Winner Takes All Chapter 1185-1186

Chapter 1185

In just a moment.

Purple Qi rushed to the sky and spread across the firmament, and the world was shocked.


Inside the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

As the purple qi swept in, the crowd that had been chilling and waiting in place looked up at the sky in horror.

“What’s going on? Where did this purple qi come from?”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, what the hell is this?”

“My god, this purple qi is like enveloping the entire dome of the sky.”


There were noises and shouts of alarm.

And that was just the entire Thirteen Cities, no! It was the Huns, it was just the tip of the iceberg of the entire extra-territorial snowy plain!

“Oooh ……”

The wolf’s whistle shook the long sky, and the long-standing long wolf’s whistle suddenly became sad and mournful, even as if it was a wail, at the moment when the purple qi attacked.

It penetrated into the bone and marrow, straight into the soul!


When the Hun king heard the transformation of the long wolf whistle, he immediately hit his head hard on the ground in despair and desolation, but he no longer raised his head.

Instead, he kneeled on the ground, his head knocked into a pool of blood on the ground, and did not move a muscle.

But out of his mouth, he was still wailing miserably, “Old Ancestor …… I was wrong!”

Behind him, Xixing’s face was pale and his eyes were full of fear.

Looking at his father who was kneeling on the ground, his heart was in six minds and lost in his soul.

The long wolf whistle that changed her voice made her frown and her emotions were even infected, as sad and forlorn as the wolf whistle.

Behind her came the startled murmurs of those outside.

Purple Qi?

Shying hurriedly retreated to the outside of the chamber, tilted her head to look, and was instantly confused.

The sky was covered with purple qi, stretching across the sky in the darkness of the night and the wind and snow.

It was beautiful and eerie.

“Hahahahaha …… hahahahaha ……”

The sound of his father’s loud laughter suddenly rang out in his ears.

Xixing’s delicate body trembled, and she suddenly looked down, looking at the Hun King in the secret room.

In his sight, the King of Xiongnu’s body, which was kneeling against the floor, slowly straightened up.

Even while kneeling on the floor, the upper half of his body was straight and erect!

The sound of laughter echoed through the chamber.

It was unbridled and wild, and it was hearty.

Xixing was completely frozen, she hadn’t seen her father’s smile for a long time, but this time, she suddenly had an extremely terrifying thought.

Rumble …… Rumble ……

As the purple qi struck, as the wolf whistled and wailed, and also as the Hun King laughed uncontrollably.

The seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies within the secret room violently vibrated even more.

Even the floor beneath the bases of the martial dao bodies was shaken to the point of cracking inch by inch and was spreading further away.

“Father ……”

Shying was filled with fear and his lips mumbled.

The words had not yet fallen.

“I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I’ve admitted my fault, can’t I?”

The Hun King laughed loudly, his voice suddenly became as loud as thunder.

“O Demon Lady, from now on, this Xiongnu is yours, you are the first queen in Xiongnu’s history, ah, my king’s good daughter, you are my king’s glory!”

The King of Xiongnu said loudly without looking back, “The road, father has almost paved for you, it’s just that it’s too late, otherwise father could see you sitting on the throne with his own eyes, the little road left, father believes in your ability, you will be able to pave it easily!”


The horrible thoughts in Xixing’s mind grew stronger and stronger, her heart felt like a knife at this moment, and she stepped towards the Hun King in fear and disorientation.

Tears came to his eyes as his nose became sore.

Shying’s body swayed and her steps staggered, clearly a few metres away, but at the moment it seemed a thousand miles away.

“I don’t want the throne, I don’t want to be queen, I want my father, I want my father ……”

Cries echoed in the chamber, Shying cried with pearly tears, her features twisted.

The Hun King, however, still did not turn around.

Laughing loudly, he said, “Good demon mother, good daughter, put away your crying, you are the queen of Xiongnu, is the pearl of this king, crying will only make people think you are weak and deceivable, this king does not want them to bully you in the future, and this king cannot protect you, heartache!”

Rumble ……

The Heavenly Wolf martial body shook.


The wailing wolf whine that shook the heavens and the earth grew sadder and sadder.

The shy star was approaching.

Howling and crying, tears blurred her vision.

It was more as if his soul was out of his body, the sky was spinning, and his steps became as heavy as a thousand pounds.

The King of the Huns knelt with his back straight and never turned his head to look at Shying.

Suddenly, the Hun King’s voice became louder.

“I was wrong, rest your anger, one person does what one should do, old ancestors, it was me who disgraced the royal court na, I forgive, take your lives and forgive, just rest your anger!”

The voice was like thunder.

The words had not yet fallen.

The Hun King’s body shook violently and he suddenly threw back his head and let out a huge mouthful of blood, spilling it into the air.


Almost simultaneously.

The seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies stopped vibrating at the same time, and the pedestal settled violently on the ground.

The wailing wolf whistle that shook the heavens and the earth outside also decayed rapidly.


Xixing’s delicate body shook violently, and the sight of the Hun King throwing back his head and spitting blood seemed to be slowed down.

After throwing back his head and spitting blood, the Hun King’s body slowly fell backwards.


Xixing let out a scream and took a big step forward to hold the Hun King who was about to fall to the ground.

At this moment, the King of Xiongnu’s withered face was no longer pale, his seven orifices were bleeding, his eyes were almost bulging out, his face was blue, his veins were protruding, and his seal seemed to be inlaid with a piece of ink, so black that it was extremely dark.

It was hideous and terrifying, eerie and horrifying.

Perhaps it was because he was afraid of scaring Xixing that he never turned around.

“Father …… Father ……”

Xixing hugged King Xiong, crying into a tearful man, hugging him tightly, her right hand even clutching King Xiong’s hand tightly, as if a little bit loose, King Xiong would leave her.

With his last breath remaining, King Hun’s eyes bulged out, leaving him blind.

With all his strength, he pulled a smile from the corners of his blood-stained mouth, “O demon lady, father …… did not scare you, did he?”

“No scare, how would Father scare his daughter.”

Xixing cried and howled, shaking her head, fear wrapped around her whole body: “Father is the most majestic, the most godly, sobbing …… not going, Father, don’t go ……”

While crying bitterly, Xixing even tilted his head violently, so hideously that he hissed to the outside.

“Call the great doctor, call the great doctor to come here!”

At this moment, Xixing was so grief-stricken that he looked like a madman.

“It’s useless, the old ancestor wants to see me, it’s useless for anyone to come.”

The Hun King said with a breathless voice, “They, in casting the Martial Dao Body, are stealing the foundation of the Huns, but …… they are stupid, they have no idea how the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body is actually cast!”

As he spoke, the Hun king sounded sorrowful to the extreme.

“They only know the way to avoid the carrier, but they do not know that the Xiongnu at its peak moment to forge these seventy-two martial dao bodies, also sacrificed a hundred thousand people blood sacrifice, consumed three generations of Xiongnu royal court elite, only to seek from the sky to get these seventy-two martial dao bodies ah, under these seventy-two martial dao heritage, is a hundred thousand white bones, blood flowing into a river ah!”

They ……

Xixing no longer cared about the shocking secret news that the Hun King was about to die spitting out, the man’s face figure came to his mind.

Guilt, self-condemnation, remorse ……

The moment was like a thousand swords, lingering on her body.

Without my impulsive act, there would be no Hun now, and Father would not ……

“O demon lady, the highest secret spirits of the Xiongnu generations are under the 72nd Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, when you become the King of Xiongnu, sacrifice the 72nd Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, the secret spirits will naturally come out, this will be something you will spend your life guarding!”

When the Hun King uttered the last word, but he let out a long breath, and then he returned to silence, and his head slowly tilted to the side.

Shying, too, was dumbfounded as her body shook, except for the tide of tears that welled up.

She clearly felt the big hand that was clenched tightly, at this moment …… loosened!


Shying Xing, who was grieving to the extreme, turned up to the sky and let out a cry.

Chapter 1186

The purple qi rushed to the sky and the world was shocked.

The purple qi that covered the sky swept across the world in an instant, and disappeared without a trace at great speed.

It was a mere moment.

But even after the purple qi disappeared without a trace, the whole world could not come back to their senses for a long time.

Zhenjiang City.

As the pillar of purple qi disappeared, the lightning scorched prison in the sky also dissipated at an abrupt speed.

But in a few breaths.

The sound of thunder disappeared.

Lightning was nowhere to be seen.

Darkness, once again, enveloped this side of Heaven and Earth in Zhenjiang City.

The wind and snow also reappeared.

The wind was biting and the snow was heavy.

But the 300,000 troops of the Great Snow Dragon Riders stood silently in place, looking shocked and terrified, ignoring the biting wind and snow.

The thunder and lightning scorched the prison, coming and going as quickly as it did.

The scene that seemed like the end of days just now was etched deep in everyone’s heart like a nightmare.

This majestic city, at this moment, was as if the pause button had been pressed.

Inside the barracks.

There was a poof!

Zhang Wudao, who had rushed in front of Elder Zhang, knelt heavily on the ground with a look of shock and despair.

With trembling hands, he grabbed Elder Zhang’s arms to keep him from falling to the ground.

“Dad ……”

Zhang Wudao choked out a cry, his tiger eyes red and filled with tears.

Chen Dong stood by the side, looking at the old man Zhang who slowly went limp into Zhang Wudao’s arms, that hideous and terrifying face, incomparably seeping.

What had just …… happened?

“Dad ……”

Zhang Wudao’s lips trembled, choking on a cry, as a son of man, facing the old man Zhang at this moment, did not feel the slightest bit of fear, all there was was guilt and self-recrimination, pain!

Old Master Zhang sat paralyzed on the ground, his arm being held by Zhang Wudao.

His hideous and terrifying face was dull to the point of almost stiffening.

Only his throat wriggled gently, emitting a tiny breathing sound like a torn bellows.

“Blame me, it’s all my fault, I didn’t watch over your old man!”

Zhang Wudao wailed, weeping bitterly.

He had been standing next to him just now, but just because of the angle, he hadn’t caught the change in Elder Zhang’s face.

What was more crucial was that Elder Zhang had already chiseled eleven martial dao bodies in front of him, and although he was acting tired, it was also because of the long hours of chiseling that the martial dao body had been calm and quiet.

Bias …… Zhang Wu Dao this carelessness, then something happened!


Just at that moment.

Outside the barracks, the door of the room exploded with a bang.

Huo Zhenxiao’s upright body, wrapped in wind and snow, rushed into the barracks.

When he saw Elder Zhang on the ground, Huo Zhenxiao’s sword brows tightened and his pupils tightened to the extreme.

Even though he already knew through the purple Qi that was rushing through the sky that something had happened to the carved martial body.

But at this moment, seeing Elder Zhang’s face, his heart was like being hit hard by a heavy hammer!

“How could this happen? The Chiselled Martial Dao Body, wasn’t it already unsuppressed?”

Huo Zhenxiao stared at Elder Zhang in disbelief.

Elder Zhang’s face at this moment could no longer be described as withered, it was like the ghostly appearance of an ancient man who had returned to life!

Chiseled martial arts body …… loss of Yang life?

This is simply sensational!

And the thunder outside just now washed the whole city, even more shocking!

Everything, all twelve martial dao bodies!

“Hehe ……”

Suddenly, Elder Zhang’s body trembled, and a long out-breath sound came out of his throat.

The green face, purple lips, and dark seal, became more and more eerie and seeping as the corners of the old man’s mouth turned up to reveal a pleased smile.

With that.

Elder Zhang’s purple lips lightly opened and let out a voice: “Pity, pity …… after all, only merit stops at eleven and a half seats, this half seat martial body, the old decrepit body can’t bear ah!”

The tone is gratifying, but some melancholy.

“Dad ……”

Zhang Wu Dao, an eight-foot man, was already crying tears by now.

He could hear what it meant for Elder Zhang to be in such a state, yet instead his voice flooded up.

A return to light!

“Master Zhang, I’ll call the army’s great doctor to heal you!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s face was sullen, having spent years in battle, he knew better than anyone what a return to light was.

But, guilt and remorse also made him do his last best, to do his best and listen to God’s fate!

“It’s useless, it’s too late!”

Elder Zhang rejected Huo Zhenxiao’s words, “This Martial Dao body, the gods and ghosts are abnormal, it’s also heavenly justice for the old man to die here, O Wu Dao, you must relax, I died because of my stonemasonry skills and nothing else, remember, if you forge another Martial Dao body in the future, you must do your best to help Master Huo and Elder Chen, it’s a great merit!”

“Dad, I understand, I understand!”

Zhang Wu Dao cried, nodding his head vigorously.

Huo Zhenxiao, on the other hand, raised his eyes to gaze at the dazed Chen Dong.

He knew clearly that Elder Zhang’s words were clearly clear that he was clearing away Chen Dong’s future problems!

After all, it was Chen Dong who had forged the Martial Dao Body, together with the old man.

And Chen Dong had closed his eyes the entire time, but any time he opened his eyes once, he would not have been in the current situation.

It would be human nature for Zhang Wu Dao to mourn to the extreme and blame Chen Dong!

“Sovereign Huo, old brother Chen ……”

Elder Zhang’s panting suddenly increased, and his entire state was in a sharp decline at the moment.

It was like a candle flame that had run out of oil, fiercely picking up a vigorous flame when it was burning out, blossoming into a final brilliant light, and then returning to silence.



Huo Zhenxiao greeted him, and Chen Dong finally returned to his senses.

“This martial dao body, with its extraordinary meaning behind it, is not an ordinary product, the old man has exhausted his life’s memories as a craftsman, but he can only cast eleven and a half, in the future when this twelfth one is cast, perhaps he will have to use the method of the Lupin Technique ……”

“Luban Technique?”

Huo Zhenxiao and Chen Dong at the same time a burst.

Zhang Wudao, who was crying, however, looked horrified and stared at Elder Zhang in disbelief.

“Remember! Without the spell of the Lupin Technique, you must not forge a martial body again!”

Elder Zhang’s chest rose and fell violently before sinking heavily again, forming a terrifying crater in his chest.

The moment the last word was spat out, a long breath once again exhaled from Old Master Zhang’s throat.

With that, his head tilted and he collapsed into Zhang Wudao’s arms.


Zhang Wudao clung tightly to Elder Zhang’s corpse and wailed in pain as he looked up to the sky.

“Good riddance, Old Master Zhang!”

Huo Zhenxiao knelt down on one knee with a solemn expression.

At the same time.

Chen Dong also knelt on the ground, filled with guilt and self-recrimination.

If only, if only I hadn’t tried to seize the last chance to control the Qi, as long as I had opened my eyes, perhaps ……

But in reality, there is never a maybe!

The sad atmosphere, along with Zhang Wudao’s wailing and crying, permeated the entire barracks.

While Chen Dong was grieving, his gaze was deep as he stared at the twelfth martial body!

The upper half of the body was densely packed with humanoid designs, but the lower half was empty!

Who would have guessed that Master Zhang had already thought of a way to restrain the suppression of the chiselled martial dao body, only to have it suffer in this twelfth one!


Chen Dong’s eyes, which were gazing at the Martial Dao Body, fiercely blossomed with a flash of essence.

He thought of the experience of remembering the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body in the secret room of the Hunnish Heavenly Wolf Academy.

The Martial Dao inheritance of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, twelve seats to a kan!

This was also the experience he had felt most profoundly when he was memorising the martial dao inheritance!