Winner Takes All Chapter 1093-1094

Chapter 1093

The sound of mournful cries echoed through the car.

Looking at the tragic battle erupting in the distance, Xixing’s pride and dignity, which had been built up for twenty years at this moment, was completely and utterly shattered.

She could not imagine what it was that sustained the dozens of men in battle against the endless numbers of Hun soldiers!

Still less could she imagine what it was for that man that he would abandon everything without hesitation and run to the domain.


Memories were nothing!


She had given him all the glory and wealth, all the glory and glory, and even made a name for herself in the history of Xiongnu, the first person in the history of Xiongnu, and even she, Xixing, had given it all to him.

Why should he be stuck with memories?

It was absurd!

Tears blurred her vision as she wept uncontrollably, ignoring the blood on her lips.

The sobs were heartbreaking and hoarse.

But as she cried, her eyes, blurred by tears, gradually became cold and murderous.

If you can’t have it, destroy it!

Destroy it cleanly!

“I can’t have you, you won’t follow me, then I …… will let you die without a burial place, die completely, no one will get it!”

Xixing was spiteful to the core, gnashing her teeth.

The whole Hun army is out, this is unprecedented!

A mere few dozen men, whose battle spirit was unrelenting at the moment, seemed to Shying Xing to be nothing more than a dying struggle!

Even if they consumed, even if they used human lives to pile up, it would be enough to pile up Chen Dong and the others to death!

On the battlefield.

The battlefield was filled with killing and sword shadows.

The shouts of the secret guards and the roar of the snow lions echoed across the battlefield.

The boundless Hun army, however, was under the ban, charging in silence, fighting for their lives in silence.

It was a bizarre scene.

But it was real.

An endless tide of men, killing each other.

Converging together, even the wind and snow on this side of the world disappeared without a trace.

Every time Chen Dong and his guards cleared a gap and moved forward a few inches, they were immediately met by Xiongnu soldiers who were brave enough to fill the gaps they had killed.

It was a desperate battle.

There was no end to the killing, no end to the killing.

But the only thing in front of Chen Dong and his guards was to kill.

The Secret Guards, who were determined to die, were so desperate to kill that they simply neglected their defences, or even abandoned them, desperately rushing to kill without regard for anything.

Every now and then, Chen Dong could notice that some of his guards had fallen off their horses and died.

Some of the guards were even killed by Xiongnu soldiers immediately after they fell off their horses and were chopped to pieces.

The cruelty of the battlefield was on full display at this moment.

Even though Chen Dong, relying on his great strength and the Snow Lion under his arm, tried to rescue him many times, he could only watch the secret guards die under the endless siege of Xiong Nu soldiers.

“Kill, kill for me!”

At this moment, Wang Yu seemed to be ready to go to his death with determination and recklessness, and also seemed to be stimulated by Zhang Chao’s death.

He was no longer depressed, but was replaced by a bloodthirsty fierceness.

His sword was already curled in his hand, but Wang Yu still fought bravely to slash it into the bodies of the Xiongnu soldiers.


Even though his body was already covered with wounds, Wang Yu did not feel the slightest sense of fear.

One by one, the guards did the same, fighting in blood, their bodies covered in blood like water, and even stained with broken flesh.

The desperate fight to the death without fear of life or death had transformed each of the guards into a hellish shura, and the scythes in their hands had become the scythes of the gods of death, hideous and terrifying.


Chen Dong swept his spear over the horse of a Hun cavalryman, and under the killing of the snowy lion, he once again opened up a slight opening.

“Follow me!”

Chen Dong immediately drove the Snowy Lion forward, while roaring loudly.

Wang Yu and the dark guards also followed closely.

It was just a scene like this that kept on playing out, but the distance of the breakout was getting shorter and shorter.

The endless tide of people and the brave Hun soldiers made the whole battlefield seem to have turned into the stickiest mire.

The foot of mud was so deep that the advance was like a turtle’s pace.

Even though Chen Dong and his secret guards had spared no effort, they were still unable to change the situation before them.

A breakout was nowhere in sight!

Death, just around the corner!


With a lion’s roar from the sky, the beast king’s mighty pressure directly shocked the war horses of the Xiongnu cavalry around them.

Chen Dong wielded his crossbow and heavy spear like an evil spirit from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, reaping human lives with abandon.

But relying on the huge size of the snowy lion, Chen Dong’s vision is higher than everyone else’s, even from his perspective from a distance, under the magnificent lights, what he sees are boundless heads, and he simply cannot see where the borders of the battlefield army are!

Is …… going to die here today?

The thought of despair surfaced in Chen Dong’s mind for the first time.

He raised his hand and wiped a handful of blood from his face, his eyes were like fire with battle intent, but his brows were tightly knit.

Just at that moment.

“D*mn it, I’ll fight with you!”

A dark guard suddenly shouted out loud.

Chen Dong turned his head sharply, and saw a dark guard who had fallen off his horse and was now madly charging into the group of Xiongnu soldiers.

The next second.


A small flaming mushroom cloud rose to the sky.

The terrifying wave of air instantly lifted the surrounding Hun soldiers out of the way, clearing a void.


A piece of bloody flesh, smashed into Chen Dong’s shoulder.

Looking at the bloody flesh, Chen Dong’s firm and determined eyes drifted off for a moment, was there really …… no hope?

He was not sure why the Hun army had never used hot weapons.

But he knew that even in a cold weapon engagement, the Hun army would be able to completely devour dozens of them!

It was no surprise that these Hun soldiers had hot weapons on them.

But with no end in sight, no way to live, even he had grown desperate as he swept across the battlefield in a domineering and overwhelming manner, let alone or these dark guards.

“Do they seem to be fighting bravely to kill, but in fact they are all looking for hot weapons to drag people down to hell with them?”

A rare and strange thought arose in Chen Dong’s mind.

The next second.

“Hahahaha …… grandchildren, go to hell with grandpa!”

A laugh sounded out.

Chen Dong then saw a dark guard suddenly galloping wildly, brandishing his battle sword and rushing towards the crowd, and when he was about to reach the crowd, he suddenly bent down and copied something from the ground.

The next second.


The dark guard rushed into the crowd and crushed the bomb in the air!

A mushroom cloud shot up into the sky.

A terrifying wave of explosive air swept across the area.

This scene was like a heavy hammer, hitting Chen Dong’s heart fiercely.

“There is a chance, there is still a chance! It hasn’t come to the kind of situation you want!”

Chen Dong hissed and roared, “Come home with me, even if you still have a breath, come home!”

And yet.

“Go to hell!”

Another roar was heard.

This time, not waiting for Chen Dong to open his eyes.


A terrifying wave of Qi was sweeping across the area.

A dark guard, once again, had detonated a hot weapon!

Chen Dong was frozen, his chest was clogged at this moment, and his nasal cavity was even more sore to the extreme.

A momentary trance, but the eyes are blurred.

Desperate situation …… how to break ah?


The five-clawed golden dragon warplane swept across the night sky.

Huo Zhenxiao sat on a chair, looking out at the starry sky with a cold expression, and beside him, he was leaning against the silver dragon lance.

He had promised Chen Daolin.

Today …… carry his spear into the Huns!

As the master of 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, bearing the weight of the security of the frontier, he was clearly derelict in his duty by acting alone this time.

With his heart, it was difficult for him to make such a decision that disregarded the overall situation.

But the words of his master, he remembered and chose to believe in the words of Chen Daojun.

So …… here he comes!

Rubbing his chin with a sullen face, Huo Zhenxiao murmured, “And I wonder how the Huns are doing at the moment?”

At this moment, the captain’s respectful voice rang out from the cabin.

“Sovereign, we are about to arrive at the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu!”


Huo Zhenxiao sat up straight and looked down through the porthole.

As the warplane rapidly lowered its altitude, everything on the snowy plains below gradually became clearer and clearer.


Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes stared, but through the porthole window, he clearly caught the long sea of fire above the snowy plains, with magnificent lights.

And that long sea of fire was not the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu.

It was midway between the King’s City of the Huns and the Twelve Star City.

As the height decreased, the vision became clearer and clearer.

When it became clear that it was the battlefield of a long and vast army, Huo Zhenxiao’s expression swooned.

“Has the brat made his move already? D*mn it, it’s just in time!”

Huo Zhenxiao gripped the Silver Dragon lance at his side with his backhand, and his expression suddenly turned decisive and domineering: “Drop all airborne cannonballs for bombardment, then ram the fighter …… directly into the battlefield below!”

Chapter 1094

Juggernaut! This is your exclusive seat, and besides ……”

As soon as the words left his lips, the captain’s voice rang out in the cabin in shock.

Only the words hadn’t finished.

Huo Zhenxiao was the one who looked stern: “Military orders are like mountains, words follow the law!”

There was a second of silence.

The captain’s voice echoed once again in the cabin.

“Yes, sir!”

Immediately afterwards, Huo Zhenxiao instructed, “Before the crash, you should parachute out and call the Great Snow Dragon Rider military aircraft to meet us as soon as we land, remember to be quick!”

After saying this, Huo Zhenxiao stared down at the sea of fire with a stern expression.

It was a very cold night.

Even though the wind and snow covered the sky, the sea of fire below was still conspicuous.

Looking down from high above, Huo Zhenxiao’s vision could see the edge of the sea of fire, but it was precisely because he could see it that his brow could not be stretched at this moment.

This …… should be the entire military force of the Xiongnu, right?

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual fire.

It was this deduction that made Huo Zhenxiao at this moment not hesitate to crash his Five Claws Golden Dragon warplane into the sea of fire below.

He knew exactly why the captain had stopped it. In a sense, the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon warplane already symbolised him, Huo Zhenxiao, and the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry.

The fact that such a meaning existed meant that the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon could not be destroyed at will.

However, in a chaotic world, a heavy punishment is used, and a fierce medicine is used for an urgent illness.

On the battlefield below, even if Huo Zhenxiao could not see what had happened to Chen Dong and the others, he could still speculate.

Even if Chen Dong was escorted by secret guards, he was still a drop in the bucket compared to the entire Xiong Nu army.

In such a precarious situation, even he, Huo Zhenxiao, would find it difficult to turn the tide if he could not break the stalemate quickly with a great stroke of luck.

He could indeed destroy a city with one man, one horse and one gun, but right now …… below was the entire Xiongnu Kingdom’s troop strength!

“Sovereign, we’ve been spotted by the other side’s radar!”

Just then, the captain’s serious and alert voice rang out from inside the cabin.

Huo Zhenxiao’s sword brows knitted, “Drop the bombs and ram it down!”

Bang Bang Bang ……

Almost simultaneously.

The two Hungarian star cities below erupted in terrifying tongues of fire, and dense anti-aircraft artillery shells were fired high into the sky in rapid succession, connecting together as if they were fire dragons rushing through the sky, brightening up even this windy and snowy black night.

The five-clawed Golden Dragon warplanes were rapidly turning and moving, while at the same time, they were rapidly pouring artillery shells into the battlefield below.

All of this happened in less than a second.

The battlefield.

Brutality, bloodshed.

The shouts of bloodshed became sparse and scattered as the guards perished one by one.


Another explosion.

As the small mushroom cloud rose into the air, Chen Dong’s entire being was in an anxious and tormented situation.

How in the end could the desperate …… situation be broken?

The way to break the situation, where exactly is it?

No matter what his battle power is peerless, no matter what his feet straddle the fae fierce beast king snow lion.

But a single person’s battle power, at this moment, is seemingly insignificant!

The boundless tide of people, wrapped in utter despair, was like a huge hand, dragging Chen Dong and his secret guards into the abyss mercilessly.

But while the killing was in full swing.

In the distance, fire dragons of anti-aircraft artillery shot up from the Xiongnu Star City.

This sudden change was even more conspicuous than the sea of fire on the battlefield.

In an instant, it attracted everyone’s attention.

“That’s an anti-aircraft artillery, D*mn it, how can there be enemy planes attacking our airspace on this extremely cold night?”

“Sh*t, crazy! It’s simply insane! Who the hell would be so desperate as to come into our airspace in such harsh conditions?”

“Wait, the Hundred wouldn’t dare, but someone else would! The Great Snow Dragon Riders dare!”


When one of the generals hissed out the words “Great Snow Dragon Riders”, all the generals in the major army formations fell silent.

It was a very cold night.

The wind and snow were most terrifying.

The cold currents that form high in the sky can even freeze and kill the living.

All the tribes on the Great Snowy Plain are in absolute awe of the skies after the night has fallen, and will not allow their warplanes to take to the air until the last possible moment.

But on the other hand, such a group of lunatics existed on the snowy plains!

The Great Snowy Dragoon Army’s planes, and the pilots of the Great Snowy Dragoon Army!

A group of lunatics who don’t want to die and like to dance on the tip of a sword!

With the appearance of Huo Zhenxiao, that group of madmen also appeared.

Every year on the extremely cold days of the night, while the entire army of Zhenjiang City was on alert to defend the Hundred Clans, the Hundred Clans were also on alert with their entire army to defend themselves against the air force lunatics of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

In fact, this was a desperate move on Huo Zhenxiao’s part, as the pressure on Zhenjiang City’s defences rose sharply when the night fell, and in order to reduce the pressure on Zhenjiang City, he had to hara*s the Hundred Clans with warplane attacks, thus keeping the exhaustion levels of both sides at roughly the same level.

It was this action that made the Hundred Clans on the snowy plains fearful and impressed by the air force of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

“The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army?!”

Wang Yu heard the hissing of the Xiongnu generals, and at once his decidedly bloodstained face revealed an excited ecstasy: “We are saved, we …… are saved!”

He knew clearly that this invasion must be Chen Daoling’s way of responding to them!

Rao Chen Dong, at this moment, also looked moved and focused towards the sky.

Breaking the game …… is coming?

As the hissing sounded, the remaining secret guards, all of them revealed the same look as Wang Yu.

In a situation of absolute despair, even gods and goddesses could hardly raise their spirits.

But when a ray of light is seen in the darkness, even a mole will dare to shake the sky!

In the distance.

Sitting inside the car, Xixing’s expression was cold and stern to the extreme.

While her beautiful eyes were wide open, she could see the fire dragons rising from the two Xiongnu star cities, and her silver teeth were once again clenched on her already bleeding red lips.

It was all in a matter of moments.

As everyone’s attention was focused on the night sky.


Above the vault of the sky.

A stealthy clang ripped through the sound of the wind and snow in the night sky, but was somewhat masked by the sound of the anti-aircraft guns on the Hunnish star city.

As the distance shortened.

The whistling sound of the wind and snow broke through the sound of the anti-aircraft guns and suddenly became a roar.

As the sound reverberated overhead.

Everyone on the battlefield was horrified and their faces changed dramatically.

The next second.

Rumble ……

A cannonball smashed into the Huns’ army on the battlefield, and with a tremendous sound, heaven and earth seemed to shake.

A huge mushroom cloud of flame shot up into the sky.

The shockwave of the explosion was visible to the naked eye, wrapped in waves of fire and sweeping across the battlefield.

The battlefield, which was already as bright as daylight, was at this moment blindingly illuminated by the huge mushroom cloud of flames.

Boom ……

Wild wind and air waves swept in.

It blew Chen Dong’s robe to the ground.

But at this moment, Chen Dong was sitting majestically on the back of the Snowy Lion, letting the fierce wind whistle past.

His eyes were clearly lit by the mushroom cloud of flames that rose more than ten metres into the sky.

At this moment, the corners of his blood-stained mouth slowly turned upwards: “The desperate situation can be broken!”