Winner Takes All Chapter 1091-1092

Chapter 1091

Beneath the starry night.

The wind and snow cried out.

Chen Dong and dozens of dark guards, galloping furiously, charged towards the outside of the blockade chain of Twelve Star City.

The night was thick, tearing the wind and splitting the snow in a furious gallop towards the front.

But Chen Dong and the others did not know what was waiting for them ahead.


Inside King Xiongnu City.

When she saw the purgatory-like scene in front of the South City Gate, even Xie Xing’s jaw dropped and her heart was shocked.

She had been watching the battle just now through the projection.

But watching the battle through the projection was a far cry from being in the middle of the battlefield right now!

There were corpses everywhere and screams of misery.

The floor, which was paved, had long since been stained crimson with blood, and the blood that had gathered into strands was flowing towards the low lying areas of the ground.

This scene.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

Tens of thousands of people …… couldn’t stop a few dozen people?

What a …… joke!

The so-called elite of my Xiongnu, in front of that man, is so unbeatable?

Anger, resignation, humiliation, guilt and self-reproach ……

At this moment, the entire person of Xixing was in a state of extreme breakdown and franticness.

The car was driven towards the outside of the city with a roar, without the slightest hesitation, as the cold eyes slowly gazed towards the southern city gate that had been blown apart.

In the surrounding area, there were also troops quickly converging towards this side, heading out of the city.

As the Hun King and Xixing had said, Chen Dong …… must die in the Huns!

This is the answer to all the Huns!

Only by hanging the corpse, on the recently erected statue in the king’s court square, could the cost of this shocking turn of events be minimized!

As long as Chen Dong could be captured and killed, the King of Xiongnu would not mind having the entire Xiongnu army mobilised!

Once Chen Dong escaped from Xiongnu, the consequences would be too much for the Xiongnu royal court to bear, even if they tried everything they could.

Under the starry night.

Chen Dong was lying on his back on the Snowy Lion, his body rising and falling as the Snowy Lion ran wildly.

Clinging to the Snowy Lion’s back, he was also able to keep Barbara’s body heat in his arms as much as possible.

His right hand, however, was always clutching the reins of Wang Yu’s warhorse.

A deadly crisis was at hand, and there was no room for the slightest impulsive mistake.

One wrong step, one wrong step!

The slightest mistake would cost the lives of all of them.

With the death of Zhang Chao, Wang Yu’s whole body was in a state of disarray and he no longer had the demeanour of a team leader.

If not for Chen Dong’s grip on the reins of his horse, he would have turned his horse around and headed back to King City.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Yu raised his hand to wipe the corners of his eyes, then said in a deep voice, “Young master, let go!”

Chen Dong stared ahead and paid no attention.

Wang Yu smiled sadly, “I won’t turn back, and the brothers behind me, they have to go home too.”

The words fell.

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered a few times, as if he was hesitating.

Only after a few seconds did he slowly let go of the reins of Wang Yu’s warhorse.

“I don’t know, there’s something waiting for us ahead.”

Wang Yu slowly raised his war sword, although he was growling, his voice always had more than a little bit of dishevelled frustration, “Cheer up, the crisis is not over yet.”

At these words.

One by one, the secret guards also tightened their grip on their battle swords, their expressions solemn to the extreme.

It was clear to everyone that too much time had been spent at the gates of the King’s City.

After the plan to play for time had been completely shattered, the entire Huns would be faced with a complete and utter attack!

A few dozen men against the entire Huns.

The mere thought of such a situation was desperate.

And yet, it was happening now.

The time consumed at the gates of the King’s City was enough for the twelve star cities outside to a*semble, complete the blockade chain, and then sit back and wait for them to go up and wait for the rabbits!

It was also at this point.


As the Snowy Lion ran wildly, it fiercely threw back its head and let out a lion’s roar that shook the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, the mane of the Snowy Lion exploded, and the majestic and mighty pressure of the Beast King swept out directly.

In an instant.

All the horses under Wang Yu and the other hidden guards were terrified, neighing and even slowing down their pace.

There were even timid horses that ploughed their hooves into the ground, forcing them to stop.

The sudden and dramatic change caused Chen Dong’s face to change greatly.

However, Chen Dong did not blame the Snowy Lion for suddenly releasing the Beast King’s mighty pressure, but gazed morosely into the darkness ahead.

Under the extreme night.

The wilderness was dark to the extreme.

Even the sight was greatly obstructed.

But just as Chen Dong raised his eyes to gaze ahead.

Dense war horses hissed and roared, like a tidal wave, sweeping in from the front.

In a flash.

The silence, which was only the sound of the wind and snow, was completely broken.


Chen Dong’s pupils constricted, clearly catching a cluster of fire rising from the darkness in the distance.

The moment this fire appeared, it was like a wildfire.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The sound of a cluster of flames rising up, converging together, was like a mountainous roar.

The originally dark and quiet snowfield was completely filled with fire at this moment, stretching for miles, as if a sea of fire had started a prairie.

A cluster of flames suddenly lit up.

At this moment, the entire land was flooded with light.

The snowy plains were instantly lit up like daylight.

Chen Dong’s eyes squinted as he was stimulated by the fire and light, and only after he fell into a brief period of blindness did his vision gradually clear up.

Only when he saw the sea of people beneath the fire.

Even though he had been prepared for it, he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, and his pores opened up, and a vicious chill, like a needle prick, pierced into every pore.

Beneath the sea of fire, there was an unimaginable army of Huns!

A sea of fire that stretched for miles and could not be seen, meant that the Hun army also stretched for miles and could not be seen!

“Hiss ……”

Just as Chen Dong was shocked, a chorus of voices suddenly sounded behind him, sucking in cold air.

Immediately after, a panicked cry of alarm came out from the mouths of the secret guards one after another.

“It’s over, it’s completely over! I’m afraid this is the Xiongnu army pouring out, right?”

“D*mn it, we didn’t grab enough time, this mountain of people, how on earth can we fight with dozens of us?”

“The Huns’ army is out in force, this is F**king good for us, I guess even if we went to fight Zhenjiang City, the Huns’ army has never gathered so much, right?”


There are desperate, there are chagrined, and there are those who hold their foreheads and sigh.

The scene in front of them was a sea of people, with no boundaries in sight. Even though the entire Hun army was silenced, the oppression formed by the sea of people and the sea of fire still seemed like a big hand, pressing down across them.

It was too much for even this group of dark guards, who had traversed the mercenary battlefield and experienced death, to bear.

“Wang Yu, by your estimation, how many people are here?”

Chen Dong turned his head and looked at Wang Yu indifferently.

Wang Yu pondered, “At least one hundred thousand! But right now the odds are that the Xiongnu army is out in full force and there are far more than 100,000 of them. It is difficult to tell the exact size of such a scale just by looking at it with the naked eye.” | “What about us?

“What about us?” Chen Dong asked.

Wang Yu glanced back at his companions, “Including me, there are forty-two remnants.”

“Counting me, that’s forty-three, there’s something to fight for!”

Chen Dong nodded his head.


The words were astonishing and shocking.

Wang Yu and the group of secret guards were instantly dumbfounded.

Not to mention that the sea of people in front of them was more than 100,000, even if it was 100,000!

Forty-three people against an army of 100,000, how much more could they fight?

Is the young master crazy?


The next second.

Chen Dong brazenly raised the crossbow in his hand, and said with great bravado, “All of you follow me, I will lead the charge!”

Chapter 1092

The end of the road is ahead, if you want to live, you have to kill your way out of the end of the road, even though there are thousands of people, I will go!”

With Chen Dong’s stern voice hissing.


The snowy lion under his crotch roared to the sky.

With the awe-inspiring might of a beast king, it rushed towards the distant mountains of people.

“Charge to death!”

Wang Yu’s dishevelled look instantly turned into madness and fierceness.

As he raised his sword, his legs clamped down on his horse’s belly, and his horse hissed and roared as he charged along with Chen Dong.

Almost simultaneously.

The dozens of secret guards also did the same thing.

There was no hesitation, they were crisp and decisive.

It was clear to all that it was better to die on the battlefield than to wait for the butcher’s knife to fall.

If the end is in sight, then let’s gamble on everything and find a way out!

All of them were the best mercenaries in the past, and they were prepared to lose their lives when they went to the outer world.

With Chen Dong personally leading the way, the fear and despair that lingered in the hearts of the dark guards was instantly swept away.

All that was left was the blood and courage of those who had no fear of life or death!

Under the bright lights.

On the snowy plains, Chen Dong led a charge of a few dozen men against a vast, endless army of Xiongnu.

It was even a bit ridiculous.

It was as if they were trying to shake a tree, a grain of rice competing with the glory of the white moon.

As the men charged.

The Xiongnu army, which had been silenced, could not help but clamor and talk at this moment.

“Hahahaha …… Great Wolf in Heaven, this joke is really funny, a few dozen men trying to break through such a huge army of our Xiongnu?”

“These people look so ridiculous, are they so stupid that they don’t even know how to write the word death?”

“It’s so unchallenging, the king has ordered his entire army to pour out for these few dozen men, it’s like killing a chicken with a bull’s-eye.”


The clamour rose and fell, filled with contempt and disdain and ridicule.

The scene in front of me, no matter who seems to be, as long as they are not mentally retarded, they will find it absurd and ridiculous.

Even if …… Chen Dong’s crotch mount at the moment was a fierce beast king of a different species like the Snowy Lion, it was extremely powerful.

But in the eyes of the Xiongnu soldiers, the power of the Snowy Lion has become nothing more than a conversation.

A fierce beast can be easily swallowed up by a sea of people!

The Snowy Lion could kill 10,000 people, but when its numbers soared to 100,000, the courage of the people would also be strengthened.

“Form up!”

As the generals of each square army ordered.

The armies that had been clamouring and sneering quickly fell silent.

A majestic and murderous aura condensed in each army’s formation, and invisibly pressed forward towards Chen Dong and the others who were charging ahead.

This kind of killing intent.

Even the lions of the Snowy Region could not help but tighten their eyes at this moment, revealing their scorn.

As for the war horses of Wang Yu and the others, they kept neighing and whistling as they ran wildly at this moment.


In the silence of heaven and earth, the generals in the various Xiongnu army formations spoke in unison, ordering in one voice.

The word “kill” was uttered.

One by one, the Xiongnu army squads instantly swooped towards Chen Dong and the others like a torrent.

Rumble ……

At this moment, heaven and earth trembled.

In order to minimise the commotion as much as possible.

The Hun king had already ordered the use of hot weapons to be banned, and even the shouting and killing sounds were made absolutely silent during the charge of the vast sea of people.

But with a sea of over 100,000 men, every movement was enough to shake the mountains and shake the earth!

The vast sea of people rushed towards Chen Dong and the others, shaking the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, Chen Dong and the others did not have the slightest fear in the face of the Xiongnu army, but instead, they were quick to raise their horses and spur them on to run even faster!

“Barbara, hold on to your uncle!”

The wind and snow tore at his face, Chen Dong looked cold and stern, and in his sight, the distance between himself and the Xiong Nu army was rapidly closing.


In his arms, sounded Barbara’s response.

The next second.


Along with a roar from the Snowy Lion rushed to the sky.

The huge body of the Snowy Lion leapt up into the air, and with a domineering and overwhelming momentum, as if it was a tarzan pressing down on the Xiongnu army, it jumped directly into the Xiongnu army.

In an instant, wailing and screaming erupted.

In just one landing, the Snow Lion trampled several Xiongnu soldiers to death with his terrifying body.

The Snowy Lion then opened its bloody mouth and went berserk, biting directly at the Xiongnu soldiers in front of it, its huge sharp claws flapping like a bushel.

The huge body, both in terms of strength and oppressiveness, gave the Snowy Lion absolute dominance over the crowd.

It was like a killing machine, reaping the harvest of the Hun soldiers around it.

Chen Dong, who was riding on the back of the Snowy Lion, had the Snowy Lion’s support, and even if there were Xiong Nu soldiers on war horses, they were still a step down in front of him.

With such an advantage, Chen Dong wielded his crossbow like a heavy spear, bringing up streaks of shadow and whistling, and together with the Snowy Lion, he displayed the most terrifying killing power!

Sword and sword shadows.

Flesh and blood flew everywhere.

At this moment, it was as if man and beast had become one, forming a meat grinder.

The Xiongnu soldiers were unstoppable wherever they pa*sed!

The Snowy Lion, with its bloody mouth and sharp claws, quickly cleared out the Hun soldiers around him, and even if there were any missing fish, they were killed by Chen Dong’s “heavy spear”!

While Chen Dong and the Snow Lion were killing each other.

Wang Yu and the others also rushed into the Xiongnu army.

The forty-two men were organised in formation, like a red-hot knife stabbed into lard, instantly tearing a gaping hole in the Xiongnu army.

But Wang Yu and the others did not fancy a fight, but drove all the way in pursuit towards where Chen Dong was.

Faced with such a sea of people.

Even if they were able to quickly form a stranglehold on the surrounding Xiongnu soldiers with their strong single combat power after charging into the Xiongnu army.

But it was clear to everyone that this was not a battle that could be broken up by killing at all!

If they stopped and delayed, they would be swallowed up by the endless sea of men!

What they had to do was to follow in Chen Dong’s footsteps as soon as possible, using the brave and mighty Chen Dong to form the spearhead and them to form the spear body, stabbing through this boundless army with the fastest speed.

Only then would there be a way to live!

It was also while Chen Dong was fighting desperately with the dark guards.

The direction of the King’s City.

A military SUV, with an engine roaring like a beast, came roaring in.


The military SUV came to a sharp stop, its four tyres kicking up a large amount of wind and snow.

Inside the vehicle, Xixing sat in the driver’s seat, looking forlornly at the distant battlefield.

The boundless Hun army had completely engulfed Chen Dong and the dark guards.

But from the flesh, blood and limbs flying into the air, and from the shouts of the dark guards and the roar of the snowy lions, Shying could also make up a picture of the misery at the heart of the battlefield!

And the Huns’ troops around them were now swarming towards the centre of the battlefield like a tidal wave.

The tide of people seemed to be endless.

On the contrary, Chen Dong and a group of dark guards, under such a situation, still did not give up their resistance.

Just how determined was this determination to fight?


Xixing slammed her fist heavily on the steering wheel, and at this moment her silver teeth bit through her red lips, blood flowing freely down.

Tears came out of her eyes, blurring them.

Xixing wailed and cried out in pain, “What is it that makes you so determined to go back? Even in the face of my entire Hun army, why do you still have the will to fight?”