Winner Takes All Chapter 1265-1266

Chapter 1265

Angry voices echoed through the room.

The singers cowered in the corner in fear and trembled.

And the ninja who had brought in the wooden box knelt in fear.

What had been a relaxed, comfortable setting all seemed to turn eerie as heads fell to the ground.

In full view of the crowd.

The Iga Patriarch slowly lifted the human head up.

The head, covered in blood, was still covered with the Shinobu mask.

It was only when Patriarch Iga raised the human head to mid-air that he suddenly changed his expression.


With an explosive roar.

The Iga Patriarch’s right hand was surrounded by humongous qi and threw the head directly and vigorously towards the outside of the house.

The next second.


The human head that flew into the courtyard exploded with a bang.

The terrifying impact of the wave of Qi even ploughed through the courtyard, pushing out the snow below.

Even the house where the Iga Patriarch was located was shaken and creaked.

The Iga Patriarch staggered to the floor, his face no longer drunk, his eyes wide with anger and a touch of fear.

The ninja responsible for bringing in the wooden box was now in a state of shock, clinging to the ground, trembling with fear and apologising under his breath.

He was the one responsible for bringing the wooden box in, and he hadn’t even checked the head inside, so who knew there was a bomb hidden inside?

Not to mention, a ninja head, which he did not dare to check without permission, knowing the status of the ninja.

If the Iga Patriarch really wanted to blame him, he would definitely not escape death!

“Declaring war, good, the Great God Amaterasu has blessed him, otherwise it will be difficult for me to escape death today!”

The Iga Patriarch’s eyes were bursting with essence as he gritted his teeth and said, “This son is rampant, how dare he calculate to such an extent as soon as war is declared, I, the Iga Patriarch, will definitely skin you with my own hands!”


The Gu Family.

The starry moon was in the sky.

But the Gu Family was in peace.

Old Madam Gu was taking care of business.

Behind her, the Ancient Dragonfly quietly pounds Old Madam Gu’s shoulders.

Knock, knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

“Old Taijun, something has been sent over from the Chen family, it was sent over by Chen Dong.”

A voice came from outside.

“Grandma, I’ll open the door.”

Gu Dragonfly’s eyes lit up as soon as she heard the word Chen Dong, and she quickly ran to open the door.


Just when Gu Dragonfly was still seven or eight metres away from the door of the room.


There was a loud sound and flames tumbled.

The terrifying impact instantly crashed through the door of the room, sending debris flying about.

The wave of air, moreover, directly lifted the ancient dragonfly backwards amidst its terrified screams.

The sudden change of events.

The old lady was so shocked that she stood up, caught off guard, and her face was full of panic.

She stared angrily at the doorway, where broken arms and limbs were scattered on the ground.

The air was still thick with the smell of blood and the gunpowder from the exploding bomb.

“What the hell was that? Why is it like this?”

Old Madam Gu was filled with horror as she gritted her teeth and said, “That wild B*****d Chen Dong, what exactly did he send to the old body, through the Chen family?”

In her anger and horror.

Old Madam Gu didn’t even have time to pay attention to the ancient dragonfly that was lifted out by the air wave.

An explosion soon attracted the Gu family.

The sound of footsteps outside rang out intensively.

As soon as they saw the explosion, without exception, they all drew in a breath of cold air.

In the courtyard, a voice of caution rang out, stopping everyone in their tracks.

Immediately, a stout, middle-aged man with graying temples took the lead and entered the room.


The moment he saw the ancient dragonfly on the ground, the middle-aged man with white temples instantly changed his face.

“Stand still!”

Old Mrs. Gu let out a scolding and raised her hand to point at the wreckage outside the door, “This, what’s going on here?”

“Ma ……”

The middle-aged man’s face sank, his gaze flickering as he pondered for a moment, quickly figuring out the general pulse.

Then meeting Old Lady Gu’s angry gaze, he mumbled, “Didn’t you ask me to send Gu Qian and the others to exterminate the Zheng family? Although the Zheng family has been exterminated, but Gu Qian and his men are nowhere to be found, so I guessed ……”

“Impossible! If Qian’er had failed, wouldn’t he have been sent to the Chen family by that wild B*****d, and then sent to us by the Chen family?”

Old Lady Gu waved her hand and interrupted the middle-aged man’s words.


Her mobile phone happened to ring.

It was a message with an unmarked number.

But Old Mrs. Gu remembered that it was Old Mrs. Chen’s number.

The text message was simple: Qian’er’s head, have it sent over!


Old Mrs. Gu was struck by lightning, and her mobile phone fell onto the table with a clang, her body went limp and she sat down on a chair.

“Qian, Qian’s head ……”

Old Mrs. Gu’s eyes swished red, staring deadly at the wreckage everywhere outside.

An explosion, even the heads were blown to pieces!

“Human heads ……”

The middle-aged man also changed his expression greatly.

An atmosphere of sadness and fear permeated the air.

The ancient dragonfly that had fallen to the ground finally moved.

The shock just now had caused her to briefly fall into a daze.

Only gradually did she recover at this moment.

Trembling, she slowly sat up, “Why, why are you still targeting him?”

The voice carried an unbelievable sadness.

But both Old Lady Gu and the middle-aged man ignored it.

“A declaration of war? Is the wild seed trying to declare war on our Gu family in this way?”

Old Mrs. Gu narrowed her scarlet eyes and said with contempt, “A wild B*****d is a wild B*****d after all, even if he becomes the young master of the Chen family, he is still a wild B*****d, all along only our Gu family has been able to crush him, will he be allowed to climb over our Gu family to make waves?”


As Old Madam Gu exerted her force, the armrest of the tai shi chair she had settled on, was broken by her with one hand.


Tianmen Mountain Villa.

It was very late at night.

But Chen Dong was settled on the rooftop, a bottle of beer in his hand, blowing on the wind and snow, looking at the night sky, and not feeling sleepy.

“Young master.”

The voice of Elder Long came from behind him.

Chen Dong turned back to look at Elder Long, who had come with him, along with Kunlun.

“Have you got the results?”

Chen Dong asked with raised eyebrows.

After Kunlun had sent the great gift out, he had been waiting for the results.

If it could be done once and for all, it would naturally be the greatest good news of all!


Kunlun shook his head helplessly, “All of them have failed, and no great movements have come from either side.”

With their power, they were unable to penetrate deep into the Iga-ryu and Gu families, but by observing the movements of the Iga-ryu clan lands, as well as observing the movements of Old Lady Chen, it was enough to surmise the results.

“Well, hidden bombs, such as secret calculations, can only be considered a small path, and the success rate is already low.”

Chen Dong did not show too much disappointment, after all, the chance of success for this kind of secret calculation was too low, the timing of the bomb alone could not be completely accurate.

His initial decision to do so was just a lucky break.

Chen Dong tilted his head and drank the beer from the bottle in one go, then got up and stretched.

“Since war has been declared, it’s time to continue to show them.”

“Young Master still has a backhand?”

Kunlun was a little stunned.

“The Zheng family totals one hundred and eight lives, and for me to declare war with just two heads as a gift is too light on the Zheng family?”

Chen Dong turned around and asked Elder Long with a smile, “Have you made the arrangements?”

Elder Long nodded, “A reward of ten billion has been offered to hang Old Lady Chen and Old Lady Gu, as well as Patriarch Iga, to the Darknet Hidden Kill Organization, this is going to be a good show.”

Chapter 1266

“The Darknet Hidden Killers, to actually take on this bounty mission, it’s really surprising!”

Chen Dong said with some surprise as he rubbed his nose.

On the way back, he was thinking about how to take revenge on the Gu Family and the Iga Ryu.

The Zheng family’s extermination, one hundred and eight lives, and a mountain of blood and corpses.

If he were to return the favour with just two heads, what was the difference between that and an incompetent rage?

This had never been his style, Chen Dong!

Since it was a declaration of war, since it was revenge!

If not, he would have to be like a hyena on the gra*sland, biting off a piece of flesh even if he died.

And with his current strength, even if he accepted the ten thousand a*sets that the Chen family uncles had robbed for him.

But compared to the Gu family and the Iga Ryu, it was still insignificant!

Money was, in a sense, just basic strength.

With his current strength, to go up against the Koo family and the Iga Ryu would be like hitting a stone with an egg.

The Darknet, the Hidden Killers.

It was the best solution that Chen Dong could think of right now.

It would be much easier to retaliate in a place where people could offer bounties for a*sa*sinations.

Even so, he was a little apprehensive, unsure if the Darknet, Hidden Kill Organisation would accept this bounty mission.

After all, the Gu family clan and the Iga Saints were all at the top of their respective realms.

To shake them would be tantamount to shaking the heavens!

“The Darknet has always been a place outside of the law.”

Elder Long responded with a smile, “As long as the bounty is large enough, there is absolutely no worry that no one will take the plunge.”

Chen Dong nodded, “Ten billion should be enough, I’m just a little curious as to who is behind the Darknet and the Hidden Killers respectively?” |

Long Lao said helplessly, “This has been a mystery to the whole world up to now.”

Stunned, Kunlun also came back to his senses at this moment.

After a moment of hesitation, Kunlun said, “But even if the Darknet Hidden Killers took over, would anyone really dare to swallow the sky with mole crickets?”

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at each other with a smile.

Elder Long said, “There will always be someone who will not be able to resist swallowing the sky, even if no one dares to take it, this can be turned into a sharp sword hanging around the necks of the Gu Family, Iga Ryu and Old Lady Chen, the worst possible way to disgust them to death.”

Chen Dong smiled without saying anything, obviously acquiescing to Elder Long’s statement.

His current strength was still too weak after all.

If he had the intention to take revenge for the Zheng family, he could only do whatever he could.

Hanging the Gu family and the Iga Ryu, Old Lady Chen, on the Darknet Hidden Kill Organisation was not just like what Elder Long had said, but also to distract these people and stir up the situation.

Keeping the Gu family and Iga-ryu and Old Lady Chen from focusing all their energies on him alone!

A step by step reckoning was what would allow him, and all the forces under his command, to be temporarily divorced from the whirlpool!

The disappearance of his father was a direct lightning strike by Old Lady Chen, and the world shook.

Even now, the tremors are still gathering momentum.

Perhaps it has already started to change, it just hasn’t reached him yet Chen Dong, but he believes it won’t be long before it reaches him!

If he didn’t peel himself away from the vortex as much as possible, in the end, the trillions of a*sets that might be turned into power would all be just to struggle for survival in the centre of the vortex.

“Let’s go, it’s late at night, it’s time to rest.”

Chen Dong took the lead and walked towards the stairs.

A night without words.

Dawn had just risen.

Chen Dong was then greeted by a knock at the door.

“Young master, something has happened, something has happened!”

Outside the door came Long Lao’s urgent shout.

Chen Dong was sleeping soundly with Gu Qingying in his arms, but Long Lao’s urgent shout still made him burst out of the warm nest with difficulty.

Putting on his pyjamas, Chen Dong, who was sleepy-eyed, had just opened the door when he was dragged into the study by Elder Long.

The computer in the study was on.

Elder Long pressed Chen Dong into a chair, “There has been a change in the mission of the Darknet Hidden Kill Group.”

“What change, what’s all the fuss about.”

Chen Dong complained a little, “It’s early in the morning, disturbing me and Little Shadow to sleep.”

Then, he slowly looked at the computer screen.

Just by looking at it, Chen Dong instantly felt like he was struck by electricity and snapped awake, his eyes even widened round to the limit.

“This, is this sure that you posted this yesterday?”

The inquiring voice was a little trembling.

Even Chen Dong could not help but rub his eyes, thinking that he had been blinded.

In one night’s time, the mission offering a bounty on Old Lady Gu, Patriarch Iga and Old Lady Chen had been viewed ten million times!

This number of views was absolutely terrifying!

“Old slave just saw it this morning, and the question in his head was the same as young master’s.”

Elder Long smiled with delight and excitement, “Moreover, after Old Slave has scouted around, it seems that Master Daojun has also taken up this mission.”

Uncle Daojun?

Chen Dong froze for a moment, and then smiled blearily, “With the shadow of the number one killing god on the Death List looming over them, I am afraid that the two old ladies of Chen Gu and Patriarch Iga will have to sleep and eat in peace.”

Elder Long added, “There is another good news that happened last night.”


Chen Dong looked at the computer screen and had a feeling of refreshment.

Elder Long smiled and said, “Just last night, the Blood Angels organization in the west, was completely wiped out, the Blood Angels headquarters was raided by dozens of warplanes, bombed in turn, and the headquarters was reduced to ruins.”


Chen Dong’s body trembled as he stared at Elder Long in ecstasy.

Elder Long continued to speak eloquently, “Moreover, because of Dracula’s death, all of the major branches of the Blood Angels Organisation’s power holders have recently gathered at the Blood Angels Organisation’s headquarters, and last night’s bombardment directly exterminated 90% of the entire Blood Angels Organisation’s power holders.”

“Overnight, the Blood Angels Organization is only an empty shell, and even if the organization doesn’t completely disappear, it will be reduced to a downright undercla*s power.”

Listening to Elder Long’s words.

Chen Dong’s breathing all became rapid.

His chest rose and fell violently.

Such news was simply heavenly music to Chen Dong.

The initial formation of the Heaven Killing Bureau was the Blood Angels Organisation, the Iga Ryu and the Gu Family, before the other forces that were intermingled with it.

The Blood Angels had collapsed overnight, which was no less than taking a huge chunk of pressure off his Heavenly Kill Bureau!

“Who did this?”

Chen Dong rubbed his hands together and inquired curiously.

Elder Long rubbed his nose and laughed strangely, “I’m not sure, anyway, it is said that last night there was no difference in the air defence systems of various countries, and there was no news intelligence of warplane swarms crossing their respective airspace.”


Chen Dong instantly reacted.

How could there not be the slightest difference or news in the airspace of each country’s realm once there was any movement of wind?

It was obvious that the warplane swarm had been spotted by various countries, but they had ignored it and allowed it to pa*s through their borders.

It was recognised that the swarm had crossed the border, and it was also recognised that the Blood Angels had been destroyed.

“But I’m afraid that there are not many people in the whole world who can have this kind of power.”

Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his nose, a glint suddenly flashed in his deep eyes, “However, I seem to have heard senior brother mention in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army that the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army seems to have this ability.”

“Moreover, if senior brother helps me, the cause of last night’s bombing will be clear!”