Winner Takes All Chapter 1183-1184

Chapter 1183

Rumble ……

Inside the secret chamber, the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies trembled more and more.

Rumbling and shaking.

And on the outside.

The long roar of the Heavenly Wolves echoed in the long sky.

Just like that day, all thirteen cities shook.


“Hurry up, hurry up!”

Outside the Skywolf courtyard.

The Hun King, dressed in a single garment, stumbled, but he rushed towards the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard as if he were mad.

A group of guards behind him, looking terrified, followed closely but did not dare to stop him.

“Father! What has happened?”

Xixing rushed in at the news, her pretty face still flushed from running.

“Out of the way, out of the way!”

The Hun King paid no attention to Xixing, raising his hand and pushing Xixing into a stumble.

Shying lost her blossom and was shocked beyond belief.

The sudden appearance of a long wolf whistle.

The sudden “madness” of her father.

This made her panic, and it was difficult for her to calm down.

Especially the state of her father, who had become more and more afraid of the cold in the past few days, but now he was actually running outside in a single coat, without any regard for the snow and wind.

What the hell …… happened?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

When the crowd rushed into the Skywolf courtyard.

The people of the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard, at once all shocked, have come out to prostrate and kneel to greet.


The Hun King paid no heed, and with puffy hair and red eyes, he rushed towards the secret room where the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body was placed.

There was a change in the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body?!

Xixing’s heart was shaken to the core, and he hurriedly barked orders for everyone to stay put.

He then followed behind the Hun King and rushed towards the chamber.

A tense, fearful atmosphere filled the Sky Wolf Courtyard with the long wail of the wolf and the madness of the Hun King!

Everyone stood at attention, not moving a muscle, but their faces were white with fear.


Down the deep pathway, rushing to the secret room.

The Hun King pushed open the door of the chamber directly.

When he saw the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies trembling inside the chamber, the Hun King let out a miserable cry and fell to his knees, hitting his head on the ground and wailing at the top of his voice.

“Rest in your anger, old ancestor rest in your anger!”

Behind him.

Xixing, who had come right behind him, was completely frozen, her stunning face filled with shock and fear.

The scene before her eyes caused her mind to go blank for an instant.

What the hell was going on here?

Was the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body not just the seventy-two stone statues that carried the martial heritage?

Why would they vibrate at this moment?

Terrified and confused, she was at a loss for words.

Shying even ignored the Hun King who was kneeling on the ground and kowtowing, her jade hand covering it and forcing herself not to scream out.

“Rest in your anger, old ancestor rest in your anger!”

Bang, bang, bang!

The Hun King went mad, his body almost pasted to the ground on his knees, snatching the ground with his head and banging his head against it, staining the ground with blood, and he did not stop.

At this moment, his eyes were scarlet with tears, his face full of fear, and even a little bit of madness.

The king of the Huns!

Anyone who witnessed this would not believe it.

But the Hun King’s kowtowing and pleading was to no avail.

The seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies trembled harder and harder.

And the long wolf whistle that resounded through the heavens and the earth was even longer and even more mournful and sad!


Zhenjiang City.

The lightning scorched prison became more and more fierce.

The sky was full of thunder, stirring the long sky and falling straight to the ground.

It filled Zhenjiang City with thunder and lightning, drawing the attention of the Northern Region on this extremely cold night.

“What the hell is going on?”

Huo Zhenxiao’s brows were locked, and that thought of fear deep in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

He even had a feeling that if the cause wasn’t identified and resolved as soon as possible, the black clouds above this firmament would really be wrapped in tens of thousands of thunderbolts and sink brazenly into Zhenjiang City!

The Scourge of Heaven’s Wrath!

What is the cause?

Even Huo Zhenxiao was still confused and puzzled.

Fear permeated the entire Zhenjiang City.

The soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, who had never feared life or death in the face of the extra-terrestrial inferno-like battlefield and the millions of extra-terrestrial lions, were all shivering and trembling at this moment.

The scourge of God’s wrath!

Man is like an ant!

Instinctive fear is enough to crush all reason and will.

Outside the barracks.

Zhang Wu Dao’s face was pale and in a state of dumbfoundedness.

His tall, sturdy body could not help but tremble vaguely at the moment.

The terrifying and shocking scene in front of him made it difficult for him to contain his fear.


Zhang Wu Dao’s hollow eyes flickered for a moment, thinking of his father who was still carving in the barracks.

He knew that his father had reached a very exhausted state.

Even with the greatest fear, he had to look at his father first.

A deep breath was taken.

Lifting his right leg, which seemed to be filled with lead, Zhang Wudo took a step and turned around, walking towards the barracks.

Just as he turned around to enter the barracks, he caught a glimpse of the corner of one side of Master Zhang’s face because of the angle.

That hideous and horrible greenish face and bulging veins.

It made Zhang Wu Dao let out a startled gasp and stop to take a closer look.

Instantly, it was as if thunder and lightning had blasted at Zhang Wudao’s body.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong, who was standing next to Wu Dao’s body, outlining patterns with his index finger while immersing himself in his senses, had the corners of his mouth suddenly turn upwards, revealing a smile.

Finally …… had caught it!

The actual “Qi” is now above the “Qi”!

In his excitement and ecstasy, Chen Dong fiercely opened his eyes.

In an instant, Elder Zhang’s hideous and terrifying face, like a heaven-shaking hammer, smashed into Chen Dong’s eyeballs with a loud bang.

Chen Dong’s scalp instantly exploded and his heart and soul trembled.

“Elder Zhang!”

Chen Dong let out a startled cry.


Elder Zhang’s body trembled, and a mouthful of blood spurted directly onto Chen Dong’s face.

But the old man’s hand, however, still did not stop!

“It can be done, continue!”

Elder Zhang urged, his eyes scarlet.

Chen Dong’s mind was blank, and as he was urged by Elder Zhang, he nearly followed the habit of chiselling eleven Martial Dao bodies before, continuing to outline the humanoid pattern of the Martial Dao inheritance.

His dumbfounded gaze looked askance at the martial dao body, which was by now half chiselled!

It was also at the same time that he looked to the Martial Dao body.

A violet qi suddenly rose up from Wu Dao’s body.

It was like a long rainbow, soaring to the sky!

As if the roof of the barracks did not even exist, the thick purple Qi rose straight up to the sky with supreme dominance.

This instant.

The purple qi that rushed out of the roof was like a sharp sword sheathed in a sheath, wanting to break the sky with a single blow.

It rushed up against the scorched prison of thunder and lightning that filled the sky.

Amidst the white lightning, this purple qi rushing against the sky was incomparably eye-catching, causing the 300,000 people inside Zhenjiang City to instantly pay attention.

It even caught the Northern Domain outside Zhenjiang City clearly!


The moment the purple qi rushed into the Thunderlight Scorched Prison, it was like a firework bursting apart, forming a circle of purple qi that washed away in all directions at great speed.

It rendered the Thunderlight Scorched Prison with a layer of purple.

Even in the darkness of the night further away, the purple colour was especially clear!

“This is ……”

Huo Zhenxiao’s body shook, his eyes abruptly frightened to the extreme.

Compared to the soldiers across the city who were shocked to the point of dumbfoundedness, Huo Zhenxiao’s sanity allowed him to instantly catch the purple aura rising up from the very barracks where the martial body was placed.

“Not good!”

Huo Zhenxiao was instantly enlightened and rushed towards the barracks in a frenzy.

Chapter 1184

A vast purple aura, overwhelming and unparalleled.

It was as if a king was present in person, looking down on all beings.

In this short moment, the purple Qi that washed out swept out in all directions.

The radiation was not just from Zhenjiang City, nor was it just from the Northern Domain.

Rather, it was …… the entire world!

The other side of the ocean.

Mountain River a*sociation Hall.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang stood side by side, gazing out into the long sky.

The purple qi that stretched across the firmament, although dim, was incomparably eye-catching, like a gauzy net of purple qi that kept extending out and spreading across the sky, enveloping the firmament.

“Purple Qi coming from the east, is it a blessing or a curse?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face was gloomy to the extreme, and a chill ran down his back.

As an ancestral elder of the Hong Society, he had seen the world for a hundred years and had seen through all the red dust of the floating world, but now that he saw this shocking scene, he was also tremendously shaken and apprehensive.

Yuan Yigang had his hands behind his back and his gold-rimmed gla*ses gave him a gentle and elegant air.

But at this moment, there was no more gentle elegance, there was a strong sense of horror!

“There are still three days to go before the Chen family head’s big birthday, and it is also the time when Chen Dong will be the winner… does this purple Qi mean something?”

A heavy murmuring speculation, but it did not elicit a concurrence from Ye Yuanqiu.

The island.

The wind and snow remained.

Iga-ryu clan land.

The cherry blossoms were everywhere and the wind and snow were bleak.

But at this moment, the old man stood in the snowy sky with a frightened expression, staring deadly at the purple aura covering the sky, his hands clenched into fists, and even his hunched body was now straight!

“Amaterasu Omikami is above, is the sky finally about to change?”

A murmur of fear slowly emanated from the old man’s mouth, yet strangely, it seemed to carry a bit of longing and expectation.

On the western continent, in the ancient castle of the Blood Angels.

The sturdy middle-aged man, with his deep blue eyes looking at the purple aura in the sky, was a little excited.

He shook his red wine gla*s and drank it down in one go, the scarlet juice flowing down the corner of his mouth like blood.

Immediately, the middle-aged man’s expression became incomparably reverent.

His lofty body slowly knelt on the ground, crossed his arms over his chest and prayed: “O great Blood Angel, please listen to the servant’s prayer, thank the Blood Angel for the reward, the servant will do his best ……”

As he murmured his prayer, the middle-aged man gathered all his sharpness and prostrated himself to the ground in reverence.

The Black Hell of the Far North.

The frozen world, but now it was the moment the purple qi struck, as the refraction of the cold ice gilded this side of the world where people were extinct with a purple glow.

Inside the black prison.

Wailing, roaring, shouting and whistling!

Everyone in custody was shocked beyond belief as they witnessed this shocking scene, and all of them exploded, sending the entire Black Prison into tremors.

“Where is the Daoist Monarch? Where has the Daoist Monarch gone? Quickly bring me the Daoist Monarch!”

The white haired old man’s face turned red as he panted, “If he doesn’t suppress the Black Prison, the Black Prison won’t be able to suppress it anymore!”


A voice, however, caused the white-haired old man to instantly look obscure.

“The Daoist Monarch is not in the Black Prison and has gone out on an errand!”

These words were like a thunderstorm that struck the old man, no less frightening than the overwhelming purple Qi overhead.

The same scene.

As the purple qi washed the long sky, it was being played out all over the world.

There were those who shouted in shock and fear ……

The world was shocked when the Qi came out!

Inside the domain.

It was a remote land with birdsong and flowers and beautiful mountains.

The people of the village below the mountain had long been frightened by the purple qi in the sky, and were kneeling on the ground, bowing to the gods.

Halfway up the mountain, however, is an extremely spacious mansion.

It was majestic and heavy and solemn.

One of the mansions.

The old woman, supported by the ancient dragonfly, stared in awe and fear at the purple qi that stretched across the sky.

And the old woman, looking up at the purple qi, quietly her eyes were dense with watery mist.

“Grandma, this purple qi is so beautiful, but it feels so scary!”

The ancient dragonfly murmured in a low voice.

“Finally …… waited for this day?”

The old crone suddenly let out an emotion, causing the ancient dragonfly to be filled with consternation, then the old crone added: “The ancestor’s legacy, is there really a day of success?”

“What legacy?”

Ancient Dragonfly was even more astonished.

The old woman was oblivious: “Three days from now is Chen Daolin’s birthday, right? Dragonfly, prepare a generous gift, we have to go!”


The Jiang family!

As a secluded family, they were above the fray.

They would not have appeared in the world if they had not been able to save the day and help the building to fall.

In the courtyard of the mansion.

Jiang Han’er’s beautiful eyes looked at the purple qi in the sky with surprise: “What a beautiful purple qi!”

Behind her, a voice rang out.

“Han’er, lately you stay at home and are not allowed to go out, the sky has changed and it is dangerous to go out!”

Jiang Han’er’s jade nose wrinkled slightly, a little angry, she was purely tricked into coming back this time!

As soon as she entered the house, she was grounded by her elders in this mansion.

“Oh, it’s dangerous when the sky is dyed purple?” Jiang Han’er disliked back angrily.

“If you don’t listen, I’ll break your legs! Wait three days for the Chen family’s big birthday to pa*s before you can go out!”

The voice behind her was a little stern.

“But I want to go to the Chen Family Master’s big birthday, and I can still meet that boy Chen Dong!” Jiang Han’er’s gaze flickered for a moment.

As soon as the words left her mouth, a chill suddenly surged behind her.

“This time …… will really break your legs!”


Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Elder Long, Kunlun, Fan Lu and the others all stood on the rooftop, looking up at the purple qi covering the sky.

At this moment, all of them had different expressions.

Only the mysterious man, standing alone in a corner, looked at the purple qi covering the sky, his hands clenched into fists behind his back, a look of excitement flowing from his eyes, even the corners of his mouth could not be restrained from turning upwards.

The Chen family.

At this moment, even though it was the middle of the night, the people of the Chen family had flocked to the clearing to look at the purple qi in the night sky.

The wind, snow and cold also seemed to disappear into nothingness at this moment.

Inside the Buddha Hall.

Old Mrs. Chen, supported by Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng, hurriedly walked out of the Buddha Hall.

Looking at the purple qi in the sky, Old Madam Chen wondered, “What is going on here? The purple qi is coming from the east, could it be a sign of good fortune for you in three days’ time, Tiansheng?”

With a single word, Chen Tiansheng, who was still in shock, instantly became apathetic and longing in anticipation.

Purple Qi coming from the east, the king’s arrival!


“Hahahahaha …… Sanniang, this is a good omen for my son Chen Dong, the purple qi is coming from the east, my son Dong is going to be the victorious king!”

Chen Daolin walked into the courtyard with a smile on his face and said recklessly.

At these words.

Old Mrs. Chen’s three faces sank at the same time.

“Dao Lin, there are still three days before your birthday, it’s not good to make such a wish, there are so many heirs to the Chen family, the kings and queens are not yet determined, all are dark horses!”

Old Mrs. Chen snorted and sneered, “Chen Dong is disabled in both legs and carries the shame of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country, my natural born, what makes him inferior?”

“Isn’t this all the purple qi coming from the east?”

Chen Daolin pointed to the sky, his gaze profound.

“Chen Dong is still in the north, not in the east!”

Old Mrs. Chen said in a cold voice.

“A woman, what do you know about hammers!”

Chen Daoling rolled his eyes and said vulgarly, his gaze deep and smiling as he looked up at the beautiful purple qi in the sky dome.

“You, you, I’m your third mother, don’t you have any respect at all?”

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth in anger.

Chen Daolin looked up at the vault of heaven and smiled faintly, “I’m sorry Sanniang, you do understand, it was me who was abrupt!”