at the corners of his eyes bulged out even more, trembling vaguely.

He had entered the Black Prison and knew even better what was imprisoned in it.

Bringing eleven and a half zodiac martial dao bodies into the Black Prison for those to enlighten ……

“Uncle, aren’t you worried about feeding the tiger?”

Chen Dong said bluntly, “Although the ten prison districts of the Black Prison are divided into fierce gods and war gods, those who oppress a realm and those who subdue the domain with fierce might, it is undeniable that everyone’s talent in martial dao is the best in the world, so do we really want to release such a treasure of martial dao heritage as the martial dao body in front of their eyes?”

Such a worry was the same as Huo Zhenxiao’s.

Chen Daogun’s cold face revealed an overwhelmingly askance smile.

His eyes looked askance at Chen Dong, and he spoke out domineeringly, “Since I dare to bring them into the Black Prison, I am not afraid that they will rebel, even if they are enlightened, they are only enlightened with eleven and a half Martial Dao bodies.

Chen Dong felt like a man’s back as he was gazed at by Chen Daogun.

However, he quickly nodded his head and responded, “Indeed, Dong’s son has been overly concerned, what about the second matter?”

Chen Daogun held his hands behind his back, “I want to take Kunlun and have him enter the Black Prison with me, in addition to the three others, Qin Ye and Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf, you may also consider them.”

Chen Dong’s face sank as he hesitated.

Chen Daogun continued, “The world will be chaotic before it is chaotic, the strength of the people around you is no longer enough to deal with what will happen next, even though Kunlun is the former King of Soldiers, but his strength finally stops at the bottleneck of Qi, the people around you, leaving aside the impermanence, you are the only one who has sensed Qi, if a crisis comes, Kunlun and others are not enough to help you, but may drag you down. ”

As he spoke, Chen Daogun turned to look squarely at Chen Dong.

“Kunlun, Fan Lu, Lin Lingdong, Lone Wolf, Qin Ye, Elder Long, these are the team you pulled together, Fan Lu is too cruel to enter the Black Prison as a daughter, Elder Long is too old to enter the Black Prison, the rest of them, uncle thinks you should think about how to improve the strength of the whole team.”

Chen Daogun’s right hand fell on top of Chen Dong’s shoulder.

“Throughout the ages, kings and generals, those who have listed their lands and sealed their borders, and those who have opened up their countries, who did not have in their hands an unparalleled team with great battle prowess, capable of defeating a thousand armies?”

Chen Dong was silent.

In fact, he had already felt the dilemma of the lack of strength around him long ago.

Initially, the power of Kunlun, Fan Lu and Elder Long was definitely enough to help him deal with any crisis that might arise.

Even Lone Wolf, who came from fighting black boxing, could be of use when he was initially redirected.

But as the situation changed time and again, the power that the people around him could bring to bear was getting weaker and weaker.

Lone Wolf was the first to be eliminated from the game.

And on his father’s big birthday, when he faced a*sa*sination by the strongest qi fighters of the Gu family, the Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels organisation.

Kunlun, Fan Lu and Long Lao also looked weak.

In the future, if all of them stop at the status quo, perhaps what Uncle Daojun said will really be reflected in reality.

These friends and family could not help him, but would drag him down in times of crisis!

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong Dong said, “I think it is better to gather them together, ask them some questions and see what they want to do, I have never treated them as hawks and dogs under my command, we are all friends and brothers, the Black Prison is extremely dangerous, everything still depends on their own wishes.”


Chen Daogun nodded his head.

Chen Dong whirled down to the rooftop, calling Kunlun, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf all up to the rooftop.

Along with them were Fan Lu and Elder Long.

When they learnt that Chen Daogun was going to take them into the Black Prison to improve their strength, the expressions of several people all became complicated and varied.

Lone Wolf was the first to stand out, “I am willing!”

Chen Dong was a little surprised, he had not really expected Lone Wolf to be the first to come forward.

He was very clear about Lone Wolf’s strength, coming from a black boxing background, whether in terms of strength or talent, he was actually the most inferior existence among all the others, there was no denying this.

In other words, with Lone Wolf’s strength and talent entering Black Prison to hammer, and then risking a huge amount of money in return, the result that came back was probably the worst return ratio among all of them!

“Lone Wolf, are you really sure you want to enter the Black Prison?”

Long Lao also revealed a surprised look: “The people locked up in that Black Prison are not ordinary people, any one of them is enough to ask for the existence of a soldier king of an army, and there are even war gods and fierce gods ……”

“If I don’t die, I’ll come back!”

The lone wolf’s gaze is firm, directly interrupted the dragon old words, hands clenched into fists: “I because I follow the east brother, only from the darkness to the light of the place, as the east brother step by step to grow, my strength in the team also seems weaker and weaker, many things in the eyes, but also have the heart but can only be a supporting hand, now there is a chance to improve the strength, death will also fight once! ”

A word, powerful.

He did not wait for Chen Dong to respond.

Chen Daogun then took the lead and said, “Good, Lone Wolf counts as one, what about you guys?”

As he inquired, his gaze slowly swept over Kunlun and the others.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, gave Chen Daogun a complicated glance.

He knew that by rushing ahead of him and responding, his uncle had calculated that he would regulate Lone Wolf.

In some matters, especially the lives of his friends and brothers, he was indeed less decisive than his uncle.

“I do!”

Kunlun looked hesitant for a moment, then whirled and took a step forward.

Lin Lingdong rubbed his chin and also stepped forward, “Since they are both willing, it seems a bit out of place if I am not.”


The three of them had their choice.


Fan Lu was the one who, at this moment, took a step forward, “Why can’t I enter the Black Prison?”

“Xiao Lu shut up!”

Kunlun let out a stern shout, he had been in the Black Prison, and had only walked out of it back then because of Chen Daojun’s release, so he was more than aware of what kind of existence was in the Black Prison.

It is not polite to say that at that time, if Chen Daoling had not arranged it and Chen Daogun had deliberately let the water out throughout, he would not have been able to walk out of the Black Prison until he died!

The dangers a woman may encounter when she enters the Black Prison …… are far more and more dangerous than a man!

“But ……”

Fan Lu bit her lip, “You all want to become stronger to a*sist Mr. Chen, I want to too!”

“Sister Xiao Lu.”

Chen Dong stepped forward and stopped Fan Lu: “Don’t go, they are all gone, I also need someone around me to protect Xiao Ying and the others, this matter, I can only condescend to you.”

The irrefutable dissuasion made Fan Lu feel resentful, but she was speechless.

Chen Daojun followed closely, “Now there is only one person left, Qin Ye, in fact, he has good talent, but he is just burdened by the Qin family’s past.”